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Top 10 Kids Clothing Brands in India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Kids Clothing Brands In India

Choosing clothes for babies can be tricky. The clothes need to be of such material and fitting that does not irritate or cause discomfort to the baby. There are a lot of children’s brands for clothing in India that offer a good variety of baby clothes.

A lot of parents have limited knowledge of kids clothing brands due to which they miss out on good products. To help those parents out,

Here are the Best Kids Clothing Brands in India 2023 you can invest into.:

Gini & Jony

gini & jony best kids wear

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Gini & Jony is maybe the most popular kids clothing brand in India. Having been founded in 1980, it is also one of the oldest children’s clothing brands in India. Gini & Jony offer a wide range of unisex kids wear aimed at kids aged from 1 to 16 year old.

Gini & Jony currently has more than 250 stores all over India. Gini & Jony offers a wide range of variety in kids apparel. Be it jeans or formals, Gini & Jony got you covered. Gini & Jony do not have a shipping portal of theur own. Their clothes, however, can be bought online off of online shopping websites like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio etc.

The company has been producing kidswear for over 35 years and is known for quality. Being in this business for decades makes Gini & Jony a name you can look up to for all your kidswear needs.


Cucumber indian kids clothing brand

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Cucumber is one of the oldest kidswear brand to exist in India. It was founded in 2001 and has transitioned into a trustworthy name when it comes to kidswear over these 19 years. Cucumber’s target market consists of three groups. First is newborns aging upto 6 months. Second is infants that age between 1 to 2 years. The third demographic is toddlers aging 3 to 5 years old.

Cucumber also has a Cucufun sub-brand that creates products for kids of ages from 3 to 16 years. Cucumber offers both summer and winter wear for kids. The clothing line features tops, shorts, bloomers, vests, singlets, frocks, nightsuits etc. Cucumber is well known for its quality and safety.

The clothes are fully made of cotton without any harmful chemicals. The products go through multi-level quality checks before being shipped out. Cucumber stores are limited to just the Eastern India. However Cucumber products can be easily bought off of various online shopping websites liks Amazon, Snapdeal, FirstCry etc.


NautiNati kids clothing brand

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NautiNati is an exclusive online store for kidswear in India. NautiNati features a wide variety of kids clothes from everyday clothes to formal dresses and partywear, ummer dresses, winter dresses, jackets, skirts and what not. The website has clothes for both girls and boys. The collection also features tops, bottoms, leggings, shrugs, shorts, dungarees etc. You can also buy jeans for young kids. The clothes are baby-friendly and do not cause any harm to soft and sensitive skin of babies.

Accessories like hats, hairbands, sunglasses, handbags too can be bought from the website.

NautiNati offers a subscription which comes with a bunch of benefits over regular users.

NautiNati products can be bought from stores located in many cities across India. They ship products online all over India from their official website. Orders worth more than 1199 are eligible for free delivery.


Lilliput  kids wear

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Lilliput is another popular kidswear brand in India that has been in the business for years. It was founded in 2003. Over 15 years of experience makes Lilliput a brand that parents can put their trust into.

Lilliput offers a wide range of kids clothing like t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, cardigans etc. The clothes are available in different fabrics like cotton, nylon, wool etc. Lilliput has above 300 official stores all over India and over 10 stores abroad as well.

Lilliput does not have an online shopping portal but their full clothing line is available on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Lilliput puts many offers on their clothing from time to time. Lilliput is a trustworthy and affordable brand when it comes to kidswear.

Little Kangaroos

little kangaroos kids clothing brand

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Little Kangaroos is a major kidswear distributor in India. It is a brand of Romano Apparels which was founded in 1976. In 1996 Romano Apparels created Little Kangaroos to step foot in the kidswear market.

Little Kangaroos’ prime focus has been infants and toddlers. But thhey make all kind of clothes for kids upto 10 year old. They offer apparel for both boys and girls. You can find every kind of kidswear at Little Kangaroos ; occasional, casual, formal, summer, winter etc.

Little Kangaroos have three sub brands of itself ; Play, Play Baby and Marshmellows. Play and Play Baby focuses on everyday wear like t-shirts and shorts. Marshmellows is more of a fashion brand. Little Kangaroos apparel is sold in over 450 stores across India. It can also be bought online off websites like Myntra, FirstCry, Amazon etc.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network kids clothing brands in india

No doubts cartoons are every kid’s favourite things growing up. Cartoons have been a big part of the childhood of every generation ; present or past. Cartoon Network especially has been a huge part of the cartoon scene. Cartoon Network sells official merchandise of various characters they have created over time.

Kids love cartoons and they surely love to wear clothes that feature their favourite characters. Cartoon Network produces apparel that not just looks good but also offers quality. It includes t-shirts, shorts, jackets, sweaters etc. You can also buy Cartoon Network characters socks and backpacks for kids.

Cartoon Network also sells full-blown costumes for kids that can be worn for parties or contests. The merchandise can be bought off of various online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. BeAwara sells official Cartoon Network merchandise too.


Kapkids online kids clothing brand

KapKids is the kidswear sub-brand of Kapsons. Kapsons have been in the clothing business for over 30 years now. Three decades of experience makes Kapsons and thus Kapkids too, a brand that parents can trust.

Kapkids offers a good variety of kidswear for both boys and girls. It features both formal and casual wear. Kapkids takes care of the fashion factor as well. You can buy t-shirts, jeans, skirts, shorts, joggers, leggings and what not. Blazers, jackets, shrugs, jumpsuits too can be bought from Kapkids.

Kapkids is still in the growing phase and hasn’t spread out across a large number of locations. There are 6 exclusive KapKids stores in India as of now. Kapkids features a more fancier clothing line. Hence the products are more expensive as compared to some other brands.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop kids clothing brand

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Skip Hop is a globally recognized brand related to kids. Skip Hop was founded in 2003 and it has been on an incline ever since. It sells a wide variety of kids products rather than just kids clothes.

These products include diapers, walkers, toys, baby scooters, bathtubs, chairs etc. Activity centers, playpens and play tables are up for sale too that keep the babies engaged and happy. Other products include lunch boxes, water bottles, diaper changing mats etc. Skip Hop also sells soothers, pacifiers and sleep aids.

Skip Hop does not have any official stores in India. However they can be bought online through websites like Ubuy and Firstcry. Olympia Industries are exclusive online distributors of Skip Hop in india where you can buy all of the Skip Hop products.


Chicco kids clothing brand in india

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Chicco is another internationally known brand that is known for products aimed for babies. Chicco too sells a huge variety of kids related products. It also includes skincare and other health related issues.

There are baby feeding aids like feeding bottles, breast pumps, disinfectants etc. Other feeding products include feeding bibs, spoons, cups, crumb catchers etc. Meal chairs are up for sale too.

There are water sterilizers that make sure the water is healthy for the babies. There are pregnancy pillows that help women that are expecting. There are various nursing pillows as well. For helping babies sleep, Chicco offers comfortable cribs and soothers.

For healthcare, you can buy shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, face creams, body wipes, anti-mosquito gels etc that are safe for babies. Chicco products can be bought in India through websites like FirstCry, Amazon etc.

Pinkcow Fashions

Pinkcow Fashions

Pinkcow is another brand that has slowly and steadily built a name for itself over time. Pinkcow was created by Pratima Anand who is a renowned fashion designer. Pinkcow’s clothing line features clothes exclusively for young girls.

Pinkcow is a designer dress label. It offers a big collection of fashion-oriented dresses. It includes party dresses, designer dresses, formal dresses etc. There is a separate collection of traditional Indian dresses too. Pinkcow also sells girls’ accessories like hairbands, handbags, pendants etc.

Pinkcow sells products through the official website itself. The products are shipped abroad as well as all over India.

Nee & Oink

Nee & Oink

Nee & Oink is a kidswear brand launched by sisters Neelakshi and Oiendrila Ray. Nee & Oink was created with the aim of integrating modern fashion into kidswear. Over time Nee & Oink has transitioned into a popular kids fashionwear brand. Nee & Oink is more of a luxury clothes brand that creates fashionable clothes for both boys and girls.

Their collection features traditional Indian dresses like kurtas, lehngas, dhotis etc. All of these dresses are sprinkled with a modern and fashionable touch.

Nee & Oink has a wide variety of clothes other than that too like jackets, skirts, jumpsuits etc. Nee & Oink sells products through its official website. They have several stores across India too. Other than that their products can be bought from various shopping websites too.

Sheena’s Boutique

Sheena's Boutique

Sheena’s Boutique is a complete boutique for kids created by Sheena Jain. It features products specifically for kids aging upto 14 years old.  Sheena’s Boutique focuses on formal wear for both girls and boys.

The clothing line includes suits, coats, jackets, elegent dresses etc. Other than dresses, Sheena’s Boutique also offers various accesories like handbags, watches, sunglasses etc. They have a good collection of kids jewellery as well. There are a lot of pendents, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Sheena’s boutique ships products internationally across many countries.

It has several official stores located in various countries including India. Their items can be bought from various shopping websites as well.



Ruff kids clothing brand

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Ruff is a well known kidswear brand. Ruff has been making clothes for kids since 1995 and has grown into one of the most trusted kidswear brand. Ruff is an exclusice boyswear brand and features clothes for boys only.

It has a wide variety of clothes for boys aging between 6 months to 16 years old. It includes denims, cottons, shirts, t-shirts etc. There is a big collection of jeans, cargos, jackets, joggers for young boys.

Ruff has a bunch of exclusive stores across various states of India. Their products are sold in multiple multi-brand stores as well. Ruff has stores overseas in several locations like Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait etc.

Mini Me


Mini Me was created by Vandana Vinod as a fashionware brand for kids. Their collection consists of a wide variety of clothes for boys and girls aging between 1 to 10 years old.

Their products include casual wear, sports wear, Occasional wear, newborn babywear etc. It also sells accessories like hairbands, hairclips,handbags, handkerchief, towels etc. Mini Me also sells shoes for kids.

Gauri And Nainika

Gauri And Nainika

Gauri Karan and Nainika Karan, two sisters, launched a clothing lable od their own named after themselves in 2002. Since then they have quickly grown into a well known brand in India. They have made their presence known in the Bollywood fashion scene as well.

They are known for their classy dresses but over time they have indulged in other products like kidswear as well.

Gauri & Nainika have a sub-brand named Kidology designated for kidswear. The products mostly consist of clothes for girls. The majority of which is elegent dresses, gowns, lehngas etc. The clothing line is obviously expensive as it features classy clothes for young girls.


These were the best clothing brands for kids that you can invest your hardearned money into. Whenever you are buying babywear and other accessories related to kids, these are the names you should consider first.

With that being said, hope this list proves to be helpful in making your kids even more cuter and brighter.

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