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How to Increase Internet Speed On Your Smartphone?

by Aziz Arora
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how to increase internet speed on your mobile phone

While the national lockout is being relaxed, plenty of us tends to operate from our homes. We’re using loads of data during this period to function, download video, play games, and more. And because of that a lot of us put a strain on the networks and some have noticed a considerable drop in download and upload speeds.

One message that is often very irritating is ‘Check your network connection.’ The internet in your Android smartphone can function well when recharged, but the internet can slow down dramatically later in the month, which can also be a nightmare for many users.

What if access to the internet breaks down while watching a video or performing an office job? This is one issue that all mobile users have long faced. If you think you are having sluggish speeds on the Internet, here’s what you should do to try to solve the problem: 

How to increase the speed on your Smartphone?

How To Increase Internet Speed On Smartphone

Test whether or not the mobile app receives full signals. Often the systems don’t get sufficient signals because of fluctuating Internet rates. Verify if you have not used any of the allocated data for the day.

Often when playing sports or watching information we don’t get to realize if all of our data has been used up. When you have exhausted your data pack you will get a booster to replenish it.

Sometimes your phone may be connected to a far-off tower even if there is a nearby tower that may not receive proper signals. Thus triggering Internet connection concerns.

To fix this, you can simply turn on the airplane mode of your device and switch it off after a few seconds to help it disconnect from the previous tower and connect to the other tower.

To do so, you should reset your machine too. Phone notifications take up a lot of room and once they continue to happen when you answer a significant email or do any research, they bog down the internet.

Switch off the auto-update feature in the Settings panel and upgrade while you are not running, or require downloading and installing the upgrade overnight.

If after doing all this your mobile data speed does not take an upturn, then there may be a problem with the network settings of the device. Start resetting them from the Preferences tab to fix the issues.

If you question why your phone is too sluggish, then you are not alone. It’s a growing dilemma but you can do a few approaches to improve issues.

None of these will turn your 4G LTE phone into a 5G supersonic powerhouse, but at the very least they could cut download time on your browser or even fix a lag problem.

Make sure you are not connected to a WiFi network and that mobile data is switched on before you start. Enable your fast settings to turn mobile data on to make sure it’s illuminated. You can also navigate and switch it on to the standard configuration screen from there.

Check Network settings

If you have consistent web speed problems, then your settings may need to be checked. Go to Preferences, then locate Options for Mobile Network.

The menu’s exact name can differ from computer and system so glance about. You need to make sure your phone is connected to the right kind of network and it’s not restricted to just 3G.

Many of the world’s areas are operating on GSM/WCDMA/LTE networks so seek them first. When they aren’t running seek to look at what the area is doing. Many phones can automatically identify networks which are often a benefit.

Performance boosting apps

Performance boosting apps: How To Increase Internet Speed On Smartphone

Tools that delete congestion or redundant files may help keep telephones running in optimum condition. There are other enhancers of success out there. Three here:

  • Clean Master: contains both the antivirus and computer booster. This clears garbage data, alerts, and malware when executing certain activities including improving batters and tablets.
  • Systweak Android Cleaner: clean your handset and organize it, which can also reduce power usage.
  • DU Speed Booster: clears the phone RAM and frees it from any operation in the background device. You will even search your phone for some garbage you might uninstall with only one button.

If you have the time and patience you can do almost all the tasks that the above apps do. It includes removing the cache for your computer, making sure the applications don’t operate in the background excessively and deleting files you don’t use.

This will make you feel more in charge, and preserve everything you’d rather protect from losing.

Uninstall apps

Uninstall apps: How To Increase Internet Speed On Smartphone

Some programs and plugins are fairly innocent but others consume a lot of data when operating in the background. Facebook is one perfect example. The first step is to remove whatever widgets you don’t use from your home screens.

Typically these are the worst criminals and are easy to examine. Only tap and hold the button, then push it to the top of the device Delete symbol. It does not erase the device from your devices but will merely uninstall the button from the home screen and inactivate it.

You need to join Applications Menu to fully uninstall an app. From here the procedure may vary between devices. You can sometimes just tap and hold, but you usually need to find the menu button and hit either Edit or Delete Apps. The maker, Google, or the isp places these applications on the computer.

Install Adblocker

Ads can use a lot of resources-not only processing power, but also mobile data. It’s difficult to locate a decent ad blocking workaround on Android but there’s an ad-blocking web server that leaves the web sites ad-free. The AdBlock browser is available at the Google Play store.

If you’ve followed all of the above measures and you have on your Android phone problems with your Internet speed, it may be time to look around and locate a network with stronger coverage in your city.

Enable WIFI calling

Enable WIFI calling: How To Increase Internet Speed On Smartphone

Apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime Audio, and Whatsapp use the WiFi link to make calls and send/receive messages, and you can circumvent a relatively low mobile phone signal. Although WiFi calling operates through the lagging 4G LTE signal, a powerful WiFi signal is needed for it to function.

Whether your WiFi at home or in your workplace doesn’t have the fastest rates, the performance can also fail. And remember, the cell phone signal boosters only boost cellular signals — not WiFi (though there are also WiFi signal boosters).

Update the apps

Update the apps: How To Increase Internet Speed On Smartphone

Be sure you’re up to speed on all the devices you regularly use and plan to hold. Not only are software apps important for security purposes but they often improve overall performance.

When your mobile data is going soft, your running outdated versions of applications may just be out-of-date and sluggish.


Data operates just as quickly as the system which receives its signal. With app upgrades, decluttering, and battery saving, automate your mobile to ensure your computer will not bog down your results.

When you have maximized the capacity of your iPhone or 4G laptop and chosen the right service provider, 4G LTE booster is the only tool that reliably amplifies the mobile phone signal in any case.

Mobile phone booster kits are the fastest and most effective way to remain linked wherever you go and are suitable for the car, house, and workplace.

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