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Top 10 Chemical Companies in India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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chemical comapnies in india

Undeniably, chemicals play a crucial role in our lives. Almost every item we use has chemicals in it including but not limited to soaps, cosmetics, drinking water, pharmaceutical substance and food processing items. As of recent times, chemicals are also being used to manufacture electronic goods. The Indian Chemical Industry produces more than 80,000 chemicals and accounts for more than 14% of the total country’s manufacturing GDP. 

However, each company is renowned for manufacturing, producing and exporting different products. Chemical industries are engaged in manufacturing fertilisers, perfumes, paints, ammunition and many more items. This makes it difficult to ascertain the best among all. 

To help you through the herculean task of determining the best chemical company in India, 

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Chemical Companies In India:

Tata Chemicals

tata chemicals - best chemical companies in india

Operating through two stages- basic chemistry and speciality chemistry, Tata Chemicals has been providing quality solutions since 1938. The company’s headquarters lie in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tata Chemicals is among the largest chemical companies in India with significant operations in India and Africa. 

The Basic Chemistry product range of the company provides main ingredients to several leading brands of the world for glass, detergents, pharma, biscuit manufacturing, bakeries and other industries. The company has the largest saltworks in Asia, the 3rd largest soda ash manufacturer and the 6th largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer in the world.

Establishment of Tata NQ – India’s first and only nutritional science business was the outcome of the company’s innovations in Speciality Chemistry. The sub-branch of Material Sciences solutions includes Highly Dispersible Silica and other grades of Precipitated Silica and silica dispersion.

For Energy Sciences, Lithium Ion cell technology has been developed to provide excellent solutions. Tata Chemicals product range also includes a range of brands of spices, fertilizer, biofuels and many more.

Pidilite Industries

Pidilite - best chemical companies in india

Founded by Balvant Parekh in 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited is an India-based adhesives manufacturing company that also sells art material, construction chemicals and other industrial chemicals. The company had humble beginnings with a single factory that manufactured a single product, Fevicol.

As an alternative to glue made of animal fat, this white synthetic resin adhesive was primarily launched to make the lives of carpenters and woodworkers easy. Pidilite Industries Limited also provides Fevicol Mr, an adhesive for crafts. It can bind a variety of substrates like cardboard, paper, polystyrene, wood and other material. Whether it is for waterproofing a new home or repairing an existing one, Dr.Fixit provides the best solutions.

It is designed to provide waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas. Regardless of whether the material is, metal, wood, plastic, stone or paper, Fevikwik joins it all within 5 seconds. India’s leading epoxy putty, M-Seal is perfect for sealing, joining, fixing and building. Pidilite is also the manufacturers of Fevistik which is among the top-selling gluesticks of the country.

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited - best chemical companies in india

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited was launched on 29th March, 1973 in the State of Gujarat by Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (GIIC), a company owned by the Government of Gujarat, as a Core Promoter. The Company commenced its operations in 1976 at its plant which is situated near Village Ranoli.

However, to reduce power cost and to eliminate the pollution caused due to mercury, during the year 1989, the company converted one of its Cell Houses from Mercury Cell Technology to environment-friendly Membrane Cell Technology. The company is also involved in manufacturing Special Chlorine Derivatives Group, Sodium Chlorate Group, Caustic Potash Group and several other products.

BASF India Ltd.

BASF India Ltd - best chemical companies in india

BASF SE is a German chemical company and the second-largest chemical producer in the world. For over 127 years, BSAF has successfully contributed to India’s progress. In 2019, BASF India Limited, the flagship company of BASF in India, celebrated 75 years of association in the country. 

BASF’s plastic products include high-performance materials in thermoplastics, foams, and urethanes. Whether it’s footwear, toys, packaging or any other article, BSAf has got you covered. Some of its innovation in this segment are Autofroth® specially formulated foam chemical systems, Sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation or abrasiveness: Basotect and ecovio® which is a versatile, high-performance biopolymer.

Crackerproducts, Industrial Gases, Alkylene Oxides and Glycols, Alcohols and solvents are some of the products that the chemical company offers under the sub-branch of chemical segments. Combining its knowledge in oilfields, refineries, mining, water, wind and solar energy, the company also works in the energy and resources category.

UPL Limited

UPL Limited - best chemical company in india

UPL Limited, formerly United Phosphorus Limited, is an Indian multinational company with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company manufactures and markets agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, and speciality chemicals, besides offering crop protection solutions. 

In association with its group company Advanta, UPL has been delivering high-value crops all over the globe. UPL develops several disease-resistant and high-yielding seed varieties with valuable traits. The company has helped countless farmers with its production of insecticides, acaricides, fungicides and herbicides.

Recent formulations devised by the company have been known to tackle the increasing problem of glyphosate-resistance and to kill weeds. UPL’s extensive Plant Stress & Stimulation is known to facilitate crop development potential at each of the 5 Crop Life Cycle stages. This includes utilisation of various technologies like anti-stress technology and growth vitality technology among others. 

P I Industries

P I Industries - best chemical companies in india

P I Industries was founded and incorporated by the name Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd. in 1946. The company is known for the manufacturing and distribution of agrochemicals. P I Industries is the pioneer in the initiation of granular formulations in India and are the largest sellers in this segment.

The company has achieved new milestones by becoming the biggest producer of generic molecules like Profenofos, Ethion, Phorate. The R&D Services focuses on the following services like Target Discovery, Molecule Design, Library Synthesis, Lead Optimization, Biological Evaluation and Route Synthesis. The product list of the company includes insecticides, fungicides and herbicides along with speciality products like Biovita Granules, Biovita Liquid, Super Spreader and Humesol. 

Solar Industries India Limited

Solar Industries India Limited - best chemical companies in india

Founded by Shri Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal in 1995, Solar Group has emerged from a single site manufacturing company to a world-renowned Industrial Explosives manufacturer. Based on great experience, expertise and potential in the Industrial Explosives segment, the company has forayed into Defence and one of the world’s most integrated facilities for Ammunition. 

The companies’ business enterprises can be outlined as blasting solutions for mining, quarries and public works, manufacturing a vast range of industrial explosives (bulk and cartridge), detonators and detonating fuse and cast boosters, ammunition like HMX and RDX for the defence and security area, production of key primary products like composite propellants. 

By making an unparalleled contribution to the military and defence sections of the country, Solar Industries India Limited has emerged as one of the best chemical companies of the country.

Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited - best chemical companies in india

Aarti Industries Limited (AIL) was established in the year 1975 and its headquarters lie in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Aarti Industries is a leading manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. The company is also amongst the largest producers of Benzene-based basic and intermediate chemicals in India.

The company makes use of chemical processes like Chlorination, Nitration, Hydrogenation, Ammonolysis, Halex, Dinitro chlorination, Alkylation, Hydrolysis, Methoxylation, Esterification, Diazaotiation, Sulphonation etc. The end products of the company include Dyes, Basic Pharma, Pigments, Agro Chemicals, Polymer, Fertilizers, UV absorbers, Plasticizers, Flavour Fragrance and Food beverages, Refinery and Oil field chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

The Pharmaceuticals division produces key pharma intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates. By maintaining high-quality products and services, Aarti Industries Limited has become a top chemical company of India.

Coromandel International Ltd

Coromandel International Ltd - best chemical companies in india

 Founded in the early 1960s by IMC and Chevron Companies of USA and EID Parry, Coromandel International Ltd is an Indian Corporation that was originally known as Coromandel Fertilisers. The company is India’s second-largest Phosphatic fertilizer player, is in the business segments of Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrients, Crop Protection and Retail.

Coromandel is also the pioneer of an exclusive range of Specialty Nutrient products including Organic Fertilizers as a part of the complete plant nutrition solutions. Coromandel also seeks to help the farmers in maintaining a nutrient balance of the soil and checking the deficiencies of Secondary & Micronutrients by introducing a range of fortified fertilisers.

Gromor Ultra DAP is one such fortified Di Ammonium Phosphate produced by Coromandel. Thus, Coromandel International Ltd has become one of the best chemical companies in the country.

Atul Ltd

Atul Ltd - best chemical company in india

The first private sector industry, Atul Limited, formerly known as Atul Products was established on 15 September 1947. It was founded by Shri Kasturbhai Lalabhai and is a part of the Lalbhai Group of industries. Its Headquarters lie in a village called Atul in Valsad district of Gujrat.

 Atul has placed products belonging to the 2 reporting segments namely Life Science Chemicals and Performance. It’s business segments includes aromatics, polymer retail, colour, bulk chemicals and intermediates, floras, crop protection retail, crop protection bulk actives, polymer performance materials and pharmaceuticals and intermediates besides aerospace, adhesives, agriculture, and several other products because of which it is renowned across the world.

To choose among hundreds of companies is surely a tedious task.  Everyone needs to understand the importance of the chemical industry. Not only has it affected all aspects of our lives like Agriculture, Environment, Food, Hygiene, Defence, and Transportation it has opened the doors for improving the existing conditions of the environment by changing their methods of production. A chemical company should not only be adjudged on terms of its production and revenue but also the extent of its social and environmental responsibility.

We hope that this article eases the difficulty and enables you to decide.

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