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15 Best iPad Pro 11 Cases & Covers Available Online In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Congratulations on purchasing the latest iPad 11 pro! we hope you’re enjoying it thoroughly, but I think that now you’re more concerned about the safety of that costly device rather than enjoying it. True, there are many covers in the market for tablets but one doesn’t know which one can actually protect their tablet.

So after extensive research and purchases, we’ve put together a list of 12 iPad Pro 11 covers that will provide your tablet much-needed protection and also make it look stylish without adding much bulk. So let’s get started with it.

Here below is the list of 10 Best iPad Pro 11 Cases:

ESR Urban Folio Case for iPad Pro 11


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Next up we have a flip case from ESR that appears simple and delicate due to its mesmerizing two-tone blue and beige color scheme with a wood grain texture. Plus, it’s decorative stitching adds an elegant touch to it.

The material that has been used for this case is premium faux leather which will last longer and won’t peel or crack like leather.

ESR used hollowed out Polycarbonate backplate, which will prevent from adding bulk to your iPad plus offers maximum ventilation. It comes with a pencil holder and is compatible with wireless charging.

For extra protection for your iPad’s sides, it provides 1mm extended edge that will prevent wear and tear. And for the in-built kickstand, it has 2 grooves for adjustable viewing angles. Plus its strong magnets ensure the quick wake/sleep feature.

If you are looking for something decent but not simple, you might like this case. If you don’t prefer this particular color combination, they have 3 more options.


ESR Rebound Soft Shell Case for iPad Pro 11

ESR Rebound Soft Shell Case - Best iPad Pro 11 Cases (2020)

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This case isn’t much different from the previous one (Almost the same), so you can choose whichever you prefer according to your needs. This crystal clear case is made up of a tough yet flexible TPU.

It offers protection to your iPad through its shock-absorbing corners and raised edges (1.3 mm raised bezel for screen and 0.6 mm raised bezel for the camera). Its premium material will prevent it from turning yellow over time. This transparent case will protect your iPad from dust, scratches, dirt, bumps, and shocks.

And just like Raegr case, this case doesn’t offer a kickstand or complete protection to your screen through folio. If you are a clumsy person or got butterfingers, instead of transparent covers you should opt for protective flip covers (keep on reading for that).

CZARTECH iPad Pro 11 inch cover CZARTECH iPad Pro 11 inch cover - Best iPad Pro 11 Cases (2020)

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So we are back to our flip covers, Czartech designed this case with high-quality material for optimal usage. It’s tough polycarbonate structure and soft TPU back shell protects your device from bumps, shocks, and drops.

This case gives a simple and sophisticated look to your iPad with its premium leather folio and slim profile. While it’s microfiber skin on the inside prevents dirt or scratches on the back of your iPad. It safeguards the camera with its raised edges.

Its TPE edge enhances its shock-absorbing capacity. Other than that its apple pencil holder will let you hold and charge your pencil within the case. It offers 360 protection to your iPad and you don’t have to worry about its durability.

It will stay as good as new, as it is fingerprint-proof, anti-slip, and dirt resistant. Its strong magnetic connection will let you use this case in two modes, viewing and typing, Plus, wake/sleep feature.

ESR Case for iPad Pro 11 inchESR Case for iPad Pro 11 - Best iPad Pro 11 Cases (2020)

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Next, we have this smart magnetic case by ESR, this cases’ numerous in-built magnets hold the case and your iPad securely (it won’t let your iPad slip even if you’ll hold the case with its folio). It’s thin and minimalistic design makes it look quite elegant, for its folio, ESR has used 3 layer structure, soft microfiber lining on the inside to prevent scratches on the screen, durable non deforming inner panel, and silky rubberized exterior.

And hence the screen of the iPad will be safe from scratches and cracks. This case does a decent job while protecting your device from drops, without adding any unnecessary bulk. The raised edge protects the camera and 1 mm extended dimensions for additional protection.

With its dual standing positions, you can comfortably watch movies and do typing. Plus, it supports the Apple pencil’s magnetic attachment and wireless charging. The wake/sleep function works quickly with the help of powerful magnets. It can be a great replacement for the smart keyboard folio from Apple.



Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Pro 11 Case

Urban Armor Gear UAG iPad Pro 11 Case - Best iPad Pro 11 Cases (2020)

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Another great protective case, expensive but worth it. Urban Armor Gear tried to put lightweight materials in a rugged and low profile design that will provide complete protection to your iPad without adding unnecessary bulk to it.

It fulfills the military standards for drops and shocks by enduring 26 drops from 4 feet of height which ensures a level of protection to your device. So if you work in a harsh environment, this case will offer your iPad complete protection from damage during drops or shocks. Those bumpers on all the four corners of this case take maximum damage while safeguarding your iPad.

For secure handling in a wet or slippery condition, they offer a water-resistant tactical grip. Plus, it offers an adjustable kickstand and auto wake/sleep feature. It also provides a built-in pen holder that supports pairing or charging. But sadly it doesn’t support smart keyboard folio or magic keyboard. This thin, friction free, lint resistant case can be a great choice for your iPad.



ProElite Rugged Shockproof Armor Smart flip Cover ProElite Rugged Shockproof Armor Smart flip Cover for Apple iPad Pro 11 - Best iPad Pro 11 Cases (2020)

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This rugged armor case by ProElite is designed to offer 360-degree protection to your precious iPad, and unlike other protective cases, this case will let you flaunt the logo of Apple. ProElite combined practical and heavy-duty material for this case.

The transparent window on the back of the flip cover is made up of clear polycarbonate, it’s sides and frame is made up of TPU, and for folio, they used high-quality PU. Its reinforced edges and frame offer extra protection.

Just like other cases this cover also offers multiple features like in pencil holder, Automatic magnetic closure that will protect your iPad’s screen if dropped face down, smart wake/sleep function, a three-layer foldable leather kickstand makes it convenient for working or watching movies.

The design of this case prevents dust and scratches, keeping your device as good as new. Its precise cutouts let you access all buttons and ports with ease.

Durasafe Cases for iPad Pro 11

Durasafe Cases for iPad Pro 11

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As we already know that flip covers are the most suitable type of covers for the fragile devices like Tablets as these fellas can cover your precious tablet from the top, bottom, and the sides; since Apple’s iPads are a tad expensive, you’ll definitely want to give it as much as protection you can–so your top pick would obviously be a flip cover.

Hence for starters, we’ve got a flip cover and a really good-looking flip cover at that–well we gotta be stylish.

So check out this marvelous and colorful “Starry night” case from Durasafe! And when I say starry night, I am referring to the world-famous Starry Night painting by none other than Vincent Van Gogh! (Art lovers hear that?).

This case offers 3 fold design on the front flip so it can be used as a stand while watching movies or while typing comfortably (without keyboard).

This cover has a semi-hard flip cover on the top and a transparent hardcover on the back– this makes it quite easy to protect as well as flaunt your expensive iPad Pro 11; also you needn’t fuss about ruining the design as the material is scratch-resistant–other than that it is also fingerprint smudge resistant, and moderately dust resistant.

The case will easily protect your device from accidental falls and shocks.

If you don’t like the design (shame!) then you can pick from 17-ish other cases. Do note that this case will only fit iPad Pro 11 2nd generation models and this case doesn’t offer any space to attach an Apple Pencil which is a bummer.

ZUGU CASE for 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch

ZUGU CASE for 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch - RAEGR Shield by ESR iPad Pro 11 Case

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So the next protective case we have here is by Zugu, which offers grooves for 8 different angles for watching movies, face timing, or typing. Another great thing about this case is that you can stick on any metal surface for a hands-free experience, as it is magnetic.

This rugged protective case is made up of rugged TPU and polycarbonate that provides complete protection, withstanding the impact of a drop from 5FT drop onto a hard surface like concrete.

It has a pocket for an apple pencil, on the back of the case. Its design adds a sleek and sophisticated look to your device. And Just like other protective cases, this case does a really great job of protecting your iPad.

Its wake/sleep function and it’s precise cuts make it feasible to use this case, but the folio if this case isn’t foldable which might be annoying at times.

RAEGR Shield by ESR iPad Pro 11 Case

RAEGR Shield by ESR iPad Pro 11 Case - RAEGR Shield by ESR iPad Pro 11 Case

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If you are looking for something light with minimal bulk which will let you flaunt your iPad’s natural design, we have picked some of the best transparent cases. This light, flexible, and transparent case by Raegr will fit like a second skin on your device.

It comes with air guard corners, that absorbs the impact of fall or shock. And with its raised lip, it protects the screen and camera from scratches or cracks. But you won’t get a kickstand and a folio (to offer complete protection to your iPad’s screen).

It’s easy to install and remove this case because of its flexibility, you can bend it without the fear of breaking or permanent loosening. This case will let you magnetically pair and charge your apple pencil. It is scratch and cracks resistant, plus its microdot layer on the inside prevents it from clinging to your iPad so you won’t have to deal with watermarking. And it’s precise cutouts will let you seamlessly use all the functions of your iPad.

Mobifuse Rugged Armor Shockproof Kickstand Back Cover

Mobifuse Rugged Armor Shockproof Kickstand Back Cover - iPad Pro 11 Cases

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So the last type (not the last case) of cases we have for you are Protective cases, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best case suitable for you by the end of this article. Anyways, this case by Mobifuse protects your precious iPad through its double-layer structure, Its outer-layer absorbs the impact of shocks, drops, or bumps to the maximum.

And it’s bumpers (airbag like design) around all the 4 corners enhances its shock-absorbing capacity. Its sides are made up of high-quality TPU which makes it grippy. Plus, It’s unique design and the hand strap will prevent it from slipping from your hand.

So if you are looking for a case that can protect your tablet from multiple falls or reduces the number of falls, you might like this back cover.

For the stand, they offer an inbuilt foldable kickstand (triangle structure) with a protrusion that will let you watch movies hands-free with ease. It’s unique design and precise cuts will let you access all ports, buttons, and charging with ease.

Oaky Full Body Protective Rugged Shockproof Cover

Oaky Folio Cover for Apple iPad Pro 11 - iPad Pro 11 Cases

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This case by Oaky is made up of high-quality shock-resistant material, it covers your iPad completely. They used premium leather for external that gives your device a classy look, while its soft TPU back shell provides better shock absorption.

To prevent scratches on the back of your iPad it offers soft microfiber lining and honeycomb grid air cushion design that help in releasing over 80% heat. Other than that its corner protection design enhances its shock-absorbing capacity.

Many of the cases in this list don’t offer wireless charging on the side, but this case offers magnetic attachment plus wireless charging. For pencil, it comes with two slots, one for a pencil holder and one for pencil charging. And to remove the pencil from the holder you just need to push through the small slot on the backside of the case.

The material used for this cover makes it scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof, and dust and dirt resistant. Its trifold design and magnetic stand offer you two standing positions for watching movies and one for typing. And of course, just like other covers this case also offers an Auto wake and sleep feature (magnetic closure), that will help you save power.

Blackpoll 360 Degree Rotating Leather Cover

Blackpoll 360 Degree Rotating Leather Cover - iPad Pro 11 Cases

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This case by Blackpoll will let you use your iPad in portrait as well as landscape mode, with its 360° rotating feature. There are many cases out there that offer multiple viewing angles, but with them, you won’t be able to use your tablet in portrait mode because their stands support only portrait mode. Apart from landscape and portrait mode, for multiple angles, it offers 3 deep grooves, made up of anti-skid material.

Its dual-layer structure and high-quality Synthetic leather exterior offer complete protection to your device. A microfiber lining on the back of the folio prevents scratches and dust on the screen, while hard PC as the inner shell works as a shock absorber.

They offer an elastic latch that securely holds your iPad inside plus it also helps in preventing accidental drops, as we can use it for grip too. This case will offer you complete protection from dust, shock, scratches, water, and accidental drops. And yes, of course, this case also offers the wake and sleep function.

Author’s note.

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this article and now I sincerely hope that after going through this article you have found yourself a good case for your precious iPad 11 pro; if not, do leave us a comment stating your preferences.

Also, do note that due to the ongoing Pandemic many of the cases given here might show “Temporarily Unavailable”.

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