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Do You Really Need a Tablet? – Should you buy tablet in 2023 or not.

by Kulwinder
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Do You Really Need a Tablet

It’s 2023, and you are having second thoughts before tapping the buy now button for the tablet in your cart. Well, that’s understandable because tablets are precisely the hot commodity they used to be when they were first launched and when smartphones were not so capable like they are now.  

When the tablets were first launched, mainly bought them because they filled in the gap between a computer and a smartphone, but now as the smartphone industry progressed further, the need for a separate tablet dwindled. This is because you can do anything on your phone that you can do on your tablet. However, there are still specific reasons why you can shell out some cash to get the tablet. 

A distraction for your kids 

Smartphones contain a lot of confidential information, and you cannot survive with a smartphone nowadays, so you should avoid giving your smartphone to your young kids at all costs. It is okay if you let them play games on your phone here and there but avoid lending them your phone for too long. 

Instead of handing your phone to your young kids, it is better to give them a tablet. You can find lots of cheap tablets on the market. These tablets with bigger screens will captivate your kids with big icons, images, and colors and will distract your kid for a long time when you need some work to do and you need your kid occupied. 

If you are getting one of the cheap tablets off the market for kids, please remember to buy a study case because otherwise, the laptop is not going to last very long, even if it has an extended warranty. Do not take the risk, and invest in a good cause. 

Great for lightweight use 

People that tend to do a lot of heavy-duty tasks need a pc to do that, but a majority of the people do not perform such heavy-duty tasks. They do not require such power. The majority of people use their smartphones or pcs for word processing or simple entertainment, and tablets are perfect for these needs. Tablets provide the right amount of functionality and portability for these users. 

The recent tablets boast high-quality hardware that is powerful enough to play heavy graphic games and even video editing software apart from performing the essential day-to-day functions. Newer tablets support snap-on keyboards, water-resistant surfaces and even sophisticated styluses!

If you are looking for a portable option that provides your entertainment and can also allow you to complete your heavy-duty tasks with ease, you should consider buying a tablet. 

It is an affordable option 

Tablets are a cheaper option for pcs, but if you are looking to perform day-to-day tasks with new hardware and software, then it is best to go for a laptop. Although the cheaper price tag means you will be missing out on a lot of functionalities that can be performed on a pc. 

Since it is a more affordable option, many opt for a tablet instead of buying a pc. You can find many entry-level tablets on the market from leading tech companies like Samsung and Apple. These tablets are decent enough and will cater to your needs. 

Reasons why you should not get a tablet 

Well, the above points are enough for one to consider buying one, below are some issues that are worth mentioning for you to get a clearer picture about the product that you are considering to purchase. 

Not many options 

If you go to a store to buy a smartphone, you will see so many options that it will make your head spin. It will take you some time to consider all the options, compare them and then make a decision. It is safe to say that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to smartphones and even pc.

Smartphones and PCs are extremely popular and hence the increasing number of options. Developers will not put their blood and sweat into creating a device that will not sell well in the market, and this is the problem that tablets are facing currently. It used to be famous; now it is not as much. 

In the tablet category, if your budget is low, you will only really find two decent tablets that are worth buying- Amazon’s tablet and Apple’s tablet. When it comes to the premium category, you would expect it to be better, right? But sorry to disappoint it, it is not. The only premium tablets available now are Samsung and Google. 

Smartphones are getting bigger and better

Would it make sense for you to buy a tablet when you have a smartphone that can perform any task that you throw at it? By any task, we mean editing, games, word processing, email, etc. Almost every other important task can be done on the smartphone. 

Also, a few years back, you could argue that tablets are bigger and give you a lot of screens to work on. But this argument does not hold up today as smartphone displays are getting bigger day by day and also becoming bezel-less. 

If you want to own a tablet, it is wiser to buy a cheaper one than a high-priced one.

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