5 Best Honor 9s Back Covers & Cases Available In India (2022)

On 29th April 2020, Honor 9S smartphone was released. The handset comes with a 5.45-inch touch-screen monitor with 720×1440 pixel resolution at a pixel density of 295.4 pixels per inch ( ppi).

The Honor 9S is powered by the MediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762R) octa-core processor. It contains 2 GB of RAM. The Honor 9S is operating Android 10 and is powered by a non-removable 3020mAh battery.

As appealing as the Honor 9s is, a case will help customize it to represent your personality and defend your phone against life’s vagaries and bumps.

Some of our highlights are below.

Here is the list of Best Honor 9s Cases & Covers Available Online In India:

Honor 9s Silicon

Honor 9s Silicon: Best Honor 9s Cover

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RGN offers you the highest Quality 9S Multicolor Covers. This Multicolor silicone soft cover can secure your phone from bruises, corrosion and dust.

The silicone cover is produced from a lightweight , durable, solid rubber / silicone composite of high quality that will help you keep your phone secure. The layer comes in flawless. Not only does this look fantastic on your camera but it will also cover it.

It’s a little more complicated to get the silicone case on than we considered it to be with Honor’s leather case, but once you wiggle your phone in place the case feels fantastically safe.

It’s made entirely from a single piece of silicone, complete with popular business emblem across the top, with just the smallest suggestion of a seam around the bottom of the case exposing its multi-part construction.

Within the shell, we consider it covered with a waterproof microfibre coating – so unlike the leather case, which just has this substance protecting the rear of the handset, with the silicone protection now running along the sides of the phone.

Honor 9s Printed

Honor 9s Printed: Best Honor 9s Cover

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Joe offers this Smartphone Case built of high quality content to have strong scratch, injury and dust security. The case is further designed to be compliant with Model Honor 9s tablets.

The case allows connections to all the consumer comfort features, commands, and ports. It is simple to load, uninstall and vacuum. The kit includes one Honor 9s Back Cover.

I’m an artist and model and I was fascinated by Joe’s goods straight off the bat. They work with artists and graphic designers across the globe to produce all manner of unique projects you really don’t see in the highways.

From exquisite flower prints to graphic designs and statement pieces, visit their website where you can find everything.

This is the most surprising part about their printing process: it’s not a label, or any form of top layer laser-printed. It is printed with a patented 3D photo-quality technology which integrates the artwork into the polycarbonate frame. That ensures, with time, it does not disappear or scrape away. The outcome was amazing indeed.

This is the most surprising part about their printing process: it’s not a label, or any form of top layer laser-printed. It is printed with a patented 3D photo-quality technology which integrates the artwork into the polycarbonate frame. That ensures, with time, it does not disappear or scrape away. The outcome was amazing indeed.

Honor 9s Protective

Honor 9s Protective: Best Honor 9s Cover

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Each Solimo product is deliberately built to deliver exceptional quali Right from the components used, to thorough quality checks, to strategic upgrades, consistency is at the heart of everything Solimo does.

We ask you to spend money on just  what is important to you, and reduce expenses on items like labeling, ads and other bonuses that do not add value. This allows the company to hold down their costs and build

Drops are theoretically the most damaging hazards for mobile, so why not purchase a case built especially for avoiding impact damage? The Platoon case of Solimo is the most safe in the portfolio of Amazon, and boasts drop safety up to an amazing 20 feet (six metres). This is higher than a window in the second story.

A matte finish helps the case to withstand scratching while additional protection (hence the name) is provided by the raised rubber ridges on top of the hard shell.

When face down, cutouts are accurate and the button covers fit well, a elevated bezel would hold the device in great shape. There is also an antimicrobial drug in this case to avoid the build-up of some infection.

Honor 9s Flip Flops

Honor 9s Flip Flops: Best Honor 9s Cover

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The stylish synthetic rich leather wallet cover is a must have your smartphone companion. it’s wallet app is a one way to get complete customization of your smartphone in which you get comfort to have 6 card pockets & a cash pocket, which can be used to easily hold card or cash. the holder of the front wallet card may be rotated and used to bear money.

The smart cover doesn’t only shield smartphone, it won’t hinder the usage of camera, light, mic, thanks to its fold-able feature scanner. model super slim & lightweight. good quality sticking surfaces keep mobile securely & is reusable after device elimination.

Strong organic rich leather outer offers tactile and visual appeal and protects your new handset while the leather interior gives class and cushioning.

For installation, there is nothing to it. The case snaps on, and Case-Mate has a piece of material that even covers the hinge offering cosmetic protection.

There are no adhesive bars, unlike the TPU case used, which Samsung throws into the Z Flip shell. The case is a durable, strengthened build with not much bend, especially on the flat back.

Honor 9s Transparent

Honor 9s Transparent: Best Honor 9s Cover

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Great match for your cell phone style, this case shows your mobile device’s contour by giving it a streamlined and lightweight feel. Lightweight and portable.

Comprised of good strength soft silicon material and robust. This case has no hacks, and no bumps. With the designer back case cover. Get elegance, security and better value for your money keep your computer safe from bruises and unexpected bumps.

Buy Feb says it’s been able to fix those problems with its iPhone 11 Transparent Case due to thousands of hours of research, construction, and R&D.

I don’t deny that the organization has placed hours in the guy in an attempt to have a smoother scenario, but you’ll always have to balance your standards to some extent.

Most of the statements on BuyFebs are right. My Honor 9s Transparent Case is crystal-clear, so much of it hasn’t blurred the iPhone’s vividly colored finish hiding underneath.

You may see a “rainbow” impact in the plastic from some points, which is typical in the clearest cases, but I noticed I had to go searching for the solution of the problem on both the iPhone XR and the Transparent Cases.


One of the most apparent explanations why a phone case is necessary is for securing the exterior of your unit. Nowadays, smartphones aren’t inexpensive and taking the handset in for maintenance is much more difficult.

A camera case will help you save time and money while stopping your handset from looking new. Make sure you go through the article above and find the case that you need for yourself.