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List of Top 15 Best John Deere Tractors (2023) With Review

by Ashish Bansal
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John Deere Tractors

John Deere is one of the best-known tractor manufacturers worldwide. It started in the early part of 1998. John Deere manufactures tractors in their huge manufacturing plant located at Pune, Maharashtra and one at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. The company is meant for manufacturing tractors for both India and foreign markets.  

John Deere’s Indian unit exports to 110 plus countries of the world. With Headquarters at Pune, John Deere has a huge expanse of eight facilities to provide manufacturing and services here in India. Since its establishment, John Deere has further encouraged farming and allied activities in India by providing affordable and high-quality products in various ranges and segments of the agricultural value which includes implements for seeding, rowing, harvesting, and post-harvesting equipment.

The company is known for its dedication and commitment to serve its customers with good quality products. The trademark bright “Green ” coloured tractors are a delight to the eyes specifically due to their obvious distinguishing colour as well as their beautiful working ethic. Their tractors are robust, reliable and durable. They work like a charm and beat their competitors in every category. Be it quality, speed, efficiency, a John Deere will ensure that it wins every time. 

Here is the List of Top 15 Best Tractors From Jhon Deere:

Jhon Deere 3036 E


Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 3036 E 

It’s quite rare that a company offers a 4 wheel drive option in a mini. The 3036 E is a small and compactly designed vehicle that is powered by a 3 cylinder diesel injection engine. It’s a beast packed in a container. It’s great for a few agricultural operations only and hence has a limited area of functional capabilities. The engine produces around 30 HP of power that drives this little guy.

The engine is cooled by means of a coolant type mechanism that helps to maintain the efficiency as well as provides desired output in terms of good productivity and doesn’t let the engine ask for frequent maintenance checks. The dry type, dual-element air filter checks for minute particles from corroding the engine and further decreasing its capabilities and efficiency.

There is a high torque backup facility that conserves power for increased productivity. The transmission system is a beauty in itself. The single friction plate clutch along with 8 forward and 8 backward gears in a synchromesh gearbox with sync reverser system. The gears provide around 22 kmph at their maximum in both forward and reverse.

The oil-immersed braking mechanism helps in improved braking and these breaks come with a self-adjusting facility that surely helps along rough terrain. There is a power steering as well that brings just some more fun to the existing package. With 39 litres of fuel tank capacity and 910 kg of lifting capacity, this one is a great mini tractor and there is no match for it.

Jhon Deere 5150


Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5150

While we are still on finding matches, JD 5150 can be a match for anyone in its category as well as a perfect match for any customer that uses it. A tractor equipped with a 40 HP engine of 2900cc diesel engine mated at 2900 rpm makes this one an efficiency powerhouse and provides a sufficient amount of torque and power for most of the agricultural operations.

It is a good tractor with beautiful specifications that make it a stand-out. The collar shift transmission is made up of a single plate friction plate clutch system and eloquently designed gearbox with 8 forward and 4 backward gears to provide good manoeuvring. The tyres are big and are designed for better grip and comfort as well as for providing good traction. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor though a 4 wheels drive is optional.

The Power steering helps in guiding the tractor with ease and comfort and enhances performance. The oil-immersed brakes offer better braking performance as well as efficiency. It has a 1600 kg hydraulic lifting capacity that comes with a 3 point linkage to facilitate the connection of implements and other equipment. It has a 60 litres capacity for carrying fuel and hence works for longer periods.

Jhon Deere 5045D Power Pro

JD 5045-d power pro - best jhon deere teactors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5045D Power Pro

Are you also looking for improved mileage and a reliable tractor that fulfils most of your needs? We’ve got you covered! The 5045D Power Pro is exactly that. It is a 46 horsepower vehicle that uses a 3 cylinder 2900 cubic capacity engine that makes it a great tractor. The engine is mated at 2100 pm.

The reason for setting at low rpm is that it helps in increasing power while decreasing fuel consumption and hence provides better fuel efficiency. The efficiency is further exploited with a coolant-cooled mechanism to prevent overheating and dry type dual-element air filters to prevent degradation.

Further, the engine is provided with support from a collar shift transmission system which has a great set of 8 forward and 4 backward gears. The dual-clutch system helps in easy switching of gears without any hindrance. The ergonomics have been taken care of in this vehicle. Everything from its wide seats to gearbox and the ABCs is designed and placed properly where it should be to allow easy access and comfort to the driver while working.

The machine takes care of the driver with its smooth and quick oil immersed braking system as a standard and prevents the mishappenings. There is a power steering as a standard that helps in improved manoeuvring but sadly there isn’t an option for steering adjustment.

It has a 1600 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and comes with automatic depth and draft control mechanism for precise operations like seeding drill, thresher, trailer etc. It also comes with a piston cooling jet system that helps in better cooling in tough and testing conditions.

Jhon Deere 5042D Power Pro

JD 5042 D power pro - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5042 D Power Pro

A 2 wheel drive tractor that is pleasing to the eyes and appealing in all respects. Its specifications speak for itself. The tractor is equipped with a 3 cylinder 2900 cc engine that generates a great 44 HP power to drive this tractor. The engine produces good torque and burns fuel efficiently.

The effective and easily switchable collar shift transmission provides a good range of gears with 8 forward and 4 backward gears that provide a good range of speed and torque options. The clutch comes in 2 variants of the dual and single clutch. Each has its own advantages. The efficient, reliable, fast and effective oil immersed braking technology with auto-adjusting facility makes the driving better and stopping even better than that.

The breaks also help in maintaining the economy and maintenance criteria and hence the productivity of the engine. The great power steering helps in moving the tractor with ease and comfort and is convenient for the driver to reach due to its ergonomics.

The seats are wide and so it’s the rising platform. The sleek body and great interiors with carefully arranged and assorted control panels have most of the important functions. The 60 litres fuel tank capacity is sufficient for a longer duration of the operation and helps maintain the mileage. 

Jhon Deere 5405 GearPro

JD 5405-gearpro - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5405 Gear Pro

One of the heavyweights from the establishment of John Deere. It is a rare combo of relentlessly innovative designs and great manufacturing. This is equipped with a 2900 cc capacity power engine that has written power all over it. Equipped with a 63 horsepower engine mated at 2100 rpm providing great torque and power. It is also durable, efficient and reliable.

The engine is cooled by means of a coolant type system to prevent overheating. It also comes with an overflow reservoir radiator system. It is easily operable and hence can be used for a wide range of functions. The transmission system is made up of a synchromesh 16 set gearbox providing a lot of speeds. It has 12 forward and 4 reverse gears for a wide range of speeds for every landscape.

Further, this efficient gearing system combined with the dual-clutch system makes the working of this machine smooth, easy and fast. The comfortable seat and wide platform are few of the evidence. A power steering wheel is provided which comes as the standard for these models.

The model comes with a great oil immersed braking system that makes the break better and efficient. The hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 kgs along with a good 3 point linkage with draft control mechanism and precise automatic depth control helps in improved lifting capacity.

Jhon Deere 5065E

John-Deere-5065-E - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5065 E

A tractor that speaks volumes about the great quality work and innovation at John Deere Tractors. This one has a 2900cc diesel engine that produces enormous power to drive you crazy. The engine is mated at 2400 rpm that helps in easy access to better torque and power and produces a good 65hp making it a unique blend of power, performance and productivity. The transmission is a collar shift transmission with the dual-clutch system.

The gearbox is made up of 9 ahead and 3 reverse gears that help in precise operations and provide a wide range of speed. The gears are easily interchangeable and hence rapid in functioning as well. The comfortable and easy power steering wheels make the control mechanism better. The ergonomic needs have been given proper attention as well.

The seat, the gearbox and steering are well placed for the driver to allow for maximum comfort and ease. The oil-immersed breaking has a world of its own. It has simply revolutionized the tractor industry and so even so in John Deere tractors.

The oil helps in preventing heat to reach the breaks and hence provides safety against breaking of brakes. This one comes in 2 strong variants of 4 Wheel drive and 2 wheel drive. High torque backup is reserved for better efficiency and productivity.  The 68 litres of fuel tank capacity helps in improved mileage.

Jhon Deere 6110B

john-deere-6110b-best-jhon deere-tractor

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 6110 B

This one is a premium member of the John Deere family. With high power, high efficiency and high-performance engine of 4500 cc help in improved productivity and better fuel combustion. The engine is a 4 cylinder turbocharged high-pressure CRDE engine. The engine is mated at 2400 pm.

The engine’s efficiency is further improved by a water cooling system that helps in preventing loss of significant energy due to excess heat. The dual-element with add on the pre-cleaner system helps in reducing the degrading of fuel combustion due to the presence of particles.

The transmission system is made up of a dual-clutch system with a synchromesh system 12 forward and 4 reverse gears that provide a lot of speed options. Oil-immersed brakes are available for better quality breaking and hence the tractor doesn’t ask for frequent maintenance. It has a huge lift capacity of 3650 kg which is enough for nearly all operations associated with agriculture.

The effective power steering helps to maintain the stability and better manoeuvring over testing terrains and hence allows for a better ride. It also comes with a steering adjustment facility for allowing the driver to use the steering according to his needs.

The cabin is exceptionally great and provides great visibility. It also protects the driver from any sort of dust and noise and hence keeps him at comfort. The most significant feature would be the GO Home feature that is usually typical in smart cars to allow them to function at night time as well. 

Jhon Deere 3028 EN

JD 3028EN - Best Jhon Deere Tractor

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 3028 EN

The 3028 EN from the house of  John Deere is a small and compact tractor in the mini tractor category. This 28 hp tractor comes with a 3 cylinder diesel engine that works well and burns fuel efficiently. The cooling system is coolant-cooled and the air filter system is dry type both of which ensure better productivity and efficiency out of the engine.

A standard in these categories, a single friction plate type clutch along with a sync reverser or collar shift gear set of 8 forward and 8 backward gears make up for the easily switchable, effective and rapid transmission system. Furthermore, it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle which essentially means that Power is transferred to all of the 4 wheels.

Hence, it provides great movement controls and traction. The oil-immersed brakes give it a flagship feel which makes it a great add-on to already provided specifications. And that added with the power steering ensures great manoeuvrability. The overall lifting capacity is 910kgs and makes it an apt choice for lighter works.

The essential features like the sleek design and good beam headlamps can provide good visibility in low light conditions. The good-enough 32 litres fuel tank is a beautiful addition to the tractor. It is narrow in width which allows it to enter restricted spaces like orchards etc.

Jhon Deere 5305 D

Jhon deere 5305D_Tractor - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5305 D

The 5303D is one of the models because of which the brand is known among the masses. They are tough, reliable and beautiful machines that can provide productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in one package. Yeah. Not even kidding! The 5305D is at the premium end of the JD establishment and is specifically made for big farms where these machines can make their mark.

The universal selling point of this one is their rare but great mix of high horsepower and effective precision farming. The tractor comes with a 3 cylinder, 3022 cc diesel engine that makes it a great machine. The engine is mated at 2400 rpm that provides high torque and power performance. These tractors are made with advanced tech.

The transmission system comes in an optional single or dual system from which one can choose from. The collar shift gear mechanism with 8 forward and 4 backward gears are helpful for providing a wide range of speeds and torque.

The 60 litres of voluminous fuel tank doesn’t ask for frequent refills and hence doesn’t let the tractor be burdensome on your pockets. The dry type dual-element air filter along with coolant cooling system ensures improved engine efficiency.

Jhon Deere 6120B

JD 6120b - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 6120 B 

This one is again a big one from the JD company. This one is a beast in every aspect. The massive power it produces is off the charts. This tractor is one of the heavy lifters from the company. The tractor has been designed specifically for larger farms and a wide variety of soil conditions. This tractor can also work wonders on the inundated grounds and ensures better stability.

The transmission is a smooth functioning, improved and quickly changeable synchromesh transmission that is made up of 12 forward and 4 reverse gears that can help achieve around 30kmph in both forward and reverse modes. The clutch-type is a dual-clutch type that comes as a standard in these models.

This like all other premium range models also has the quick and efficient oil-immersed brakes to prevent the breakdown of the brakes and to prevent any mishap. This also ensures that frequent maintenance isn’t required and hence the tractor saves your money in that area. The eloquently placed power steering with adjustable steering system helps in the comfort of the driver.

The ergonomics have been taken care of in these tractors. The seats, the control panel, the gearbox and even the whole cabin is designed as such. The cabin prevents you from harsh weather conditions as well as noisy environments. The 3650kg of hydraulic lifting capacity with 3 point linkage system offers a lot of scope for connecting a wide range of implements.

Jhon Deere 5310


Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5310

JD is a global leader in the tractor manufacturing business and this tractor proves exactly why that is. The tractor is a good and robust tractor which can be relied upon. The 2900 cc diesel engine along with 3 cylinders ensure better fuel combustion and better power generation. This one is one of the most powerful and effective tractors out there.

It is also one of the most popular tractors among the masses. This one is a 2nd generation tractor that makes it better and improved among most of its compadres and contemporaries from other companies. The coolant type cooling mechanism and the robust and effective dry-type filter ensure better productivity and safety of the engine.

The oil-immersed brakes are a new feature in this 2nd generation of the tractors and so is the power steering option. However, there is no option for steering adjustment. It comes in 2 variants: a 4WD and 2WD although there is no other substantial difference among the 2 variants other than that.

The tractor is suitable for a wide variety of functions and hence it is very popular. The ergonomics are improved and better and allow for better comfort for the driver. It ensures that the driver remains at ease and has proper control of the system even in tough conditions.

Jhon Deere 5075E

JD 5075 E - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5075 E

A 75 hp tractor with a 3 cylinder direct injection diesel engine. The tractor is a 4 wheel drive tractor that means that it works great in both dry and wet conditions. Such tractors are ideal for seeding, pasture topping and spreading fertilizer properly as well as for hauling operations.

Being a 4 wheel drive, the tractor ensures that sufficient power is supplied to all the 4 wheels of the tractor to make it work effortlessly on the inundated grounds. The tractor comes with standard oil-immersed brakes with 3604mm turning radius that helps to maintain the balance and precision while turning and the brakes that are able to keep the maintenance costs low while providing for a better and safer ride.

The availability of a power steering further helps in improved manoeuvring and usage. However, if there would have been a steering adjustment facility, it would have been better. But nevertheless, the tractor still isn’t a disappointment. The strong and large enough fuel tank of 68 litres stores plenty of fuel when needed. Further, to add to that the 2000kg lift capacity helps in carrying out nearly all sorts of hauling.

The transmission system is great and comprises a dual-clutch and a synchromesh gear system of a good and broad spectrum of  9 forward and 3 reverse gears that provide smooth mobility. The engine is cooled by means of a coolant cooling system which prevents any sort of overheating issues.

Jhon Deere 5038D

JD 5038-d - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5038 D

This is an exceptional tractor with its big wheels and efficient working, it has stolen the hearts of millions of customers. The people who have bought this model never seem to stop praising it. The 5038D has a coolant-cooled, 2900cc tractor which produces 38 hp power that makes it a good alternative to most tractors out there.

This one also has a collared shift transmission system with a total of 12 gears that is 8 for going forward and 4 for reversing. The big wheels provide good traction and reduce discomfort on rough terrains. The control panel showcases most of the functions and advanced features too like 3 draft control and depth control to name a few for precise handling of the hydraulic linkage system.

The charming and effortless oil immersed braking system helps to prevent heat from reaching the brakes and reduces maintenance costs. The operational power steering does let you feel the power and helps in better and smooth manoeuvring and better control over the tractor. The ergonomic criteria have been increased for more comfort and power to the driver.

For example, the gear has been placed in a side shift position other than central for easy access into the seats. The seats have been made wide. The engine’s efficiency is incredible and is increased through the exceptional dry type air filter with an air restriction sensor that informs the driver when the engine is clogged.

Jhon Deere 3036 E

Jhon Deere 3036 E: Best john deere tractor

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 3036 E

The 3036 E is a mini tractor that comes with an adequate 3 cylinder, 1500 cc coolant-cooled engine that produces a good 36 hp power. It is a 4 wheel drive which makes it effective for nearly all sorts of operations but its limited lifting capacity of 910 kg comes in its way and hence restricts its scope of being a great tractor. The dry type air filter helps to filter out most of the air intake to reach the engine and also alarms the user if it’s clogged. The speed is good and so are wheels.

The centre of gravity has been kept deliberately low so that the tractor doesn’t tumble down or imbalanced while moving. The effective and easy to access power steering helps in better manoeuvring and provides good comfort. The transmission is eloquently designed for this little man with a single friction plate type clutch and sync reverser transmission system with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears which provide a wide range of effective speeds and torque.

The fast and low maintenance oil-immersed brakes allow for effective stopping while reducing both stopping times as well as maintenance. The 32 litres of voluminous fuel tank helps in keeping you and your tractor on the field for longer durations.

Jhon Deere 5039 D

JD 5039 D - best jhon deere tractors

Watch Video Review of Jhon Deere 5039 D

This one is perfectly synonymous with strong, durable, reliable and good looking. Designed for affordability, durability and reliability, this tractor ensures that you can get maximum out of what you give in. It provides good productivity and doesn’t disappoint even one bit.

It is a 35 hp tractor that runs on an efficient and powerful 2900 cc diesel engine which is tweaked for better optimization and working. The clutch system comes in 2 variants of single and dual and the working is smooth as they are easily switchable.

The collar shift transmission made up of 8 forward and 4 backward gears ensure a range of mobility and provide good maximum speeds. There is also a heavy-duty planetary reduction system that ensures high torque in most challenging circumstances.

There is no oil-immersed steering with 2900mm turning radius to improve the manoeuvring at turns. The great quality power steering ensures good control and comfort. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor suitable for a wide range of operations. The 1600 kg lifting capacity helps with 3 point linkage to attach a lot of different implements.

So that was our list. These tractors are not just ordinary ones. They provide good mileage and high productivity. The company provides a good warranty with their tractors with over 2 years on some selected models.

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