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20 Best Gifts For Girlfriend to Impress them in 2023

by Akshay Chanana
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Gifts for a girlfriend

Stuck trying to find the right gift for your girlfriend? It is always very difficult to shop for a woman because of the endless options that are available in this market.

There may be a lot of materialistic things that you could buy and give her, but you must remember to spend time too. If you’re still stuck here then worry no more, for here is a list of 20 things that you can buy for your girlfriend.

Here below is the list of 20 Best Gifts For Girlfriend

Stars Above Us

Stars Above Us: Gift For Girlfriend

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If you want to do something meaningful for your girlfriend, this is your best bet. It is sentimental and shows that you care about her a lot. The stars never look the same at different moments.

The planet is constantly revolving so the positions of the stars above us are also changing constantly. With “Stars Above Us” you can get a beautifully designed star map that shows the alignment of stars at a particular moment and place that is chosen by you.

If there is a particular moment that you want to frame like the moment of your first date, the first time you met her or anything significant to you. All you have to do is share the approximate time, date and location that you would like to frame.

A star map is automatically generated by the proprietary tool and that is then personalised by their design team with whatever you want on it. You can add the name, message, time, location and date on it.

Once everything is ready the final print is mailed to you and your partner in a synthetic wooden frame. All the customisation details can be shared after the payment. This is a very meaningful and thoughtful gift that you could get for your girlfriend.

Personalised photo frame

Personalised photo frame: Gift For Girlfriend

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A personalised Wooden Photo frame makes everything that much sweeter. You can get a picture of the both of you engraved with the date you met, or a special message that sticks out for both you.

This will make the occasion more precious and touching. Each time she looks at the frame she is bound to remember you and that special moment. It is closer to the heart and is much more meaningful than a bouquet or a simple wish.

Get your customised wooden frame now and let your girlfriend know how much she means to you.

Name a Star

Name a Star: Gift For Girlfriend

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If you want to make your gift feel like it is out of this world and unique then this is the gift that you should get your girlfriend.

Did you know that there are so many stars that are not named yet? Why not do the special honour of naming a star after your girlfriend? All you have to do is share the name of the person you want to surprise, select the zodiac and a star will automatically be picked for you. You can add your message on the star chart as well.

The details can be shared in the order form after the payment has been made.

The package you would receive will include a personalised certificate with the name of the person and a constellation chart with the location of the star.

The message shared will only appear on the star chart that you will receive. You can also check the details on www.yourstarforever.com where you can log in to check the details of the star. There possibly could not be a grander gesture to show how much love you have for your girlfriend.

360-degree projector

360-degree projector: Gift For Girlfriend

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While camping may be hard to do at a moment’s notice, bringing the outdoors in is not hard at all. Everyone would love to go up to the roof or go camping and stare up at the beautiful night sky.

But with how busy life is, it is difficult to find some time to getaway. With the 360-degree night light projector, you can bring the stars to you.

It is a wall-mountable or bedside lamp night light projector that brings so much character to the room. There are multiple colour options that you can control by rotating the knob to warm white, blue, red, and green. It is also multifunctional.

You can use it as a night light projecting stars and if you remove the shade it works like a projector. It is a clever little device to have on hand and is very fun to have.

Sunflower necklaces

Sunflower necklaces: Gift For Girlfriend

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Jewellery is always a safe bet to get as a gift for your girlfriend. However, with the endless number of choices, it can be hard to narrow it down to just a single piece. That is why this gift is on the list.

It is cheap without skimping on quality and is gorgeous. For your money, you get 4 items, a ring, a necklace with a pendant, earrings and a bracelet. The main element of this jewellery set is sunflower designs.

It makes for an ideal gift due to its elegance and beauty. The set is made out of glass and allows it to be durable, sturdy and of the highest quality. It can be worn on the daily or for parties or special occasions.


Sweatshirt: Gift For Girlfriend

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Does your girlfriend keep stealing all your hoodies and sweatshirts? Yes? Then you are probably tired of it. Why not make it a solution and gift for yourself as well and buy her a sweatshirt? This particular hoodie is made out of the best soft and smooth skin-friendly material that is well-stitched that is made for long-lasting, frequent use.

The material is so soft it feels luxurious though it is barely a quarter of the price. It is perfect for those cool, colder months where the chill starts biting into your skin and you desperately need some layer over your clothes to keep warm.

Additionally, you can make an outfit with a pair of joggers or jeans to give it that comfortable, cute look.

Set of 3 scented candles

Set of 3 scented candles: Gift For Girlfriend

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Candles were used as the only source of light after sunset. However, with the age of electricity candles don’t serve the purpose of a light source anymore.

Now, there are scented candles that strive to keep you more relaxed and stress-free. After a long day at work, coming back home and lighting a beautifully scented candle does wonder to relax the body and brain. This gift is a set of 3 Jasmine scented candles that is good for any occasion.

These set of Jasmine scented candles give off a beautiful aroma of fresh Jasmine that sets a beautiful glow throughout the room.

The fragrance is not too strong that it is over-powering but it is just right to bring you some peace and calmness. These can be gifted to your girlfriend to help her relax after the long days at work.

Premium Vanilla Cake

Premium Vanilla Cake: Gift For Girlfriend

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If it is your girlfriend’s birthday, then a birthday cake is a must-have. No birthday or celebration is complete without the cake. ‘You can order the most premium vanilla cake that is made of fondant that gives it that luxurious look.

It also means that you are getting the bang for your buck. The cake is handmade by the best professional baker and hand-delivered in a good quality cardboard box.

You can relax and be assured of the best tasting cake being delivered to you. The cake must be consumed within 24 hours, however, that should not be a problem with how good it tastes.

20000mAH Portable Charger

20000mAH Portable Charger: Gift For Girlfriend

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Is your girlfriend constantly complaining about her phone dying all the time? Then you know that she needs a powerful portable charger to carry with her everywhere she goes.

After a tiring workday or taking calls, answering texts and replying to emails, one’s phone is bound to be out of charge. Moreover, she also has to get home safely, which is why it is ideal that she has a reliable power bank to get the fuel for a phone.

This particular portable charger is strong with 20000mAH of battery that can charge a 4000mAH phone at least 3 times. It comes with two USB outputs that have 18W fast charging enabled.

Additionally, you get a 6-month domestic warranty too. It takes approximately 6 hours to charge to full battery, so let your portable charger charge all night so you can use your phone all day!

Portable Wireless speaker

Portable Wireless speaker: Gift For Girlfriend

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Everyone always needs a wireless, Bluetooth speaker in their life. Especially, if you travel a lot or go on trips to nearby attractions, it is a must-have. Going on road trips without music is pointless.

With JBL Signature sound wireless speaker, you can get up to 5 hours of playtime under optimum audio settings. Its small size makes it easier to carry around. However, do not underestimate its power because of its size. It is extremely loud and powerful, so be careful with those volume buttons.

This package comes with the JPL GO, a micro USB cable for charging, a warranty. Additionally, you can also use Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button. Get your girlfriend a wireless speaker to go on more fun road trips with her.

Maybelline New York Date Night Makeup Kit

Maybelline New York Date Night Makeup Kit: Gift For Girlfriend

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There are little to no girls who don’t indulge in makeup. That being said, girls are always on the lookout for the next best product that they can put onto their face.

Makeup enhances the beauty and is great as a gift for your girlfriend. This particular gift is a makeup kit that comes with 4 great makeup products.

The first one is the: Matte+Poreless Maybelline Fit Me Foundation that gives you a natural-looking glow with medium coverage that is also liquid.

There is one for every skin tone and is smoothing and refines pores giving you a natural glowy look. Since it is a liquid foundation, you can also build it up to give more coverage in certain areas.

The second product that comes with the makeup kit is the Colossal Intensity kajal that has an intense black fix formula that stays smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours. It is also infused with aloe vera to give you a fresh look all day.

The third product is the Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick that comes in a variety of different shades to suit women with different skin tones.

The unique, matte cream formula is not drying and gives a smooth look across the lips throughout the day. Infused with honey to help with the application, it also keeps those lips moisturised all day.

The last product that is included in the kit is the Maybelline Mascara that is built to give extreme volume. The wax coating and special bristles can reach the line until the tips that give it that curled yet voluminous effect without making it look clumpy.

The unique anti-clump applicator brush that separates each lash while curling them, avoiding the clumpy look. So what are you waiting for? Go get the kit and make your girlfriend happy!

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes: Gift For Girlfriend

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If you are buying your girlfriend makeup, you need to get her makeup brushes too. It is not easy to apply makeup without the right applicator and makeup brushes are specially designed to be soft on the face but have densely packed bristles to give the perfect look.

With this gift, your girlfriend will be the lucky receiver of 10 makeup brushes, 1 makeup sponge, and another egg-shaped sponge. You can use the brushes to apply makeup on the face, eyes, lips, eyelashes, nose and even apply eyeliner giving you that crisp finish.

The brushes are made from the best quality that will not shed. If your girlfriend is a makeup fan, then this is the perfect gift to buy for her.

Octavius 6 Assorted Black and Green Tea

Octavius 6 Assorted Black and Green Tea: Gift For Girlfriend

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If coffee is not your cup of tea, then tea probably is. However, having the same tea all the time can get quite boring and you need to spice things up a bit as often as you can.

This is where an assortment of tea comes in handy. With this gift, your girlfriend will be getting assorted Black and green tea enveloped tea bags that make the best tasting coffees. It even comes in a pack of 100 teabags, so your girlfriend should be good for a while.

There are three different variants of black and green tea that you can choose from according to your preference. While the green tea variants are Pure Green tea, Cinnamon Anise Green tea and Lemon Green tea.

The black tea variants are Classic Assam, Classic Darjeeling and Indian Masala Chai. While green tea is good for a body to cleanse with its antioxidant properties, black tea will give you that caffeine boost with some more close to home flavours.

Tea is always a luxury that you enjoy as part of your break, so having different flavours to experiment with makes it a unique experience. It is very easy to brew and tastes even better. You can add sugar, honey or milk depending upon your preference.

Colombian Brew Coffee Assorted Mocha Coffee Box

Colombian Brew Coffee Assorted Mocha Coffee Box: Gift For Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend is a coffee lover then, you have to buy her this gift. It is an assortment of different flavours of instant coffee in a box. Experimenting with different types of flavours and types of coffee is a coffee lovers dream.

Why not kick start it with an assortment of different flavoured coffee ranging from super strong, double chocolate, mint to even Blueberry. There is something for everyone and more.

This is an assortment of soluble instant coffee. So you can use one teaspoon to make a cup of coffee to your preference. It can be taken either hot or cold, with or without milk. It is completely customizable however you want it to be.

There is no extra sugar or chicory so it is the perfect coffee to have at any time of the day. Adding to which, it is also sourced from the best coffee plantations, roasted and then ground.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards: Gift For Girlfriend

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Still, stuck? Don’t know what to buy your girlfriend for the special day? Then let her make the decision. You can buy her an Amazon Gift card so that she can choose whatever she wishes to buy and get it herself.

Yes, the surprise element of getting the gift might be ruined, but a woman loves shopping. Buy her the gift card and watch the happiness grow on her face.

Women’s Leather Backpack

Women's Leather Backpack: Gift For Girlfriend

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Everyone enjoys a good quality leather backpack to carry whatever they need around. Every woman needs a cute one to match her outfit. This is the perfect gift to buy for your girlfriend.

It is thoughtful, practical and very cute. It can be used to carry around mobiles, cards, laptops, umbrellas, cosmetics and more in a safe manner. It is a perfect size, not too big or not too small, but can fit in whatever you would need it for you.

It is made out of the finest grade Polyester inner fabric to ensure durability. It is comfortable to carry around without getting in the way. It has one large main zippered compartment, one front pocket and an inner pocket along with a mobile pocket.

Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick: Gift For Girlfriend

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is the best-selling streaming media player. It helps you connect to your TV and watch an endless number of movies and shows on a bigger screen without having to strain your eyes looking at your phone or desktop screen.

You do not need to worry about paying an extra amount for subscriptions as long as you are happy with what is already there on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can also view Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Sony LIV, Apple TV and others, based on the subscription that you have.

Moreover, you get the new Alexa Voice Remote to control the power, volume and mute buttons on compatible TVs. You can also mirror your content from a phone, tablet or laptop to your TV with the Fire TV stick.

What is even more fun is the fact that it is voice-activated, so you can just say, “Alexa, find comedies” or anything else to choose your movie or genre of choice. It is definitely with the investment.

House Of Charu Weighted Blanket

House Of Charu Weighted Blanket: Gift For Girlfriend

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A weighted blanket is the most comfortable blanket to have ever been invented. Its additional properties of being able to calm and relieve anxiety are just a bonus.

Weighted blankets help you relieve your stress and help you get a peaceful night of sleep. Especially, if your girlfriend sleeps alone, it would be a great gift for her to simulate the hug of someone.

Research shows that if you have a partner sleeping beside you, you tend to sleep better, Essentially, a weighted blanket imitates the presence of a person hugging you with the extra weight that lets you have a peaceful night of rest.

A luxurious weighted blanket is designed to be 10% of your body’s weight wrapped in the most comfortable, softest material available. It simulates another body wrapped around you, relieving you of any anxiety or stress that you may have.

This particular weighted blanket weighs 7kgs that is due to the filling of high density, non-allergic glass beads that give the weight. The inner layer is made of a 100% cotton fabric which is completely breathable.

Handmade gifts or letters


If you do not have the budget to buy your girlfriend a pricey gift, then why not make something easy to convey your love for her. You can make handmade letters or those gift pop-up boxes.

If you are not artistic enough, then writing a simple handmade letter could mean everything to her. Small gestures are still gestures and she would love it.

Instax Portable Film Camera

Instax Portable Film Camera: Gift For Girlfriend

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Instax is a well-known brand for its ability to take instant film photos. You can take brighter pictures with a soft look that is perfect for portraits that give you better quality photos.

It has automatic exposure measurement that gives your pictures superior looking colours. It has a new, slimmer and lighter body. If you know your girlfriend you will know how much she wants an Instax camera.

This is the best possible gift you can buy for her. It is slightly on the expensive side, but it is well worth the joy on her face when she receives one. If your girlfriend already has a film camera, you can get her a polaroid film. A girl can never have too much film.


There are a lot of things that you can buy with money for your girlfriend, but there is nothing more precious than quality time and words of appreciation that you could give to your girlfriend.

There must be something for everyone in the above list to buy for your girlfriend. When love is in the air, you have to bring it to reality and show her.

You do not need a particular occasion like a birthday or an anniversary to get a gift. However, in saying that, the above-mentioned gifts are a great choice.

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