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5 Best Denim Shorts For Women Available In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Denim Shorts For Women

Denim shorts have been the staple wardrobe item for almost all fashion icons- from International supermodels, such as Kendall Jenner to musicians such as Ananya Birla to actresses such as Deepika Padukone and their stylists such as Shaleena Nathani.

In a very subtle yet staple way; denim shorts scream authenticity, style, and class. Especially for casual wear and street style, denim shorts can be the ultimate savior when one has nothing better to wear.

It does not give a formal and professional vibe making it perfect for day outs, night outs, vacay vibe, and all chill days. However, denim shorts of great quality can often be unaffordable or it can get hard to find the perfect after because of the plethora of options available.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while selecting the perfect denim shorts such as affordability, quality, comfort level, fabric, wash and finish, and much more.

We are here to help you find the perfect denim shorts so you can have an everlasting relationship with them. You can count on us and of course, these amazing fits!

Here below are The Best Denim Shorts For Women

Broadstar Women Regular Shorts

Broadstar Women Regular Shorts

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These shorts by broadster are our personal favorite recommendation when it comes to choosing the perfect shorts for women. They are chic, good-looking, and come in the perfect shade of medium blue.

These shorts come in a very slim fitted look so you can feel classy and look sassy. Its attribute of body-hugging makes one look taller and slimmer. The stitching is done so meticulously that it ensures that the fit looks perfect and gives the ultimate western street style look.

The fabric of these shorts is composed of premium quality denim that is comfortable, lightweight, and highly breathable. You need not worry about its color fading or the quality of the thread becoming saggy and weak as these shorts are very durable.

It has a low to medium stretchability so that it does not sag with time but also does not feel very uncomfortable while walking or moving. These shorts have high moisture-wicking abilities along with high retention.

Even though these shorts are slim fitted, they come in a very soft and skim friendly material to avoid skin irritation and itching. It has a fly closure along with a button for extra fitting and support.

It consists of 4 pockets so you can easily store your basic stuff in it. To make these last longer, you need not invest a lot of energy in its maintenance. You only have to machine wash these with other regular clothing items.

The actual color pf these shorts may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos due to different lighting and photography. Nevertheless, these look and feel great.

Club A9 Women’s Blue Denim Shorts

Club A9 Women's Blue Denim Shorts

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With a rating of 4.5 stars, we have another amazing pair of shorts from Club A9. These are one of the most comfortable shorts in the market out there as they are relaxed fitted and one can easily move around and do chores wearing these.

The fabric is composed of 98% cotton and 2% elastane of premium quality, mainly a weave called twill. They are soft and extremely lightweight as they weigh only 300 grams. One of the factors that make these shorts extremely comfortable and wearable is its super stretchy fabric.

These superior shorts are already prewashed to make sure that they feel smooth, soft, and glide easily against your skin. Their denim fabric also offers an incredible hold That further helps to enhance the natural silhouette of the body.

To make these more suitable for the trendiest everyday style, they have cute rolled cuffs on their edges. These shorts add a more streamlined look to the legs, further making one look slimmer, fitter, and more confident.

These shorts are also made up of a very durable fabric that can easily withstand daily wear and tear. These shorts are quite breathable.  The idea while creating these shorts was to match the international standards and style, and they surely did a great job at that.

So, if you are looking for shorts that are trendy, comfortable, soft, and durable; do check this out. They also come at a very affordable price of INR 559.

Club A9 Women’s Denim Shorts

Club A9 Women's Denim Shorts

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Yet another pair of shorts from Club A9 that has earned a 4-star rating! These shorts are so up to date with the ongoing trend of a fringed hemline. These shorts are again streamlined to make the legs look more toned.

They have a very soft finish and are stretchable enough to be worn all day long without a fuss. The fabric is composed of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. These fabrics are further composed of a very soft premium quality fabric called Twill.

These shorts have 5 pockets so now you can store all your essentials such as lip balm, phone, wallet, and much more. To make these shorts last even longer, make sure to wash these separately from other clothes.

Try to machine wash these shirts in cold water. Do not forget to turn them inside out before washing and trying. Do not bleach, and use only a mild detergent for washing.

If all these instructions are followed, these shorts will surely last a long time as their fabric quality is strong enough to bear regular wear and washes.

These shorts are surely in touch with the western trends and will help you nail your look! Order your usual size as this item is true to its size. Refer to the size chart for extra clarification. Go grab these at just INR 559 before they get sold out.

Broadstairs Women Regular Shorts

Broadstairs Women Regular Shorts

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These shorts by Broadster are surely a steal deal! With quite positive ratings, they come in a deep blue color look that goes with all outfits and suits everyone. They have a zipper fly with a button closure which ensures extra safety and a great fitting.

They are very comfortable to wear as their material is very breathable and they hug the legs in a way that makes it look like a custom made fit. The material is amazing and is composed of the best quality denim.

The actual color of these shorts may differ to a slight extent, due to the photogenic effects and lighting but nevertheless, these would look amazing in person. Or at least that is exactly what the majority of reviews claim.

They are suitable for all occasions, from college wear to vacation wear. If you are someone obsessed with western street style looks, this item should definitely be a staple in your wardrobe.

These shorts are one of the most light-weighted shorts in the market as they weigh only 130 grams, making it ideal for daily wear. They feel very soft against the skin and are stretchable enough to not cause any obstacles in performing tasks.

Its fit type is regular and they come in all sizes. They are definitely worth a look so go check it out.

ONLY Women Regular Shorts

ONLY Women Regular Shorts

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ONLY is one of our favorite brands out there, especially when it comes to chic and comfortable street style. It has a variety of clothes that look stunning and turn around anyone’s fashion game.

Out of all the options available, these shorts are one of the items that everyone should have in their closet. These shorts are in a medium to dark-toned denim blue color.

These aren’t jet plain as to add a more trendy look, these shorts have light fading and shadowing in between. The material is composed of 100% cotton that is of supreme quality.

These shorts are perfect for all casual occasions and can be worn to nail your vacation looks as well. The material is soft and comfortable enough to be worn all day long. They have a fixed waste along with belt loops for the perfect fit.

Its fit type is a relaxed fit for an added level of comfort. The material is durable and will last long. These shorts are also very easy to maintain as you simply need to machine wash them with other items.

Do refer to the size chart of these shorts before placing your order. It is suggested to go for a size down instead of your normal size as they run largely on size.

WILFREDO Women Shorts (Pack of 2)

WILFREDO Women Shorts (Pack of 2)

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What could be better than wishing for one and getting 2 instead? This combo back from Wilfredo is all we need to relax and chill in.

People are often confused about whether they should go for light denim or dark but lucky for you, this combo pack just solved your problem. It consists of two pairs of shorts in both shades of blue.

These shorts have very creative, fun, and cute pattern and patchwork on them which only enhances its already attractive look. These shorts are a relaxed fit and are one of the most comfortable pair of shorts.

To add to its comfort level, they have an elastic waist along with a drawstring so you can adjust the waist size anytime. You can wear these shirts all day long and not feel an itch or any issues with them.

The fabric type is denim and feels very soft on the skin. One of the best and most unique things about these shorts is their frilled hemline which gives it a more girly and cuter look.

To make sure that these shorts last for a long time, make sure to hand wash these shirts with cold water. Keep them away from direct sunlight and make sure to not to rub any isolate strain on them.

Do not use bleach for them. These shorts come in all sizes and it is suggested to order your regular size only. Just for INR 429, you can avail not one but two shorts now so go grab yours!

NIFTY Women’s Denim Shorts

Next up, we have these really comfortable shorts from Nifty. They are not your basic shorts as they come in a very unique design and a beautiful color. With more than 19 ratings and 4 stars, we just know we can count on this product.

They can also be worn as Capri pants as they are not that short and almost touch the upper half of the knee. These shorts come in a deep dark blue color that is very flattering on all skin tones and also creates a silhouette that can make any girl look slim and toned.

The fabric that these shorts are composed of is extra stretchable and can also be worn during a jog in the winters. These shorts are perfect to be worn to college or while heading out to the supermarket.

They are extremely high rise and that’s why they also help in giving a very flattering look in the stomach are. Love handles, muffin tops, and belly fat are easily tucked in. For extra style and an amazing fitting, these shorts consist of 5 buttons for closure along with a thick belt loop.

These shorts are slim fit which only adds to their great looks. They are composed of denim, making them breathable. You can also check our other shades of these shorts such as sky blue and grey. These shorts are available in all sizes, from 28 to 36 so grab your size soon!


The above-mentioned denim shorts can be styled in various ways to bring out the statement style of anyone and help them nail the look. Adding items like a cool summer tee or a polo shirt, sneakers, and fanny packs are just a way to make it look even more amazing than a basic look.

And of course, the classic white tee, blue shorts, and white sneakers remain a classic option. We hope you like these recommendations of the most versatile pieces of denim shorts for women.

Feel free to share with us your top suggestions. Stay tuned for many more such recommendations based on experimentations and reviews.

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