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5 Best Facial Massagers to Reduce Your Stress in 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Facial Massagers

Facial massagers may have just gained momentum recently, but the whole concept of facial massaging already existed in China, and it started centuries ago.

Records say that the first massage therapy in China was during the third century BC, and it slowly spread over to various countries and where it was used in extensively in medical treatment as recorded in texts. 

So, why massage and more specifically, why a facial massage? Massaging makes the tissues firmer and increases the blood circulation beneath the skin.

Not only that, but it also increases the production of lymph and blood which results in an improved and healthier looking skin as well as the overall appearance of the individual is also improved to a much greater extent.

The changes in skin can be visibly seen after a week of massaging it. Usually, many of us are worried and stressed, especially during this pandemic and the fact that we are always working and hardly have time for self care.

The effect of stress and work can be clearly seen on our skin, more specifically our face, and we also tend to age faster.

The whole phenomenon of signs of ageing to appear on our skin like dull skin, wrinkles and sagging skin are due to many factors but the most important ones been a loss of the elasticity of the skin, repeated use of muscles which is also better known as muscle tonus, and a slow circulation of blood flow under our skin.

These factors can be improved and eradicated by the process of facial massaging which leaves us with a younger and healthier looking skin, stimulates the nerves which in turn produces more blood to flow, cause more blood to flow beneath the surface which gives us an overall healthier complexion and makes our skin firmer and tighter which can be seen and felt.

Here is a list of facial massagers and I am going to explain why each and every one of them should be used and which ones could be the most apt one for you.

Nova Compact Face Massager

Nova Compact Face Massager

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This is one of the face massagers that come with five different modes or features that can bring your face back energized after a long day at work or a stressful day in general, by massaging and comforting the tired and aching muscles of your face.

It is very gentle on your face and works beautifully to bring back that radiant glow on your face. It works on batteries (you will need a pair of AA batteries, they are not included in the box) and is made of plastic.

It comes with a sandpaper massage head to remove all the dry skin and improve your skin quality, a soft cleaning head made of sponge which is used to clean your face and to ensure that it is not too harsh on your skin, a ball massage head that will improve the circulation of blood underneath your skin, a brush cleaning head and a soft massager head that can be used to relieve your facial muscles of any tension it had as well and just soothing and comforting your face.

The facial massager uses the method of vibration to achieve its effects and it works in a gentle motion so as to not cause any harm on your face while allowing your facial muscles to relax and work its magic. You will be able to see the difference within a week or two of daily or regular usage of this product.

Lifelong LLM126 Portable Massager Brush

Lifelong LLM126 Portable Massager Brush

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This massager comes with four interchangeable heads with 360 degree rotational motion enabled and can be used for massaging as well as cleansing (deep cleansing too), scrubbing out the dirt and excess dry skin, blackhead removal and exfoliating your skin to give it that natural glow and sheen.

It can be used to remove makeup after a long day or even the removal of dirt after a day out in the sun or after trekking. It enhances the texture of your skin, smoothing your skin out as well as the removal of sebum which further prevents the formation of pimples.

This is a facial massager that is very gentle on your skin and also comes along with the 360-degree rotational motion making it easier for you to guide the facial massager through the nooks and corners of your face.

This one works on batteries (though they need a pair of 4 AA batteries that need to be placed in accordance to the markings that are in the battery compartment which is found on the bottom of the handle of the massager), and comes with an instructional manual and the four different heads.

To start with, the gentle facial brush head can be used for deep cleansing of the skin and will make your skin feel refreshed as well as though it can breathe again.

The next one is body buffing brush head that plays a major role in scrubbing away the dead skin and helps in giving a healthy, rosy and natural glow to your skin.

The cosmetic sponge head moisturizes your skin and massages it which results in the application of the moisturizer or serum to reach into the deepest layers of the skin and nourishes it.

Lastly, the pumice stone head exfoliates the skin and even remove the hard skin that is often formed under the foot or the elbows. It does not irritate your skin, effectively cleanses out all the pores, and prevents the formation of wrinkles as well.

Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Face Cleaning Massager

Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Face Cleaning Massager

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This facial massager though is from the same company as the previous one, it only as three interchangeable heads that can move in a 360 degree rotational motion allowing the heads to reach every part of your face or body which out much effort from your end.

This one is travel-friendly because it is comparatively much smaller and easier to carry around with just three different heads and on the basis of your needs, it can be used. It is portable and compact and can be easily carried in your bag without taking much space.

The facial massager can be used to deep cleanse or just cleanse, remove your makeup, and the dirt on your face as well as restores the luster to your skin. It comes with two different speed modes and can be used and adjusted to whichever one you would prefer and to your convenience.

It also prevents the formation of pimples and acne scars and improves the blood circulation beneath the skin. It works on battery (1 AAA and in this facial massager the battery is included) and can be charged within two hours. The best thing about this massager is that it is waterproof and comes with a warranty.

Moving on to the three different heads of the messager, starting with the first one which is the soft fiber brush head that has very soft bristles and cleanses your skin thoroughly, removing all the dirt and unclogging all the pores that are in your skin.

It is suitable for every type of skin and is extremely gentle on your skin while removing the excess oils and dirt. The next in line is the deep cleaning brush head which prevents the formation of acne by removing the dead skin and dirt that are in the pores of the skin while exfoliating your skin.

The last one being the makeup sponge head which is made of the softest latex and helps in the removal of the residual makeup and allows the cream or serum to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin which keeps the skin nourished and moisturized.

It has a sleek body and design and can be even charged with the USB cable of your mobile (if you have an android mobile).

NUTRIGLOW Face Massager

NUTRIGLOW Face Massager

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This facial massager by Nutriglow is slightly different from the rest because along with the massager they even provide five different jars (each jar of 50 gm) containing an exfoliating scrub, a mask pack, a nourishing gel, a deep cleanser, whitening cream and a serum that is about 10 ml which can be used to tone and moisturize your skin after a long day or even if you feel like your skin needs to regain its luster.

If you have blemishes or even acne marks, this facial kit works wonders, and the daily use of this product even corrects pigmentation and stimulates the production of new skin cells which brings back the youthful glow to your face and maintains it.

It also helps in reducing the formation of acne and you will even be able to see the difference in your skin after using this kit. It hydrates your skin, and even slows the signs of aging while it also reduces dark circles because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

The facial massager comes with two soft sponge heads, a massager head, a cleansing brush head, and a massager applicator head. These help in toning and retaining moisture in the skin. 

Ms.W Face Massager

Ms.W Face Massager

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This face massager by Ms.W is very different in body and shape as compared to the rest and it also focuses on three main factors which are to reduce the formation of wrinkles, skin tightening and lifting, and the last being to reduce the double chin.

This massager achieves all of this by electric micro vibrating and has three different modes that can be used to the customer’s likes and preferences. It has a light body and a sleek design, and it can be carried almost anywhere and everywhere.

It promotes better absorption of the serum or cream through your skin as well as flushes out all the unnecessary toxins and controls the production of excess oils. The device has a protective head that contains a row of six LED lights that help in the absorption.

The device comes with three different gears, each of the gears having its own use. The first gear can be used for the increase in the production of collagen and tightens the skin as well.

The second gear is used to enhance the level of absorption through the skin as well as the increasing the circulation of blood underneath the skin.

The last gear is used for reducing the wrinkles that are formed with time and stress, and also restores the healthy glow back into your skin giving you a roseate finish to your face. 

Horlite Face Massager

Horlite Face Massager

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This facial massager is a five in one facial cleanser, which means it has five interchangeable heads that can be used for deep cleansing, exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin for the glow that everyone seems to be raging over on every social media platform.

  It is a lightweight and very easy to use massager that is handy and works on batteries (this needs 2 AA battery). Also remember that while cleaning this product, ensure that you only clean the product with water and nothing else, and leave it to air dry.

Moving on, the various heads can be used for better and improved circulation of the blood underneath the skin, exfoliating your dry skin, to cleanse and deep cleanse your skin, to allow better penetration of the cream or serum you use for your skin and to remove all the dry and hard skin that is usually formed under your elbow or feet.

It massages your face very gently to ensure that your skin feels not only supple and soft but also for the better absorption of the cream you have applied which results in you feel much better, your skin feels hydrated and moisturized as well.

Everything Face Massager

Everything Face Massager

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If you recognized this, then kudos to you because this is that facial roller that has been trending all over Instagram and you can see all the influencers and beauty gurus using this. But is this truth behind their words? Yes.

The jade roller actually does help in flushing out the toxins and waste, and help in giving that extra boost to keep your lymph fluids moving and to prevent the buildup of toxins and excess oils.

This facial roller promotes the drainage of the lymph fluids and increases the flow of blood through your facial muscles, and due to this, it even reduces the formation of wrinkles as well.

Daily or regular usage of this roller leads to the glassy and marble finish to your skin, giving you not only that healthy glow but also giving you a brighter and clearer skin tone.

This roller comes with two interchangeable heads and depending on your preference and likes, can be used accordingly. This also helps in easing away your headaches and minimizes the formation of blemishes and dark spots on your skin.

It also plays a big role in reducing the formation of acne on your skin, and with the daily use to this product, you will even see the difference in your skin as well as it even gives you more defined features. 


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