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List of Top 10 Best IT Companies In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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iT Companies In India

To say that Information Technology (IT) is at the forefront of the Indian workforce today would be a gross understatement. Lakhs and lakhs of students aspire to be a part of large IT firms every single year.

It is never easy for them, however, having to clear many examinations and several obstacles along the way. But in the end, landing a job in a top 10 IT firm is worth all the hard work.

IT companies aren’t known just for their employee environments, they are also recognised for their service to society and the economy. Their services are the reason we are able to enjoy most of the technological and electrical products today.

Hence, we have considered all such points when creating the most awaited Best IT Companies in India list.

Here is the List of Top 10 IT Companies In India:

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Best IT Company In India

It may come as no surprise to most of you the importance and respects that TCS commands in today’s world. TCS and its several subsidiaries, 67 to be exact, are known to be a jack of all trades and master of all as well.

Some of their most sought after services include application development, enterprise software, payment processing, capacity planning, consultancy, etc. But we must rise to realise why TCS is the most loved IT company in India. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Best in the world- The Tata Consultancy services are so valuable not only in our nation but globally as well. In fact, TCS has set up operations in around 46 of the biggest countries in the world. This has helped them earn the title of the “World’s Largest IT services provider”‘. In addition to this, they were the first Indian IT company to reach a $100 billion market capitalisation. They are truly the best in the world, right here in our homeland.
  • Employee satisfaction- Working at TCS for whatever period of time is a definite shining star on any IT professionals resumes, there a few reasons TCS has become the best place to work at in India. Countless benefits and perks are awarded to TCS employees but the noblest definitely have to be the generous life/disability insurances and paid leaves for any reason. A casual atmosphere is enjoyed by the professionals and they also receive extensive pieces of training and experiences. However, the most notable benefit of working here has to be the countless number of opportunities that can come your way. Be it settling abroad or getting promoted into a higher position, TCS truly is the epitome of growth and improvement a san IT worker.


Infosys Best IT Company In India

Infosys is yet another homegrown Indian brand that has gone above and beyond with its outreach and accomplishments. Founded by N.R Narayana Murthy and other extremely influential experts, Infosys is the perfect place for IT freshers to get into the stream of the workforce.

It has its headquarters in the city most known for IT, Bengaluru, Karnataka. They provide services like business consulting, information technology aid and so much more. Here is why Infosys is one of the best IT companies in India:

  • Infrastructure-The unique, the state-of-the-art infrastructure of the Infosys buildings will leave anyone spellbound. However, keep in mind that the buildings are not the only impressive thing about Infosys, their internal systems and the basis of their company displays excellently planned out and organised infrastructure too. Therefore, Infosys has made quite a name for themselves as one of the best IT companies with the greatest infrastructure. 
  • Employee benefits- Being an employee for Infosys comes with many benefits. The first of many being excellent training. The Infosys training programs are one of the best in India and ensure providing newcomers, fresh out of college, the right education to carry forward with their IT careers. Adding to that, long term employees receive several appraisals, making their salaries generous. They also receive the usual amenities such as paid sick leaves, paid vacations and so on.

Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited Best IT Company In India

Wipro is yet another Indian multi-national corporation that has always gained mass traction for being a sought after opportunity for IT job seekers. Wipro services include digital strategy, outsourcing, management and consulting.

Their revenue charts never fail to impress, with green arrows pointing upwards throughout. Wipro is also majorly known for their big win in 2010 as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for India and the National award for excellence in the year 2004. Here is why Wipro is amongst the top 3 on the list of the best IT companies in India:

  • Good start- Although several reviews complain about freshers not being given a generous stipend, others argue that the onsite experience and training at Wipro is like no other and is the best for freshers and so shouldn’t be passed up for low stipend. I completely agree with this as Wipro’s onsite experiences are definitely one of the best in the IT field and a must-have for beginners in the field of IT.
  • ChallengesIf you were an avid student in school and college and wish to continue the process of continuous learning, then Wipro is the company for you. Even if not, and you enjoy challenging yourself to make yourself a better person and professional, Wipro provides you with just that. At Wipro, to receive a promotion, you must clear an examination and complete several tasks. The point being, nothing ever comes easy at Wipro. So, it is perfect for adrenaline junkies and people who love challenges.


Accenture Best IT Company In India

This Fortune 500 Company is a glowing example of foreign brands being mostly comprised of Indian employees. Accenture has grown to be one of the most liked IT companies in India to work for. They house clients of big stature, 91 one of them being Fortune 500 Companies as well.

They also specialise in software engineering, research and development and also experiments with emerging technologies. Here is why this beloved company is amongst the top 5 on our list:

  • Client list- Anyone will easily agree that Accenture has the most impressive client list yet with names including Mariott, Unilever and even the unforgettable Royal Shakespeare Company.  Big names like those associated with Accenture will give you an incredibly impressive resume if you worked for them.
  • Employee benefits- The employee benefits offered by Accenture spread far and wide on many spectrums. Complete health, dental and vision coverage is provided and even 16 weeks of maternity and 8 weeks of paternity leave is granted. Accenture employees also avail great discounts at several stores and long term employees even get extensive paid vacation leaves.


Cognizant Best IT Company In India

Cognizant is an American multinational company but holds an impressive and homely track record here in India. It was founded by Indian-American Kumar Mahadeva and is a Fortune 500 company.

Having been around for 26 years, Cognizant has earned more than just recognition and respect, it has experience. Cognizant is widely known to be one of the largest recruiters of MBA’s in this industry. Given below is why Cognizant has earned a well-deserved spot amongst the top five on our list:

  • Tech experts- Cognizant is a true pioneer when it comes to incorporating new technologies into their services. Some exapmles of this are their incorporations of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Enablement into their service database to help serve their clients better. The one thing most admirable about Cognizant is their continuous need to serve their clients better.
  • Employee environment- Several reviews boast about the quite generous stipend that freshers receive in addition to their pieces of training and accommodation. Hence, joining Cognizant right after one has graduated from college is an on-going trend which is mutually beneficial to both Cognizant and the fresher.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies Best IT Company In India

HCL Technologies was birthed right here, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Some of their services include outsourcing of digital and software technologies, consulting and managed services.

This is yet again a Fortune 500 Company with centres in 44 of the world’s most forward countries. Founded in 1976, HCL Technologies has proven to be one of the best IT companies in India and here is why:

  • IT support- If you are an It professional who is well versed in the world of coding, then HCL tech is the right company for you. 85% of their operations include IT and other TECH support. So, they are always in demand for Coders. In addition to this, HCL technology is a great place to get trained and placed into right after finishing university.
  • Employee satisfaction- Several online reviews form ex or current long term employees are decorated with compliments of the great work environment and more importantly, the opportunity to grow as an individual as well as a professional in the field of IT.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems Best IT Company In India

Cisco Systems, an American Multi-nation company was created in the heart of the coveted Silicon Valley. Cisco, founded by Chuck Robbins was an immediate success from the time they first entered the market.

Working at Cisco is definitely a dream that many IT job aspirants are on the lookout for. Here is why Cisco has earned a well-deserved spot amongst the top 10 best IT companies in India:

  • Services- Cisco boasts an impressive list of services such as follows- Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data centre and the Internet of Things. These five categories come under their IT and Tech services. Therefore, anyone applying to Cisco has a plethora of options to choose from and the opportunity to explore new fields.
  • Employee satisfaction- According to survey statistics, around 93% of Cisco employees agree that their place of work is great. 98% of employees also say that cisco is a safe place to work at, physically. What is the most surprising result is that 9 out of 10 cisco employees share that they look forward to coming into word every single day. So, if you are a seasoned professional and looking for a more relaxing and happy work environment, Cisco Systems is the place for you.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation Best IT Company In India

Oracle is another famous name in the IT industry. It was first founded in Santa Clara, California by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates. They are home to several subsidiaries in several countries and also earn massive revenue with each coming year.

Here is why the Oracle Corporation is one amongst the top 20 best IT companies in India:

  1. Overall Satisfaction-At oracle, not only are their services and pieces of training beneficial t young IT aspirants, but long term Employees are also kept on their toes throughout their term at the office. Their salaries are satisfactory and so is the work environment. In addition to that, they also obviously enjoy a few extra benefits such as employee discounts health insurance etc.


Mphasis Best IT Company In India

Mphasis is an innovative IT company created in the IT hub of India, Bangalore. Their services include IT, business consulting and outsourcing digital services. Here is why this 20-year company is amongst our top 10 list:

  • Employee benefits- as a Start-up, this company is wise beyond its years. They provide adequate training as per the market and industry requirements currently. They also provide health insurance for all the family members of a family and also provide affordable transport facility from the office to the employee’s home address. People love to work for Mphasis.


Mindtree Best IT Company In India

Mindtree is yet another Bangalore based IT company in India that has made a name for itself. It is also headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Their annual revenue rakes up to a $1 Billion.

They deal majorly in e-commerce but also provide typical IT services such as outsourcing, consulting and managed services. Here is why Mindtree is amongst the top 10 Best IT companies in India:

  • Employee satisfaction-At Mindtree, employee satisfaction and happiness are prioritised. It also deemed one of the best companies to join to kick off your IT career on the right foot. Even though the salaries may not be as competitive as other companies, employee happiness is peaked along with extra benefits received. Mindtree is one of those companies that workers who enjoy peaceful work environments without much competition would love.


With that, we conclude our list. India has been a breeding ground for several companies to set up their operations and gain profits since the beginning of time, and the IT industry is no stranger to this concept.

The booming IT industry in our country has provided employment to millions of Indians and has also raised our GDP drastically. There may be thousands of such companies in our nation right now but we must identify the best of the best to make better opportunities for ourselves as professionals and for our families.

I sincerely hope that this article was of use to in identifying the best IT companies and the ones most suitable for the kind of person you may be. We wish you all the best with your endeavours in the field of IT and for any future aspirations as well. Take care and good luck!

– Mamatha Shastri

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