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5 Best Immunity Boosting Kadha (For Cough & Flu) In India 2023

by Kartik Bhateja
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Kadha Recipe

The power of alternative medicine and Ayurveda is indisputable. Where modern medicine fails, traditional medicine thrives. It is, therefore, no surprise that even in 2023, this ancient medicine is not only relevant but has also reached global status. The outbreak of the deadly virus Coronavirus has put a lot of things into perspective.

The virus has changed the way we humans perceive the world. And more than anything it has exposed the dwindling immunity in most of us. In such a time when our immune system is our only form of defense, men have chosen to rely on traditional ingredients and recipes rather than trust modern medicine. One such unique recipe is the Ayurvedic immunity booster drink: Kadha. Now everybody wants to get their hands on the best immunity boosting Kadha that can resist bouts of cough and flu and develop stronger immune systems.

But what is Kadha?

Kadha is a traditional Indian drink usually consumed as an alternative to chai or tea. Predominantly consumed in the monsoon period when our body’s natural immunity levels take a dip, this herbal decoction helps the body accommodate to the climate change and ward off bacterial infections. Kadha is also helpful during cold seasons when allergies are more active.

Loaded with antioxidants, this natural immune booster remedies cold sores, feverish feelings, and chronic cough and cold. The Ayurvedic drink is indispensable in strengthening metabolism and enhancing immunity from within.

Here is the list of 7 Best Homemade kadha to boost your immunity to fight with corona, flu and cough:

MSG Immu Boost

MSG Immu Boost, 100% Herbal, Ayurvedic immunity Booster (Pack of 12, Full Box): Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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MSG’s Ayurvedic Immuno boost Kadha is specifically designed to enhance the immunity of your body, to provide resistance or protection against diseases and infection. Incorporating the 100% herbal drink in your morning and evening diet will help develop your body’s strength to fight various disease conditions.

It is especially beneficial in treating recurrent health conditions like cough and cold, body ache, fever, and throat infections. The Immu Boost comes in a pack of 12 aromatic pouches. To make hot, steaming brew mix the given pouch content in 100ml water and boil it in low flame till only half of its previous quantity remains. Sieve the decoction in a cup and add a tablespoon of honey to enhance the Kadha’s taste.

Santegrow Ayush Kadha Immunity Booster

Santegrow Ayush Kadha Immunity Booster: Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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The Ayush Kadha immunity booster drink sold by Santegrow comes recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH Government of India so you can be assured of quality and effectivity. The decoction is composed of ingredients Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), Shunthi (Dry Ginger), Munakka (Raisin) and Jaggery (Natural Sugar). The recipe is the perfect cocktail of health and nourishment and helps the body build a strong immune system and keep away symptoms of cold and flu.

The Santegrow Ayush Kadha Immunity Booster is extremely easy to make as well. All you need to do is take 3gm or a teaspoon of the herbal powder and blend it with piping hot water or even tea. In a world where the Covid-19 virus is running rampant with no vaccine on the horizon, we can only look to strengthen our immune system and the Santegrow Kadha is a godsend in this regard.

If you need any more reasons to incorporate the drink in your diet, let’s get just say consuming it will also help invigorate the body and promote weight loss. The nourishing drink can be enjoyed by men, women, the elderly, and children alike. To get the best out of the decoction consume it two to three times daily.

The Indian Chai – Desi Kadha Masala Chai

The Indian Chai - Desi Kadha Masala Chai: Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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Blended with Tulsi, Loung, Dalchini, Gota Dhania, Saunf, Elaichi, Adrak, Gol Mirch, Ajwain, Javithri, and Tej Patta, The Indian Chai’s Desi Kadha Masala is both tasty and healthy in equal measures. All cards out on the table, Kadha can taste pretty substandard to most people and more often than not they force themselves to consume the liquid for its benefits. But this usually never works out in the long run – there’s only so many times to you can pressurize yourself.

This is exactly why Desi Kadha Masala is such a fan-favourite. Aromatic and instantly rejuvenating the chai fits into your life like a missing jigsaw puzzle. Believe us when we say you will face no qualms while switching to this tea.

The decoction also happens to be a natural home remedy for cold sores, blocked noses, and mild fevers. The chai also makes for the perfect companion during the flu as it instantly helps relieve throat inflammation and chest congestion. Additionally consuming this herbal tea regularly aids digestion, eases the mind, and relieves one of stress and anxiety.

The way to the perfect brew is to add a teaspoon of Desi Kadha Masala Chai to freshly drawn water in a kettle, proceed to boil the water for 3-4 minutes, add milk to the mix and boil for another minute or two, strain and serve. For added benefit, you may skip the milk.

Ganga Ayush Kwath Powder helps to Boost Immunity (Ayush Kadha)

Ganga Ayush Kwath Powder helps to Boost Immunity: Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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Composed of 4 power-packed ingredients Tulsi, Dalchini, Kalimirch, and Sunthi, the Ganga Ayush Kwath Powder is an easy and effective decoction that helps bolster the immune system and prevent harmful viruses and bacteria from affecting the body.

To make the perfect blend with this Kadha also known as Kwath, add 3gms of the powder to 150ml boiling hot water, let the mixture steep for 4 minutes and strain the blend into your cup. For taste and added benefit, you may add gud (jaggery), raisin, or a few drops of lemon juice to the tea. Sip on the brew to derive maximum benefit. The tea is available in packs of 80g each priced at 100 bucks. You may purchase as many as 20 packs together.

BAKE KING 100% Natural 150gm Kadha Powder, Immunity Booster

BAKE KING 100% Natural 150gm Kadha Powder, Immunity Booster: Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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Bake King claims that they are India’s numero uno trusted Kadha powder and based on the fact they are sold out as soon as they hit the Amazon shelves, we are inclined to believe them. Unlike many Kadha powder selling companies out there, Bake King does not comprise with quality or quantity. Their powder recipe is composed of 10 natural herbs namely: Haldi important for its bioactive and medicinal properties. Saunf to reduce Asthmatic symptoms.

Jeera is a rich source of iron. Ginger to reduce muscle pain and soreness. Dhaniya to aid in the process of digestion. Kalimirch to relieve a stuffy nose, soothe throat inflammation, and clear chest congestion. Elaichi for its antibacterial properties and ability to treat infections. Tulsi for its rich antioxidant content.

Cinnamon for its powerful medicinal properties. Kappor to relieve painful sensations and swelling of the throat. All the ingredients included in the powder are chemical-free, sustainably grown, and sourced and processed locally. It will make the perfect addition to your diet for your fight against Covid-19. Include BAKE KING 100% Natural Kadha Powder and never look back.

Ayurveda Redefined Ayush Immunity Tea, Ayush Kadha (Pack of 2)

Ayurveda Redefined Ayush Immunity Tea, Ayush Kadha (Pack of 2): Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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Recommended by the Ministry of Ayush in the fight against COVID, the immunity-boosting Ayush Immunity Tea comes from Ayurveda Redefined. The brand is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to alternative medicine. Although they deal with all sorts of medicinal products, their Kwath is easily their most popular and in-demand product.

The Ayush Immunity Tea is composed of Tulsi, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black pepper in 4:2:2:1 ratio. The instant premix is prepared by simply adding and stirring 1 teaspoon to 150ml boiling water. Once the colour has turned a copper colour and you get a whiff of herbal tea, strain the liquid and pour it into a teacup. Enjoy the Ayurvedic herbal tea by squeezing in a lemon to enhance the taste and pairing the brew with raisins to cool the body.

The Indian Chai – Desi Kadha Masala Chai 250g 

The Indian Chai - Desi Kadha Masala Chai 250g: Best Homemade Kadha Recipe To Boost Your Immune Health

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Yes, we know we have named a product by The Indian Chai in this very list but they have varieties and we feel it’s unjust to leave it out – especially when it is equally amazing. The only difference between the products isn’t just their distinctive taste and flavor difference but also their ingredients.

This Kadha is comprised of Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Fennel Seed, Cumin seed, Ajwain, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, and some other herbs and spices. So if you feel like you are more interested in the benefits offered by these ingredients feel free to purchase this one. It is more popular of the two. Better yet, go a little crazy and purchase both. Then you decide for yourself which suits your taste and preferences more.


Although chiefly used for colds and cases of flu, Kadha has various other uses. By incorporating the drink in your daily life, you could reap many benefits. Kadha can also help improve skin and stomach health, cure bone and muscle weakness, regulate bowel movement, and treat urinary tract infections.

In 2023, however, immunity booster drink Kadha is also widely being used to protect the body from one of the most infectious and menacing viruses known to mankind. So, bring home any of the aforementioned best immunity boosting Kadha and let it help you in your fight against the deadly virus.

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