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10 Best Dark Chocolates In India 2023 (Popular Brands)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Dark Chocolates

Gone are the days where a major population would depend on just sweets and mithais to get their hands on something sweet. Chocolates are the official language of love, festivals and leave their essence for our everyday fun.

It is loved by everyone, all kinds of people, irrespective of gender, age, color, religion or caste.

There are three kinds of chocolate majorly available in the market today, that are, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. The first two are definitely a good choice to go for almost everyone and is enjoyed thoroughly throughout the world.

When it comes to the third kind, i.e. the Dark Chocolate, I think that it needs a certain class of people to appreciate its taste better and it is actually one of the most underrated versions of chocolate among many people.

Not only does it taste better, but it is also a heathier choice as compared to other chocolates. It helps in fast metabolism, keeps your heart healthy, even helps in controlling diabetes and is a great reliever to those nasty period cramps.

With the advent of chocolates in India and its easy availability, we have craved for every bit of it since then. When it comes to the best brands available in the country, we have listed out some of the best ones in order to set your course for the time being.

Here is the List of Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate brands in India:

KitKat Dark Chocolate

KitKat Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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KitKat is definitely one of the most loved chocolates in the world, beating many other chocolates in the category.There are hundreds of flavours when it comes to this chocolate, especially in Japan, but when we compare that to India, people here love the original works of the company and the chocolates it makes.

The dark chocolate variant of KitKat turned out to be a hit in the country the moment it was launched. Being really affordable as compared to other dark chocolate brands, the texture and flavour of the Nestle’s KitKat Dark is quite smooth and velvety that will melt you’re your mouth the moment you put it in.

The fusion of this dark chocolate and the wafer inside serves ultimate combo to your taste. The recipe does not just include dark chocolate, but also quantities of Cocoa Mass, Sugar, and Wheat Flour as the main subject.

It is completely vegetarian, so everyone can taste it easily and is readily available at almost all the shops everywhere. The addition of the little amounts of nuts and peanuts gives it the crunchy base which we have all come to love so much.

The other more popular variant in India is the milky chocolate one, but the dark chocolate variant has more loyal fan base among the people.

Amul Dark Chocolate

Amul Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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Our very own indigenous dairy company and brand Amul has been very dear to us since our childhood and the main reason why the chocolates produced by the company are a big hit in India. Made with pure love and compassion, the different types of chocolates made by the company are sold worldwide.

The dark chocolate variants of Amul have also been receiving popularity among the people now a days. There are about four to five different levels of dark chocolate cocoa in these chocolates, ranging from 55% to 99%. It melts right in your mouth because of the rich, creamy and velvety texture it obtains.

The baking process goes on with the state of the art refineries and machines that produces the finest particles of the size of 20 microns to make your chocolates as creamy and velvety as possible.

Every ingredient is processed by the company with utmost care and purity to make these chocolates and inspire people to give the same love to these chocolates.

The chocolate can be used for variety of purposes like direct consumption, baking, gifting and many more. Being very affordable and its easy availability in almost every store across the country, the chocolate has become not just a popular sweet but also status symbol for many because the amazing packaging and its delectable taste.

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Chocolate Bar: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The Lindt chocolate is no mystery to the common man. The name of the brand is enough to incite excitement inside you. The craze behind the chocolates was deep rooted in Indian minds way before it completely entered Indian markets.

There are several chocolates that the brand manufactures, but there is one variant which will amaze you. The Lindt Excellence cocoa chocolate contains 99% cocoa, making it one of the most concentrated dark chocolates in the world. The texture is quite soft and creamy, that will melt into your mouth right away, leaving behind a velvety taste.

The mixture of best ingredients like hand selected cocoa beans, milk solids and other completely vegetarian ingredients help make this chocolate the best in line. The attractive packaging also helps increase its market base everywhere.

This percentage of intense cocoa beans in the chocolate will give you the unadulterated version of a chocolates and how it is supposed to be. The strong sense of bitterness in the chocolate will give your taste buds a definite kick start which will remain with you for a long time.

The affordable price is another thing which makes the product more likeable among people of India. Another pointer which you should take note of, is, the addition of coffee with this dark chocolate will definitely feel like heaven and give you the needed start to the day, keeping you healthier than usual.

Cadbury Bournville Chocolate

Cadbury Bournville Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The first official dark chocolate entry in the Indian market was made by Cadbury’s Bournville and has gained a lot of popularity since its entry. Easily available and affordable in nature, it is very commonly consumed by people of India.

Cadbury is a well-established brand in India and its products are loved across the nation with great love and enthusiasm. The brand, has a lot of chocolate variants available in the country like Silk, Bubbly, Oreo, Fruit and Nut, Crackle and many more, all of them being majorly milk chocolates in nature.

The dark chocolate Bournville contain 50% cocoa beans, making it completely vegetarian, so it can fit all palettes of people in taste. The chocolate is made up of finest of ingredients available and has almost no bad reviews when it comes to taste.

It is presented in various sizes and packages and is considered to be of a status symbol when presented as a gift. The chocolate will melt as soon as you put it in your mouths, getting you a creamy and velvety feel to the bar of chocolate.

It comes in three different flavours including classic rich cocoa, cranberry and raisin & nuts. It has captured a great share of market since its entry and is continuing to do so on its watch.

Toblerone Dark Chocolate

Toblerone Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The original Swiss chocolate has many fans around the world and quite many of them in India. This chocolate has made its way big into the Indian market and is continuing to do so.

Its USP (Unique Selling Price) being the triangular shape that it comes in, which makes it more attractive to eat and the packaging is also really stylish which also help increasing its sales.

Most people don’t know the exact method to eat a Toblerone chocolate. You have to push the upper part of the triangle inwards and when a piece breaks off, you eat it and enjoy it.

There are different variants to the chocolate included salty, creamy, honey, almond and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate version is new, but has definitely left a huge mark on its popularity.

The chocolate is really creamy and rich in taste, which will melt in your mouth the moment you put it inside. It has a beautiful and intense combination of flavours inside the bar including, some of the finest cocoa beans, milk solids, and other delectable ingredients, which makes it so delicious.

The chocolate is really affordable and readily available in almost all the big stores around the country. Though it is not completely vegetarian, because it does contain egg whites for the preparation, but it is still very yummy and deserves to be tasted at least once.

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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Hershey is one of the biggest chocolate brands and loved one all across the globe, but can also be a little expensive sometimes. People who do not compromise quality, will tend to move towards this brand more often.

The dark chocolate variant is the perfect blend of cocoa solids and sugar, that will give you a rich, creamy velvety taste, the moment you put it in your mouth. The brand also has some amazing variants rolled out in the market like Nuggets, Kisses, and Miniatures and more.

The dark chocolate variant has about 45% cocoa into it and is made up with sweetened dark chocolate to give it the perfect taste. You do not have to worry about the hygiene of the product build, as the company ensures more than enough guidelines and procedure to maintain the need safety.

It can be eaten by all people around the world because its vegetarian nature. The packaging comes in various sizes, so you can choose as per your needs and requirements.

Not just delicious, but this chocolate is also quite healthy as compared to other variants in the market, due to its beneficial qualities for heart, diabetes, brain functions and many more. This chocolate is also a popular gifting item on various occasions and people definitely love it more often than not.

Nestle ALPINO Dark Chocolate

Nestle ALPINO Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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Nestle is a well-known brand when it comes to food items and more specific to chocolates. There are many variants of chocolates available in the market like milk chocolate, dark, milk, nutty and more.

The dark chocolate variant has become quite popular in the recent times in India. Crafted by the European chocolatiers, this one is definitely a must try for all the chocolate lovers.

The bar of chocolate comes with 71% cocoa solids that are carved beautifully into the chocolate to give you a super smooth and creamy texture when you eat it. The taste would surely be bitter because of lot of content of cocoa solids, but it is quite tasty and has a lot of health benefits as well.

It will help you control cholesterol, heart functions, brain activities, diabetes and even those monthly period cramps that make you cry all along. The chocolate comes in various sizes, but the most popular one comes in a 90 gms size and can also be used for baking and related stuff.

Though the prices are a bit steep, but you will not regret buying this for yourself or for your friends and family anywhere during festivals or just casually to show your love for them.

Rage Chocolate

Rage Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The brand started in the year 2009 from Bangalore and has been a rage since then. It has become quite famous in the city of Bangalore and even outside the city.

The chocolatier produces a large variety of chocolates and in the dark chocolate section also, they have quite some variants for you to try. The ingredients and the mix of those are all selected at a premium quality with perfect proportions of them added to the recipe to give you the perfect blend of flavours which you can savour all along the way.

Every bite into the chocolate will make you want to have more. The creamy, silky, velvety texture of the dark chocolate will melt in your mouth in no time and will leave you wanting more.

The company has a wide range of dark chocolates that are sold as peer different festivals and occasions celebrated around the country like Christmas bars, Diwali special bars, Valentine bars, Birthday bars and so many more to choose from. You can customise your chocolate bars as per your needs and desires.

They are quite affordable in nature and are really delicious and also a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there. The dark chocolate is neither too bitter nor too sweet and is just the right blend of dark and milk chocolates.

Godiva Dark Chocolate

Godiva Dark Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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Godiva chocolates are one of the premium chocolates available in the world. It is a Belgium originated brand that has its headquarters situated in the city of New York which started its production in the year 1926, and has acquired a great market since its foundation.

Though there aren’t many stores in India where you will find these chocolates, but still it is one of the most popular brands of chocolates in India. One of its most famous chocolates would be the Dark chocolate variant that has around 72% concentration of cocoa solids.

You will get a really creamy and rick texture from this chocolate that will melt into your mouth instantly and you will want to have more. This delicious chocolate is also one of the most expensive ones you will find in the chocolate market, but it is worth trying for all the lovers of chocolate, especially dark chocolate out there.

The rich Belgium darkness of cocoa beans are sure to give your taster buds a hit of flavours with an aftertaste that will stay with you for a long time. It also has a nutty scent and a smoky feel to it that you might experience while picking on this delicacy.

Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate

Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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Being one of the healthiest dark chocolate bars in the list, the Mason & Co, Intense dark organic chocolate contains all natural ingredients that will your health problems at bay.

The 85% concentration of the cocoa in the chocolate makes it one of a kind. It is beneficial mostly to those people with allergic problems, as the chocolate is completely vegetarian in nature with the exclusion of soy and gluten.

You can devour your taste buds with this amazing dark chocolate that has been claimed to be quite intense on the cocoa taste by many users and therefore, makes it a healthy choice for everybody. The mix has been prepared with raisins, black sesame and artisanal dark chocolate to give it the taste of purity.

If you are a fan of dark chocolates and also want to keep your health in a good condition, you might want to take it up by a notch and invest in this amazing bar of dark chocolate produced by the company.

It is not that readily available in India, but can be ordered online easily at an affordable price. Go, get yourself one and fall in love with this amazing chocolate and remember, it is also a perfect choice for baking and stuff.

ASAP Almond and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

ASAP Almond and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The ASAP brand is also quite popular in India and has been gaining quite the market since its entry into the country. The Dark chocolate variant by the company is quite delicious and is a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there.

All the ingredients have been kept natural at the highest level to ensure that no chemicals are added at any stage to the dark chocolate. No kind of preservatives are added to the chocolate to keep the quality at the main step.

This chocolate contains the perfect blend of cocoa solids and almonds to give it the amazing taste it has. Another set of things that will help you keep healthy are Vitamin E, protein and fibre. The creamy and rich texture of the chocolate right when it melts in your mouth is worth the time.

Though the chocolate is not the readily available in the local markets, but you will find plenty of them in big stores and of course on online sites. Do not miss a chance to try this decadent dark chocolate, as it is quite affordable and delicious to pry upon at any time.

Chocoville Compound Chocolate

Chocoville Compound Chocolate: Best Dark Chocolate In India

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The brand produces high quality chocolate for every kind of user in the market and is quite delicious in taste.The cocoa content in the chocolate is around 18%, which doesn’t make it achieve the level of darkness that other brands have shown in the list, but surely has all the decadent compounds needed to make it just right.

Some of the ingredients used are quite rare and difficult to find, and that is what makes this bar more interesting. It is mostly used by professionals in the making of bakery items like cakes, brownies, cookies, fudge and many other chocolatey dishes.

The well blend of cocoa and other ingredients makes it one hell of a yummy dark chocolate snack. It can also blend well with other sweet dishes kept on the table because of its blend of bitterness and sweetness.

Common people can also take advantage of this chocolate and indulge into some chocolatey fun. More of its market share has been grabbed by the professional baking companies and therefore you won’t find many people knowing about this dark chocolate that easily, but being one of the most used bakery chocolates, you must definitely give it a try.


Although chocolates are good for your heath, but too much of anything can cause troubles in your physical health to some extent. Dark chocolate are definitely better than other chocolates in comparison, especially when it comes to health benefits.

All the above chocolates listed above have been found to be very popular among the people of India and are also found at affordable prices on almost all big stores and even your locality’s kirana stores.

Make your decision and choose the best chocolate for yourself, or just go all in and try out each one of them before making the final decision.

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