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10 Best Digital Marketing Agency Which are Popular in India in 2023

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Best Digital Marketing Agency

The kind of marketing where marketers harness the power of social media and the internet to promote and sell their goods and services is known as digital marketing. Ever since the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others, digital marketing has skyrocketed. Whether it’s a small restaurant on a street or a barber’s shop, it has become necessary for all to market their business over the internet to increase their reach.

This is a golden opportunity for the 21st century because digital marketing can give them exposure to a wide audience. Traditional marketing ways are becoming obsolete day by day as internet marketing is making way slowly into the hearts of companies and influencers.

Digital marketing includes a wide arena of activities like Search Engine Optimization, Content marketing. Inbound marketing and the list continues. In order to ensure whether your marketing tactics are going right or not, you will have to select the best digital marketing agency accordingly. It does not depend on whether you want to learn digital marketing or grow your business, you can select the best companies given in today’s article.

Here is the list of the best digital marketing agencies in India in 2023 on which you can rely:

Digital SERP

Digital SERP

Digital SERP is the leading and fastest-growing SEO Company. They are dealing in Managed SEO, eCom SEO, SEO Audit, Local SEO, Content Marketing, App Store optimization. They believe in delivering results. That’s why they have 100K+ Hours of work experience, 50+ SEO professionals, ranked more than 200K+ keywords.
With Digital SERP, we want to show you how easy it can be to grow your internet business with small capital. Our mission is to help you realize that you can easily build and expand your business without spending large amount of money by using our top-notch Digital Marketing Services.


Webchutney - Digital Marketing Agency in india

When it comes to creativity and innovation, no one can beat this Digital Marketing Agency in india. As interesting as their name sounds, so are their memorable campaigns. Dentsu Webchutney happens to be the digital agency of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). They are known for their mesmerizing campaigns which have won huge accolades. They specialize in services like online advertising, website designing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. Their clientele base consists of renowned and top companies like Airtel, Proctor, and Gamble to name a few.

Recently, the company has been in news due to the change of their Chief Executive officer (CEO). Their new CEO Gautam Raghunath has joined the office recently. The previous CEO was the founder, Sidharth Rao. Webchutney is very employee-friendly and is evident through the fact when came out with their program – “intern from home” for college students during the lockdown so that they would not have to join the office. They are the creative faces behind some amazing campaigns of Uber, Swiggy, etc.

An excellent example of their campaign would be Thappad. You all must have watched the thought-provoking movie. If not watched then we are sure that you must have heard of it. In order to market the movie, they had executed a campaign where they urged people to sign a petition in order to change the disclaimer which comes first when anyone sees a movie.

There has always been a disclaimer for no smoking, nonalcoholic and animal abuse but there has never been a disclaimer for women abuse so they had come up with the campaign. What an observation by them! And a revolutionary change too.


Pinstorm - Digital Marketing Agency in india

Yes, you have read that right! It is not Pinterest (it also provides some aesthetic and creative visual ideas) but Pinstorm. Not only in India, but Pinstorm has also taken over the world with their heartwarming campaigns and exceptional services to their clients.

They are known more for their content marketing services rather than other digital marketing services in India. In this company, there is not just a team of people working as a digital agency but a team of people who believe that they can transform businesses in the digital ecosystem.

They have served a huge number of clients including some top ones like Café Coffee Day, HSBC, and ICICI Bank.

It is Pinstorm which is responsible for building a Facebook group of loyalists for Café Coffee Day. With their strong Facebook marketing, they were able to garner around a million of people for the group. With some good photographers who could take aesthetic pictures of the café and some great copywriters, they had established CCD s one of the biggest coffee retailers in India.


WatConsult - Digital Marketing Agency in india

If you open WatConsult’s  site, you can see their tagline mentioned as-

We marry impactful creatives with effective media and technology”.

This line itself is enough to prove how creative they are. They have been ranked top 3 amongst all the digital agencies in India and they surely deserve it! Whether you want to launch your own brand or drive leads for your business, you can always opt for this agency. It is also owned by Dentsu Aegis Network. The agency helps in the creation of such content that allows customers to connect with their audience.

The most globally awarded agency in India specializes in a variety of internet marketing services like the production of digital videos, search engine marketing, social media marketing among others.

An example of their phenomenal work includes the viral Saffola ‘Beat the Crave’ campaign. Saffola is a brand under Marico, an FMCG company. The campaign was launched to promote their new offering, a slimming shake.

It was India’s first digital-driven audio initiative to stop people from craving unhealthy junk food. It urged people to be committed to their fitness goals promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youth who are obsessed with giving up on their cravings. Indeed, a healthy message for all.

iProspect India

iProspect India - Digital Marketing Agency in india

iProspect India is a top agency when it comes to making and editing videos. The agency had won the bronze trophy for ‘South Asia Mobile Marketing agency of the Year’ in 2018 making India proud on the international level for the digital marketing category.

They can create amazing marketing strategies for your brand and make your business stay ahead of others in this era of nail-biting competition. They beautifully combine the digital strategies and align them with the product or the service for a better user experience.

Banks like HDFC, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank rely on them and are their top clients. Remember the ICICI Lombard General Insurance video? If not, we are here to remind you. In order to promote and reinforce the fact that people should buy a bike insurance plan, the agency had created a digital video for ICICI Lombard General Insurance where they showcased the reactions of people from different genders and generations when they saw their bikes in a bad condition after returning to the parking lot in order to raise awareness about insurance plans. What a great way to grab eyeballs!

Another great example of their campaign was the #seegooddogood campaign for Essilor to show their support for the sustenance of livelihood of the sales staff at the optical stores across India. And for your information, this is the largest digital marketing agency in Chennai.

Mirum India

With their spread across all over the world, here is Mirum which is also a very good creative digital marketing agency. It was formerly known as Social Wavelength. The group of people working here specializes in internet services like a creation for a digital strategy, media, and communications. Big organizations like HUL, Star Plus, and HDFC have relied on them for their campaigns.

Association of Mutual Funds in India had approached them to come up with a creative solution to increase their marketability. Due to their involvement with mutual funds, the investment in equity mutual funds increased by 150% in India. Did you know that the tagline which is on the mouth of people when they hear mutual funds – “mutual funds Sahi hai” has been curated by them? So interesting!

Head to their official website to know more about their work.

Phonethics Digital Marketing Agency


Phonethics is responsible for leveraging the power of social media to bring the best possible solutions to their clients. Their clients include some big names from the Fortune 500 companies like Nissan and Cadbury. They are based out of Mumbai. They have their specialization in brand strategy, content marketing, search marketing, and customer relationship management as well.

Their most famous campaign includes the Legend of Bournville (Cadbury’s chocolate) which inspired people not just to buy a Bournville but to earn it. They made the use of a fictional character the ‘Hound’ for the display of graphics and beautifully curated a social media campaign for Cadbury.

Intellemo Digital Marketing Agency

The agency is best for any startup or a newly formed business. They bridge the gap between the business and consumers by providing timely services. The best thing about Intellemo is that they can customize their services according to the client’s needs. Another good feature is that they provide a platform for people to contribute to their own capacity.

SEO, Google Ads, content, media, and strategy are their cup of tea and they effortlessly provide their services to their clients. Their clientele base includes Indian startups like Lenskart, Urban Clap, and Yatra.

Urban Clap’s business and sales have increased ever since they had interacted and collaborated with Intellemo. Their return on investment has increased as high as 70% when they started advertising on Intellemo. I think these testimonials are enough to showcase the agency’s power and reach.


Whether it is media or brand management or any of the other areas of digital marketing, AdSyndicate is a name one can rely on. And we are not saying this without any evidence. Their huge client base history of ISUZU, Tata Motors, Manipal University is enough to prove the same. They can do works like social media management, web designing, and development, search engine optimization for your brand.

You know what? They have been doing these for 25 years now! Isn’t that absolutely cool? They also provide 360-degree communication strategies.

Their ‘Chhota Haathi’ Digital campaign for TATA Ace is the most renowned of all. They had come up with the campaign for the launch of their truck TATA Ace and named it Chhota Hathi to showcase the fact that though it’s small, it has a superior capacity to carry goods. This was India’s first mini truck.


GoZoop is a globally recognized digital agency. They are best known for adding a human touch to their content in order to increase the company’s online reputation. What we have loved about the brand that other than providing media planning, blog marketing, public relations, and other arenas of digital marketing, they also provide influencer marketing services.

Influencer marketing in a new trend where brands hire social media influencers to market and promote their products as people are too much into these influencers.

Acko General Life Insurance, Viacom 18, Mahindra, and Asian Paints are among the top names who have collaborated with the agency for their campaign. ‘Hum Sab Saath Hai’ campaign for IIFA is their most popular campaign.

Their ‘Flip with Dell’ campaign was also a massive hit. When people had resorted to working from home. It felt impossible for them but the agency had tried to humanize the brand by humanizing its content. They created relatable content relating to work-life balance from home with the help of technology and showcased the real problems. Their website has more to offer but you need to go there to see more surprises.

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Quasar Media Digital Marketing Agency

Quasar Media is a name in the list of the top Indian digital marketing agencies. They provide a wide variety of services in the digital world. In India, it has the largest media buyers with control over almost 25% of digital media.

Some of their notable campaigns include the campaign for BOSE headphones. In recent years, many startups have come and challenged this iconic brand for electronics but with the help of Quasar Media, they have retained their position as the first. They together came out with the ‘Feel It All’ campaign for their high-quality earbuds and urged people to enjoy the music with such premium quality which only BOSE could deliver. They had roped in Patrick Mahomes, NFL’s most valuable player to increase their sales. This had increased their pre-order sales and surpassed previous pre-orders!

Till today, the order for their earbuds is skyrocketing.


So, these were our top 10 agencies. If you look beyond, you will definitely find more organizations but those would not be as great as the once mentioned above. This is your chance to skyrocket your business by using the power of the internet because the future belongs to internet marketers. In the world of the internet, there is no right moment.

All the best!

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