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5 Best Honor 9a Back Covers & Cases Available Online in 2023

by Akshay Chanana
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If you look at the Honor 9A from a hardware standpoint, it provides phenomenal value. You get a multi-lens camera, a fingerprint reader and a long lasting battery for £ 160. Yet it’s a difficult sale, without Google Services.

Okay, you get what you’re paying for so it’s important to slash costs elsewhere so the Honor 9A doesn’t feel or look all that glamorous. It has a plastic back and an unusual metallic rear panel that seems tackier than high-tech.

The Honor 9A comes with three paint variations-Black Midnight, Gray Ice and Blue Ghost. The Phantom Blue alternative was the phone we had in for analysis, which is a metallic cyan color.

A very attractive phone, it would be nothing less than tragic if something were to happen to it.

To ensure that your phone stays protected, here are some of the best Honor 9a cases available today:

Honor 9a Silicon – Cassby Back Cover

Honor 9a Silicon – Cassby Back Cover: Best Cover For Honor 9a

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This case is clear but not common.The company has incorporated the TPU (Bayer) with a great modern concept that minimizes bulk with maximizes portability. Thus your phone will always remain brand new.

The case has transparent cutouts for microphones, charging ports and audio ports specifically built for Honor 9A. The buttons are neatly wrapped and provide easy usability. Here you can feel the comfort of openly using your device.

Premium, glossy, matte-finish coating offers outstanding strength and optimum tolerance to scratching. Your device rarely sticks to your pocket or slides off your hand freely. Now you’ll have a great experience that’s simple to maintain.

It also has 4-side safety, reinforced corners and a raised edge to secure the panel and the cameras, most notably. Any fears over accidental shakes or fall can be gotten rid of.

This Compact, Light & Durable phone case has a hybrid design that provides 3D 360 Degree security from all 6 directions i.e. Top, rear & 4 sides. Now you can ensure your handset stays as strong and new, for a long time.

Honor 9a Printed – Amazon Brand Solimo Designer Black

Honor 9a Printed – Amazon Brand Solimo Designer Black: Best Cover For Honor 9a

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This case provides a tight fitting fit for Honor 9A. In addition it is ideal for volume buttons, sound and charging terminals. This printed case is  easy to put & take off to access the power button, audio & charging ports, with perfect cutouts.

The case has a stylish design and look, which helps it express your unique personality. High precision construction of the cover provides quick access to all the ports and keys. Furthermore, the case is  easy to put & remove . It also comes with a  90 Days Warranty, for damages.

Solimo is an organization where high output and excellent profit go hand in side. Every Solimo commodity is crafted with precision to offer outstanding quality.

Quality is at the core of everything in this case right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements. The brand only invests its resources on what matters to you and minimizes costs for things like packaging, advertising and other extras that don’t add value.

Honor 9a Protective – Newlike Honor  9a

Honor 9a Protective – Newlike Honor  9a: Best Cover For Honor 9a

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Honor 9a newlike royal protective case comes in fitted, heavy duty design fit form. it has a transparent protective layer built-in to avoid scratches on your honor 9a handset. Even if after one year you pull out your phone it will still look brand new if you use this case.

It has a special double sheet- the first layer has polymer absorbent by ballistic shock, the second layer is  immune to harsh impact. There is a polycarbonate shell in the phone which makes it extra tough.

You get direct access to all app apps including microphone speaker monitor and all controls. The case also arrives with the built-in frame, offering pleasant angle for watching movies and internet-surfing on any place-study table, work desk, dining room and anywhere else For Honor 9A.

Almost serving like an unseen shield over your handset with a scratch-resistant paint, the transparent back stays clean and the sleek frame of your smartphone is clearly shown. The NewLike back case fits the outline of the frame, which offers security in all its edgy nature.

Honor 9a Flip Flops- Acm Leather Flip

Honor 9a Flip Flops- Acm Leather Flip: Best Cover For Honor 9a

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The Stylish Synthetic Leather Wallet Cover is a great Smartphone Accessory. Its Wallet functionality is a cool way to get your smartphone optimized to its max. This case also offers you the luxury of getting 2 pockets that can be used easily to hold card or cash.

The Smart Cover doesn’t just protect the Mobile, because of its foldable design, it won’t affect the use of camera, flash, speaker, fingerprint scanner. The case has a magnetic lock closure, which renders it absolutely secure.

It has  an ultra compact & Llghtweight Style — with a thickness of just 1.8 mm. It also has a high quality adhesive surface which holds your mobile firmly.

This can be reused again after you take out the mobile. It also  Gives tactile and aesthetic appeal and preserves your new smartphone whilst adding power and toughness to the leather interior.

Honor 9a Transparent  – BuyFeb Transparent Honor 9a

Honor 9a Transparent  - BuyFeb Transparent Honor 9a: Best Cover For Honor 9a

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This case is the best match for your Model cell phone. It Shows your mobile device’s contour by offering it a stylish, lightweight feel.

This is therefore compact and light weight and is constructed of high-quality, robust lightweight silicon material. You can rest assured that there will be no scratches or bumps because this case will keep your phone safe .Get style, protection and great value for your phone in one place.

These covers don’t kill Your Phone’s original look and improve your phone ‘s protection so you can use it with no problem. It has a detailed specification for quick access to all buttons and ports that does not mess with the camera lens.


Before we venture into something, it is worth remembering that it costs €149.90 / £129.99 for the phone. In certain places, with your buy, you also get the HONOR Band 5. That being said, the HONOR 9A is nothing to be scoffed at. If you want to buy a budget phone for your child, or as a secondary device, this phone has shown itself to be quite capable.

One of the most apparent explanations why a phone case is necessary is for securing the exterior of your device. Nowadays, smartphones aren’t inexpensive and taking the handset in for maintenance is much more costly. A phone case can help you save time and money while keeping your phone from looking fresh. Make sure you go through the article above and find the cover which suits your needs.

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