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Top 5 Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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internet service providers in chandigarh

The internet is an integral part of living, doing business, communicating with suppliers and customers as well as accessing applications in real-time.

Organizations are increasingly looking out for new ways to boost performance and profitability, and it may be expensive and time-consuming to handle wireless broadband packages.

Such popular broadband suppliers thus come to mind in Chandigarh as Connect, Airtel, and Jio. These are some of the best internet service providers in Chandigarh.

These days the Internet has become a must. If it’s a student, a college worker, a businessman or a teacher, everybody needs to have a good internet connection.

The broadband service providers respond to all your family, industry, and communications needs that are special to your company and lifestyle. This offers you a great opportunity to carve your local business niche as well as create new routes into the global market.

With the high-speed internet, in less time, you can access the heavy files like music, movies and watch the heavy videos without buffering. To avoid the inconvenience, it is important to wisely choose broadband service providers.

Here is the list of Top Internet Service Providers In Chandigarh:


Connect: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

The Connect Fiber broadband connectivity has redefined the possibilities and limitations of Chandigarh Internet services. Get speed choices from 4 to 100 Mbps for wireless internet connectivity in Fiber FTTH or WBB.

You can easily reach up to 100 Mbps bandwidth if you’re lucky and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is available in all sectors or regions of Chandigarh.

We just rent high-speed internet up to 50 Mbps fast, high-speed internet access at the Rs.999. To take advantage of great discount schemes, high-speed broadband packages for residential and business users are available with them.

Connect provides Fiber optic FTTH internet service function by connecting data to light and sending normally in a transparent cable using wiring made from glass.

It is certainly the most technically advanced form of internet that Connect broadband offers in Chandigarh. Fiber optic internet in Chandigarh is easily one of the fastest internet service providers among the residential and business users.

The information displayed on their website should be able to support any user seeking high-speed internet in Chandigarh. Connect provides its future customers with a variety of various wi-fi wireless internet services.

Address : Sco 350 51 52, Sector 34-A, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, 160022

Contact : +918427620873

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Foxcell: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

They provide state-of-the-art Internet connectivity options to customers via WiFi, FTTH (Fiber to the Home), or corporate leased lines. Built from the ground up using advanced network architecture and cutting-edge technology, their services give the customers full flexibility and efficiency.

From online account management to 100 percent open billing, Foxcell provides help one can be confident that can’t go wrong.

Some of the features of Foxcell include Network Security, Quick Pay, Tech support, Wired Broadband, Wireless broadband, etc.The Foxcell firewall defense program, which is accessible via its network security tools, helps to secure its reputation for the program.

Real-time network protection system monitoring and managing incoming and outgoing network traffic is done on the basis of predetermined safety laws.

Pay the bill online as well as instant pay bill service is provided which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The fast pay services are simple, straightforward and effortless. They provide technical support online and offline for all customers. You can contact them on their official website in case of any problem or for further assistance.

Address : Shop No 19, Thakurdwara Market, Tedi Gali, Modern Housing Complex, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101

Contact : +911724600089

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Airtel: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

With Airtel, one can experience the high-speed internet through multiple devices on the existing Chandigarh Fiber broadband link. With Fiber optic internet service, Airtel Xstream Fiber enhances the regular wideband link experience with high-speed internet.

Airtel helps you to enjoy one of the fastest broadband services in Chandigarh at a speed of up to 1 Gbps.

This ensures you will get quicker downloads and less buffering once you connect to broadband. Also, the FTTH (Fiber to Home) technology provides you with numerous internet packages that are entirely dedicated to Fiber optic cable, connecting up to 10 devices through a professional Wi-Fi router-modem. 

The Chandigarh internet packages deliver quicker HD video streaming, heavy uploading of files, and uploads.

Unlimited internet plans like Ultra provide up to 1 Gbps capacity, unlimited local/STD calls and, more importantly, access to Amazon Prime, Zee5 Premium and Airtel Xstream.

Now one can get free Wi-Fi router home, link broadband and enjoy high-speed internet, entertainment, a treasure of information and more, without any compromise. You can find more details on the official page of Airtel Chandigarh.

Address : # 1584 Burail, 45B, Chandigarh 160047

Contact :  +919878647561

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Jio: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

To keep one step ahead of the competition, you need a broadband link that can offer high speed and make you a winner in this cut-throat market. After regulating the sim card industry, Jio Broadband is all set to regulate the broadband market as well.

The internet has undergone a dramatic shift. Also, bearing in mind that they have numerous wireless broadband offers that are cost-effective as well as offering excellent speed and connectivity.

Additionally, they also provide services up to 20 meg depending on the line and the exchange. Jio broadband packages are great for both your business and personal needs. Jio Broadband provides maximum speed on a minimum budget that will make you incredibly satisfied with the connection.

They also give you the option to select the best-tailored plan for your personal and business needs and to experience the fastest Internet services at the lowest prices. Contact them or visit their official website us today to enjoy one of the quickest and most uninterrupted Internet access at the lowest cost.

Address : SCO No 101, 35C, Sector 35, Chandigarh, 160035

Contact :  +911725025055

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Netplus: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

There may be many options for you in Chandigarh as there are many companies offering high speed and uninterrupted data at the lowest rates. But before making a decision, you’ll need to look at their plans in-depth and compare the speed, costs, installation charges and all other expenses that come with broadband access.

While comparing all the plans, you’ll find that Netplus offers one of the cheapest broadband plans in Chandigarh while at the same time offering the value for your money by providing fast lightning speed and uninterrupted internet connectivity lie all year round.

If you need a broadband link for your personal use or for the business, Netplus provides flexible plans that you can select to fit your requirements.

Netplus promises the cheapest plans in Chandigarh and they bet you won’t find any cheaper high-speed data than us. While other broadband connections in their simple packages provide such a low speed, Netplus gives you a minimum speed of 30 Mbps even in the basic plans.

Wherever you need them they will always be there. Their customer service executives are on hand to answer your questions all the time.

Address : S.C.O. 52-53, Madhya Marg, Sector 9, Chandigarh, 160009

Contact : +917814226070

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Ometanet: Best Internet Service Provider In Chandigarh

To provide you with a fully dedicated internet connection, Ometa Net brings the new and most modern Fiber optic technology to your home (Fiber to Home – FTTH). Their advanced Fiber optics are designed for the future and can accommodate speeds of 1000 Mbps or more.

Ometanet’s data centers and switches use state-of-the-art technology that helps them provide you with the best internet experience. They are among Chandigarh’s Best Internet Service Providers.

Address : Satya Complex, Near Vijya Bank, Dera Bassi, Punjab 140507

Contact : 9319227500

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Internet penetration in India has seen a huge boom in the last couple of years. But the main problem lies with the connection and speed. That is why people should do a lot of research before deciding a particular internet service provider for them.

There are many different internet service providers in Chandigarh for one to choose from. We have mentioned some of the leading service providers of Chandigarh. The data was collected from the official website of the providers and based on the reviews of the customers.

There are plenty of local internet service providers as well that one can choose from. After all, the main purpose is to have seamless streaming and fast speed!

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