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15 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases Available Online in India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Set to launch from the 6th of November 2020, the iPhone 12 mini was so awaited by all for its affordability as well as compact size. As times progressed, phones got bigger. It is finally great to see a smaller phone that can pack the punch of another flagship phone.

Apple’s main aim was to provide a phone in a large budget range that would work for everyone. The iPhone 12 Mini is one the cheaper side of things which attracted a lot of people towards it.

With just a display size of 5.4”, the iPhone 12 mini packs the same features as the much pricier iPhone 12. With the same cameras and the same A14 Bionic chip, it is just a small price to pay for luxury.

The only possible criticism it could get is the smaller battery life. But that is to be expected from a smaller phone as there is less area to pack in a larger battery.

If you have already purchased the iPhone 12 mini, then you are aware of all these features. What you now need is a case to protect it. It is tiny and will easily slip through your fingers, so you need to protect it. Here are some cases that you can choose from:

Recommended Cases Amazon Price Official Site Price Model
#1. iPhone 12 Mini Chrome Case 999 Chrome
#2. Ultra Thin Matte Back Cover Case 549 Matte
#3. Crystal Clear Transparent Case 289 Transparent

Here is the list of iPhone 12 Mini Cases:

Trenx Ultra Thin Matte Back Cover Case

Trenx Ultra Thin Matte Case for iPhone 12 (Black)

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The TRENX liquid air case for the iPhone 12 mini, is the perfect solution for your clumsy self and your phone’s safety. Available in a matte black colour, it is simple yet sophisticated while also being extremely functional.

Made for the iPhone 12 mini, it is slim, small and form-fitted without adding too much bulk to the phone. It is lightweight enough to be carried around easily without posing a problem. Its pocket-friendly tendencies also help in making it more accessible.

The anti-slip matte surface helps you grip the phone comfortably without the fear of it dropping or slipping from your hand. It also provides fingerprint resistance so you do not need to worry about it being dirty or getting scratches from that.

The Mil-grade protection and the air cushion technology of the phone case is precisely what you need to ensure that your phone remains in one piece for the longest time ever.

As you drop your phone, the shock-absorbing technology distributes the force of the fall evenly so that your phone does not absorb all the impact causing it to break.

Trenx Crystal Clear Transparent Case

Trenx Premium Transparent Case for iPhone 12 Mini


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Designed for the iPhone 12 Mini, the Spigen Rugged armour back cover is a perfect fit. Available in a beautiful matte black colour that is simple yet sophisticated, it is the perfect case for your new iPhone 12 mini.

Made out of premium materials, it is perfect for protecting your phone. The resilient shock-absorbing design is made out of carbon fibre to provide the most protection it could give you. It also comes with a flexible TPU case that has a spider web pattern that provides a stronger grip on your phone.

The raised edges help protect the phone screen from scratches and dust. The air cushion technology is built-in for shock absorption to help protect your phone from accidental drops and bumps. There are tactile buttons on the side for an easy press of the buttons without too much effort.

TrueUpgrade for iPhone 12 Mini Case Cover

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The TrueUpgrade liquid Silicone Back Cover for the iPhone 12 Mini (2020), is a simple case that gets the job done. Available in stunning blue colour, it is a great option for a basic phone case.

Precise cutouts for the different buttons, charging ports and the speakers make it easy to access and are also quick without any lag. They only enhance the button’s performance.

The phone case’s edges are gifted slightly to allow you to rest the phone face down, without the worry of getting any scratches on the screen or the cameras. It even comes with a soft microfibre lining on the inside of the silicon case that does not damage the phone’s hardware itself.

It is the perfect fit and is also lightweight adding only necessary features to enhance the phone’s performance. It is also available in other fun and exciting colours if blue seems too generic for you.

Amozo – for iPhone 12 Mini Case Cover

Amozo - for iPhone 12 Mini Case Cover: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Amazon case for iPhone 12 mini is small and compact as it is tailored to specifically fit the phone. It is a transparent soft silicone material made of the popular hybrid technology with a durable back panel and a TPU material for the sides.

The raised edges on the sides and the cameras making it very ideal for protection of the phone’s screen as well. You can conveniently lay the phone on its back or even face down without worrying about your camera or screen getting scratches or dirt.

The shockproof cover absorbs all the force in case of an accident keeping your phone safe. The precise cutouts and pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press while the large cutouts fit most cables very easily. It even supports wireless charging.

Caseology Nano Pop Back Cover

Caseology Nano Pop Back Cover: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Caseology nano Pop case that is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 Mini should already be in your cart at this point. The cute peach pink colour that is not too girly and is also sophisticated looking.

The case is a smooth, soft silicone material that is over a shock-absorbing TPU layer in such a way that the exterior feels amazing in your hands.

It is comfortable but also has a good grip that prevents it from slipping out of your hand. The silicone layer is also very easy to clean, so it is always dust and stain free.

The raised edges on the sides protect your screen and the durable polycarbonate material keeps your cameras safe from scratches and bumps.

Protecting your phone just got a heck of a lot easier. If pink is just not your colour there are other colour options as well. But this case is well worth its price and is very functional.

Caseology Nano Pop Designed Back Cover

Caseology Nano Pop Designed Back Cover: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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Caseology nano pop is a case that is designed for the iPhone 12 Mini. Available in a beautiful blueberry navy colour, it is both stunning to look at as well as very functional.

The silky smooth silicone finish over the TPU material that is shock-absorbing makes for a safe combination to protect your phone. Additionally, it also helps provide you with a comfortable grip for daily use.

The protective polycarbonate ring and raised edges help keep your camera secure as well as protect it from scratches or dirt. The premium silicone coating makes it easy to clean and also prevents dust from building up. Available in other stunning colours there is one for everyone out there.

Cyrill Leather Brick

Cyrill Leather Brick: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Cyril Leather brick phone case designed specifically for the iPhone 12 Mini is ideal. The smooth and synthetic leather provides a comfortable grip on your phone without the fear of dropping it.

Moreover, the soft microfiber material lining the inside of the case keeps the back of your phone safe from dust and scratches. The polycarbonate and TPu materials provide double with the protection.

The PC material protects the back of your phone, while the TPU is used to raise the edges providing more protection for your phone’s screen and camera lens.

The different coloured buttons are unique and are a statement, but the theory is also very functional providing you with quick assistance to the buttons on the side of your phone.

It also supports wireless charging and is compatible with all the screen protectors. When you order this case you even get an extra set of buttons. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and order your case!

ESR Classic Series

ESR Classic Series: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The ESR classic phone case is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 Mini and even comes with a screen protector. It is available in a stunning, yet simple blue colour that enhances the look of the actual phone.

It provides you with triple protection with the frame and 2 glass screen protectors. The yellowing-resistant material of the back keeps your phone clear and transparent looking as good as new all the time.

It also allows you to show off the original look of the iPhone. The raised bezels on the side and surrounding the camera bump just prevents the damage of the lens or the screen. It is dust and scratch-free.

This ergonomic protective phone case is also shock-absorbing that prevents the phone from receiving the brunt of the accidental fall.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Spigen Ultra hybrid back case for the iPhone 12 mini is specifically designed to fit and protect your phone. The hybrid technology made of a durable PC back that is crystal clear, as well as TPU, integrates flexibility with design.

You no longer need different colours to hide the phone, you can simply display the beautiful back of your phone itself, without compromising on protection. The raised bezels on the side ensure that your screen or the camera does not come in contact with any surface when placed face down.

This helps protect scratches and dust particles from damaging the screen and the display. The tactile buttons on the side are functional and quick to respond when they come in contact with the buttons on the phone.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Back Cover

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Back Cover: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Spigen liquid crystal glitter back case is perfect for adding that sparkle back into your life. With the sleek design of your iPhone 12 mini, this case only adds more character to it. Called Crystal Quartz, this case is beautiful to look at with its glittery sparkles.

The glitter-infused TPU is flexible but is safe and keeps your phone lightweight and scratch-free, providing the necessary protections.

It is a simple design that is flexible and makes installation easy. The reinforced buttons ensure quick and easy access to the functions on the phone and are fast as well.

ESR Glass Case for iPhone 12 Mini

ESR Glass Case for iPhone 12 Mini: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The ESR glass case is specifically designed for the 5.4″ iPhone 12 mini 2020. With a lot of features that aim to protect your phone, it is the best option to invest in design-wise.

The sophisticated look, as well as the beautiful blue colour, just goes on to add that aesthetic look to your phone.

It comes with a scratch-resistant tempered glass on the back that is transparent along with a flexible polymer frame that is designed to protect your phone from scratches, drops, bumps and scratches.

The shock-absorbing air guard cushioned corners absorb the complete impact of the fall keeping your phone completely safe. The glass back remains clear and transparent due to the yellowing-resistant material that is coated on it, keeping your phone looking as good as new for ages to come.

Cyrill Silicone back cover

Cyrill Silicone back cover: iPhone 12 Mini Case

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The Cyrill silicone phone case for the iPhone 12 Mini is perfect for ensuring the protection and longevity of your phone. No more trips to the service centre with a cracked screen or broken display. Available in the most stunning lavender colour, it is a sophisticated fit that goes to bring out your character.

This phone case not only targets the screen and display of your phone, but also the back frame of the phone. An inner microfiber cushion that provides complete protection on the corners and ensures a scratch-free surface on your device.

An ergonomic design ensures the perfect, comfortable grip for your phone while also being very form-friendly. The phone case also makes it very pocket friendly. You can easily clean off the case with a wet towel to make it look like it is new and keep it sanitary.

Spigen technology protects your phone while Cyrill’s aesthetic is perfect for both men and women. The phone case is also wireless charging compatible and is perfect for adding a screen protector as well.


While there are a lot of options for iPhone 12 mini-cases, you need to choose one with maximum protection to ensure a long life of your phone. There are a lot of factors to consider in a phone case.

It is not something that you expect to keep buying again and again. It is an investment that adds functionality and peace of mind while using your phone.

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