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20 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases Available In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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iPhone 7 Plus Cases

I know that we’re currently on the iPhone 12 pro-level, but for the majority of us, it’s just another episode of “I can’t afford this”. But if you managed to buy the iPhone 7+ after a lot of saving, then you deserve respect.

But since you’re here, I think you probably nearly lost your grip on the phone and hence looking for better cases, well then you’re in the right place. 

I don’t know how to serve you properly so I’ve put together a wide variety of smartphone cover categories in this article; those categories range from Plain silicone cases to delicate-looking glass covers. So let’s not waste any time and check out those covers. 

Here below is the List of 20 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases:

iPhone 7 Plus Silicone Cases


Nik case

Nik case: iPhone 7 Plus Silicon Case

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Let’s start this article with the most preferred category that is of course silicone cases, once you start using silicone cases it hard to switch to some other category reason being its soft and rubbery texture that feels good in the hand, its tendency to be grippy, and its shock-absorbing properties which cushion the phone during an accidental fall.

So the first silicone case that we have here for you is by Nik case, which offers complete protection to your precious phone through its three-tier structure.

Its inner layer has a soft Microfiber lining that’ll prevent scratches on the back of your iPhone 7 plus while the second layer is of a hard PC that offers protection from bumps and falls and the last layer is of liquid silicon for better grip and to absorb the maximum impact. 

Nik case is shock-absorbing hard PC can also withstand scratches, shocks, and bumps as it will distribute plus absorb the impact.

Its liquid silicone coating also provides anti-slip property and it will stay as good as new as you can easily wipe away dirt and fingerprints. Nik case offers a wide range of decent and elegant colors from which you can choose. 

Jotech® Soft Silicone Cover

Jotech® Soft Silicone Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Silicon Case

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It’s true that silicone cases are a blessing for all the butterfingers among us due to its grippy texture but do note that it’s not sticky, you can easily slip or take it out of your pockets.

This ultra-thin (adds just 0.3mm to your phone) case by Jotech is a great combination of Classy finish with high-quality silicone material. It gives a robust appearance without adding unnecessary bulk to your phone.

Other than shockproof property (silicone absorbs and distributes the impact of shock or fall) it’s also fingerprint-proof, scratchproof, and dustproof.

They even offer anti-dust plugs to keep your iPhone 7 plus charging port dust free. And another great thing about its look is its matte finish, which adds a minimalistic and beautiful touch to your phone that you can flaunt proudly. 

But if you are looking for something that will protect your phone from multiple drops then keep on reading, we have a category of protective cases too in this article.

Mcart Silicone Soft Back Cover

Mcart Silicone Soft Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Silicon Case

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The third case we have here is brought to us by Mcart and is rather sexy looking due to its matte Red tone. If you don’t like Black cases, then this would be a good pick for you. 

This case is made up of soft silicone and is thin and lightweight so it won’t add additional bulk to your phone. The case has a matte texture that is scratch resistant and smudge resistant so you needn’t worry about the smudges; it also has raised edges that provide better protection to your camera and screen against scratches. 

The case has a soft microfiber lining from the inner side in order to prevent natural scratches on the back panel. It also has precise cutouts for various ports and Button covers for volume and power keys. But if you don’t particularly like the color, you can easily pick a different color. 

iPhone 7 Plus Printed Cases


Madanyu iPhone 7 Plus Cover

Madanyu iPhone 7 Plus Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Printed Case

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After the soft, plain, and flexible silicone cases we have some stunning printed cases, unlike silicone cases, printed cases are usually made up of hardened polycarbonate.

This case we have here is also made up of Hard polycarbonate and is offered from Madanyu. Madanyu case shows some tasteful Rose (light pink) marble texture that appears soothing. 

This case is quite slim but it is durable and won’t be damaged easily from scratches or get smudged. It also has wide cutouts that give you easy access to all the ports and buttons. The case has raised edges around the camera and screen so you can have better protection. 

Madanyu apparently states that they’ll replace the case in case of damage but we haven’t tested that yet. And also! This case is made in India. 

Green Marble Case

Green Marble Case: iPhone 7 Plus Printed Case

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Next up we have yet another marble case, but this time it’s green (of sorts) instead of a rosy pink marble case. This case is offered by Qrioh and I think I’ll buy this case even though I don’t own an iPhone 7 plus cuz the texture is just too beautiful (kind of soothing).

The case has 3 colors mixed in it, namely Mint green, Light blue, and Lavender with a tiny bit of orange, oh well that makes 4. 

Anyway, much like the earlier case, this one is also made up of toughened polycarbonate that has wide cutouts for better access to all the ports and keys.

This case is also scratch-resistant, smudge resistant, and adequate slip-resistant. Much like the earlier case, it also has raised edges for better protection of the camera module and the screen.

All Dead Case for iPhone 7 Plus

All Dead Case for iPhone 7 Plus: iPhone 7 Plus Printed Case

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The final printed case we have here is yet again from Qrioh, but this time we’ve some really cool, you must be thinking that this case would have some skulls or something, and that’s a wrong guess, this case has something far more interesting and you’ll definitely dig this case if you’re a big fan of the Merc-with-a-mouth. 

Yes, This case depicts the incredible graphics of Deadpool smoking his guns from one particular scene in the movie, but this time it’s animated (not that it makes much difference).

Other than its graphics, everything is pretty similar to the other Printed Cases, so you’ll have a hardened Polycarbonate case with wide cut-outs that is also scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant while offering raised edges. 

Did I mention that Qrioh offers Made in India iPhone 7 plus cases? 

iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Cases


DORRON Protective Back Cover

DORRON Protective Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Case

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Silicone and printed cases are all good but if you want to flaunt the natural beauty of your iPhone 7 Plus then you should check these transparent cases, other than letting you flaunt your phone they offer protection to your device without adding any unnecessary bulk and after some time you might even forget that you have a case on.

Anyways, this case by Dorron fits like a second skin on your precious phone and provides protection through raised edges and shockproof corners. 

High-quality TPU has been used for this case, adding flexibility to the case. It comes with an anti-skid bumper grip which will prevent it from slipping from your hand. Other than that, the dust plugs will help you keep dust away from the charging port. 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Case

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You must have heard of Spigen, if not then let me tell you they are one of the most known case makers in the market, they offer almost all varieties of cases. This case is designed with hybrid technology, combined with the shock-absorbing bumper and a rigid PC back.

The only reason why people avoid transparent covers is its color turning yellow or brown over time. But it’s not the case with this cover as it is made up of high-quality polycarbonate, which won’t turn yellow even after years. 

This case protects your device through its raised edges and shock absorbing properties during accidental drops or shocks, even though this case will prevent your phone from slipping as it is made up of non-slip material.

You can trust this case as this case is offered by Spigen and it has been certified by military-grade protection as it withstood 26 drops from a 48-inch height without causing any damage to the device.

A.S.PLATINUM Ultra Thin Cover

A.S.PLATINUM Ultra Thin Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Case

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This A.S.Platinum case will definitely make you forget that you have any case on your iPhone 7 plus because of its ultra-thin structure, which will provide much-needed protection to your device through its shockproof technology.

It also comes with a metal ring that will enhance the control over grip and prevent it from slipping. Even though it’s transparent and lets you flaunt your phone’s original design, the matte frosted finish makes it look even premium.

Air cushions on all four corners protect your device during drops. Plus, its raised lip will safeguard the screen (2 mm higher) and the camera from cracks and scratches. 

The matter look of this case will stay intact due to its fingerprint resistance and anti-scratch properties. It’s a great choice if you prefer your phone bare and light. 

RhinoShield CrashGuard NX Bumper Cover

RhinoShield CrashGuard NX Bumper Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Case

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This last transparent case might seem a bit similar to the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case but it is not. Other than letting you flaunt your iPhone 7 plus design this case will let you personalize your case by letting you add some color to it.

This case by RhinoShield offers customization, you can customize the frame, rim, and button colors and they have a wider range of colors from which you can choose.

Apart from looks, it also offers full protection to your device as it surpasses military drop-test standards, it can absorb and distribute the impact of fall from over 11 feet. The hexagonal pattern on the inner side of the case enhances its shock-absorbing capacity by 10 %. 

Plus, this case comes with lanyard holes, which will let you attach a lanyard to your phone for added security and a hands-free experience.

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Cases


Techstudio Leather Flip Cover

Techstudio Leather Flip Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

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I know flip covers are not preferred by many of us, the reason being it hides the phone’s natural design and feels like a tank.

But still, there are some great flip covers that deserve our attention hence here are some of the best-handpicked cases which offer a lot of features and I’m sure that you won’t mind some bulk on your phone because these cases have a lot to offer.

Anyways, the first flip cover that we have here is by Techstudio, which will provide complete protection to your iPhone 7 plus through its dual structure that guards your phone during shocks or drops.

The materials that have been used for this case are high-quality PC inner bumper and premium PU leather which feels soft and comfortable to touch. 

Apart from that, its reinforced stitching, raised edges, and cushioned shockproof edge enhances its overall shock-absorbing capacity.

And you don’t have to worry even when your phone falls face down as it won’t open due to its strong hidden magnetic closure that will close the case and prevent the screen from any damage. 

Its clean cutouts will let you use all its interfaces with ease. And as I said earlier that flip covers are packed up with awesome features, this case can be used as a stand and wallet too. But it won’t hold all the content of your wallet as it comes with just 1 slot. 

ClickCase Rusty Series Case

ClickCase Rusty Series Case: iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

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If you are someone who loves ethnic designs, you won’t be able to ignore this one. This case by ClickCase is embossed with a beautiful mandala design, covering the whole front and the backside of the case combined with the rusty shade which makes it look more artistic.

The high-quality faux leather that has been used for this case is moisture-proof, breathable, and will help in distributing the heat of your device to the case and hence reducing the overall temperature of your phone. 

This case offers 360-degree protection plus its double folding design makes it durable. Its anti-slip design offers more control over grip and prevents it from slipping.

This case too offers the stand and wallet feature with 3 card slots and a pocket for cash. And its magnetic clasp will keep your screen and cards or money safe. 

AmazonBasics iPhone 7 Plus Cover

AmazonBasics iPhone 7 Plus Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

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The last flip cover that we have for you is this awesome detachable case by AmazonBasics, which works as a 2 in 1 case. You can use this case as a flip cover or as a normal back cover, according to your needs.

You can easily secure or detach your phone with its magnetic holder. This form-fitted and lightweight case offers much-needed protection to your phone’s screen and the back while offering the functions of a wallet.

Its thick raised edges guard your phone’s camera lens against scratches and cracks. You can store at least 3 cards (as it has 3 slots) and some cash, which might come in handy at times. Faux leather has been used for this case which provides strength, while neat stitching gives it a premium look. 

With clean cutouts, you can access all buttons and ports. And Of course with this case too you don’t have to worry about spilling your cards or losing them due to its strong magnetic closure. 

iPhone 7 Plus Protective Cases


IronWolf Rugged Carbon Fiber Back Cover

IronWolf Rugged Carbon Fiber Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Protective Case

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Flip covers do offer complete protection but if still, you don’t want to add bulk to your phone then no worries we have protective cases for you.

If you are working in a harsh environment or just clumsy you should definitely go for protective cases, if you want your precious iPhone 7 plus to survive even after multiple falls.

The great thing about them is that they offer a lot of protection while adding a sleek look, without making your phone feel like a tank. So this first slim and sturdy protective case on our list offers complete protection through its rugged construction. 

Silicone and rugged carbon fiber combined with Advance fusion technology to offer necessary protection while keeping the case slim and lightweight. Rugged carbon fiber enhances the control over grip preventing it from slipping while its inner structure adds on this case shock-absorbing capacity.

And just like other cases in this article, this too offers raised edges for the camera to protect it from scratches or cracks when kept flat on the surface. This case is flexible so you can bend it without the fear of breaking or permanent loosening. 

Spigen Tough Armor Back Cover

Spigen Tough Armor Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Protective Case

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I know I’m mentioning Spigen a second time in this article and as I said before that you can trust spigen, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

As the name suggests this case safeguards your phone like armor. Spigen Tough Armor is a lightweight, soft, and durable case, it offers protection through its dual-layer structure. 

The inner layer is of flexible TPU while the outer layer is of SF coated polycarbonate. Its raised edges guard the screen and the camera, Plus, It also comes with Air Cushion Technology that reduces friction and enhances security.

It is certified military-grade drop-tested so you can totally trust its drop protection capacity. It comes with a built-in stand for effortless watching or video calls. And it also offers an angular grip which is appropriate for daily grip. 

X-Doria Defense Gear Series, Protective Case

X-Doria Defense Gear Series, Protective Case: iPhone 7 Plus Protective Case

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This case by X-Doria is built to withstand drops from 2 meters onto the concrete floor.

This extraordinary case is dual-layer structured, a layer of rubber combined with drop shield elastomer on the sides which helps in distributing the impact of drop without letting any damage to your device, works together to protect your iphone 7 plus from drops and shocks from all the angles.

It surpasses military-grade protection, ensuring its protection capacity. The raised lip of 1.55 mm keeps the screen protected even when kept face down. 

This case has a modern look, but if you don’t prefer this color, X-Doria offers three different colors from which you can choose from. Other than precise cuts, this case also comes with dual sound channels that amplify speakers. 

iPhone 7 Plus Glass Cases


A.S. PLATINUM Marble Pattern Back Cover

A.S. PLATINUM Marble Pattern Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Glass Case

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The final category we have here is the Glass covers, these types of covers aren’t efficient since they’re quite prone to crack, even more so if you often trip over nothing. But one can’t deny that glass covers are the best-looking covers for iphone.

This case is offered by A.S Platinum and has pretty sharp looks due to its black and white marble pattern. You might be thinking that it’ll slip too easily but I won’t as it has a soft TPU layer under the glass and on the edges that make the case relatively slip-resistant.

The case has 4 layers with the topmost being tempered glass, even though it is tempered glass, it is scratch-resistant and smudge resistant. The tpu layer comes with raised edges and precise cut-outs for various ports and buttons.

This case is ideal if you’re visiting any important events frequently at that.  

ANVIKA Luxurious Glass Back Cover

ANVIKA Luxurious Glass Back Cover: iPhone 7 Plus Glass Case

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If you didn’t like the previous glass case, then you might like this one due to its sleek, slim, and simple looks. Of course, apart from its looks, this case by Anvika has the same composition as the earlier case so you’ll find a tempered glass on top and a TPU case underneath, but this case is a lot slimmer than the earlier one so one can’t even tell that you’ve got a case on your phone. 

The glass used is tempered glass with 9H of hardness. It is scratch-resistant, smudge resistant, and won’t lose its color anytime soon either. The TPU lets you have an adequate grip on your phone while accessing the ports and buttons through its cut-outs.

So if you’re looking for Luxurious looks and feels, this case is a must for you and unlike the last case, this one flaunts the iphone logo. 

Authors’ note

Phew! We’ve finally reached the end! That was a rather long one. But now that we’re here, I hope you’ve found a good back cover for your iPhone 7+ from here. I apologize if not.

I want to recommend you 2 sites that offer iphone 7 plus covers and many others at a reasonable rate, those sites are Qrioh and Case Karo. And unlike the ‘made in china’ cases, the cases offered by them are made in India. 

But if you wanna be the lazy koala, simply drop us your preferences and we’ll do our best to hunt down that case. If you have any other questions or want to suggest corrections, do drop us a comment as well, we’ll love to hear from you. 

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