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What Are The Key Design Elements Securing the Future of Casinos?

by Aziz Arora
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Future of Casinos

Indian online casino sites are fast gaining popularity, eliminating the need for players to travel to brick-and-mortar casinos to play their favorite online casinos. Finding the best online casino in India is very easy as there are several top-rated online casinos to choose from.

Guest author Monin Manne takes a look at what are the key design elements that help to secure the future of casinos.

While the experience of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino stands in a class of its own, player preference for online casinos is on the rise. Land-based casinos, therefore, have to compete hard to capture and retain players’ attention.

Land-based casino operators around the world invest millions of dollars to come out with a unique and innovative design. Casino designers are always under pressure as they have to create stimulating gaming environments that lead to unforgettable experiences. Architectural design can go a long way in helping land-based casinos achieve this.

Let us look at some of the key design elements that can secure the future of casinos.

Innovative Design that Honours Culture

The MGM National Harbor has managed to achieve the impossible by combining the latest architectural design elements with the cultural tradition of its location. It is a stunning hotel-casino property that markets itself with well-defined lines, glass windows, and a marble exterior.

The hotel-casino has also implemented cultural elements into its architectural design. Its western entrance features an iron archway measuring 26-feet by 15-feet, which was sculpted by Bob Dylan, the American songwriter, singer, visual artist, and author. The archway, called Portal, incorporates local farm equipment, axes, and wheels that communicate the local spirit.

MGM National Harbour is home to a heritage collection featuring hand-picked works of art from well-known local artists, photographers, and sculptors.

Most Indian players prefer to play at an Indian online casino as it allows them to enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes. You can find the best online casino in India by comparing different casino reviews.

Designs that Enhance Sensory Experiences

Visiting the Aspers Casino in Stratford is a visual treat. It is the biggest land-based casino in the UK, featuring architectural design elements that attract players, give them an enhanced sensory experience, and encourage them to return.  

The casino has dangling copper lights that remind you of East London’s industrial history. Also, it has dozens of chandeliers, which give it a sense of exclusivity.  

Aspers Casino is close to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. The casino’s design elements, therefore, enable visitors to view the Olympic Stadium. In addition, you can also enjoy the parkland that surrounds the stadium. These design elements attract visitors to Aspers Casino, and many of them end up playing real money casino games.

Vegas Away From Vegas

Durham Live in the city of Pickering in Canada is an ambitious land casino project. Its development plans received approval in 2017. Construction work on Durham Live has already begun, and the project may launch late in 2022.

Durham Live has design elements that promise a Vegas gaming experience away from Vegas. For example, the casino entrance will have a Grand Fountain similar to the fountain at the entrance at Bellagio Resort in Nevada. The curvaceous glass front of the hotel-casino resembles that of MGM National Harbour.

Design Elements that Encourage Gambling

Design can extend players’ gambling sessions and encourage them to spend more money at online casinos and land-based casinos.

All successful casinos have themes, which impact their gaming environments in different ways. Las Vegas land-based casinos, for example, have design elements that make you feel as if you are in Paris, Venice, Ancient Egypt, and so on depending on their theme.

Land-based casinos aim to entertain guests and make them stay as long as possible. And players who stay at an online or land casino because they love the theme are more likely to spend money on the games.

You may wonder if design elements truly help boost business for a land-based or online casino. A casino’s success partly depends on its design elements. A good casino has a unique design that is based on an exciting theme and has aesthetics that encourages players to stay, explore, and play. Players visit casinos to gamble, but they are attracted to casinos because of their design elements.


Other than the usual marketing strategies to get players into casinos. Casino operators will continue to experiment with both architectural and interior designs when they are developing their multi-million dollar casino resorts around the world. The goal of every casino designer is to create an impression of luxury, make patrons feel at home, and help them forget the time. Indian players who want to see some of the best casino designs in the world, should take a trip and visit some of Macau’s best casinos. 

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