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10 Best Mobile Cleaner Apps to Clear Ram & Cache (In 2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Mobile Cleaner Apps

Frequently keeping a record is not necessary in Android devices, yet it is no doubt a great idea to refresh up your smart phone from now and then. That is where cleaner app comes into play.

These apps can stimulate a device’s functioning, enhance battery life and to eliminate junk files. But do these Android or phone cleaning apps actually work? In some cases, they are helpful. However, cache files accumulate over time and it really needs to be cleared up.

Also, junk from ads and image thumbnails take up a lot of space. Most people in fact only believe about cleaning up their phone when something starts to go inappropriate.

Android cleaner apps do a splendid job of finding unimportant files and assisting you to delete them.  Android devices are intelligent enough that constant maintenance is not necessary.

Acknowledge it or not, the more you use your device, the more unnecessary files get heaped up. Along with these non-essential files, lots of caches, junk, logs, and other files get collected which are intensely liable for making your smartphone run slow.

Fortunately, there are numerous apps designed dedicatedly for cleaning and improving your android device. But making them to perform for RAM cleaning, is out dated since newer versions of Android has taken good care of that.

If you want your smartphone to work for a longer duration, maintaining its RAM free from memory lagging and clearing unwanted digital debris,  then these phone cleaner apps for Android will help you clear out junk files and freeing up space on your device.

Here is the list of best cleaner apps for Smooth Functioning of Your Mobile:

Files by Google

Files by Google: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

When brushing out your Android phone, why not move to a trusted source? Files by Google does further  than just provide you quick access to photos, videos and other additional documents that you have saved on your device.

Files assures to free up space on your phone just after a few taps. It can have a look on the available storage space on your device itself along with any micro SD card that you have embedded. This app also helps you to track down and eliminate any junk files which may harm or block your storage.

Most significantly, the app supplies you ultimate management over what gets saved and what gets wasted. So you are not deleting something that is valuable when you’re getting your device free from duplicate items, unused apps and other space eaters.

If you have blind faith towards Google then surely you should go with it without any further delay.


CLONEit: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

When you have two Android smartphones or tablets or any other android devices, and you want to move your data from one device to another the CLONEit app is very beneficial. Almost a number of people consider this task as complicated.

Sharing moving or copying the full data from one device to other has become simpler because of a free app called CLONEit.

This app simply transfers the pictures, contacts, videos, music files, and keeps the SMS data undamaged. CLONEit is a powerful app to clone data from one phone or tablet or any other device to the other.

It can effortlessly move your apps, system settings games, logs to a new device or smartphone. It uses Wi-Fi technology to transfer your files at enormous speed.

If you are fed up of using USB devices and sharing your items then a better option is here only for you.

Smart Switch

Smart Switch: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

Smart Switch is a Samsung application that is used to download and install software updates for your phone, setup email syncing with Microsoft Outlook that too is handy for corporate and other users.

This makes switching between Galaxy phones at ease. You can transfer all of your information to your new phone and pick up right where you left on the old device. The desktop applications take some setting up time, but it is a straightforward method that only takes a number of minutes.

The app also does a backup and restores your belongings that you have moved between two phones or devices. Smart Switch has the ability to backup, photos, contacts application data, and any other local files on your phone.

This mobile application can also be used to move your contacts, messages photos, videos and other additional components from an iOS device to your new Galaxy phone.

A Samsung user? Then you are definitely going to love this app as it provides you with lots and lots of features that will forcefully make you to download it.


ShareMe: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

ShareMe app is introduced by a brand named Xiaomi. Share me is very decent app through which you can transfer all kinds of files smoothly within a few moments, as this app is faster than the other apps.

It also looks good visually and really an awesome app for sharing. This app uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files between phones and the thing is that the functionality also prolongs to laptops and PCs.

Moreover, this fantastic app is not limited to Xiaomi phones only. You can use ShareMe to move files even between phones of other brands. It transfers files within seconds if the file is of 400 mb, it will share the particular file within 30 to 40 seconds.

Suppose, if you want to download Free Fire, take any mobile which has Free Fire and receive it. Just it would be done within 40 seconds. The app saves my time as it transfers very fast, no concern whatever the type of file.

Want to transfer all big files without any delay? We bring you this app that will just blow up your minds.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere: Mobile Cleaner App

Send Anywhere is a mobile application that has been brought out for the need to solve the most common problem of transferring or sharing huge files to a large number of platforms, and extending file size limits to an extent where it becomes basically unlimited for most use-cases that you may have come across.

Since this app supports mac OS, and iOS, you can easily download on any device. Launching the app for the first time, the app is well-designed with minimum interface, along with a scheme that makes the functions of each and every option very clear.

The desktop app comes with a clean user interface with well organized regions in respect to nearby devices, sending/receiving buttons and the transferred files, if any.

Transferring files between devices has always been something of an issue, especially when it comes to transferring the files between devices that is running on different platforms.

And as we know that Apple does not supports Bluetooth system and coming across all these problems boasting of a variety of features, one application stands out which is Send Anywhere! The cross-platform application aims to solve these problems and thus making it easy to use fast.

Now seeing its advantages even Samsung has partnered with Send Anywhere for all the features that it carries and now it is on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Want to share files without any kind of difficulties? Then your search stops just here. This app will firmly help you in this kind of sharing files.


AirDroid: Mobile Cleaner App

AirDroid is a mobile app that is available for Mac, Android, PC, as well as on the web, that lets you transfer your data, like music, videos, photos, , and much more, wirelessly. You just have to install the app on your Android device, or install it on desktop and even on your Mac or PC.

The app is not restricted to file transfer either. You can also use AirDroid to send SMS, text, or messages, make and take calls, and receive app notifications right on your Mac or PC so that you can stay productive.

If you have an Android phone or tablet and a Mac or PC and you like to transfer music, movies, TV shows, and photos without using USB method and been frustrated, then this particular app is going to help you a lot and  get spared from all the hassle to plug in any kind of device. If you want to do everything wirelessly, then consider AirDroid.

As this app supports Mac and other Apple devices then you should definitely go with AirDroid as it contains fabulous features that you would surely love.

Zapya- File Transfer, Share App

Zapya- File Transfer, Share App: Mobile Cleaner App

Zapya is a file sharing tool that had been explicitly developed for mobile devices. This application does not require cellular data or quick net access. Its only requirement is wireless network in order to connect to different mobile or other devices.

This app endorses totally different file formats as well as documents, images, videos, music, compressed folders, PDFs, presentations, and many more. It enables you to transfer as many files as you want without any problem.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It permits you up to five megabytes per second file transfer and can handle large, presentations, images, videos, PDFs, documents, spread sheets, and many more.

Having a problem with your data pack and is it time consuming to send the files? No worries. Zapya helps you to do it more easily.

Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

Bluetooth file transfer is a simplest method to send files to another closely Bluetooth device without the requirement for a separate app. It is one of the standards for wireless communication. The Graphical user interface of the file transfer application is designed like a pro.

The application shows the advantage of having no wires. Bluetooth is an outstanding way to wirelessly transfer data like photos, videos, movies music, etc. to and from your mobile devices and without losing any data charges.

Bluetooth is compatible with any smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Devices that support Bluetooth file transfer have a system setting that supports Bluetooth and is called Bluetooth Share.

Bluetooth is not compatible with iOS and Chrome OS. On iOS, you’ll need to have a separate app like Move to iOS or Apple AirDrop in order to share files and photos from the iPhone to any other Android devices over Bluetooth.

It can also compress multiple files into one, which makes transmitting a pile of documents and files a lot more easily. Bluetooth! The most reliable app you ever have on your phone.

MX ShareKaro

MX ShareKaro: Mobile Cleaner App

<strong>Get It</strong><strong> On Google Play</strong> Get It On Google Play

MX ShareKaro has been established by MX Media & Entertainment MX ShareKaro. It is a file sharing app through which you can easily share between the media player app ShareKaro and MX player.

You can send any files, picture, videos, movies, songs, apps and games easily. The app’s faster speed can transfer files very quickly than Bluetooth and any other apps. The main feature of this app is that it is Adfree, so it is not going to irritate you.

Without any limit you can transfer any kind of file to any device. You do not need any internet connection to transfer files from one device to any other device and no use of cables too. You can send a large file up to 10 GB easily.

Some of the new features will surprise you, guys! And the cherry on the cake: it supports multiple languages such as English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, and others too.

The application’s user interface is so straightforward, that any person who is not tech-savvy can easily use it. So, here are some of the best features of this app and it would be my recommendation that you must have MX ShareKaro.

So if you are mesmerized with the features of this app and along on top of  that a MX lover, then obviously you should have an eye on it.


Most of the phone cleaner apps for Android devices provide RAM boosting options and task killing as an attribute. Be that as it may, this can be dysfunctional and task killers can indeed harm your smartphone functioning.

On Android devices, entire RAM utilization is not mandatorily a huge problem. As a matter of fact, Android intentionally keeps its RAM usage high to optimize performance. The Android OS is quite smart enough to know how to juggle its apps for best possible performance.

Intrusive with the task killing process, can cause your device to work tougher than it is required to, which eventually lower and slower down your device especially if you are ending background system apps.

Moreover recent Android apps should not affect your battery functionality way too much. You can accomplish that by limiting background utilization using Android itself and not by using a task killer or apps with task-killing features. Pick your favourite one!

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