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15 Best Farmtrac Tractors (In 2023) With Reviews & More

by Ashish Bansal
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Best Farmtrac Tractors

Farmtrac is a well-known name in the Tractor business. The brand is one of the oldest and popular brands among people. The company is owned by the Escort Group and since its inception, the company has been delivering on its promises of great tractors at affordable prices.

The company is known for its dedication and sincerity towards its customer’s needs. The most important part of their repute would be the continuous and marginal improvements that make them indispensable.

Farmtrac is one of the few brands that sell wildly both in domestic as well as in international markets. Along with 2 other brands of the same parent company, Escort named: Escort and Powertrac, the company generates millions in sales every year from the sale of tractors and implements.

Farmtrac tractors have what is called a perfect hand and a rare combination of precision, technology and engineering and it is precisely because of those three elements that Farmtrac tractors often beat their competition easily.

The large variety of tractors that company offers covers a huge spectrum of income variance as well as field and task needs. The tractor models are known for their high endurance, great power, efficiency and robustness.

It’s the intersection of these few among many qualities that make them stand out. All of its tractors have a distinct advantage over their contemporaries and their effective design criteria that ensures smooth and safe riding with comfort and performance.

Here is the List of Top 15 Farmtrac Tractor:

Farmtrac 45 Classic

Farmtrac 45 Classic: Best Farmtrac Tractor

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 45 Classic

A 45 horsepower tractor that is a distinct tractor in its category.  It is a 2 wheel drive tractor which means the power will be transmitted to wheels via two rear wheels to drive the tractor.The tractor is in the category of the smaller tractor that the company offers.But don’t let the size fool you, it’s a good tractor.

With a 3 cylinder and 2900cc diesel engine the tractor works smoothly and burns fuel efficiently. It has good mileage and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. The lift capacity of 1800 kg is good enough to lift most of the stuff and implements such as rotavator and cultivator can be easily attached and used.

The transmission is smooth and effective with a full constant mesh 8 forward and 2 backward gear system along with single and dual-clutch options for efficient and effective shifting of gears. The tractor comes with a dry-type braking system although oil immersed braking system which allows for less braking, more comfort and lesser maintenance. The oil type air filter works incredibly smoothly and doesn’t let a whole lot of dust and dirt inside the engine and hence keeps it from degrading.

Farmtrac Champion Plus

farmtrac champion plus - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac Champion Plus

Justifying its name, it’s a true champion when it comes to great power and performance. Farmtrac Champion Plus is a 3 cylinder engine tractor that produces around 45 horsepower to drive this machine better and efficiently. The engine is water-cooled and hence allows for rapid cooling of the engine to prevent any breakdown.

The Champion Plus has been made by the rigorous and relentless pursuit of improvements by the company to design a product that fits most of the market’s needs. The filter is a marvel of sorts in its own ways. There is an oil bath type filter that traps all the entrapping dust and small and fine particles that if made up to the engine can cause abhorrence and prove to be degrading and inefficient.

The clutch is available in 2 variants: dual and single and that combined with the smooth functioning and rapidly shiftable gear system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears make sure that the mobility is good and the tractor works well in different environments.

The multi-plate oil immersed braking system ensures that the brakes don’t break down during their working and hence increases their performance. The oil reduces the frictional heat and hence prevents the breakdown.

Farmtrac 60 EPI T20

framtrac 60 EPI t20 - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 60 EPI T20

This is a strong, durable, reliable and a good looking tractor designed for affordability, durability and reliability. A 50 hp tractor with a 3 cylinder direct injection diesel engine. The tractor is a 2 wheel drive tractor that means that it works great in dry conditions. Such tractors are ideal for seeding, pasture topping and spreading fertilizer properly.

The tractor comes with standard oil-immersed brakes with 3500mm turning radius that helps to maintain the balance and precision while turning and the brakes that are able to keep the maintenance costs low while providing for a smooth and safe ride.

The availability of a power steering further helps in improved manoeuvring and usage.The strong and large enough fuel tank of 60 litres stores plenty of fuel when needed. And to add to that the 1800kg lift capacity helps in most of the usual stuff.

The transmission system is great and comprises a single friction plate type clutch and a constant mesh gear system of a good and broad spectrum of 16 forward and 4 reverse gears that provide smooth mobility. The clutch, however, is also available in a dual friction plate which in my opinion is better.

Farmtrac 6050 Executive

farmtrac 6050 executive-best farmtrac tractorsWatch Video Review of Farmtrac 6050 Executive

The Executive is the king of tractors in the tractor world. For a lack of better description, let’s just say it’s the best in its category and among its contemporaries. The Executive is a tractor that produces a good 50 HP power that’s enough to do all sorts of work in a jiffy. The tractor is designed specifically for heavy-duty stuff that makes it work easy and better even on difficult terrains.

The tractor is powered by the advanced fuel injection engine rated at low rpm to increase power and decrease fuel consumption. In other words, it’s highly efficient and powerful. The dry type air filter helps in cleaning the air from any sort of dust particles that may reach the engine and thereby hinder its performance.

The oil-immersed brakes make breaking easy and quick. The tractor has a dual-clutch system with a constant mesh 20 gear set with 16 gears for forwarding movement and 4 for reverse. With a large enough tank capacity of 60 litres, the executive takes care of the economics and mileage.

Farmtrac 6055 Classic


Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 6055 Classic

The 6055 Classic is a great working tractor and exceptional depiction of beautiful engineering and precise design. This one is full of great features and because of its wide range is often the favourites of the farmers. It is a 46 hp tractor with an efficient and powerful engine of 3688 cc capacity rated at 1850 rpm providing it with enormous power and traction.

The low rated rpm optimises combustion and provides better power and efficiency. The engine has 4 cylinders for better engine economics and is water-cooled that prevents the overheating problem, quite common in tractors. The transmission system is no less attractive. It is a full constant mesh transmission system with 8 gears for forwarding motion and 2 for backward motion and provides a wide range of speeds and torque.

The clutch comes in 2 variants of the single and dual-clutch and so do the breaks: oil-immersed or dry disc brakes depending on what your choice is. The fuel tank capacity is large 60 litres and the lifting capacity is of whooping 1800 kgs. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor and henceforth struggles a bit in the areas with water content in the soil.

There is an option for the steering wheel which comes in variants of manual or power steering depending on your budget. There is no steering adjustment facility which would have been a good addition in this price range. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good tractor.

Farmtrac Champion XP 41

champion xp 41 - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac Champion XP 41

Perhaps the most famous entry in this list. This tractor is equipped with a solid 3 cylinder diesel engine of 2337 cc capacity and works like a charm. The tractor provides good mileage, better manoeuvring, great working and is an excellent example of what good engineering and can do.The tractor’s engine is rated at 2200 pm.

A dry-type air cleaner is available to clean off the air reaching the engine and thus ensuring the engine’s safety. The engine is further helped by the coolant-cooled cooling mechanism that helps in improved efficiency. The transmission system comes with centre gear configuration and has full constant mesh transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that shift smoothly and provide a range of speed and power.

The clutch comes in variants of single and dual. The ergonomics have been duly taken care of and that is evident from its spacious seat which is properly placed so that everything is in perfect reach. The driver’s satisfaction is guaranteed and comfort has been made the primary.

There is power steering but like most of its compadres, the tractor doesn’t have the adjustable steering which is a disappointment. It also has an advanced ADDC hydraulic system that helps in better and precise operations and linkage management.

Farmtrac Ultramaxx 45

farmtrac 45 ultramaxx- best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac Ultramaxx 45

The Ultramaxx 45 is a great model from the company that shows what makes great agriculture machinery. It’s not the parts, it’s not the features, it’s not mileage. But, It’s the culmination of various such factors that is a rare combination to achieve. The Ultramaxx 45 is exactly that.

Thanks to its 3 cylinders advanced fuel injection engine that makes it one of the best in the market.The engine is rated at low 2000 rpm which provides for better fuel combustion and hence doesn’t get too heavy on your purse. It comes with diesel saver technology. The power steering provides great manoeuvring and allows for a steady movement on inundated surfaces and tough terrains.

The steering is supplied through an individual and separate oil chamber to prevent contamination of any kind.The most significant feature of the tractor would be it being a 4 wheel drive which allows for power to be transmitted to all the 4 wheels that helps in better traction and power output.

The independent clutch control with a constant mesh gearbox set of 8 forward and 8 reverse gear options provide for a wide range of movement speeds and torque. The 60 litres of tank capacity further helps in maintaining the economy. There is the availability of multi-plate oil immersed brakes that are way better than the ordinary dry disc ones.

Farmtrac Atom 26


Watch Video Review of Farmtrac Atom 26

Farmtrac very own, the Atom 26 is a small and compact tractor in the category of the mini tractors. It is a 26 hp tractor that comes with a 3 cylinder diesel engine that works well and efficiently. The cooling system is coolant-cooled and the air filter system is dry type both of which ensure better productivity and efficiency out of the engine.

A standard in these categories, single friction plate type clutch system combined with a constant mesh gear set of 9 forward and 3 backward gears make up for the effective and rapid switchable transmission. To add to that it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle and provides great movement controls and traction.

The oil-immersed brakes give it a flagship feel which makes it a great add-on to already provided specifications. And that added with the power steering ensures great manoeuvrability. The overall lifting capacity is 750 kgs and makes it apt for light work with a rotavator and even as a fertilizer sprayer. The essential features like the sleek design and good beam headlamps can provide good visibility in low light conditions.

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx

6055 powermaxx - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx

This is one of the heavy lifters from Farmtrac. It is the result of the continuously innovating research and development wing of the company. This tractor is a marvel of agriculture machinery for sure. This 6055 Powermaxx is a 4 cylinder and a 3680 cc capacity power breather. Equipped with a 60 horsepower engine mated at 2200 rpm providing great torque and power.

It is efficient and reliable. It is easy to operate and hence can be used for a wide range of functions from hauling to gyrovating. The transmission system has a 20 set gearbox providing a lot of speeds. It has 16 forward and 4 reverse gears for a wide range of speeds for every landscape and soil type.

Further, this efficient gearing system combined with an independent clutch system makes the working of this machine smooth, easy and fast. The ergonomic needs have been given proper attention as well. The comfortable seat and wide platform are few of the evidence. A balanced power steering wheel is provided which comes as the standard for these models.

The model comes with a great oil immersed braking system that makes the break better and efficient. They also the oil-immersed system has a distinct advantage over the dry disc ones being that the oil actually reduces heat to a great extent. The 2500kg lift capacity is also really helpful to handle a wide range of agriculture as well as commercial functions.

Farmtrac 6065 Executive 4×4farmtrac 6065 executive - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 6055 Executive 4 x 4

The 6065 Executive 4×4 is an improved version of the 6065 Executive which was a 2 wheel drive. The 4×4 version is a 4 wheel heavy-duty vehicle that delivers as it promises. It is a powerhouse and that is evident from its massive and powerful 3500 cc  advanced fuel engine which is known for its improved efficiency and effective fuel burning.

The transmission is of synchromesh gearbox set of 12 forward and 12 backward gears that bring a huge spectrum of speed configurations for the machine. The gear system is centre shift gear lever and hence provides for easy reach of the driver. The properly placed seats, steering, pedals and the large control panel with a variety of different controls are all arranged and placed ergonomically and offer great functionality.

It comes with dual-clutch and there is an option for an independent clutch if you like. It has large tyres for better traction control and movement. The friction coefficient is also kept low along with the centre of gravity to stabilize the beast on the inundated ground.

It has the heavy duty ADDC hydraulic mechanism that’s precise and apt for the linkages and makes the hydraulics optimum. The oil-immersed braking system is standard and allows for less maintenance and better working.

Farmtrac 6090 Pro

farmtrac 6090pro - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 6090 pro

The 6090 Pro is an absolute beast. It is a large machine that has enormous power and is capable of doing a variety of works. It is a 4 wheel drive tractor that allows it to work with better mobility and speed. As the power is transferred from the power train to all 4 wheels, it ensures better manoeuvring and traction.

It is a 90 horsepower tractor and is placed at the higher end of the price bracket. It is equipped with a 4 cylinder, 4860 cc  advanced diesel engine which burns fuel better and efficiently. The engine is rated at 2200 rpm which is quite low in this category with an engine of this enormous size. The engine is cooled via a coolant type mechanism to control the heat and prevent overheating.

The transmission is itself an engineering feat. It comes with a synchromesh gearbox with 24 gear set of 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. The gear configuration is side-shift which makes it easy and simple to change gears. It has a dual-clutch system that allows for smooth gear shifts, although an optional independent clutch is also available.

Oil-immersed brakes contribute to better braking, longer life and low maintenance cost of the vehicle. There is power steering that makes it better and easy to control such a beast. It has a fuel tank capacity of 100 litres. It has heavy-duty automatic depth and draft control that provides precise and effective management of hydraulics.

Farmtrac 6050 Ultramaxx

farmtrac 6050 ultramaxx - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 6050 ultramaxx

The 6050 Ultramaxx is a great vehicle and a behemoth. It is one of the flagships of the company. It is a 4 wheel drive tractor and is designed specifically for challenging terrains. The tractor is the latest entrant in the Farmtrac family and is known to be one of the best to come from Farmtrac. The big machine produces a whopping 50 horsepower that makes it work like a charm.

The transmission is a beautiful and really sophisticated constant mesh transmission and has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears to facilitate a good range of speed and torque. The clutch is an Independent clutch that makes the operations easy as well as proves to be a good helper in easy switching of gears.

The speed ranges available are also good.The ergonomics is precise and everything is where it should be. The display panel and controls, steering, gearbox and the ABC pedals. The wide and comfortable enough seat adds a sort of premium feel to it. The multi-plate oil-immersed brakes offer low heat to the break while stopping and prevent break-down.

With 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and 60 litres of the large fuel tank, it can be used for a wide variety of functions: from hauling operations to harvesting. Nearly every kind of implement can be used.

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxxfarmtrac tractor 50 powermaxx - best farntrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 50 powermaxx

This one brings proper justice to its name. The 50 Powermaxx really has a great amount of power. It is a 3 cylinder and 50 horsepower tractor from the house of Farmtrac. The tractor comes with a 3510cc capacity engine which is one of the best to offer by Farmtrac.

The engine is an advanced diesel injection engine and provides for better combustion of fuel and less maintenance. Fresh air is provided inside the engine by the means of an effective 3 stage oil bath type air cleaner that further improves the efficiency and productivity of the engine and the machine.

With these specs, the 50 Powermaxx makes it obvious that it is one of the best tractors around and in the category. Oil breaks are the standard here. The fuel tank comes with a great capacity of 60 litres that takes care of the driver’s purse and the machine itself. The transmission system is a good constant mesh transmission made up of an 8 forward and 2 reverse gear system mated with an effective and efficient dual-clutch system which makes this model a great choice.

The balanced power steering helps in easy moving of the vehicle along tough and testing terrains. The hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg makes it a good choice for a wide variety of works.

Farmtrac 45 Smart

farmtrac-45-smart - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac 45 smart

A tough contender to beat, the Farmtrac 45 Smart is a 50 HP tractor with good capabilities and potential. The tractor is equipped with a 2900 cc diesel injection engine rated at 2200 pm. This tractor has a fully smooth and effective constant mesh transmission system that helps with centre shift gear lever and has a good gear set of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears to facilitate a good range of speed configurations.

The gear facility mated to a single or dual-clutch system adds to the great functionality. The braking system comes in 2 variants of oil and dry disc type to choose from and so does the steering system which can be found as automatic and manual. The 50 litres of large water tank ensures that the driver can work on large farms too without the need for an urgent refill time and again.

It comes in a 2 wheel drive variant which means power is transferred to 2 wheels only for movement. The 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity provides the facility of all operations to farmers even who can’t buy a better tractor due to their budget. The easy to adjustable seats, digital meter and better seats are evident of the great ergonomics.

Farmtrac 6060 Executive 4×4

farmtrac-6060-executive-4x4-tractor - best farmtrac tractors

Watch Video Review of Farmtrac executive 6060 4×4

This is one of the best tractors to come from the Farmtrac. The 6060 Executive 4×4 is a 4 wheel drive tractor that has power transmitted to all its wheels and it works great and fast. It is economical in fuel combustion and lows on maintenance.

It is equipped with a 60 HP high-performance engine of 3500cc capacity rated at 2000 rpm making it a huge powerhouse that provides great mileage and efficiency. It has a 3 stage oil bath type air filter that doesn’t allow particles to reach the engine and corrode its internals. The coolant-cooled cooling mechanism prevents overheating of the engine and hence improves its efficiency and performance.

The dual or independent clutch system is a choice that one can choose from. The clutch combined with full constant mesh gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears in the centre gear configuration or side shift as an option. It comes with an optional 20 gearbox system with 16 forward and 4 backward gears.

Oil-immersed brakes facilitate and improve brake life and maintain its efficiency. It has a good power steering system with a steering and adjustment facility that helps in better comfort of the driver and hence allows for better work.

The company has been continuously improving and innovating and that has reflected in its products. Their tractors are good, robust and reliable and can provide for a great range of services in your own budget.

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