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Top 10 Best Corn Flakes Brands to buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Introduced in 1894 after John Harvey Kellogg, Corn Flakes has been among the healthier food options, as an alternate to sugary food. These Corn flakes are nothing but toasted flakes of corn, commonly infused with some sugar, salt, and malt before they are packaged and sold.

Mostly consumed with milk, fruits etc. however, as its been added to the Indian market, it has been used in newer forms and also distributed as dry savoury snacks.

Although, initially it had a hard time slipping into the Indian diet due to people’s well accustomed nature of indulging in heavy traditional breakfasts like chole bature, poha curd etc. with the change in attitude towards health and fitness, market for corn flakes has taken a leap in India as well.

Today, almost every middle/upper class household have a packet of corn flakes in the kitchen. Possessing nutrient rich properties and containing iron and vitamin A,B,C,D and E, it makes for a wholesome meal, and keeps you full for long.

Also, due to rise in social pressure to look sleek, corn flakes has been used by fitness models like Deepika Padukone, to promote its usage and infuse the desire, particularly among women, to include it on a regular basis.

Beginning with only one and most persisting brand Kellogg’s, it has now been introduced in different flavours and forms, and has many brands selling it.

Here is the List of Top Corn Flakes Available In India:

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Kellogg’s introduced the concept of corn flakes, and its hands down the most popular cornflakes brand in India. It started the trend of printing the nutrition values present in it on the package, making it acceptable and trustworthy to the consumers.

Kellogg’s, apart from offering high health value also offers several tasty flavours such as Original, Brownie Delight, Real Almond and Honey, Real Banana Puree and Chips, Corn Flakes with Real Honey, Real Mango Puree and Real Strawberry Puree.

Made up of natural and organic corn, it has good amount of iron and vitamins, which is extremely good for health, and boosts energy for the day ahead. Its priced at Rs 90 for a 250 grams packet.

Manna Corn Flakes Plus

Manna Corn Flakes Plus Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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One of the most renowned cereals brand in India, Manna Corn Flakes Plus provides a healthful and nourishing start to your day. These cereals are made of high-quality corn grits and malt extracts, thus evidently flaunting the high and reliable standard of production.

Apart from holding a high nutritious value, it also has a value for money, a mere rupee 84 for 500 grams packet.

Go Healthy Corn Flakes

Go Healthy Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Go Healthy Corn Flakes, are an excellent alternative to your regular breakfast, and comes under a popular brand Global Organics. The corn flakes are processed from high quality ingredients.

With no colouring or artificial flavours. Best for those wanting to shed some fat as it is a fat free cereal, with high dosage of vitamins and minerals, and rich in iron, and do not contain MSG. It is available at a price of Rs. 60 for a 300 grams packet.

Savour Corn Flakes

Savour Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Savour India Pvt. Ltd. Represents the list  of all the leading brands for cereals, Soya Products and Spices. Their cereals are made up of sweet corn which is not only high in nutrition and health, but also gives provides a crispy and munchy experience.

Being high in all the vitamins and rich in the source of iron, it boosts your energy for the rest of the day. It includes a mix of corn, sugar, malt extract, salt, vitamins, iron and loads anti-oxidants. It can be purchased at a price of Rs. 89 for a 250 grams pack.

24 Mantra Organic Corn Flakes

24 Mantra Organic Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Established in 1992, 24 Mantra Organic Corn Flakes has been the organic food brand of India. Apart from highly nutritious, what differentiates Mantra from other corn flakes brand is the presence of flaxseed and deliciously flavoured cinnamon.

While the benefits of flaxseeds are unbeatable being rich in antioxidants, digestive measures, prevention of cancer etc., cinnamon doesn’t lag behind with its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.

Furthermore, to add extra protein and nutrients to your meal, these corn flakes can be combined with fruits, dry fruits etc. It can be purchased at a price of Rs. 149 for a 300 grams pack.


Why Mantra Cron Flakes?

  • Healthy 
  • High nutritious value
  • Organic Certified 
  • Wholesome, with a strong dosage of energy
  • Zero pesticides and harmful chemicals

Kwality Corn Flakes

Kwality Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Coming in different flavours including  Original, Banana, Strawberry, and Natural Honey, Kwality Corn Flakes is a dynamic and constantly growing brand.

It constitutes the perfect amount of iron and nutrients and can be consumed by both kids and adults. It can be arranged for Rs. 170 for 375 grams pack.


Why Kwality Corn Flakes?

  • Its gluten free
  • Made up of organic ingredients, full of vitamins, iron and protein
  • No artificial flavour or colour
  • Wholesome

Lawrence Mills Corn Flakes

Lawrence Mills Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Lawrence Mils Corn Flakes are among the best brands of corn flakes for a reason. It contains the active ingredients such as corns grit, malt extract, sugar, salt, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The corn flakes have the awesome flavours and it is a healthy alternative to your boring and heavy breakfast.

The bigger flakes are light and crispy, and also low in fat, making it an absolutely healthy choice for people wanting to lose weight. The 500g pack is just for 85 rupees, making it a value for money as well.

Bagrry’s Corn Flakes

Bagrry’s Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Bagrry’s is one of the  established brands under the healthy foods and breakfast chain in India. It offers various flavours and choices of cereals including Original & Healthier, Real Honey, Almond ‘n’ Honey and NAS Cornflakes.

Bagrry’s corn flakes are made with golden corn, which contains high dietary fibres, Lower Glycaemic Index and as a bonus, it’s a 100% gluten free corn flakes.

A much healthier alternative breakfast option possessing the righteousness of real authentic taste. It can be found in the market for Rs. 140/ for a 300 grams pack.


Why Bagrry’s?

  • Uses the finest ingredients from fresh organic fields
  • Only natural products like raw honey, no artificial flavours
  • Supplies high quality products like oats, keeping health in fitness as priority


Patanjali Corn Flakes

Patanjali Corn Flakes Best Corn Flakes Brand In India

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Famous Baba Ramdev is known for his health and promotes the importance of ayurvedic properties. Patanjali Ayurveda contains all the organic products with natural ingredients making it very healthy to take.

These Patanjali corn flakes are crispy made of organic corns. Possessing healthy amount of fibre, it is good for digestion and also known to lower cholesterol and obesity.

Giving the biggest value for money, these Patanjali Corn Flakes can be purchased for Rs 170 for a 500 grams packet. Apart from the health and nutrition value, it also provides taste by offering different flavours like chocolate, fruit and nut etc. No doubt it’s the most trusted brand. 

Oho Corn Flakes

Oho Corn Flakes

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Known for its amazing flavours adding taste to the boring breakfast, because ho said healthy can’t be tasty? Oho Corn Flakes offers delicious coco-corn flakes.

Being a trusted brand for its use of reliable and nutrient rich ingredients, it makes sure that the standard for nutrients are not compromised with.

Also available in caramel, wheat, wheat and honey, milk chocolate and white chocolate flavours, Oho Corn Flakes give you a fresh and tasteful start to the day. The price of a 500 gram pack is around the 100-110 mark.


With the daily lifestyle getting busier and more and more people shifting to healthy routine, the growth of corn flakes is unstoppable. Among these cereals, there is also diversification according to location and demographics.

Now, kids, adults and elderly are consuming cereals. Oats being the most preferred among women who are working outwards that goal body. Whereas, kids prefer flavoured corn flakes like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. 

Also, due to the increase in 9-5 jobs, the lack of time available for making breakfast, most of the people resort t readily available cornflakes, without compromising on health.

India’s large population of low/middle class income group is also enhancing the need for cornflakes, as it makes the best source of food for them for all its health ingredients along with affordability.

Although, with the growth of ready to make Indian meals like poha, upma etc., the challenge and competition for corn flakes market is increasing. However, it still holds a lot of demand due to its wholesomeness and light properties.

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