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Top 10 Largest Sports Stadiums In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Largest Stadiums

From overseas and across the oceans, nothing beats the feeling of a filled stadium. Where every person’s opinion counts, where every individual is a champion regardless of which side you support, where the mind is as important, if not more important than any other part of the body.

The winning spirit is in the air that everyone breaths. Winning is the song regardless of nationality, country, race, color, or tribe. More than 50,000 strangers united together for a common goal and similar smiles.

Here is the List of Top 10 Largest & Biggest Stadiums In India:

Sardar Patel Stadium

Sardar Patel Stadium Largest Stadium In India

Constructed in 1983, Sardar Patel Stadium is also known as Motera Stadium based in Ahmedabad in India. It is the world’s largest cricket stadium with a seating capacity of 110,000, and Gujarat Cricket Association owns it. The stadium is mostly used for hosting Test, ODI, and T20 matches.

Initially, the stadium was known as Gujarat stadium but later renamed Sardar Vallabbhai Patel in tribute to India’s first home minister and deputy prime minister. Sardar Patel stadium came in existence after the Government of Gujarat donated 100 acres of land on the banks of Sabarmati River.

Interesting and fun facts:

  • The stadium has 76 corporate boxes, each having a capacity of 25, a 55 room clubhouse, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and four dressing rooms.
  • Unlike other stadiums, it has LED lights on the roof instead of the usual floodlights at the cricket grounds. The LED lights are installed on an anti-bacterial, fireproof canopy with PTFE membrane that covers 30 meters of the total 55 meter’s breadth of the seating area.
  • The roof has been designed to be lightweight and separate from the seating bowls in order to allow for movement in times of seismic activity, making it fairly earthquake resistant.
  • The parking lot can accommodate 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers and or can accommodate movement of around 60,000 simultaneously. 

Cricket is a game loved, followed, and adored by millions of Indians across the globe. No other stadium, but the Sardar Patel Stadium provides the best venue to watch when the same is at the display. With such state of the art stadium, it gives a perfect opportunity for citizens to witness glory at its best.

Address: Motera Stadium Rd, Motera, Ahmedabad

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Salt Lake Stadium

Salt Lake Stadium Largest Stadium In India

This stadium was established in 1984 and is also known as Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (VYBK). It is the 2nd largest stadium in India with a seating capacity of 85,000. The stadium is located in Bidhannagar, Kolkata and it is the home of ATK, East Bengal FC and Mohun Bagan. 

Before the renovation, it was the 2nd largest football stadium in the world with a seating capacity of 150,000 spectators. In order to meet the recommended FIFA standards, the stadium switched back to natural turf of which it hosted under 17 world cup final. 

Interesting and fun facts:

  • Salt Lake Stadium’s roof is built of metal tubes along with aluminum sheets and robust concrete that’s fits 2 electric scoreboard and two control rooms.
  • It has three tiers of concrete galleries, nine entry gates, and 30 ramps for spectators to reach the viewing blocks.
  • The stadium has a climbing wall located on one side of the wall, and it is used for adventure purposes.

Construction of sports facilities is a costly affair not only in India but all over the world. But the proper management and cooperation among clubs and stadia management is the key to coexistence and the growth of sports in any country.

Salt Lake stadium is a perfect example of the fact that we can coexist and accommodate each other when we work together.

Address: JB Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata

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Eden Gardens Stadium

Eden Gardens Stadium Largest Stadium In India

Eden Gardens Stadium is a cricket stadium in Kolkata. It was established in 1964, and it is the oldest cricket stadium in India. The name Eden Gardens originated from Eden Garden, one of the oldest parks in Kolkata, which was named after the Eden Sisters of Lord Auckland. 

It has a seating capacity of 66,349, and it’s the home of the Bengal Cricket team, IPL Franchise Cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders, and also a venue for Test, ODI, and T20I of the Indian national team.

The stadium is also known as the “Mecca of Indian Cricket” since it was the first officially built arena for the game of cricket.

Interesting and fun facts:

  • The Stadium is known for its loud crowds; former Aussie Captain Steve Waugh considers the Eden Gardens as the Lords of the Subcontinent. 
  • Moreover, Dileep Vengsarkar called the Eden Gardens as the second best after Lords. 
  • Former Indian Captain and Kolkata Native Souray Ganguly confessed in an interview that the roar of the crowd at the stadium heard when India defeated Australia in the second test of 2000-01 Border-Gavaskar Trophy was the loudest ever heard.
  • The stadium is fitted with a bell to ring in the start of days’ play for test cricket and start of the match for ODI & ODI and T20I matches. Kapil Dev is recognized as the first individual to ring the stadium’s bell to commence the test match between India and New Zealand in September 2016.

Not only is this beautiful stadium, a sports arena, but it also holds the rich history of the game of cricket. It took the game of cricket to the next level by establishing itself as the first officially constructed cricket stadium in India.

This is the genesis of the love and support that the cricket game enjoys in India.

Address: Maidan, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata

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Raipur International Cricket Stadium

Raipur International Cricket Stadium Largest Stadium In India

The stadium is also known as Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium. It is located in Raipur Chhattisgarh, it is situated close to the Swami Vivekananda Airport in Nava Raipur 21 kilometers away from Raipur central City, and located at National highway. 

It has a seating capacity of 65,000, and it was opened to the public in the year 2008. The stadium’s built and also owned by the Government of Chhattisgarh. The venue is regarded as the home of the Daredevils franchise.

Fun facts about the stadium:

  • The first march played at the stadium is Canada National Cricket Team versus Chhattisgarh state team one-day match in 2010.

A stadium arena is the only avenue and place where the brave and the wise grace the moment of history and absolute beauty unfold. Stadiums are the breeding grounds where friendship, unity, and togetherness are created. 

Address: Sector 3, Parsada-3, Naya Raipur

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Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Delhi)

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Delhi) Largest Stadium In India

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is located in New Delhi, India, named after the first prime minister of India. It has a seating capacity of 60,000, and it was built and wholly owned by the Government of India. It is the home of the Indian National football team, though it also hosts other events like athletics, concerts, and cricket. 

The stadium was renovated in 2010 in readiness for 2010 commonwealth games, where a German company Gerkan Marg and partners were given the mandate of designing the new look Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. The new-look stadium was ready in July 2010, and it was fitted with a new roof, improved seating and other facilities to meet the recommended standards.

Interesting details about the stadium:

  • It has an innovative design for the roof over the seating tier, making it one of the most extensive membrane roof systems in the world.
  • The membrane of the roof is illuminated during night hours with the state of the art façade lighting to relieve the spectators of monotony.
  • There’s an air-conditioned passage for all of the performers of the ceremonies. This passage is situated below the athlete’s track and arena.
  • It is the largest auditorium in Delhi with dedicated double basement parking.

The stadium is one of the latest states of the art stadiums in India, and it boasts one of the best architectural designs witnessed in India. It is an epitome of pride and a sense of belonging to the people of Delhi.

Therefore it has lived up to the purposes for which it was named, the first prime minister of India.

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Complex, Pragati Vihar

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EMS Stadium Kozhikkode

EMS Stadium Kozhikkode Largest Stadium In India

This is a multi-purpose stadium built in Kozhikode (Calicut) and mostly used to host football events. It is referred to as the home of I league side Gokulam Kerala Fc, and it was established in the year 1977. The stadium has a seating capacity of 60,000. 

The name of the stadium originated from the first Chief Minister of Kerala communist leader E.M.S Namboodiripad. The stadium is equipped with floodlights for it to host both football games and cricket.

Interesting and fun facts: 

  • It is recognized as the best football pitch in India by experts and the media. The stadium is famous for because of the crazy fans of Kozhikode.
  • With the constructions of the grandstand, it will rise to the international standards, having a state of the art facilities and a VIP lodge having 200 seating capacity, media Centre, and changing rooms for players.
  • In 1980 the venue hosted AFC Women Asian Cup where India won silver
  • In 1987 Nehru cup was held at the same venue and won by Russia.

E.M.S Stadium Kozhikode is not just but a stadium, but it is an arena where history is made.

Named after their leader and being the home of India Football team. The stadium will go down in history as the home of heroes.

Address: SK Temple Rd, Tazhekkod, Kozhikode

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DY Patil Stadium

DY Patil Stadium Largest Stadium In India

DY Patil Stadium is also known as DY Patil Sports stadium. It is a football and cricket stadium at D. Y. Patil campus at Neru in NAVI Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Hafeez Contractor designed it. It was inaugurated in 2008, and it was the home of the IPL team Mumbai Indians. 

In 2014 it was announced as the home stadium of ISL Franchise Mumbai City FC. The stadium possesses a seating capacity for nearly 55,000 spectators, making it the 7th largest stadium in India.

Exciting and fun facts to note: 

  • The stadium is set in a way that individual bucket seats are available to spectators. No pillars are obstructing the view of the ground. 
  • An enormous network of several digital cameras monitors the spectators thoroughly. They produce topnotch quality images, which are forwarded to the security agency. Axis cameras are installed for the first time in India.
  • The stadium’s built is earthquake-proof and incorporates fire-fighting and a multitude of evacuation facilities. 
  • The world-famous Guinness Book of Records aknowledges the “Largest health awareness lesson” (single venue) as 51,861 participants, which was acquired by Dr. Shri Nanasaheb (India) at the DY Patil stadium on the 20th of December, 2013.

The DY Patil Stadium is a masterpiece of how the security and wellbeing of spectators is and should be.

The amount of investment in security at DY Patil Stadium should be emulated by all sports-loving countries globally. Sports are a social event with the sole purpose of making people happy.

Address: Sector 7, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (Hyderabad)

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (Hyderabad) Largest Stadium In India

The stadium is located in Uppal, an eastern suburb of the city. It has a seating capacity of 55,000 and extends across 16 acres of land. It is formerly known as Visaka International Cricket Stadium Ground.

The stadium is owned by the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh, giving the Hyderabad Cricket Association limited control over the facility. It is the home of Sun riser Hyderabad (India).

Interesting and fun facts:

  • The stadium has and Arial view of RGICS, Uppal Hyderabad, The lush green outfield, and an obstruction-free view of the play area for the eyes.
  • The stadium has ample [parking, exclusive practice area, reception lounge, commentators room, corporate boxes, spacious press room with all communication facility, private room for umpires, and sate of the art dressing rooms for teams.
  • Floodlight mounted on six towers, illuminate the stadium during day-night matches, floodlights were commissioned in April 2007.

The Grand Reception Hall at the facility, used as memorabilia, is an icon that does not illustrate the culture at the stadium.

Still, it is an epitome of the journey walked and graced by great men and women who graced the venue as sportsmen. Forever they will leave in the memory of the people of Hyderabad.

Address: Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana

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M. A. Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai)

M. A. Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai) Largest Stadium In India

M.A CHIDAMBARAM Stadium is a well-known cricket stadium that’s situated in Tamil Nadu, India. The stadium was built in 1916, and is known to be the second oldest stadium in India after Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

The stadium is named after M.A. Chidambaram former president of BCCI, the stadium was formerly known as Madras Cricket Club Ground and also nicknamed the Chapauk Stadium.

The M.A CHIDAMBARAM Stadium is the Tamil Nadu Cricket Team and IPL team Chennai Super Kings home ground. The stadium can occupy 50,000 spectators. It held its first test match on 10th February 1934.

Interesting and Fun Facts: 

  • The Chepauk crowd is considered to be one of the most supportive and appreciative crowds in the country. They gave standing ovation to SAED Anwar after scoring the highest ever ODI score of 194 against India in 1997.
  • The crowd was also appreciative when Pakistan won a test match in 1999, and the Pakistan team made a lap of honor in appreciation of the spectators sporting behavior.
  • The land where the stadium is built is a lease between the association and the cricket association, and the same is subject to renewal upon the expiry of the current lease term.

For sports to grow in any country, the club’s management must play up their game and look for means and ways in the clubs can raise resources and establish their stadiums.

In such a way, the club is a better position to increase revenue, which can enable them to run the club efficiently. This is a significant challenge not only in India but in most developing countries.

Address: Victoria Hostel Rd, Chepauk, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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The Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi

The Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi Largest Stadium In India

The stadium was established in 1883, in Delhi India, and the second oldest stadium in India. The stadium has a seating capacity of 48,0000.

The stadium was renamed to Arun Jaitley Stadium in the year 2019 in honor of former finance Minister Arun Jaitley. This also was a result of his contribution to the game of cricket. It’s the home of Delhi Daredevils.

A few Fun Facts: 

  • Anil Kumble’s famous 10/74 in an innings against Pakistan in 1999, with these figures, Kumble became only the second bowler after Jim Laker to take all the ten wickets in an innings. 
  • In 2005 Sachin Tendulkar went past Sunil Gavaskar record of 34 test centuries, registering his 35th test ton in the second test against Sri-Lanka at this venue

This is a stadium that holds the history and or the culture of India in one accord.

The stadium is not only the oldest but its natural position in the heart of the city, and or the renaming of the same in favor of one of the country’s famous leaders makes it dearer to Indians. It speaks not only to Sports loving Citizens but also to the whole population at large.

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Feroze Shah Kotla, Raj Ghat

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India is a nation known across the world for incorporating several sports stadiums. Not only does the nation take sports quite seriously, but it also offers its support through masses of spectators in its enormous stadiums.

A stadium arena is the only avenue and place where the brave and the wise grace the moment of history and absolute beauty unfold. Stadiums are the breeding grounds where friendship, unity, and togetherness are created. Cricket is a game loved, followed, and adored by millions of Indians across the globe. 

Each of the above-mentioned stadiums offers the best venue to watch when the same is at the display. They further provide a perfect opportunity for citizens to witness glory at its best. Not only are these stadiums spectacular sports arenas, but a few of them also upholding the rich history of numerous games, including the game of cricket. 


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