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Is CompTIA Security+ Certification Enough For Stable Career?

by Aziz Arora
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CompTIA Security+

No matter in which field you’re deployed, a promising career, ample growth opportunities, and a better paycheck are something we all longed for or desire. And it’s not about being too ambitious. However, having a hold over all these is not going to be an easy task as the IT market is highly competitive, and your peers are also aware of the survival tactics. The CompTIA Security+ is that one move that any cybersecurity specialist can make and grab all of the above. Let’s unfold the reasons behind this below.

Security+ Designation – Real Game Changer

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving industry and is expanding at supersonic speed. As per the latest predictions, the world will be in dearth of 3.5 million cybersecurity professionals by the end of 2022. Offered by a highly prestigious vendor, CompTIA, the Security+ is the gold standard of IT certification for those candidates who are going to pursue an IT security career. Thus, let’s figure out how such a certificate can allow holders to have unwavering career growth:

  • A wide range of skills are accessible

What makes IT pros stand out from the crowd? It’s the inherited skills. The more skills one has, the better the success odds are. The CompTIA Security+ certification is doing a great job in this direction as key concepts like Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities, Identity & Access Management, Technologies and Tools, Risk Management, Architecture, and Design, and Cryptography alongside PKI are covered bit by bit in its related SY0-601 test.

In one shot, the holder is going to have a hold over the boasting skills and expertise. And the cherry on the cake is the earned cognizance that is not vendor-specific. Also, regardless of the type of cybersecurity products used and ecosystem, these skills are applicable to do the job perfectly. As a result, the earners can be a part of any industry type.

  • You’re all set to explore the industry in multiple roles

Survival in the industry becomes tougher than ever when there is only one option of enhancing your acumen. You can’t take a turn around and wait till the time someone right recognizes you and gives you a chance to prove your excellence.

Still, this is not the case with the Security+ as it allows one to penetrate the industry in multiple roles like a systems administrator, network administrator, security administrator, junior IT auditor/penetration tester, security specialist, and security consultant. So, if one route is taking too long to reach the destination, you can opt for another one, without making any added efforts. Thus, it’s wise to apply for multiple roles simultaneously. 

  • There is a scope for career enrichment 

Who wants to stay stagnant at a particular career stage? No one! Enhancement and enrichment are what we all strive for. However, this is going to happen only if skills are also honed continuously. With the Security+, this is a doable task as the CompTIA CySA+ is the choice offered afterward.

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Stable Cybersecurity Career is Just One Step away!

The CompTIA Security+ leaves no stone unturned to help IT enthusiasts have an unbeatable industry presence. It backs you so strongly that it’s hard to ignore or overlook. So, if you want to have a notable existence in the cybersecurity world, take the help of this designation as well as its affiliated SY0-601 exam.

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