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7 Best Electric Pasta Makers to Buy In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Electric Pasta Makers

Pasta is an Italian dish which is quite delicious and is enjoyed by everyone. Pasta is made out of flour dough mixed with eggs or water and formed into different shapes and patterns then it is boiled or baked.

Various vegetables are also mixed with it and a gravy called the pasta sauce which can have a tomato or cheese base is used to finish the dish. This is quite typically made in restaurants but now with the new innovation in kitchen appliances, you can make pastas in your home with electric pasta makers.

Here the 7 best Pasta Maker Machines are as follows:

Gourmia GPM500 Electric Pasta Maker

Gourmia GPM500 Electric Pasta Maker

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The Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker can be used to make delicious pasta in your home. It can be used to make regular, whole wheat and gluten free pasta.

This pasta maker has 8 pasta moulds and 2 measuring cups which supplements in the pasta making process. It has a single mode setting where you can select from the setting whether to knead or form or dry the pasta as per your requirements.

For getting good texture of pasta it has a vertical extrusion and automatic dryer. The vertical extrusion which enable forming pasta ensures that the pasta formed doesn’t break and has a perfect structure. It is believed that you can create restaurant finish pasta in your home in 5 minutes.

Philips Pasta Maker Plus

Philips Pasta Maker Plus

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The Philips Pasta maker plus has a automatic and powerful mixing, kneading and forming process which leads to creation of pasta and noodles in a short amount of time in your home. It includes a water cup, flour cup and cleaning tool which is useful in the creation and maintenance of the pasta maker.

It has shaping disks of 4 types which can be used to make different styles of pasta including penne, fettuccini, lasagna and spaghetti.

It consumes 120 voltage of power and has a small storage drawer which contains the shaping disks. It has a system whereby if you click the button it automatically mixes, kneads and forms the pasta inside the pasta maker.

Brieftons 7-Blade Pasta Spaghetti Maker

Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty Vegetable Spiral Slicer, Best Veggie Pasta Spaghetti Maker for Low Carb Paleo Gluten-Free, With Container, Lid, Blade Caddy 

The Briefton 7 blade spiralizer is the strongest and heaviest duty vegetable spiral slicer and best pasta maker which contains a container, lid and blade caddy. There are 7 strong stainless steel Japanese blades and a caddy where the blades are stored. It has a catch container and lid  where the pasta is collected and kept fresh.

The 7 blades can form different types of pasta like spaghetti, fettuccini or papardelle. It has a suction pad which makes it stable to create well defined pasta. It is easy to operate and is quite safe and compact so it is easy to store.

Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker

Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker with 3 Interchangeable Pasta Shape Plates - White - HR 2370 05

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The Philips compact pasta and noodles maker has 3 interchangeable pasta shape plates and has a compact white exterior. The pasta is automatically formed for two or three servings in just 18 minutes.  The interchangeable shaping disks ensure that there is double extrusion or formation process of pasta. It has a compact design which saves space and you can store it easily.

It has a small in-built storage where the shaping disks are kept. Three types of pasta styles the fettuccini, penne and spaghetti can be formed by this pasta maker. It has a multi pins angled in such a way that the stirring bar evenly mixes all the ingredients. For optimal kneading it has a long kneading tube and it is easy to operate and maintain the pasta maker.

Norpro 1047 Pasta Machine Motor

Norpro 1047 Pasta Machine Motor

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The Norpro 1047 Pasta Machine Motor is the ideal device to create perfect  homemade pasta. It has a pulse button which controls the speed and it has a strong motor with heavy duty power cord.

You can manual create the pasta or use the motor to create pasta in less time. It has stainless steel plates body and the rollers are plated with Nickle. The power consumption of this pasta maker is 90 watts.

Weston 01-0601-W Electric Pasta Machine

Weston 01-0601-W Electric Pasta Machine, Red

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The Weston 01-0601-W Electric Pasta Machine has a sleek red body and is used to form yummy pasta in your home. It is easy to make and hassle free.

You only have to put your dough in the roller to prepare a sheet then put it through the cutter where it will cut into the desired shape and size. The rollers are adjustable so as to change the shape into thick or thin.

There are double cutting head which form either spaghetti or fettuccini type of pasta in the pasta maker. You can adjust the speed and it runs on 90 watts power or 120 voltage of power.

If the rollers are exposed then there is a safety cover which turns off the whole machine so that no damage is done. It has a cleaning brush through which you can easily clean and maintain the appliance.

Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta MakerElectric Pasta Maker- Imperia Pasta Presto Non-stick Machine w 2 Cutters and 6 Thickness Settings

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The Cucina Pro Electric Pasta Maker has a Non-stick Machine with 2 Cutters and 6 types of thickness functions. It has a heavy duty body made up of stainless steel and it is a made in Italy product. The non stick coating in the pasta maker ensures that the pasta maker is clean and hassle free.

The motor in this pasta maker is in-built hence the pasta is formed quickly. It has two in-built cutter which form two types of pasta that is the fettuccini and tagaliatelle. It has 85 watt power consumption and a thickness setting knob which let’s you create thick and thin homemade delicacy.

The pasta maker enable you to make international cuisine in your home in a short amount of time. You are able to make delicious homemade savories  for your family and friends to enjoy.

Pasta has become so much easy to make and the pasta maker is a compact machine which is easily maintained. So, make pasta using the pasta maker for special dinners, parties, picnics or snacks easily.

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