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Top 15 Best Online Kurtis Shopping Sites In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Kurtis, and other ethnic-wear items are pieces of clothing that never go out of style, and can pretty much be paired with a variety of pieces, and used in multiple interesting combinations.

An outfit with a kurti is one that can never be boring, and with the thousands and thousands of styles, and patterns, and colours that adorn these kurtis, there’s always something to keep your look fresh.

In times like these, with the lockdown keeping us at home, we find an ample amount of time in our hands, and if you’re missing out on your monthly hauls, or you feel like spicing up your wardrobe, we bring to you the top websites to buy kurtis, including in our list, both, multi-brand stores and individual brands!

Multi-brand stores

Here is the List of Best Online Stores to buy Kurti In India:


Myntra - kurti shopping site

Ever since its conception in 2007, Myntra has been delivering a lovely collection of kurtis from multiple brands, displaying a wide range of colours, patterns, styles, textures and more.

Myntra has made itself a name among the online shopping community, and is definitely one of the first sites you should check out if you’re looking to buy kurtis. Most of their items range between 500 and 2500, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for, at decently affordable prices.

Featuring brands like Anouk, Sangria, Aurelia, Biba and more, they offer a variety of niches, and you can definitely find your spot in one of them! Their frequent sales with hefty discounts also make them super appealing, and a fun place to shop during festive seasons if you’re not one for the crowded malls and shopping streets.


LimeRoad: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Founded in 2012, LimeRoad is yet another website that has become a firm favourite among us.

With their wide range of small indie brands, they bring to the table something different from the mainstream, allowing these smaller brands to capture our attention and put them in the limelight! With a variety of styles featuring pastel kurtis, solid colours, abstract patterns, and forever-favourite florals, they definitely have something for everyone.

One downside to LimeRoad is their user interface which makes it harder to put on filters and narrow down your search, or sort the results according to your fancy.

Perhaps downloading the app would make that easier, but the website itself is a teensy little bit hard to navigate. Putting that aside (and their wonderful collection makes it easy to do so), they’re a great website to find some great kurtis! And all at pretty affordable rates!


Ajio: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next, we have Ajio, one of the best, all-rounder sites for kurtis. With their extremely affordable prices, great styles, small indie brands that produce items ethically, and a great user interface, Ajio offers you everything you could possibly need in an online shopping experience.

With most of their Kurtis ranging between the prices of 250 and 1000, and a lot (a lot!) of kurtis under 500, you can find an ample amount of option to pick from without going too high over your budget, or over your budget at all!

With their clean user interface, their pieces really stand out, attracting you to what you wanted immediately without you struggling to expand or narrow down your search.

Their styles are simple, chic, and trendy, well balanced between keeping in with the styles that are popular now, and pieces that are timeless and never go out of style. You’ll definitely find something you love here!

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next on our list, we have Shoppers Stop, and I’m sure you’ve heard this name! One of the biggest, most trusted multi-brand stores in India, SS really has everything! Indian-wear, Western-wear, fusion-wear, you name it and Shoppers Stop has got it for you.

Similarly, their collection of kurtis is one that definitely sparks awe. Ranging from simple, everyday kurtis that you wear for a quick run to buy groceries, to elaborate, extravagant kurtis for special occasions, Shopper Stop gives you multiple styles and patterns for just as wide a range of prices!

While we all definitely used to visit the store while we were at the mall, this lockdown is great time to explore their website and look through their huge collection of kurtis from a number of big brands, for something that you can add to your closet with a smile on your face!


Lifestyle: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Another favourite like Shopper Stop, we have next on our list, Lifestyle, a multi-brand store that was founded in 1999; a store that you’ve bound to have heard of and visited multiple times!

Featuring a number of brands such as Aurelia, Amukti, Imara, Global Desi and more, with a huge number of their kurtis being from Melange, they offer a number of collections suited for a variety of occasions.

Their user interface too, is simple, basic, and easy to navigate, allowing you to narrow your search with a great number of filters. All their items are under 4000, with most of them below 2000 so they’re pretty affordable too! A classic store, with an equally classic website!


Pantaloons: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Pantaloons is yet another popular name among multi-brand stores, and offers a huge collection of kurtis in a number of amazing styles and colours for affordable prices.

With all their products being under of just over 2000, they ensure that you get what you need without worrying too much about your budget.

They feature products from Rangmanch plus, Biba, W, and Trisha, with their most common, in-house brand being Rangmanch. True to its name, you’ll find loads of vibrant colours that work wonderful in day settings, and in the seasons of spring and summer!

Similar to Lifestyle’s website, the user interface for Pantaloons too is clean and helps in making their clothing items stand out. The many filters allow you to focus your search and find what you’re looking for with ease!

That marks the end of the multi-brand stores on our list! Next up we have the best standalone stores for all your kurti needs!

Standalone stores:

Here are the Best Online Kurti Shopping Sites In India:

Fab India

Fab India: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Honestly, how can we even have a list on the best sties to buy kurtis, and not include Fab India? Fab India is the epitome of simplicity and elegance. With their soft, amazing quality cotton, and their simple, classic designs, they deliver one timeless piece after the other.

Their earthy tones and peaceful neutrals make their kurtis very versatile, leaving you to build up your outfit as your style calls. You can never go wrong with a piece by Fab India, and can pair it as you’d like; think jeans, palazzos, leggings, pyjamas, or salwars.

The quality of the material they use guarantees the breathability of the clothing items, which works so well especially in a country with extremely hot summers. The pieces are also super durable and won’t wear and tear easily, remaining stable pieces in your wardrobe for ages.


Biba: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Delivering iconic styles since 1988, Biba is the second independent brand on our list! Being on the pricier end of the spectrum, Biba offers you fancier styles for bigger occasions, such as dinner parties, formal wear, wedding events, etc.

While you will find simpler styles for under 2000, Biba undoubtedly specialises in the extravagance of their more expensive kurtis, offering a plethora of styles, patters, and sets that you will definitely love.

Keeping with the times, they explore all the up and coming patters and bring freshness to the table with all their new collections, which they release at the beginning of each season. So, if you’re freer with your budget, Biba has got some great options for you!


W: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next on our list, W or W for Woman as the site says, is another great independent brand for adding some more kurtis to your collection! First things first, their website is super aesthetic and conveys through that aesthetic the aim of their new collection.

Even apart from that, their user interface is easy to navigate through. As soon as you click on “kurtis”, you’re flooded with a number of styles that you can pick out of.

A more casual, simple option as compared to Biba, W offers you less expensive products that would work great for casual, semi-formal settings, working well for everyday wear, and also for small occasions where you can look subtle, and ethereal. With a majority of their items being under the 3000-3500 mark, they’re not too expensive either!

Global Desi

Global Desi: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next on our list, we have the popular brand Global Desi, with its website featuring the warm-toned Indian summer aesthetic to celebrate their summer collection! Their collection features a number of pastel colours and airy kurtas that work perfectly in the summer heat.

Despite keeping in with the airy theme, they offer a number of styles so you can feel comfortable all while staying true to your personal style. They even feature a sustainable edit on their vibrant, alluring website which increases their appeal even more.

So, play around with your style and add some kurtis to your wardrobe, all while knowing that they are ethically sourced and sustainably produced! They’re also super affordable with more than half their products being under a 1000, so you can keep in with your budget without guilt, and boy do we love some guilt-free retail therapy!


Rangriti: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next up we have Rangriti which features some super affordable kurtis! But don’t let that fool you, because Rangriti is the epitome of ‘price does not equal quality and style’. They bring to you a variety soft, cotton kurtis that keep you feeling fresh and cool in the summer heat.

Their colours, which feature a lot of oranges, teals, whites, and blues work wonderfully, balancing the warmth of the season with the cool blues that adorn your body, and the oranges and red mirroring the sunset in the cooling evenings.

Their patterns are timeless, and their kurtis simple and put-together, making great additions to your closets. Their website too, is straight to the point and easy to navigate, without any confusing pop-ups and designs that might hamper your shopping experience.


Jaypore: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Working on the lines of Fab India but turned up a notch, we have Jaypore as the next brand on our list. While their prices may be exorbitant, their kurtis mirror that rich, luxurious feel.

So, if you’re willing to spend some extra coin, Jaypore is the way to go. Their pieces emit sophistication and elegance through their simplicity; a very royal touch giving out an almost vintage, homespun cotton vibe.

While you’ll definitely find some great, classic pieces under 2000, if you’re looking for some extravagant, designer kurtis for a special occasion, they have loads of those too, leaden with gold embroidery and rich colours and textures; making great pieces for weddings, ceremonies, dinners, and more.


Soch: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Next up we have Soch, another independent brand with a website focused on bringing their aesthetic to life.

Fairly easy to navigate, the website features drop-down menus so you can filter out what you don’t need and find exactly what you’re looking for! Featuring multiple styles, designs, and trends, Soch has a huge collection of kurtis.

They’re also pretty affordable, with all their products being under 3000, and 90% of their kurtis being under just 1000.

Simple and sophisticated is their mantra as they offer versatile pieces that can go well with jeans, leggings, palazzos and whatever else the situation calls for.

Solid colour pieces, patterned pieces, abstract designs, Soch offers you everything you could possibly pick from, ensuring that everyone finds something they like and want.


Mirraw: Online Site To Buy Kurtis

Over time, Mirraw has certainly become a firm favourite among people looking to buy kurtis, wowing us constantly with their huge variety of Indian-wear, of which we are especially drawn to the kurtis.

Their massive collection of kurtis ranges from long kurtis, chikankari kurtis, and cotton kurtis to embroidered kurtis, kurtis for special occasions, and kaftans. The range makes sure that there’s a little corner for everyone, and one specially for you.

With their minimal website, it is easy for their many products to stand out and draw your eye, all while keeping the surroundings quiet and peaceful. All the filters are easy to find and apply, narrowing down your search till you find the perfect piece you were looking for!


And there you have it, a list of the best websites (multi-brand as well as independent) to buy kurtis. If you feel like we’ve missed out on any great websites that you love, send us a mail, or just tell us how you feel about these websites because we’d love to hear from you!

Also, note that due to the lockdown, a number of these websites aren’t delivering so that they can keep their employees as well as you safe from the spread of COVID-19. But nonetheless, keep surfing and adding to your carts till you get a notification that says delivers are a go, go, go!

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