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15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views India (Real & Instant)

by Ashish Bansal
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best websites to buy youtube likes, views & Subscribers

There are many people who want to buy YouTube views. If you are one of them you should check out these best sites to buy YouTube views. Not only this but if you want you can also buy YouTube subscribers and begin your journey of becoming a star. There is a lot of competition in the world which means becoming popular on YouTube is difficult. But with the best site, you can be sure of success.

Do you want to become a YouTube star? We have to be honest, in today’s world- this will need some help. It’s completely alright for you to go ahead and buy views on YouTube. These are faultless sites, that we have tested ourselves and will give you the results you need.

But you don’t have to worry about making an impact on social media anymore- these sites will make you a big YouTuber and will increase your popularity on social media.

YouTube has grown a lot as a social platform – and as an income source too – in recent years. It is one of the biggest platforms which pays money to its employees. And the best fact is that it is a work from home job!

But becoming a YouTuber, and that to a successful one is a tough call. Once someone starts as a YouTuber, he has to work really hard to get views on his videos, and the more people like the videos, the more he will grow. The people who watch YouTube videos are known as subscribers, and they are the backbone of any YouTuber and his channel.

To become a successful YouTuber, one needs a push. Push here means that the more views he gets, the more he will be recognized by YouTube. And once he is recognized, he will start earning money! But being recognized is a very tough task. So are you a beginner at YouTube? Do you want a push too?

Here are the Best Sites to Buy Youtube Views:

#1. Views Expert

viewsexpert - buy youtube views

This website is one of the top providers of YouTube views. Their service includes creating social media campaigns for YouTube channels, which brings more traffic to the YouTube videos. Therefore, your videos would be viewed by more people and have a wider reach.

They provide users with high retention, fast views, or slow views service which increases the watch time of the videos and ultimately improves the ranking of YouTube channels; this further helps the user in the monetization of their channel. Their packages start from as low as and go up to depending upon the number of views and likes you want to purchase.

They also provide likes and views from a targeted Indian or foreign audience. Plus, their easy check out process makes it one of the top YouTube likes and views providers in the online market. 

#2. Social World

SocialWorld- best place to buy youtube views and subscribers

You’re curious what the demand is for YouTube, right? The site that hosts Youtube services is the Social World. You will improve your engagement and make the Youtube algorithm remember you and update you by getting services from our website to your Youtube page!

Youtube Business is a network that since 2014, and supported hundreds of thousands of individuals with Youtube services. This platform aims to build and provide safe services. That will take you to the top of YouTube, consisting of a team of social media specialists.

Both Youtube offerings are corporate and postpaid. The information you enter on the Web is SSL encryption safe. For all services available on the Youtube market, their tech developers, SEO specialists, and social media experts continuously make changes and emphasize consumer protection.

In this sense, as an organization that offers Youtube content with the most up-to-date and best infrastructure, they do their best to ensure the standard of our services at a high level.

#3. Viralyft


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Yet another trusted digital marketing service provider and a top YouTube services provider, Viralyft attracts organic viewers to your YouTube channels to increase and widen your audience.

The users on this website can choose from affordable YouTube Promotion packages and get the best results in return. Their process of increasing YouTube likes is based upon Social Media campaigning, Influencer marketing, Affiliate networking, and Sponsored campaigns.

They deliver real, targeted, high-quality YouTube views and likes. All of the views are delivered using their innovative Google Adwords Campaigns, online content blockers, online promotions, and their affiliate network which consists of more than 100 high traffic portals.

As a result, your YouTube channel gets more exposure and virality, enhances your brand image, and increases search ranking on Google. (Perhaps it can make you famous overnight!

#4. Getviral.io

With our high retention accelerated views service, you can increase your youtube video views. These easy views will assist you in the development of your channel and boost your video rating. Just insert the right video URL on the product page and go to the checkout. In your email with start & addon count, all the information will be sent.

These views are slow views that have a speed of 300-400 views per day and video views can rise with slow speed. These views are highly retained slow views, and by putting a simple order for slow Youtube views, you can conveniently purchase Youtube views on our website.

In these types of thoughts, because we have pace choices also open. By promoting content on social media & other media platforms, we generate youtube marketing in India. Both views are available for your Youtube channel monetization.

You can order 1500 video views, 3000 video views, 5000 video views, 7000 video views, 1000 video views, & more with unique video views. Youtube views can be purchased from our website and these views are high-quality high-retention video views. These kinds of video views are non-drop & lifetime assurance.

You can purchase views from YouTube India via their choice of Indian views on their website. To maximize organic youtube streams, they allow video ads on both social media & video portals. In the Indian zone, they can just build youtube marketing that will help you gain more exposure to the growth of your channel & video.

Through this service, your video rating will increase with accelerated speed & your video will be configured more quickly. They also have the opportunity to advertise your videos to particular areas such as northern India, western India, eastern India & southern India. Only put a simple order by entering the correct video URL. With quick speed and better quality, your order will be done.

#5. Social Packages

Social Packages

One of the best digital marketing service providers, this website has a trusted customer base worldwide. It provides users with 100 % safe YouTube likes from real viewers.

Moreover, your videos would be manually promoted by digital marketing experts, which makes it completely risk-free. After ordering a plan, the users can find the increase in likes on YouTube videos reflected in their channel within 24 hours.

Since the process is based on the manual increase of likes, you may also observe an increase in the overall watch hours of YouTube videos, which would help you in the monetization of YouTube channels with the YouTube partnership program. 

#6. Follower Packages

Follower Packages

This website is a one-stop-shop for all things needed to increase your reach online! Here, you can avail plenty of services such as Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, and much more. You can buy high retention YouTube likes and views coming from a targeted audience from across the world and boost your presence online.

The website also focuses on bringing traffic from a targeted Indian audience, so your channel will have viewers from those who are interested in the content. This would further increase engagement and watch hours to help you in YouTube’s monetization program.

Buying YouTube likes from this site entitles you to their dedicated customer support and rapid delivery, thereby making it a preferred site for buying YouTube likes, watch hours, and views.

#7. Youtubeviews.in

Youtubeviews.in(Best Website to Buy Youtube Views, Likes & Subscribers)

This is one of the top YouTube service providers for buying likes and views for YouTube channels at affordable prices. It can help you get instant views on your channel with a trusted retention rate of 30 seconds to a minute. Plus, the targeted audience base is highly engaging and active, therefore increasing the watch hours on your YouTube channel.

This would ultimately enable the monetization of your videos. Their packages start from as low as INR 125/- for a targeted audience in India. You can also avail of International likes for an extra amount. Their unique feature is a 30-day Refill guarantee which means that you can ensure that your channel retains the selected number of likes and views.

They bring traffic from their 120 + mobile apps and 85 desktop games which are designed to generate social media boost by engaging the users and giving them rewards for each action they perform. All their likes are 100 % safe from real YouTube users. 

#8. SubPals

SubPals(Best Website to Buy Youtube Views, Likes & Subscribers)

From this website, you can purchase targeted Indian YouTube likes (which are about 80% from India) for boosting the online presence of your YouTube channel. You can split Indian YouTube views and likes across multiple videos on your channel (1000 views or likes per video as a minimum). For example, you may order 5000 views or likes and split them across 1 to 5 videos on your channel.

By increasing the number of likes, also improves your channel’s Google and YouTube search rankings. They guarantee a delivery speed of 1000 – 50,000 likes per day depending upon your selected package; you can see the results reflecting in your channel in 24 to 72 hours after the confirmation of your order. You can also purchase YouTube subscribers, shares, and comments from this website at reasonable rates. 

#9. Brain Pulse Technologies

brain pulse (Best Website to Buy Youtube Views, Likes & Subscribers)

This website falls under the top YouTube likes buying site in India, with its excellent deliverables. They provide 100 % safe, reliable, credible high-quality organic likes and views. They never use automated software, bots, or scripts to falsify YouTube traffic. Views and likes come from original YouTube accounts and remain permanent. They fully abide by YouTube’s terms of service.

All the views come from real YouTube subscribers having genuine user profiles on YouTube. Their Buy YouTube likes service is completely anonymous and absolutely discreet. It helps the channel gain real exposure and encourages viewers to view and share it.

Plus, they ensure a 100 % money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver the chosen number of likes. They provide packages of buying YouTube likes from Indian as well as international audiences. 

#10. YT Monster

YT Monster(Best Website to Buy Youtube Views, Likes & Subscribers)

One of the most trusted websites for buying YouTube views, likes and subscribers, YT Monster offers a unique feature for increasing the reach and audience of your YouTube videos.

It lets you connect with other YouTubers to effect a sort of partner program in which each can promote the other’s videos on their channel. You may explore each others’ content, and improve your organic visibility by the use of their powerful exchange platform. And the exchange program is completely free of cost.

The credits that you gain from this program, however, can be used to upgrade to the premium, paid service of guaranteed high-quality YouTube likes, views, reshares, and subscribers. Their packages start from as low as 8 US dollars for 1000 likes and include various other beneficial features.

This website would undoubtedly boost the popularity of your YouTube channel exponentially, which makes YT Monster among the top providers for buying YouTube likes. 

#11. YT Pals

YT Pals (Best Website to Buy Youtube Views, Likes & Subscribers)

This website allows its users the option of buying YouTube views and subscribers! All you have to do is sign up to their website. However, you can also upgrade to their paid premium plans for an even quicker boost of YouTube likes on your channel.

They provide customers with 100 % safe and credible likes by real YouTube users and absolutely no automated bots. Plus, they ensure a high retention rate, which would ultimately increase the watch hours on your channel.

It is completely AdSense safe and would also increase your Search Engine rankings. Their results are pretty quick, and most clients will start to see real results within three days of placing an order. Without a doubt, they have a trusted client base of over 5,00,000 customers.

You can expect to get the usual engagement for YouTube on your channel – from sharing and commenting to liking and gaining more subscribers.

And there is more: they offer localized viewers, so the people that visit your page and subscribe to your channel are going to be those who are genuinely interested in your content.

#12. Social king

In our opinion, Social king is one of the best places from which to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes from YouTube. About why? And they pledge to make you a legitimate commitment that is always immediate, meaning you can never be left waiting too long to get what you need.

They still have some decent deals, which makes it easier for you to satisfy them regardless of what you have in the budget. They will start you out for as little as 9.99 dollars, and then go all the way up to 569.99 dollars. There is a big gap between their lowest price and their best, as you can see, which suggests that they encourage all different kinds of consumers to enter through the gates.

They say they are market leaders when it comes to YouTube views and likes, and judging from what their consumers say about them, we believe that this is real. They can also assist you with the path of content if you fail to find the right niche and theme for your company.

One of the things we like about this business best is that they placed a lot of focus on the consistency of their dedication. They don’t just chuck services out the door and take your money, they also rely on the standard of what they supply their customers with.

Do not worry if you’re someone who wants to be able to get in touch with the enterprise you’re dealing with. Social king has a high-caliber customer service system, so you can be taken care of the right way around.

#13. Buy Youtube views

You need a business that you can count on to be there in thick and thin when it comes to YouTube views and likes. With this in mind, we are proud to report that Buy Youtube views have proved to be this kind of business-the kind that can be there no matter what and can offer high-quality engagement to their customers no matter what.

In a shady business like this, this is a rare breed, so certainly don’t take this knowledge lightly. Followers agree they are most excited to be able to collaborate with their customers one on one to boost their social facts, and they are no stranger to the realities of how YouTube can sometimes be. This is why they work tirelessly to have everything they need for their customers. As a result, their offerings are of super high quality, but for others, they are also absolutely inexpensive, making them the right balance.

Another thing about Follower Shipments that we particularly admire is that they have made sure their payment system is encrypted. This ensures that without thinking about hackers hiding around the corner, you can conveniently share your credit card information with them.

With any organization out there, you can’t do this but take this as a blessing that Follower Shipments are super safety aware. Buy Youtube views is a pioneer in the industry who takes seriously what they do.

#14. Stromviews


One of the cheapest websites to buy YouTube views, this site provides users with high quality, high retention and 100 % real YouTube likes and views for your channel.

From this website, you can buy credible YouTube views, starting from as low as 1000 YouTube views and likes. They offer views and likes by running Google ads to give you real and legit views coming to your YouTube channel.

Stromviews do not use any automated bot to give you instant views that are of cheap quality, but those which are 100 % real and lasting. it will provide highly secure payment methods and also provide users with 24/7 customer support. Indeed, buying YouTube likes from this website is sure to make you a big influencer in no time!

#15. Get real boost (Site to buy YouTube views)

If you’re trying to find the best company for your likes, views, and subscribers on YouTube. However, you want to venture out and do a lot more, we recommend that you go to Get Real Boost.

Along with Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook, this website deals with YouTube views. All about social media, from views, links, tweets, and subscriptions, is here. They have robust packages optimized by YouTube that improve the rating of your account and ensure that your content is viewed.

Not only does this company aid you with your YouTube, but they can also assist you with other social media handles. Their optimized YouTube bundles come with robust functionality so that you can guarantee that the right audiences see your video. They offer super competitive prices and outstanding service for consumers.

Prices are at a reasonable cost and with the low initial investment, can be checked. They also guarantee that free likes are included in the order of a certain bundle. But we will not trust whether or not likes are genuine. You pick the kit with a good price breakdown for you to evaluate. The packages vary from $5 to $2500.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Buying YouTube views

Will buying YouTube views get you banned?
You will not be barred from YouTube unless you purchase super organic views or filthy cheap bot views, and your video will not be deleted by the end of 2014. But the worse thing that will happen is that your views will decline, usually only when you order false views from cheaper providers.

If you could be banned from buying viewpoints, you could easily illegally buy the views of your opponents. It’s not like you need to log in to them or something.

How much does it cost to buy views on YouTube?
Since purchasing viewpoints differ greatly depending on the processes or methods used to get such views, prices may often vary widely. Here are some price recommendations and the normal quality/type of views you can get with them.

Cheap views ($1~2 per 1,000 views) –

These are the crazy cheap views on Fiverr or individual vendors on subreddits that you can find. Generally, these views come from bots or click-farms and are of very poor quality.

Standard Views – These are in the middle ($2~4 per 1,000 views). From bots and click-farms (again), incentive platforms to untargeted website traffic, the origins of these views can differ greatly. Also, consistency can vary.

Organic/Targeted Views ($5~10 per 1,000 Views)-The cream of the crop is these views. They typically come from good outlets, such as related websites, social networks, blogs, commercials, influencers, etc. This is also a guide that is not intended to categorize all utilities by their rates. Many are selling costly “cheap” views, and some selling “organic” views at cheaper prices, so this is far from absolute.

How does “Buying YouTube Views” work?
A fascinating type of facility is buying thoughts. The only purpose that name suggests is the promise of further views. So, depending on the business or provider you select, Way you receive more opinions will vary greatly. By website advertising or popunders, some offer views. Others by social networking alliances.

For watching your video, some pay or reward users. Others use click farms where the video is watched by thousands of low-paid employees. Bots or automated software are used by some to get the job done. The number of ways corporations can produce viewpoints is virtually infinite.

Is buying views safe?
Buying views won’t delete your video, you won’t be disqualified. It’s not unethical to do it and people typically won’t be able to tell you the views you purchased. Everything else depends on what sector or provider you want. Some offer full anonymity, a 100 percent money return guarantee, a retention guarantee, outstanding customer support, and high-quality services. So, it becomes pretty necessary to pick the right business.

Your recording, but there are hundreds of different methods that provides use to offer views. Several view services companies do an amazing job in providing views reliably and in YouTube or social network terms. Some suppliers do not adhere to requirements or vendors use bots (automatic programs) to have false opinions. Choosing the best agency or supplier of thoughts makes all the difference. Purchasing YouTube views or something stable.


So, hopefully, you’ve got answers to your questions about using a third party to buy YouTube views. See it’s certainly not as frightening as it may have seemed. The wonderful news is that there are some pretty great businesses out there that care a lot about your channel.

If all of them have free trials, make sure you get the best out of it. So you can find out how they work before you agree to something. Good luck and choose the right organization to satisfy your needs.

So, These were a few sites where one can buy the trading options of YouTube-like views. All of these are legit, safe, and secure.

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