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10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases Available in India (2023)

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The iPhone 12 pro max was available for pre-order from November 6th 2020. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest phone in the 2020 iPhone line up from Apple. The flat-edged stainless steel design makes the phone look so beautiful while also providing that sophisticated look that iPhones are known for. The flat, stainless steel frames also help add more real estate on the inside of the phone. Officially, launching on 13th November 2020, it is a very well-awaited phone starting at ₹ 82,000, the phone is a flagship device.

With such a big investment on a phone, it is definitely worth the extra money in ensuring it remains in that pristine condition it arrived in. It is important to buy a phone case and screen protector in case the phone ends up in an accident.

Recommended Cases Amazon Price Official Site Price Model
#1. iPhone 12 Pro Max Chrome Case 999 Chrome
#2. Ultra Hybrid Thin Cover Case 599 Matte
#3. Exclusive Neon Sand Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 799 Neon Sand
#4. Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max  599 Silicone
#5. Crystal Clear Transparent Case 339 Transparent

Here are great iPhone 12 pro max case options that do all the work for you and leave you in a peaceful state of mind.

Trenx Ultra Hybrid Thin Cover Case

Trenx Ultra Thin Matte Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro (Black)


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The TRENX ultra hybrid back covers for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is functional but also simple. Available in a stunning Matte Black color, the case is completely protective due to the hybrid technology that it is made of. The TPU material of the bumper and the polycarbonate material of the back makes it completely protective of your phone.

The crystal clear back of the phone just enhances the natural look of your phone while the matte black sides add some character to it. Additionally, the raised side bezels help protect your screen and the camera lenses from getting scratches or dust.

So you can now rest your phone on its back without worry about anything happening to the camera. The buttons along the side are a perfect fit which makes it easy to access and quick to press. The laser-cut large cutouts are more than enough to fit larger cables.

Trenx Exclusive Neon Sand Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Trenx Exclusive Neon Sand Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max (Lime Sorbet)

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The Trenx Exclusive Neon Sand Case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a very attractive phone case that is simple yet sophisticated. In a beautiful lavender grey color that is muted yet still makes a statement, it is a great phone case to have.

The thin and flexible design of the phone case matches the phone’s look and feel. It has a durable SF coating along with the TPU layer that helps absorb the shock from accidental drop, falls or bumps. It is a lightweight soft feeling phone case that just adds more to your phone than its traditional look.

It even has anti-static components that prevent your device from accumulating dirt and dust. The scratch-resistant phone cover is perfect for you. Moreover, it even comes with lanyard holes that are available on both sides that provide versatility and utility. If lavender is not your color, then there are a variety of other color options. So, there is one for everyone out there.

Trenx Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Trenx iPhone 12 Premium MultiColoured Silicone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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The TRENX clear phone case for the iPhone 11 Pro max is thin and slim. The clear case allows you to show off your iPhone with the yellowing-resistant polymer material that will last for a long time.

At just 1.1mm thin it is bulk-free and extremely lightweight. The soft TPU back cover is perfect for protection along with the air guard corners that keep your phone safe from accidents.

Raised bezels along the side and the camera and screen protect the phone from scratches. The texture of the phone case makes it very easy to grip for everyday use. If you want something that is simple looking with no fuss, this is the phone case you should get.

Trenx Crystal Clear Transparent Case

Trenx Premium Transparent Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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The Trenx transparent  case is perfectly compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The liquid silicone rubber shockproof soft case designed to protect your phone to the best of its ability. The case is a perfect git and provides a good amount of protection without adding any bulk to it. The super protective silicone material of the phone is protective and withstands scratches, drops, bumps, and shocks.

The high-quality rubber silicone material also prevents the phone from slipping from your hand due to the comfortable grip that it provides. The raised edges help protect the phone from scratches on the screen or damage to the camera lenses.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft microfiber lining that ensures that dust won’t get in and cause damage to your phone’s hardware. Additionally, it also has cutouts for speakers, the charging port and the camera and also access to wireless charging. It is also available in multiple colors.

i-Blason Ares Case Cover

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The i-Blason Ares phone case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is a dual-layer case designed to protect the phone while also being minimalistic looking. This rugged clear bumper case comes with an in-built screen protector, providing 360-degree protection for your phone. Made out of a flexible TPU and polycarbonate material, this case is CNET certified to protect you from dust, dirt, drops or falls.

It is bound to last a drop of at least 20 feet which is almost 3-storey’s so your phone is safe. The transparent back of the case allows it to naturally highlight the natural look of your iPhone while also being very protective. The transparent back is scratch proof so you can rest it on any surface without compromising your phone’s safety. It comes in two colors, black and purple.

The precise cutouts allow you to access the charging port and use the speakers easily without having to remove the case. The elevated bezels on the side and the camera bump protect the screen and lenses from dirt and scratches.

ESR Cloud Series case

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ESR Cloud series case is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a screen size of 6.7″. The liquid silicone rubber back case has a comfortable grip due to the grippy matte texture. The case is lightweight and not bulky making it easy to hold and use on an everyday basis.

The inner lining of the cover is made from a microfiber material that is designed to protect the back of your phone from dust and scratches. Raised bezels around the sides of the phone and the camera lenses are designed to make sure that you can put your phone down on its back or face down without worrying about it getting scratched or dirty.

Available in a navy blue color, it is designed to be shock-absorbing, preventing your home from accidental scratches. It perfectly fits your phone without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. If navy blue seems too generic, then there is a wide range of other colors which means there is something for everyone out there.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Back Cover

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The Spigen Liquid case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Crystal Clear case is slim and form-fitted while also being lightweight. The anti-slip TPU material ensures that your phone does not slip, but is also light and not bulky. The reinforced buttons on the side promise quick responsiveness while being out of the way. It is easy to install and a very protective case, nonetheless.

Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover Case

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The Spigen liquid air back cover case is designed for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. available in a stunning matte black colour that looks good and is slim. It is form-fitted and lightweight which makes it not bulky at all.

The mil-grade protection and air cushion technology for anti-shock protection just makes it a better choice in terms of the security of your phone. The matte surface makes it easy to grip and is easy for daily use.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case

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The Spigen ultra hybrid back covers for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is reinforced to completely protect your phone from any accidents. The crystal clear case is ideal for displaying the phone’s aesthetic hardware while also maintaining a clean and simplistic loo.

The hybrid technology made of a TPU bumper and a durable polycarbonate back is designed to be very protective. The raised bezels on the side and over the camera protect them from scratches and dirt. The pronounced buttons are easy to press and feel while the large cutouts help easily fit in cables of other sides.

ESR Metal Kickstand

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The ESR metal kickstand case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most unique phone case that you could buy. The patented two-way stand design is such a unique feature that does not make your phone case look weird.

You can now lay your phone horizontally or vertically to easily facetime your friends or watch a few videos easily. It even has reinforced drop protection that provides your phone with the strength that it needs to withstand accidental falls or bumps. Available in a translucent black color, this phone case is unique in its design and functionality.

The ESR patented design is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees that let you adjust your viewing angle as you wish. It even has raised bezels that help protect your iPhone’s screen and the camera lens from any scratches and dirt.

A TPU material that makes it flexible is easy and protective of your phone. It is even compatible with wireless charging so you do not have to keep removing it each time you want to charge your phone.

i-Blason Cosmo Series Case Cover

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The i-Blason Cosmo series for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most aesthetic looking case in this list. Without being cheap, the marble and 2 other case options add so much personality to your phone as an extension of yourself. The front part of the case has an in-built screen protector that is touch-sensitive and prevents scratches and crack.

Made out of a TPU material, it is flexible and impact-resistant while also allowing you to have reliable protection from any accidents. The adorably slim design of the phone case allows you to have full control of your phone without compromising on its security. Having been drop tested from 10 feet, your phone is completely safe in this case.

The full-body protective case comes with raised bezels on the sides and over the camera lenses to protect the screen and camera from rough surfaces. It even has precise cutouts and reinforced buttons to provide access to the phone’s buttons and charging ports. It is even compatible with wireless chargers.


In this day and age, buying a phone is a necessity and a requirement. There is no escaping that fact. But it does not end with just getting the phone, you need to buy a screen protector and a phone case as well.

It just is a way to make your phone safer in case you drop it on accident. All you need is a case that does the function of keeping your phone protected and your screen free of scratches and dust-free. But it doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring looking cases. Since your phone is on you all the time it is almost a part of your outfit and you all the time. Why not make it look cute or a reflection of who you are?

Hopefully, you found one thing that fits who you are as a person and also is very functional.


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