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10 Best Digital Thermometers to Buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Digital Thermometer

Whether it’s an allergy or flu, the running temperature can be a stressful situation, particularly if you don’t know when your body temperature is at a spike.

Having a digital thermometer at home is important to know how severe the fever is. Compared with the mercury thermometers, these thermometers with digital displays have an upper hand because they are reliable and smart. 

The instant readings these medical devices give are of great benefit to parents whose children are susceptible to allergies or common colds. Those parents of babies and toddlers can select automated thermometers that can take accurate readings when putting in the ear or forehead.

Stay tuned as we’re giving you a list of the best digital thermometer in India to help you diagnose some diseases quickly.

Here is the List of Top 10 Digital Thermometer (Best Thermometers):

Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Thermometers

Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Thermometers: Digital Thermometer

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The first name which tops our list of India’s best thermometer is from Dr. Trust’s reputed family. It is one of the market’s best and most reliable thermometers that comes equipped with many useful features.

You can trust this thermometer to give an accurate read. It scans the body first, collects the readings, and then eventually synthesizes the readings for an exact result. For full user convenience, it can be used for calculating temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

One of this product’s best advantages is that it can be used in two separate ways-individual and object. The mode of the individual can provide reliable readings for the human body while the mode of the device can be used for baby bottles etc.

It also comes with a 6-month warranty and so its findings can be completely trusted. It is equipped with a fever alarm and a buzzer to boost comfort for the users. It is color-coded and thus shows the users with different fever rates.

Main features

  • It can be used in dual mode for individuals and objects.
  • Enabled with a guarantee of 6 months.
  • Checked clinically to get correct readings.
  • Activated with a buzzer and fever alarm.
  • The backlight color indicates the intensity of the temperature.
  • It offers a fixed storage capacity of 30 recent memories.

Toshiba Clinical Thermometer

Toshiba Clinical Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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There can be no better option than Toshiba Clinical Basal Thermometer if you are looking for a tool that can function far more than just a thermometer for an overall health advantage.

This one tool will keep a regular check on the physical health of the user’s different parameters. It also estimates your ovulation process other than testing the body temperature. In addition, it also tests all the related variables and also offers information about your cycle’s next potential date.

If you’re searching for something more then the regular usage, than this thermometer will also keep a check on your fertile and infertile days based on your menstrual cycle.

Besides this, one can also trust the Toshiba Clinical Basal Thermometer to track the early stages of pregnancy without any hassles. Last but not least, there’s no waiting period for the users to get their body temperature correct. This system takes only 40-seconds to send you accurate readings.

Main features

  • Ovulation and menstrual cycle predict and control.
  • Fast mobile synchronization for easy data transfer.
  • May monitor pregnancy in the early stage.
  • Fast in body temperature measurement; only 40-seconds is required.

Dr.Morepen Digiflexi Thermometer (MT222)

Dr.Morepen Digiflexi Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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The one thing sure to impress you about this thermometer is its speed. In a few seconds, it tests and records the exact temperature readings. Other than this, you will also be impressed by the ease and comfort that it provides.

Most notably, this tool is well designed for consumers of all age levels, and can therefore also be used for children. The calculated readings on its wide LCD screen are relatively easy to read. 

Other than this, users also get a fever warning and a beeper signal that gives the users the best possible indication of the elevated body temperature. The users will also be informed with a beep indication of the low power.

Finally, Dr. Morepen (MT222) Thermometer turns off automatically for a period of 30 minutes while not in use. The company also gives consumers 2 years of warranty time. It is one of the best thermometers to use for in-depth body health information.

Main features

  • Appropriate for all age groups consumers.
  • Fever warning, beep alert, and low battery indicator activated.
  • Automatically deactivates when not in use.
  • Convenient and precise body temperature measurements and readings on an LCD panel.

iProven Professional Thermometer

iProven Professional Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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The next name on our list is the drug that only the pediatricians and medical professionals believe. Clinically checked, this iProven Certified Forehead and Ear Thermometer is also ideal for consumers of all age groups.

This is one of the consistent and accurate thermometers that can be relied upon in its accuracy without any loss. This product is without question the one-stop solution for all of your temperature measurement needs.

It can be used in the dual-mode which is head and ear mode. This system can be trusted to give you nothing but accurate temperature readings without any hassles.

This product is very popular among users for its unparalleled performance, thanks to its revolutionized calibration technology. This thermometer is super easy to use and displays the desired results in no time. To get the desired and exact temperature readings, you only need to keep the thermometer for 3-seconds.                                               

Main features

  • Allowed for optimal use of revolutionized calibration technology.
  • It can be used in dual mode for head and face.
  • Suitable for all users of age with accurate temperature measurements.
  • Ultra user friendly and get results in no time.

Rossmax TG380 Thermometer

Rossmax TG380 Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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When it comes to thermometers Rossmax is a domiciliary name. The name Rossmax is usually for reliability and consistency. The Rossmax TG380 Thermometer is equipped with ExacTemp technology which means you can rely on the readings you get.

If your child is a fussy one, you’ll love this Thermometer as it will give you an accurate reading in seconds of hardly using the bendable tip inside the ear. Using it is so placid and quick that it can be used on the child who is absolutely numb, without worrying at all.

Main features

  • Warranty for two years.
  • Fever warning and Celsius flipping power to Fahrenheit.
  • Low battery indicator, auto shutdown, and calculation within 10 seconds.
  • Includes a manual of batteries and instructions.

Omron MC 246 Thermometer

Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Thermometers: Digital Thermometer

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The Omron Digital Thermometer is a good thermometer for all those users who are not only looking for a reliable tool that is easy to use, but also offers accurate readings without any problems.

This is a multifunctional thermometer, available for the convenience of its users in a sleek and attractive style. This system can be used for oral, underarm, and rectal methods as well.

It suits any age group and can provide accurate readings in no time. You’re barely getting a fraction of seconds and the body temperature measurements are all set.

It is designed in a sleek, water-resistant, and easy to clean style to please its users. It is also activated with a buzzer which beeps after a positive measurement of the temperature.

The last calculation performed using this thermometer is very easy to recollect without any hassles. This product also offers consumers the full 1-year warranty period.

Main features

  • Can be used for hand, rectal and underarm approaches.
  • Beeps with its activated buzzer after measuring the body temperature.
  • It comes off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use.
  • Sleek style, water-resistant, and simple to clean.

Agaro DT-555 Thermometer

Agaro DT-555 Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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Agaro Digital Thermometer is the next name on our list of India’s best digital thermometer. This thermometer is unbreakable, as opposed to the many other alternatives available on the market.

Yeah, you read that right, this is an unbreakable thermometer! Impressive, isn’t it? Let’s learn about the thermometer’s other qualities also! This thermometer represents the ideal alternative for oral, underarm, and rectal methods. For either of these approaches, it can be used very quickly and conveniently, and get the most precise readings of body temperature.

Speaking about its quality, it comes in a very decent water-resistant quality with an auto-off feature allowed. This means this thermometer will automatically turn off for more than 30 minutes while not in use.

This thermometer is also allowed to extend the full convenience to its users with a beeper which alerts users when the temperature is measured. It comes with a 2-year product warranty.

Main features

  • Known for its readings’ qualified accuracy.
  • It can be used for oral, rectal, and underarm methods.
  • Unbreakable architecture with an auto-off feature, water-resistant.
  • Enabled to give the users full convenience with a beeper.

Rossmax TG100 Thermometer

Rossmax TG100 Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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This Rossmax Flexi Tip Thermometer is specifically built for those users who are searching for a thermometer that is easy to use to keep their body temperature closer in view. It is one of the common thermometers that can be used with the highest accuracy in the readings in homes and hospitals.

One of the best advantages of this device is its ability to self diagnose. In its working, it can sense any irregular work, and then it can correct it within no time. This means users are only having reliable readings that can be trusted.

Alongside this, it is designed for use in any situation or condition in a waterproof design. It also provides its users with a versatile and gentle tip for a relaxing positioning within the mouth.

This can easily warn the users about the feverish state, thanks to its fever warning. Measuring the readings takes only 10-seconds, and is also allowed with the auto-off facility. Last but not least it also gives its customers the full 2-year warranty.

Main features

  • Allowed to auto-correct any faults/failures with self-diagnostic ability.
  • The waterproof concept for relaxing positioning with a flexible tip.
  • Conceived with a fever warning to signal the condition to the users.

Hicks MT 401R Thermometer

Hicks MT 401R Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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It is very accurate and can read the temperature instantly in less than 10 seconds – that is a great advantage if you want a very accurate thermometer when you are in a rush and are trying to figure out whether your child is getting a fever or not.

It possesses a fever line technology that can signify both normal and high fever. It tilts to the red when fever is high, and to the green when the temperature is normal.

This thermometer’s accuracy is very good and accurate. It comes with a buzzer that will clearly warn you when the temperature has finished so you can read it, plus if the temperature is very high the buzzer will go off to indicate danger. 

It is waterproof and won’t get hurt if you put it underwater. It is perfect because you can easily clean it, without worrying about whether it will get scratched or not. It comes with the option of replacing the plug.

This helps you to replace the batteries in case they run out and you don’t have time to run and purchase any other batteries as a matter of urgency.

It uses both Celsius and Fahrenheit which enables you to choose the one with which you are most comfortable and the one you can understand. It can keep a record of temperature readings to make tracking and control easier.

Main features

  • It is user friendly.
  • It has the buzzer to track reading.
  • It has an additional option for quick replacement batteries.
  • It is very specific.
  • It is very fast and can give a reading in less than 10 seconds.

Dr.MOREPEN Mt-100 Thermometer

Dr.MOREPEN Mt-100 Thermometer: Digital Thermometer

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The last automated thermometer on the list is a conventional thermometer that is easily used for use in hospitals and homes. You will use this tool without any hassles to measure the body temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Dr. Morepen Digital Thermometer can be used without any hassles for oral, underarm, and rectal methods. Measuring the readings takes some time but it only shows specific readings on its LCD screen.

It comes with a memory feature to store the final body reading for the convenience of the user. It’s also allowed with an automatic shut-off feature that saves this product’s maximum battery when not in use.

Finally, this thermometer gives the users the full 6-month warranty so that they can use it in all circumstances and conditions without any problems. It is a compact designed thermometer which can be relied on to calculate and track consistent and precise body temperature readings.

Main features

  • Nasal, underarm, and rectal forms can be used.
  • Easy to view with the full rectal readings.
  • The auto-shutdown feature with memory function is available.
  • Activated buzzer warns users about low power.


The conventional thermometers have often been fragile and difficult to use. Have you not heard the warning even that we should be careful not to bite the mercury, lest it reaches our mouth, and poisons us? That is indeed frightening.

And how hard is it to read the readings correctly from a conventional thermometer? Wouldn’t you rather take a digital thermometer and appreciate its user-friendliness, pinpoint precision, quick working process, not to mention that you can even select a digital thermometer that keeps track of your times? A win-win situation would we ever have seen one! Only note a digital thermometer will give you an accurate reading and in seconds.

This is one of the main reasons you would want to go for one instead of heading for a traditional one is that digital thermometers don’t contain any harmful substances like mercury.

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