7 Best Sites to Buy Cheap & Active Instagram Followers In 2020

Instagram is a perfect social network used to build your image. Using the app, you will expand the visibility and brand awareness while also creating an Instagrammers audience that is involved in what your product and content are.

With billions of active users per month, it’s all but assured that the target market is using Instagram. The greatest downside of using Instagram is heavy rivalry.

Since marketers around the globe have realized that the web is the best way to connect with people who could become consumers, the rivals are also likely to use the web to try and meet the same prospects.

Growth on Instagram starts and ends with contact, commitment, and the desire to develop one after another. The more you are receiving fans, views, and feedback, the more your profile is tempting.

Why not just buy Instagram followers instead of spending weeks if not months trying to get accounts to support yours?

Here is the list of Top sites to Buy Instagram Instagram Followers & Likes:


Viralyft instagram

For all your Instagram needs, buy Viralyft is your one-stop-shop. When you want to have your username loved and pursued, this is the website you’ll want to use. You can buy fans, favorites, and even Instagram profiles across the website.

If you are struggling to regularly attract new followers or noticing that you are being followed by a vast number of bots, false or inactive accounts, Viralyft will help.

The website offers committed and involved fans interested in your niche. The platform promises to only offer active customers, implying actual sales and dedication.


Storm likes

Stormlikes provides a tailor-made environment to ensure sure the unique needs of each customer are fulfilled. It includes development on Instagram that operates according to the timetable as well as attentive customer service.

You may use Stormlikes to define all kinds of information about the followers you purchase. You may set a gender ratio for example, as well as decide that you do want followers from different countries. It will make sure the development in your portfolio seems more normal.

For 100, 500, and 1000 followers Stormlikes offers three key kit choices. When none of these programs meet your desires, you should apply for a personalized package. What you need to do is email the Stormlikes team to apply for a personalized kit.

If you’re buying a current or a new kit, both products provide high-quality fans, fast shipping, and 24/7 service. Also, you don’t have to use your Instagram password to buy likes, followers, or videos, so you can be sure your account is safe.

The app also provides personalized payment plans, including one-time or monthly payments. Stormlikes also provides personalized programs for clients looking to expand multiple accounts as well as discounts for them.

Social Viral

Social Viral

You can boost your Instagram recognition, popularity, and reach with more real followers. It could also be exactly what your account wants to appear on the website and get more followers! Your order will always be delivered in 24 hours after payment from GenuineLikes.

However, unlike other sites, GenuineLikes raises your follow-up steadily upfront and then delivers the remainder of the order gradually. This dramatically minimizes the risk of flagging or deleting the account for inappropriate behavior with followers.

You can use Genuine Likes to buy Instagram followers cheap. GenuineLikes is also working to add genuine packages to its services offering up to 30 000 followers up to 130 000.

When you buy a bundle for fans, what you need to do is pick the kit that best fits your needs and then enter your Instagram URL.



Famups are one of the most respected social media branding service providers. On social media platforms like Instagram, they will help you achieve a real and organic presence for your brand by providing a wide variety of products to buy Insta Followers.

You have a preference from a wide variety, from 500 IG followers up to 50,000 followers! The lowest bundle will cost you just $7 while the highest could cost as much as $430.

For 500 fans, the items are shipped as quickly as one day, while the full count will take up to 2 months to produce. One can use Famups to buy active Instagram followers and likes. You can also buy Instagram followers cheaply through this platform.



Krootez is a wonderful site from Instagram users to buy 100 percent true Instagram likes along with authentic followers and high-quality videos. You’ll never have to worry about bots or fake accounts with this marketplace so you can rely on increased interaction and engagement.

For a subscription package from Krootez, the app will identify new uploads to Instagram, and Krootez will immediately start sending likes within 30 seconds.

There are no daily mail caps, and if you post twice a day or twenty times a day, you’ll still get the number of likes and shares you are looking for on-post.

The likes and views can be delivered immediately or at a slower pace after a purchase is complete. When buying likes and videos, having them shipped at a slow rate is always the safest way to reduce the chance of Instagram being flagged.

Too many clicks or views can appear suspicious in a short time period.

Follower Packages

followers packages

FollowerPackages only have successful “followers” from across the globe. So, you don’t have to risk your page’s credibility- create faith with active followers. You can buy Instagram followers and likes easily using this website.

They deliver one of the industry’s most favorable prices- and they don’t cut corners, ensuring you can still get a reliable, high-quality promotional experience!

They also have a department that is committed to helping clients in every possible way. This helps the clients in meeting the worthy audience! Comprising social media professionals with decades of experience- we will direct you from beginning to end through your promotion.



Famoid is another common Instagram interaction platform where you can buy and support IG followers, except you don’t need to think about getting the gram into trouble when you are doing it.

Like other social media platforms, like YouTube and Twitter, they will also give you support. They say their delivery is both quick and efficient and they also have a 24/7 customer service department who can assist you from anything technological up to when your delivery arrives.

They have such a big number of loyal consumers online. When you want a business that knows what it is doing and knows how to provide its clients with high-quality followers and other promises, we recommend that you check out Famoid.

When you pick Famoid to purchase followers from Instagram, you’ll never regret it. Health & Security are the main concerns. Each order you put on our platform, in this sense, takes place in a fully protected environment.

They give SSL security of 256 bit all over our platform. The payments are collected through common credit card processing providers including SafeCharge and PayPal.

Information such as e-mail or code you offer when you order will never be shared with third parties and will never ask for your password at any time.

Famoid is one of the safest platforms to purchase real Instagram followers. There are many problems today where people are hacking their Instagram accounts.

These pictures will get leaked or their details will be stolen. That’s precisely why you want to make sure you’ve got a business that can guarantee your account’s protection when buying Instagram followers. At Famoid, you will get 100 percent protection of the profile.


There are hundreds of marketplaces these days that allow you to purchase Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, views, and comments. Creating an IG group that expands on a daily basis is essential to outpace your rivals and generate awareness in your brand.

It is much easier to easily purchase fans, rather than wasting hours completing repetitive and boring acts.

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