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15 Best Sites to Buy Real Facebook likes & followers (In 2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Sites to buy Facebook likes

With digitization sweeping the globe fast, now everything shifts from the age-old brick and mortar framework to the online format. As for companies; internet marketing, social media marketing have now become a critical part of the company strategy.

Facebook is once again the king of all when it comes to social media. If Facebook is considered a nation then it would be one of the world’s most populous nations.

The social network has more than 2 billion active users worldwide who are more than the American, Chinese, and Brazilian population put together.

Given Facebook’s widespread use, one thing is sure that this social network is a massive platform for you or your business’s social networking efforts. No wonder Facebook contains 70 million business sites.

Nonetheless, it’s also very difficult to stand out from the crowd in this rapidly changing environment and with this level of competition. Thus, people are always looking for the best sites to buy Facebook likes. The better news is that 98.5 percent of companies that have used Facebook said it offers the best ROI.

The bottom line here is that the customers you’re looking for are already on Facebook, the only thing you need now is to get them to turn their heads to you – that is to say, make them like your page.

If this has been done, you will be able to share daily updates of your new product releases with them, and any other event that will help you make a sale.

Recommended Sites: Best Place to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers

Sites Ratings Delivery 1000 Likes
1. Social World 4.9 5/5 999
2. Viralyft 4.7 5/5 $25
3. Getviral.io 4.5 4/5 $34.99
4. Social Packages 4.3 3/5 $27.99
5. Views Expert 4.3 3/5 $29.00

Here is the list of Top Sites to Buy Facebook Likes:

#1. Social World

Social World - best site to buy facebook likes

While on Facebook, you notice the need to have a higher number of likes to be able to reach a larger audience. The more people find a post interesting, the more engagement you receive on the post.

That is how the FFacebook algorithm is designed as well and is probably the only way to gain the attention of people. Now that you see the need to buy Facebook likes, you must be aware of how to go about it. 

There are regular and real likes that you can buy from Social World. Regular likes are bots-induced. When you purchase regular likes you are purchasing fake accounts. This will negatively harm your business. Facebook might take notice of it and ban your account. Ideally, going with the real option is a better choice for you. Real likes are bought from people with real accounts.

This does not seem suspicious to Facebook as they are all real people. For regular likes, you pay as low as Rs. 199 for 200 likes and a maximum of Rs. 9,799 for 10,000 likes. The price is reasonable and what you get is a good deal. 

The website promises fast deliveries of orders. You are also shown the estimated time of delivery on the service page. One thing most clients are worried about is the absence of permanent results. You can unlike a post after you like it, so if that is what you are worried about, the refund guarantee ensures that you get your money back.

Moreover, you can enjoy 24/7 live customer support for any queries that you might have. The payment is secure so you do not need to worry about any credit card information getting stolen, whatsoever. Moreover, they never ask for your password, so you are in good hands. Personal information is handled with the utmost confidentiality. 

#2. Viralyft


Viralyft aims to get you a fast turn around when it comes to your followers, as their whole philosophy is focused around the idea that if you try to get organically likes, it takes a lot of time that would have a detrimental impact on your campaign.

The good part is you can buy real active likes and followers here instead of automated ones. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about Facebook banning or penalizing your profile, as you have real followers who will help you preserve your authenticity.

They deliver real-time delivery within 24 hours from the time you put in the order. They check the order carefully and try to make it error-free.

#3. Getviral.io

Getviral.io promises quality of work as is promised with the returning clientele. If you pay for a certain number of likes you are guaranteed those many likes. Regardless of your goals and budget, they have a campaign that is completely customizable depending upon your needs.

They have a few steps through which you can get started. First, you need to plan a campaign and budget. Having a set goal will help you be aware of how many likes you need to buy.

This helps keep you in check as well as simultaneously achieve what you want. Second, you have to place your order through the pricing page. After that, you can stay worry-free while Getviral takes over and deliver your order for you.

The pricing starts at Rs. 1,237 for 500 likes and a whopping Rs. 25,490 for 20,000 likes. The higher-end may seem daunting, but you can adjust the price according to the number of likes. 

#4. Social Packages

Social Packages - buy facebook likes

Social Packages is very well-known for offering Facebook likes, comments, and followers. Moreover, they have great customer service support via email and live chat 24/7. They pride themselves on fast deliveries and quality services.  

Offering the best prices, you can get great results for a small price. All you need to do is choose your package, select the one that you want to buy based on your needs, fill out your profile, provide them with your profile name, video URL, or page link, whichever one applies.

After that, you need to pay for their services and enjoy your page take off. They offer packages starting from $17.25 for 500 likes to $335 for 20,000 likes. 

#5. Views Expert

Views Expert - buy facebook likes & Followers

Views expert is the best site to buy Facebook likes from. You get the best turnover rates from this site. With views expert, you will be buying authentic followers and likes.

They believe that the best way to gain followers quickly is to buy them as opposed to waiting for them organically. It may seem like the best option, however, it is not completely ideal nor will you have the time.  

Starting at $16.99 you can gain as many likes or followers as you pay for. The website promises that each purchase will be delivered tailored to your needs. You do not even need to share your passwords or any personal information. You can simply include a link to your account and it will do the work for you. 

#6. Follower Packages

followers packages

Follow Packages is one of the most well-established Facebook communication firms. When you’ve worked out your budget and prepared it with them, you can get your order processed and they can work to bring you high-quality fans, views, and likes as quickly as possible.

The best thing is, they have features and price points to match various budgets of all kinds. They really enjoy offering clock chat service to their customers should you ever have any complaints or questions.

Their followers and likes come from actual, high-quality accounts so you don’t have to worry about removing or banning them.

#7. Social Viral

Social Viral

Buy Cheap Social viral plans to have a relatively decent reputation with Facebook interaction and to be one of the best in the business. They say they will help you get actual, active Facebook fans, likes, and views on your profile, and you don’t have to worry at any point that they’re being deleted.

They also guarantee delivery within 12-24 hours which we consider to be very good. You do have a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about missing out at all if you don’t like how their service operates for your account.

In reality, if you don’t get the results within five days you can apply for your money back.

#8. Famups


The Facebook likes bundles that are sold at Famups are all easily accessible, there is no need for password entry and you don’t have to follow anyone on Fb. Besides, the relationship doesn’t stop there until you buy the package from them.

They pledge to give their valued customers continuous assistance in the form of 24/7 live support. You would find support from the team leaders round the clock in case of any technical problem on your Facebook fan page about the likes you have purchased from them.

What’s more – the services have enabled millions around the world to become popular and even gain higher on other sites other than Fb from their fan pages, becoming the top supplier of Fb likes.

YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus, and Daily Motion are some examples. One can contact one of their experts today and make your way to being famous overnight on Facebook with a host of package choices on Famups for Facebook likes.

All the services listed on the website are genuinely genuine and they pledge to deliver on time. When you buy a Facebook page that likes service from Famups, you will be totally satisfied.

#9. Famoid


Famoid has been a good choice for many people over the past five years of being in the industry and their Facebook involvement. It is how they can promise high-quality likes for their clients and that they can even promise the continuity of their operation something, not all businesses can do.

This website is one of the best for Facebook likes and followers. Not only can they help you get likes and shares on your Facebook posts, but they can also help you turn it into actual traffic and interaction for the website of your company.

We love that Famoid has been dreaming about all sorts of markets and niches, because no matter where the company lands, they will offer high-quality communication with all the Facebook needs.

They also help you to buy targeted Facebook followers. They do have a wonderful service network for consumers and will assist you anytime you need it.

#10. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost

If you’re just starting out with your online brand and you know that for stuff like Facebook marketing you don’t have too much in the budget, you may want to check out the next company on our list, Get Real Boost.

Such guys will help you get the right kind of fans, views, and likes, without charging you too much for that. In reality, from as little as $12, you can get started with them making them one of the most affordable options out there.

Their results are 100 percent guaranteed, but with this business, you have to have a little patience because they want to do it properly and not rush it. Much like every other business are endorsed, do bear in mind reading the terms and conditions so you know what you’re getting into.

#11. Social King

Social King is a safe and easy way to buy Facebook fan page likes. The prices are reasonable and you are sure to get your money’s worth when you see the type of content you are paying for. While purchasing fan page likes, you can choose to promote new services or products. If not, you can simply promote your page as a reflection of yourself and buy targeted Facebook fans connected to your demographic. 

Starting at Rs.799.00 for Facebook fan page likes, you are ensured complete privacy. Your account information is safe with Social King. Your information is kept secure and encrypted according to the standards of complete confidentiality. They provide you with likes that you can trust when you want to buy likes and guarantee results. Social media is not very easy to handle. Sometimes a good pick me up is what you need. With buying likes it makes it slightly easier to get to where you want to bring your business too.

#12. Venium


Venium is the kind of Facebook engagement business that is going the extra mile for its clients. It means they choose the best commitment for you based on factors like venue, which means they can get country-specific engagement.

They do offer a wide variety of options when it comes to their price points and bundles, and all of them include a money-back guarantee. They do have a database of more than 15 million Facebook users to help improve the overall engagement.

#13. FBskip

Fbskip is your one-stop-shop for becoming popular on Facebook. After completing a lot of orders, they know what they are doing. You are completely safe from page bans or penalties. They provide you with a lifetime of warranty on all services that they could provide. None of the services they provide is automated or software-based.

You have the option to choose targeted likes and followers from Asian, European and USA based followers. They have the cheapest rates among the top 20 sites of their kind. Moreover, they claim to use only top quality, 100% real-looking accounts without any robots or fake profiles. 

You will receive quick delivery of the likes minutes after you finish making the payment. After you purchase the package, all you need to do is send a link and the website will do the rest. They assure you that their Facebook likes will not be removed or cleaned up in a while. If that does happen, they will return the same to you. If you have any queries a consultant is always available, 24/7 to provide you with the necessary help and guidance. 

#14. Socioblend

At Socioblend you can buy real worldwide, local fan pages or post likes depending upon what you need. These likes are known to translate into real-time followers that drive more business towards you. For 1000 worldwide Facebook likes, you will have to pay ₹1387. For a maximum of 25,000 worldwide Facebook likes you pay a whopping ₹32268.

The website provides a dedicated 24/7 customer service to resolve any concerns that you may have. They are a 100% risk-free service and you can start with a smaller order. The orders are usually completed within a maximum of 6 days. They start processing your orders within 12 hours. 

#15. Liftlikes

Liftlikes is a very easy way to get likes, followers and more. It provides your account with stable growth from promised organic sources so that you never lose your social media following. They do not provide bot-generated likes or followers, instead, they are from real users.

With the promise of a safe payment gateway and fast delivery, this is a great option if you are looking to buy likes or followers. Expect to receive your order within 12 to 24 hours. If not, feel free to contact the live support team to answer any of your questions. 

Additionally, Liftlikes also provides a money-back guarantee. If you do not get what you paid for, you can get your money back within 30 days. There are a few options as listed below, choose the ones that you need.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy Facebook likes?

Buying Facebook likes is technically not illegal, However, it may not be the best way to grow your business. Facebook’s terms of use do not prohibit the buying of illegitimate likes.

Does buying Facebook likes work?

While buying Facebook likes increases your engagement and makes it seem like you are more well-liked than you are, these likes do not convert into business. It only gives the illusion that your account is doing well, but it is not. Since most of the sellers of likes and followers use bots and fake accounts, Facebook usually finds out about it and bans those accounts. This will jeopardize your business as well. In short, no, buying Facebook likes does not work.

How to buy Facebook post likes?

If you click on any of the links above, it will take you to the site. You can review the buying options and choose if you want to buy likes or followers from those websites. There are different options. You can choose to purchase a combination of likes, followers, comments or streams as per your wish, depending upon the social media.

How to buy Facebook page likes?

Buying Facebook Page likes is a similar process too. Ensure that you look for a website that specifically sells Facebook Page likes and you are sure to get what you need.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

It should ideally only take 24 hours. But give the website a maximum of 48 hours before you get back to them. The orders are usually very accurately delivered regardless of how many likes or followers you order. Do contact the customer support if you do not get the order.

Can I buy more likes on Facebook?

Yes, you can buy more likes for your Facebook page. Simply, click on any of the links above and it will redirect you to a website. You can then choose the number of likes you would like to receive. Then pay for them and wait for a maximum of 24 hours to see the delivery.

How much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook?

On average, buying likes on Facebook costs you a minimum of Rs. 150 and can extend up to lakhs and lakhs. One way of looking at it is in realising that it is an investment in getting your brand to be noticed. Then, people may buy your products, services or whatever is it that you offer. However, it is not a very likely situation. It is best to try out a small number of likes first, before committing to a big order.

How do I know is it real or fake?

There is no sure way to know if the likes are real or fake. Most websites do claim that likes are real and authentic. However, you cannot know for sure. This is why it seems a little suspicious.

Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook likes

There is no social media platform like Facebook, with billions of users, no wonder everyone wants to have their brand on it. Social media marketing has totally transformed the modes of marketing, they have become such a huge tool that can help you grow your brand to the next level. Mostly everyone realizes the potential of Facebook and hence you’ll see so much competition there. 

But is it easy to stand out of all that noise? If you are here, surely you are looking for some easy way out. So here we have some unbiased pros and cons of buying Facebook likes which will help you decide if you really need to buy Facebook likes or not. 


  • Time-efficient

It’s obvious that everyone prefers an organic audience instead of buying it through various websites, but generating engagement for a new page will require a significant amount of effort and time. Plus, if you are running a small business or doing a full-time job, you’ll have to make sure you spend your time efficiently. It’s easy to lose motivation when you don’t see engagement on your page even after putting effort into it. 

And that’s where buying likes can help you, no matter if your page is new or old. You can see results almost instantly (some do take a few days), right after you purchase their services. 

  • Popularity

If you are promoting a brand or product on Facebook buying likes is beneficial, as it’s easy to get lost with millions of pages available on Facebook. You’ll need something that will make you stand out from your competitors, as it’s possible that your target audience isn’t even aware of your brand or product. 

Hundreds of likes will help you advertise your product or brand as it will improve your ranking and will show up more frequently on people’s news feed. Creating familiarity and popularity will make your audience think of your brand or product when they’ll need it. 

  • Social proof

If your Facebook page has plenty of likes, good content, and is full of activity, it starts being recognized as popular and more people start to think that your content must be impressive. 

That happens due to “Social Proof”, which is one of the most powerful psychological phenomena. You call things Social Proof when the majority of people start following the action of the masses assuming that it’s the correct behavior since everyone else is doing it. Many Businesses know this and use this concept for online and offline marketing. Hence buying likes will make your page appear popular and help you gain more and more likes. 

  • Credibility

I’d like to ask you a small question; will you be able to trust a brand or product if its page has mere 20 or 30 likes per post? I know you’ll look for comments but what if there are no Comments there?  Obviously not (cuz you’re smart and cautious), the same goes with your audience, they too will simply scroll off if your business page doesn’t have enough likes or comments. But if you buy likes, it will help you to legitimize your brand and create credibility at a rapid pace. 

A large number of likes will help people know that they can trust your content, it acts as a signal for your audience that your content is trustworthy and reliable. That way you can retain and attract more fans, who will take you and your content seriously. But do note that the likes purchased are just meant to be a catalyst, so don’t go buying large likes packages. 

  • Cost-efficient

Buying likes will in turn widen your reach to people, improve your ranking, make your brand or product known, make your brand more trustworthy and save time and labor, you can have all that without emptying your pockets. 

There are various websites (not fake ones) that are offering their services with even less than $5, so it doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium, or large establishment as anyone can buy likes and boost their engagement. 


  • Scammers

So we saw all the pros showing how buying Facebook likes can help you in growing your page but I want you to know that all those pros are only applicable if you buy them from a trusted source that offers likes from real people instead of fake accounts or bots. And I know it’s not easy to search for a trusted source, you’ll find hundreds of results if you search for providers who are selling these kinds of services but sadly the majority of those services are scams that can ruin everything.

There are many websites that offer fake promises, making it hard to figure out who is offering genuine services and who is not. So before diving in, Make sure you read reviews and put effort to choose a service that gives you a sense of reliability as it can save your money and efforts.

  • Can damage your reputation

Many people buy Facebook likes right after starting a new page, which ends up ruining their reputation. It’s true that getting engagement in starting will require efforts but before buying likes makes sure you have some organic engagement. This is again related to buying likes from trusted sources as they will interact with your content, if not then some of your posts will have thousands of likes (that you bought) but some will have only 100 likes or so and it will easily give away that you have fake likes. 

You might end up trapped too, as you’ll try to buy more services to save your page reputation and credibility. But if you are already established then buying likes will be good as your channel will look more popular and will help you pick up more traction. 

  • Facebook might penalize you

Buying likes from a third party is not against Facebook’s terms and conditions. But Facebook keeps a close watch to maintain the authenticity for its users, last year Facebook shut down millions of accounts as they were fake and it keeps on clearing these fake accounts, time to time. 

So if you bought Facebook likes, be prepared to lose a couple of thousands of likes out of nowhere. Facebook likes can be removed if they are bots or seems unnatural. It will show your audience that you had fake likes and your brand will lose trust and credibility. 

  • Lack of relevant and targeted audience

If your product or brand targets a specific group, it will be hard for you to target that particular group by buying Facebook likes. As many websites do not offer an option to target the audience according to countries so you won’t be able to decide on parameters like age, gender, interest, etc either. 

And if the sole reason for buying likes is to increase sales of your products or services then the audience that is unresponsive and non-targeted won’t help you with any conversions. 

I hope these pros and cons helped you to decide, buying Facebook likes is surely a risky thing. But it might be the only thing your page or brand needs, if you are going to buy Facebook likes I suggest you try all the legitimate ways to boost engagement first.


You know that having a strong Facebook interaction will improve your conversion rate, and this is what they are all about. They want to make sure your brand is doing well online and getting the kind of exposure it needs through fans, likes, and opinions. What’s more, they operate safely and you don’t have to think about disabling or banning yourself.

Facebook isn’t stopping you from buying more items. However, it may sometimes alert you if it suspects anything suspicious from your end. Marketing is both a science and an art and the tactics that you pursue must always be in line with Facebook’s guidelines.

So, when you’re out on your Fan Page to buy Facebook likes, make sure you completely understand what the vendor is selling and how it can help you in the long term. With regard to where you will continue your quest for service providers, this list will help you get started and select the best Facebook platform you want.

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