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5 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases & Covers Available In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are still phenomenally popular smartphones, although they are no longer marketed by Apple as fresh. A cover is all but essential given that both the front and back of the phones have glass which not only looks great but also enables wireless charging.

There are practically thousands of case choices if you have the smaller iPhone 8 or the bigger 8 Plus. Don’t feel overwhelmed: we’ve whittled it down to a concise top list spanning from official Apple cases to folios, those with credit card slots and those that can handle the biggest drop.

Best of all, because the handset is the same size as the current iPhone SE , you’ll be able to bring the case on your cheap latest and updated Apple phone. Just to be fair, we haven’t checked any of these iPhone 8 cases to the same degree and can’t promise that all can secure (or look cool).

But the list contains those that come from consumers high-rated, or from reputable companies we’ve reviewed items from before and others look pretty clearly. Let’s take a look at them below:

Here are the best iPhone 8 Plus Back Covers & Cases Available Online:

iPhone 8+ Silicon

iPhone 8+ Silicon: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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Looking to make a statement? Spigen has specialized in beauty oriented security cases and the Air Prism is a brilliant illustration of the style of the brand.

Shock-absorbing TPU protects the delicate glass body of your phone from cracks, bruises, and nicks, and even comes with edges lifted to offer extra monitor and camera safety.

Now their latest and enhanced Liquid Air Protection is boiling over with modernity! But don’t let that deceive you into believing that we chose defense for appearances. It includes both, with our luxurious matt TPU etched for extra shock absorption with our new triangle style.

The case would be scratch-proof and have a beautiful handle clear of fingerprints. Spigen Liquid Air Armour makes you envious of the current appearance and form fit of your phone case.

iPhone 8+ Printed

iPhone 8+ Printed: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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This iPhone 7 Plus case is made of hard plastic material, and provides optimum security with excellent style. With excellent print efficiency and scratch-resistance, this cover for the iPhone 7 Plus can definitely make your phone fall in love.

A substance dubbed “Airoshock” lies between your phone and the outside world, and Mous says that this substance is much stronger at resisting shocks and impacts than standard TPU, thereby offering exceptional security.

This  case often comes with a free screen protector, and each case comes with AutoAlign — a magnetic add-on feature that enables you to accessorize your case further and customize it to your needs.

iPhone 8+ Protective

iPhone 8+ Protective: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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This case has a strong double layer safety built from adjustable bumper and back rough PC. It has a  hands-free gameplay experience optimized kickstand. Raised lips provide extra screen and image safety. Mil-grade Security at both corners of Air-Cushion Technology.

This Spigen case emulates those initial computers from apple, complete with beige styling and an Apple emblem in rainbow colour. It is made of hard polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper, which should well withstand abuse.

It also has a raised bezel to avoid the phone from sitting on dangerous surfaces, and the coverings of the buttons are wide, simple to locate and secure.

Iphone 8+ Flip Flops

Iphone 8+ Flip Flops: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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2 In 1 style seamlessly blends a mobile wallet cover case that provides simple installation and removal of your unit. It touches the device’s surface softly, and suits like a glove.

Using solid magnetic adhesive, the wallet and the internal snap-on case may be split for individual use. It protects all corners to keep your device from being abrasive and damaged.

The 3 built-in card slots and money pocket was crafted primarily to reduce bulk and weight. Your identity card, credit cards and cash will be convenient to hold.

Durable magnetic strap enables mounting fast and easy to click. The role of the firm stand provides several viewing angles to find the most comfortable place! Elegant in quality and gentle to touch, your unique taste is reflective of daily life.

iPhone 8+ Transparent

iPhone 8+ Transparent: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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This case by Spigen has angled corners at the bottom, and thus the phone ‘s real rear surface never reaches the earth. The rear is also constructed of transparent plastic, vulnerable to gross stains and accidental showing of the apple logo.

The front has elevated brims for the same reason I suppose. However, this would include a 9H tempered glass safety, as the panel is not covered / safe.

The case looks rather smart. Hand-feel is smooth and sits well in your palm, it’s impossible it will fall off your side while holding it.

This is likely to cause dust in the micronutrient area and around the camera surface where the molding has a fall. Had it come with a dust proof board, would have loved it.

iPhone 8+ Glass Cover

iPhone 8+ Glass Cover: Best iPhone 8 Plus Cover

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One of the sleekest, most safe and fun cases for your iPhone 8 Plus. These covers have a back mirror, which look super chic, sleek which trendy.

iPhone 8 Plus Glass rear cover is 100% compliant with wireless charging without the need to uninstall the device. Crafted in India, all original patterns underneath the glass are carefully printed and look much better close up.

The rear of the Glass is made of applied Gorilla glass and it is 10 times thicker than the conventional safety glass shield and is therefore really secure against cracks, drops and debris.

The silicone side frame is constructed of super shockproof silicone TPU substance and its Anti-Slip spray covering. Until distribution the organization inspects each stock.


Despite having been on the market for several years, the iPhone 8 Plus shows no signs of slowing down. Driven by an A11 processor and 3 GB of Memory, the iPhone 8 Plus has plenty to do, also under the expectations of today.

That being so, covering your mobile with a sturdy, hard-body case is never a poor idea. We rounded up our favorite iPhone 8 Plus cases below, each of which is optimized for increasing your phone’s life.

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