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10 Best High Speed Internet Service Provider in Kochi in 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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internet providers in kochi

Kochi has been adorned with the enchanting Arabian Sea which has made it one of India’s top port cities and tourist destinations. Not only does it have the charm of ancient times, but it is also blended perfectly with modern day beauty.

There are a number of internet services in Kochi, but to make things easy for you we have made a list of the Best Internet Service Providers in Kochi, so that you know what to pick from in the future.

There is nothing as important as good internet service these days, your ISP is the only one making Internet a possibility for you. You might have the latest shiny computer inside your home, but without an ISP it is nothing more than a box of limited possibilities. Take a look below to understand which are the best Internet Access Providers in Kochi.

Here is the List of Best Internet Service Providers in Kochi-

Airtel Broadband in Vyttila, Ernakulam

Airtel Broadband in Vyttila, Ernakulam: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Airtel broadband in Vytilla, Ernakulam was established in 2009, and since then it has been a top player among the Internet Service Providers in the region. This is a well known establishment which is known for being the one-stop destination that serves customers locally as well from various other parts of Ernakulum.

The company has been able to establish a firm foothold in the internet industry with the help of its excellent services and offers. They believe that customer satisfaction is as important, if not more, as the services and policies of the company.

Airtel has been able to garner a large number of customers in Kochi because of the devotion of its workers and the excellent network which they provide, and this number is only growing every day.

It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Internet Service Providers, DTH TV Broadcast Service Providers, DTH TV Broadcast Service Providers-Airtel Digital TV, Broadband Internet Service Providers, Wifi Internet Service Providers, Postpaid Mobile Phone Simcard Dealers-Airtel, Mobile Phone Simcard Dealers-Airtel, Mobile Phone Simcard Dealers.

Address: 64/9445, TD Rd, Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala 682035

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Surfus: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Surfus was established in the year – 2012. As one of the most important internet service providers in the region, Surfus has gained a lot of ground for the services and offers it provides.

The well-known establishment has taken upon itself to become a one-stop destination for all the customers who are from Ernakulam and other regions of Kochi.

Through its journey as a firm internet provider of the region, Surfus has been able to maintain a name for itself among the people of Kochi.The various employs of this establishment are dedicated to their customers and want to provide the best possible services to all their users.

They are aimed towards achieving the larger vision and goals of the company. Surfus is also aiming to expand its client base in the near future. Focusing on its products, and services, it is constantly trying to improve the quality of the services it provides.

The office is located at Paradise road, near Medall lab, making it easy for people who are visiting the place for the first time to locate it.

It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Internet Service Providers, Broadband Internet Service Providers, Broadband Internet Service Providers-Airtel, Computer Networking Storage Solution Providers, Firewall Appliance Dealers, Internet Security Services, Internet Solution Providers, Cloud Computing Services.

Address: 32/1190, Civil Line Rd, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025

Contact: +919072090721

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Express Gate in Chullickal, Ernakulam

Express Gate In Chullickal, Ernakulam: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Express Gate in Kochi was established in 2002 and since then it has gained a lot of fame as one of the best internet service provider in the region. The Express Gate services are known widely around Erankulam as well as in the surrounding places.

The business has successfully established itself in the market of internet providers through its policy of customer satisfaction and ensuring that all its employees give nothing but their best at work. Express gate has a good customer base which is slowly increasing with time, as the company focuses on expanding itself.

The company is located in the prominent region of Chullickal and it is absolute no effort to commute to the establishment because there are a large number of vehicles available that can carry you to their office. 

Express Gate is located at Mother Teresa Road, near the church which helps make it easy for anyone to locate the place.

It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Internet Service Providers, CCTV Dealers, Computer Repair & Services, Computer Dealers, Laptop Dealers, Laptop Repair & Services, Inverter Dealers, Laptop Repair & Services-HP.

Address: 14/198 Mother Theresa Junction, Santo Gopalan Road, Chullikal, Ernakulam, Kerala 682005

Contact: +919061525354

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Asianet Broadband, KochiAsianet Broadband, Kochi: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Asianet Broadband happens to be one of the flagship services of Asianet Satellite Communications Private Ltd. It was established in 1993 and has become one of the leading internet service providers in Kerela. As a matter of fact it has also been rated among the best 20 ISPs of India by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

It also happens to be one of the fastest growing ISPs in the country. Asianet Broadband has used the cutting edge technology of DOCSIS which was adopted by the leaders of the world in the Internet Space.

Asianet is also waiting to expand itself Tamil Nadu where it wants to provide its services to the people who work in large enterprises. The company has a subscriber base of over 1,70,000 homes, customers and SME within Kerela itself.

A Large number of cities, villages and towns in Kerala have already had themselves wired along the network of Asianet Cable TV, which also provides quality Cable TV distribution.

The Asianet broadband has a bandwidth capacity which exceed 12000 Mbps which is considered the largest in Kerela among all the new generation ISPs that are held privately.

Asianet provides solutions for the broadband needs of corporate as well as Web Solutions, Turnkey Network Solutions, Wireless Networking Solutions, VoIP Solutions and LAN-WAN System Integration Solutions. They also provide 24×7 customer care to all their users.

Address: 32/1190, Civil Line Rd, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025

Contact: +919072090721

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Teligus Networks Pvt Ltd.

Teligus Networks Pvt Ltd: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Teligus Network Pvt. Ltd. happens to be an internet service provider which offers internet connectivity as well as other IT services that home and commercial customers love to use for their amazing quality and service.

Telegius Networks has in-house software development as well as a network engineering team which enables them to provide services that are future ready.

They offer a number of services and solutions to their customers. Teligus has pbtained its ISP License from the Department of Telecom (DOT) Govt of India.

Telegius also uses the latest Optical Fiber Technology based on GPON. They are capable of delivering FTTH/FTTP access to their customers with speed that is more than 1Gbps. Their services come with latest IPv6 enabled network as well security and enhanced performance.

The FTTH/FTTP on GPON technology used by Teligus enables end to end optical fiber connectivity with great speed which might even be increased further in the future. 

The company puts its customers first and ensures that complaints are solved within the SLA period which makes it possible for them to take precautions in order to avoid future mistakes or mishaps.

They are also open to taking fresh suggestions from their customers on which they can work. The workers at Teligus want to make sure that all their services and infrastructure is present in the best quality.

Address: P. T. Joseph Rd, Chullickal, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Contact: +919895679779

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Alliance Broadband Services

Alliance Broadband Services: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

The broadband connection from Alliance broadband services is bound to give you a much better experience than most other internet set ups such as dongles, etc. Dongles are portable connections to the internet which you can directly plug into your laptop, desktop or computer.

On the other hand broadband internet connections by Alliance Broadband Services are provided for multiple devices and are laid out over fiber or copper optic cables. We highly recommend Alliance Broadband Services for your home so that you can get the best deal in Kochi.

Alliance Broadband services offer you fiber optic internet connection which will transform your everyday broadband connection experience as well as interaction with high-speed internet.

Alliance brings to you some of the fastest broadband connection that has speed which can go up to 1Gbps, thus ensuring that once you have broadband, you are able to make much faster downloads and have relatively less buffering. 

There are unlimited internet plans that come with high speed internet and you can easily reach their office which is located at 54/3104b, Subash Chandra Bose Road, Kadavanthra Juntion.

Alliance broadband is one of the most extended wired networks in the region which gives quick, hazard-free access to the internet that does not take any time. They also provide a devoted team of workers who will lessen the downtime to a great extent.

Address: 54/3104-B, Subhash Chandra Bose Rd, Kadavanthra Junction, Elamkulam, Kochi, Kerala 682020


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Seacom Electronic Services

Seacom Electronic Services: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

If you’re someone who constantly works on the web, then you will find countless occasions for which you require a good internet connection. In the business ecosystem today Seacom Electronic services in Kochi come with some of the most affordable and fastest quality internet offers in the region.

These internet services will never give you a sloppy connection and shall keep you away from a fall in productivity and performance. A number of tasks require internet in this date and time, and Seacom will make sure that you get the information that you need for the proper functioning of your work or project.

If you need to download anything related to your work, which is greatly going to affect the good functioning of your business, then you can make good use of Seacom Electronic services.

You can download a number of things with the help of their internet service, such as- a new driver or a new PDF editor which might be used in everyday work.

If you do not have a good internet connection you will just end up spending all your time looking at the computer screen without being able to get any work done. Thus we recommend Seacom Electronic Services so that you can go through your day smoothly with a handy internet connection.

Address: Civil station, Kochi, Juma Masjid Rd, Kakkanad, Kerala 682030


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Reliance World

Reliance World: Best Internet Service Provider In Kochi

Reliance world is located in Shezy Arcade, P T Jacob Road, Thoppumpady, Ernakulam. Other than providing the people of today with a wide range of mobiles, and tablets, this center of technology is also responsible for giving you a number of internet options to pick from.

The goal of reliance world is to connect people all over the country with the help of internet connections.Another important factor about Reliance world is that it’s the one internet service provider in the region which will give you some of the cheapest internet plans.

In these times it is important to get a great, modern internet connection, and reliance world makes sure that you are able to do exactly that without having to make excessive investments. Thus, picking Reliance world as your ISP should be a simple and wise decision. 

Address: B-12, Penta Estate, Janatha Junction, S Janatha Rd, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025

Contact: +919142344444

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DMS Satellite

There is a wide range of services and products which are offered by DMS Satellite to fulfill the various requirements of the people that they serve. The staff members are very helpful and courteous, we are sure you shall find a solution to all of your cyber problems in this place. 

If you do not want to take any risks in the functioning of your business, and wish for it to run as smoothly as possible then you can rely on DMS satellite for best internet connectivity.

One of the biggest benefits of having internet from DMS is that you will be able to get some of the fastest internet services in the region. Thus, you will be able to save on a lot of time for your work.

Address: Narakkal Vypin, Narakkal, Narakkal, Ernakulam, Kerala 680505

Contact: +914842492203

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Wyig3g Microsystem


There are a number of reasons for which you could use the internet services from Wyig3g Microsystem. If you want to set up calls between different people from the company such as the employees or leaders and even the partners from some other company, then you can rely on the services given by Wyig3G Microsystem.

The quality and high speed internet can be used to conduct regular chat, voice chat and video chat. If you need a bigger bandwidth for the connection to be stable, then Wyi3g Microsystem will provide it to you. 

If you’re a diligent worker, then chances are that often you will need to upload much information into your cloud. This act also requires high speed internet connectivity which can be provided by Wyig3G Microsystem.

If you have good internet connection, you can ensure that all your files get uploaded safely, at the right time- Wyig3g Microsystem can greatly help you in this matter.


The city of Kochi boasts highly of its cosmopolitan outlooks, but it still remains connected to its indigenous roots through its traditional and cultural values. If you want to be able to enjoy the real treasures in Kerela, then you must try to make the best out of this wonderful place.

For typical homeowners and apartment dwellers, ISP are usually the cable companies which are capable of offering an internet subscription. If you want to open a gateway for yourself into the outer world then you should definitely consider setting one of the above given ISPs in your house.

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