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20 Best Denim Jeans For Men & Women In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Denim Jeans For Men & Women

Denim jeans have been in fashion since the middle of the 19th century and it is the 21st century yet they never went out of style. They have proven to be a classic and staple wardrobe essential because of their high level of versatility, comfort, breathability, and of course, good looks! For the modern man; denim jeans are that perfect item because of how effortless and uber-cool it looks and feels.

But just because it is a popular item does not mean that it is easy to find that perfect pair of denim jeans. After all, there are so many options available and so many factors that need to be considered before making a decision.

We know the importance of merging comfort with style and therefore, after a lot of research and experimentation, we are here to help you find your perfect fit. We have narrowed down our top 10 picks that will help you nail your looks.

Here below is the list of Best Denim Jeans For Men & Women

Denim Jeans For Men

Neostreak Men’s Slim-Fit Stretchable Jeans

Neostreak Men's Slim Fit Stretchable Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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First, we have these amazing and super affordable pairs of jeans from Neostreak. This is not one of the basic jeans that we see everyone wearing on the streets. This pair of jeans comes in a very unique shade of pearl-like light grey.

The composition of its material is made up of 97% cotton and 3% elastane for comfort and stretch. The fabric composition is of top-notch quality so you can have an everlasting relationship with these jeans. This jean has high fading and shadowing on it so you can look like someone who keeps up with all the latest trends.

These jeans are a must-have wardrobe item for all seasons. One of the best things about these denim jeans is their extreme softness and comfort, which you can easily pull off all day long without any issues. It is extremely lightweight so you can roam around and run errands in it and have no complaints.

It is quite stretchable which further adds to its comfort level. Even though this jean is super comfortable, it also looks super sleek due to its slim fitting.

This makes it perfect for not only casual events but formal or at least, semi-formal occasions as well. It is very easy to maintain denim jeans as you only need to machine wash them like your regular clothes, and you are good to go.

Ben Martin Men’s Regular Fit Jeans

Ben Martin Men's Regular Fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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Grey jeans are so in fashion right now and hence, we have another similar kind of recommendation for you. This item is one of the most affordable pieces out there in the market as it is highly unlikely to find a pair of great quality jeans at just INR 489. You can save over INR 2500 by grabbing these.

Besides its extremely affordable price, it is also very trendy and comfortable. The material of this jean is very stretchable so you can easily perform day-to-day activities in this without any fuss. They are full length and are folded from the end for extra style.

This is also a pro for very tall people who can simply open the folding for a sleeker look. For even added comfort, it comes in a low rise and relaxed fitting so you can feel your best while looking your best. The weight of the product is towards the heavier side and that further reveals how great its quality and fabric are.

This jean can easily stand the daily wear and tear as it is very durable and each thread count holds a lot of strength in it. One of the most flexible denim jeans, it is composed of cotton fabric of supreme quality.

The material is very soft and smooth, along with solid stitching. The color of this jean is somewhere between light grey and medium grey with fading and shadowing in the center. Hurry and get this at a steal deal NOW!

Ben Martin Men’s Regular Fit Jeans

Ben Martin Men's Regular Fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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Next up, we have one of our personal favorites picks from Ben Martin. Everyone should have at least one pair of white jeans in their wardrobe. This is because white jeans can easily pass as formal or workplace attire as well.

You could wear it to a casual day out with family, a night out with friends, beach and cocktail parties, and even to office meetings. With almost 800 ratings and reviews and 4 stars, we believe it has an amazing quality and that too, for only INR 479.

These denim jeans have a regular fit type along with a solid pattern. The fact that it has no acid wash, fading, and shadowing in the middle further shows enhances its formal look. These jeans have a button closure and are a slow rise for a comfortable look.

As an add-on to it, the material is also stretchable so you can bend or move your body in different positions without any hassle. These jeans are neither too heavy nor too light and even after regular washes, they will not become raggy and lose their fit.

The jeans are neither too thin nor too thick so you can easily wear them throughout the year. One of the best things about these jeans is that it is pre-shrunk and pill-resistant.

Asaba Men’s Slim-Fit Pants

asaba Men's Slim-Fit Pants: Denim Jeans For Men

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Everyone should have at least one perfect pair of blue jeans that has an amazing get-up, and we believe these pants can be the one! Offered by Asaba, these pants have got a rating of 4 stars which can vouch for their quality to an extent besides the positive reviews.

The brand was founded in 1992 and is now one of the leading brands in UAE, Africa, and India. It is very fondly loved by Mumbaikers. The brand proudly boasts about having quality in every weave and durability in every stitch, other than having very reasonable prices and in making fashion accessible to everyone.

All factors have been considered before the making of these jeans such as stretchability, hip, thigh, strength, and much more. These jeans are specially curated with perfection, by taking care of all the minute details.

These pants are composed of a blended fabric of the best quality. The material is not only premium but also anti-bacterial and breathable as the basis is cotton. The fabric is coming from the best mills in our country so you need not worry about its quality.

You can find all the sizes available in these jeans, including many options in the plus-size range as well. The denim jeans are midrise and have a slim fitting, for a classier and sleeker look. The pattern type is solid which only adds to its existing grace and beauty.

Ben Martin Men’s Relaxed Jeans

Ben Martin Men's Relaxed Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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Because of its premium quality products, we have another recommendation for you from Ben Martin’s. this item is one of the most quality products as Ben Martin is very stringent about maintaining the standards and finishing of its clothes.

It is known for its elegant designs, luxurious feel, perfect fitting, and size along with a unique aspect of contrast threading to make the product more long-lasting. If you are looking for a pair of jeans for more consistent use and long-term wear, this is surely the one.

This denim jean is in a medium blue color and is composed of denim material. The cotton used to fabricate it is pre-shrunk and is resistant to pills. This ensures that the material is soft, comfortable, and will not lose its elegance after regular wearing and washing.

It is perfectly suitable for all casual occasions such as college wear, outings, and even casual days in the office as it has a very relaxed fit type.

This ensures all day long guaranteed comfort level. It is available for all sizes from 28 to 40 and the price range is INR 489 to INR 698. To prolong the life of these jeans, dry them in the shade, and do not use bleach.

Amazon Brand – Inkast Denim Co. Men’s Jeans

Amazon Brand - Inkast Denim Co. Men's Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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Time and again, we have talked about Amazon’s very own brand of its own platform and how great it is in terms of quality, style, and affordability. Our list would remain incomplete without including these stunning pair of denim jeans from Amazon brand- Inkast Denim Co.

These shorts are composed of 2% lycra and 98% cotton. The material is of premium quality and will make sure to give you an everlasting relationship with these jeans. The material is very comfortable and stretchable enough to be worn all throughout the day without any itchiness or hassles.

To add to its more formal look and sleekness, the fit type is skinny fitting and will woo anyone! These jeans have a button closure along with a zip fly and belt loops so you can adjust the size accordingly. These jeans consist of 5 pockets so you can store your essentials safely while going out.

Before you place your order, make sure to refer to the size chart carefully and these earns are known to run largely on size. They are 1 inch larger than the regular sizing so it is suggested to buy one size down.

These jeans are indigo dyed and hence it is its inherent property to lose or rub off some color so make sure to wash light colors separately to prevent color transfer.

Urbano Fashion Men’s Black Denim Jeans

Urbano Fashion Men's Black Denim Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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It is so important to have that one pair of jeans that can be comfortable for casual days and very classy for formal occasions. If you are looking for something of this sort, be sure to check this out. These jeans from Urbano come in black color and can easily pass off as formal wear.

The material of this item is composed of 95% cotton and 2% elastane which adds to its comfort level. The material is of supreme quality and very lightweight for your convenience.  It comes in a classic solid black color pattern and it is on point to make a classic fashion statement.

It comes with quite a stretch. These jeans are midrise and are carefully crafted to take care of all your sizing issues and gaps. It gives a very well-fitted look from all angles, especially the thighs and hips.

To make sure that you feel no obstacles, it comes in the classic mid-rise. Make it look stylish as well, it has a slim fitting. To make this item last longer, wash this only with a mild detergent. It is suggested to wash this item separately as this will also prevent color transference.

Bukkl Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

Bukkl Men's Slim Fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Men

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Next, we have these well-fitted jeans from Bukkl brand. These jeans come in a beautiful shade of indigo blue. If you are looking for a super stylish pair of jeans with a very sharp look, these are surely the ones.

It has a very slim-fitted pattern. What makes this item stand apart is its washed whiskered effect that can bring out you’re A-game when it comes to style. This item ensures very smooth mobility due to its extremely stretchable fabric. Each and every component of this item is made very meticulously and enough attention had been given to its detailing.

It can be reflected in the usage of its YKK zippers that are known for their reliability and impressive construction. These consists of 5 pockets for safety and storage along with coin pockets.

It has an amazing fitting at the upper waist and snug-fitting at thighs and waist, with stylish tapering at the bottom. These jeans are quite lightweight and breathable. You can find various other designs in the same series.

L, Zard Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

L, Zard Men's Slim Fit Jeans - Denim Jeans

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Now we have these unique colored jeans that you can avail of somewhere between INR 590 and INR 649, depending on the size. These jeans are definitely available at a steal deal. The material type is synthetic which makes it very easy to care for and maintain.

All you need to do is machine wash this item like regular clothes and you are good to go. With over 350 global ratings and 3.6 stars, it sure looks like an attractive offer. This item is available for all sizes starting from 28 to 42 inches.

It has a slim fitting type for a classy, sleek, and stylish look. It is quite stretchable and comfortable. The rich color of these jeans will not fade away after multiple wears and washes.

Urbano Fashion Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

Urbano Fashion Men's - Denim Jeans

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We have one more pair of jeans from Urbano with 138 global ratings and above 3 stars. This jean is designed in a way to give maximum comfort with optimum style. These jeans are uber cool and can immediately enhance your look. They have a very evergreen color that goes well with all kinds of outfits, making them extremely versatile.

It is composed of a fabric of supreme quality that consists of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. This item is designed in a way to give the most perfect fitting, from hips to the ankles, it fits like a glove. The ends of this item are folded for a trendier look but extra tall people can also get the stitching open for a straight leg look.

This item comes in a very unique and soothing shade of blue. To make its color and material last longer, make sure to only mild wash this item and wash dark colors separately.

There might be slight variations in the design and color due to differences in lighting and photography but it looks beautiful nevertheless! Grab these at just 599, which is surely a steal deal.

Denim Jeans For Women

Ben Martin Women’s Skinny fit Jeans

Ben Martin Women's Skinny fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Women

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When in doubt, go for black. This has been a classic age-old saying and jeans are no exception for this. These black jeans by Ben Martin is a wardrobe essential that every girl should own. These jeans are composed of denim material of top quality, the one that never fades and is quite breathable.

It has a solid pattern with a skinny fitting to make sure it looks sleek and good-looking always. These jeans are quite stretchable so you can easily move around in them without an issue and feel your best while looking your best throughout your day.

These jeans run true to size but refer to the size chart carefully before placing your order. It is available for all sizes from 28 to 38 inches. Grab these only at INR 699.

Nifty Women’s Slim Fit Jeans

Nifty Women's Slim Fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Women

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With a rating of 4 stars given by 950 global customers, we know these jeans are ought to be of supreme quality comfort and style. These jeans are composed of a blended fabric that comprises 70.5% Cotton, 27.5% Poly, and 2% Spandex.

These jeans come in a beautiful shade of grey and are off of the most comfortable pair out there. This is because of its easily stretchable material and the fact that it is in a classic mid-rise fitting. It is slim-fitted and created a very flattering silhouette for all shapes and sizes from 28 to 40.

The material is very lightweight and highly breathable for your convenience. The fabric is durable but to prolong its life, make sure to the only machine wash these jeans in cold water. Grab this unique casual and activewear for a price range of INR 557 and INR 711.

Singh Traders Women’s Fit Jeans

Singh Traders Women's Fit Jeans: Denim Jeans For Women

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Now, we have this super saver combo pack of 2 jeans. This combo by Singh Traders Store consists of two pairs of jeans coming in two different shades of blue: lighter and dark. Both jeans are extremely comfortable and are a relaxed fit.

For added comfort, they have an elastic drawstring waist so they can take up the natural shape of the body without feeling too tight or too loose. Both the jeans are funky and fun patches on them enhance your style and look.

The material of these jeans is composed of a firm and durable quality twill fabric that will feel very soft on the skin and last for a very long time. It has very loose-fitting making it suitable to relax in.

However, it is to be noted that these jeans run small om size so order a size up than your usual size. Its care instructions involve either machine washing them or preferably, dry clean them for more durability.

Funday Fashion Women’s Slim Fit Joggers

Funday Fashion Women's Slim Fit Joggers: Denim Jeans For Women

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What is better than joggers that can also be worn as a stylish pair of jeans vice versa. We have these jogger jeans by Funday Fashion in a beautiful medium blue color and patches and designs on them.

For a funkier look, these jeans are ankle length and look amazing with a pair of white or black sneakers. It has an elastic closure with a drawstring and a loose and relaxed fitting so you can get comfort along with its fun style. The fabric type is 100% denim and it has a midrise.

If you are tired of your 9 to 5 look and looking for a comfort break. Go for these ones. These jogger jeans are very affordable as you can get these only for a price range of INR 300 to INR 499 for a wide variety of size options.

Slevate Women’s Slim Fit Jeans

Slevate Women's Slim - Denim Jeans

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If you want a super faltering look that can tuck in your sides and stomach to look very slim, these jeans are surely the one for you. These jeans have a very slim fitting along with a high waist, giving your silhouette a very defined look. The material is composed of 73% Cotton, 25.5% Poly, and 2% Spandex.

These are quite stretchable and breathable, with a durable fabric so it can withstand daily wear and washing. This item is in sky blue color but you can also avail them for different shades like white and grey.

To make sure that these jeans last longer, wash this item in warm water and wash dark colors separately. Make sure t avoid bleach, warm iron, and tumble dry these. Save your 1200 bucks and get these just for INR 799.

Aka Chic Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans

Aka Chic Women's - Denim Jeans

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This item is one of our top favs picks as it is sleek, sexy, slim, and classy. This item by AKA chic is surely very chic and comes in white color. It has a very skinny fitting which makes it suitable not only for casual occasions but also perfect for stylish office attire.

The material is composed of 69% Cotton, 29% polyester, and 2% elastane, which not only makes it extremely soft but stretchable and comfortable enough to be pulled off for long hours.

This item has a high rise which ensures that you look slim & trim and feel the most confident wearing these. It has an inseam length of 27 inches.

It is very easy to maintain items as you can machine wash this like regular items after every few washes. Get these breathable, stretchable, and classy jeans for just INR 849. Totally worth it!

Zxn Women’s & Girls’ Regular Fit Jeans

Zxn Women's & Girls' - Denim Jeans

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Next, we have a classic pair of blue denim that can make you look chic in no time. Composed of cotton, these jeans are very comfortable, stretchable, and breathable. It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions and hence, it is definitely an investment clothing piece.

These have a regular fit type with a mid-rising for a more comfortable and classic look. It is quite stretchable so you can easily run errands in these without any itch.

These are full-length jeans and come with a zip fly and button closure, making them perfect for tall women as well. It is also available in a spectrum of different shades like ice blue, navy, grey, white, and many more flattering colors.

Pair these with a white tee and white sneakers and you are good to turn some head around. Grab this for only INR 597.

Vangull Women’s Skinny fit Jeans

Vangull Women's - Denim Jeans

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Since black is an evergreen item that has a history of always remaining in fashion, we have another pair of black jeans recommendation for you all. The fabric stitching is made up of cotton.

These jeans have a solid pattern type, soft material, skinny fit type, ankle-length and zip fly, and button closure type. It consists of 5 pockets so that one can easily store their essential items safely before going out. It is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

These jeans run true to size so make sure to order your regular size but refer to the size chart o stay on the safe side. These are low maintenance as you can machine wash them after every few uses.

Pantoff Women’s Denim Jeans

Pantoff Women's - Denim Jeans

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These jeans from Pantoff are very soft and stretchy, making them great for casual wear. It also has slim fitting as these are skinny jeans, making it perfect for formal wear as well. It comes in a beautiful shade of bata blue.

These jeans offer the next level comfortable while simultaneously hugging the body and creating a beautiful silhouette look. It comes in various other shades, each one of them can be used to create different outfits.

These jeans have got over 350 global ratings with 4 stars, which vouches for their supreme quality and durability. It is very affordable as you can get these for somewhere between INR 498 ad INR 648, depending on the size that you choose.

Broadstars Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans

Broadstars Women's Skinny Fit Jeans- Denim Jeans

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This item is a unique pair of jeans as it is not plain. It comes in blue color but has vertical stripes in red and white on its side, giving it a more interesting and fun look.

It is skinny fitted and is composed of top-quality denim. What makes it even more fun is the excess button-up look to give it a high rise.

It is great for everyday use and its stretch makes sure that you won’t feel any obstacles while moving around, doing chores, or simply relaxing. These jeans are ankle length so you can roc your look by pairing them with sneakers and a crop top.

Aka Chic Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans

Aka Chic Women's - Denim Jeans

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These jeans by Aka Chic are one of our highest rated jeans as it has received 4.4 stars by over 170 global customers. Its stylish look only makes us love these even more. The composition of these jeans is made up of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

It has an inseam length of 27 inches. You can wear it to your college or even your office and surely woo some fashion enthusiasts with your great style. These jeans are skinny fitted and high rise which can make anyone look slimmer, trimmer, flattering, and stylish.

It comes in blue color but it also has very gentle and subtle fading in the mid-thighs. You can throw a pair of sneakers and look uber cool in these, or pair it up with some nude stilettos or pumps and end up looking sexy.

Aka Chic Women’s Relaxed Fit Jeans

Aka Chic Women's Relaxed Fit Jeans: Women's denim jeans

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And finally, we saved the best one for the last. While skinny or regular fitted jeans will always remain in fashion, this new trend has surely captured millions of hearts because of its absolutely stunning look and ultra-comfort level.

These jeans are very soft and sit very comfortably on the thighs. One does not need a stretch for these jeans as it has a wide leg. It goes well with formal shirts crop tops, t-shirts, and everything in between. You name it, and it can nail it.

They are composed of 100% cotton and have a very relaxed fit with a soft touch. What makes it even better is its high rise with an inseam length of 27 inches. It is a very low maintenance item as you only need to machine wash these for regular maintenance.


You can pair these Denim jeans up with any item; be it t-shirts or shirts, sneakers, or formal shoes! No matter what, they will keep rocking and helping you nail several looks while also making you comfortable. We hope these recommendations helped you make better decisions as an informed consumer. Stay tuned for more informative content.

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