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Latest Top Selling Shoes for Girls to Buy in 2023

by Kartik Bhateja
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We all spend a lot of money on the dresses we wear, jewellery and the accessories we match it with, gadgets which can go with that particular outfit, etc. One silly mistake we do is that we forget to get the best footwear. A single earring (or any accessory) does not go with all types of dresses. We all have the basic styling sense that we wear studs with western wear and heavy jewellery with sarees or traditional wear.

Same way, one single pair of footwear cannot go with all types of garments. You cannot wear a flip flop with a prom gown. You will look for high heel slippers. That is the role of footwear. It adds beauty to your entire look, enhances your effort and money spent on the outfits. When it comes to little kids, especially girls, most of the time, the kids wear little gowns, frocks, onesies, t-shirt with jeans, trousers, etc.

They cannot be cautious on their feet and have an eye on their footwear. It is always better to avoid single loop slippers and prefer shoes so that your child’s feet stay 100% protected and your kid can enjoy the day without any disturbances. Keep scrolling to know the most affordable latest model shoes for girls that are rocking the market. 

Glittery feet

image 1

Caption: Make your feet shine like you. 

The peach coloured ballerina shoes for your little feet comes with beautiful mirror work on the top. It enhances the beauty of your outfits, especially with cholis, lehengas, salwar, and other ethnic wear. The front part of the shoes is checked with a golden silk thread that helps you to bring the complete desi look during family occasions.

These cute shoes for girls prove that shoes not only match with western outfits but also goes well with the heavy Indian traditional outfits. The sole of the shoes is stripped to provide proper grip and avoid slippery during rainy seasons too. Wear this light-weighted pair of ballerina shoes and rock the dance floor. 

Sparkle wherever you go. 

image 2

Caption: Pink is your sunshine. 

Comfort lovers can never miss this shoe out. The material used in this shoe is of high quality and 100% allergic free. This shoe can the perfect choice for girls who have allergic skin like rashes or pain while wearing closed sandals. The entire upper material is air meshed and it helps your feet to breathe and avoids the bad breath of your socks and feet.

As the lace is fixed and a velcro strip is provided to adjust, these shoes can be easily and quickly worn by girls. Hence, this cute shoe for girls is a boon for pink lovers and kids with allergic skin. The best part is it is completely affordable and has a strong grip on the sole. 

Enlighten wherever you go

image 3

Caption: You glow girl!

Only as kids, we will be enjoying wearing shoes and chappals that make Kreech Kreech sounds and full LED lights. Kids who feel pride in wearing shoes with bright LED lights look more innocent and lovely. They keep it safe as it looks unique on their feet.

These black LED shoes for girls gives a matte finish on the top and goes with party wears like gowns, slit gowns, etc. The additional hangings and glittering bow on the top of the shoes give a unique look and make your feet more stylish and trendy. Dress in full black with the LED glowing slippers and grab the party’s attention to your feet. 

Light up your space

image 4

Caption: Let your lights guide others

This is another pair of trending shoes for girls which is again a LED shoe. This pair of shoes does not require party wears or costly makeup to look good. The beige coloured LED shoes for girls allows your baby to stay simple and casual.

So, this LED shoe can be the right choice for casual wear whereas the previous one suits more for occasion wears. The upper part is made up of meshed cloth material so your kid does not feel any disturbance while wearing and it looks cool on your feet. The sole is made up of rubber and plastic material to avoid slippery feet. So, one shoe for your baby to look cool and stylish at the same time protecting their feet. 

The Cutest thing you saw on the internet today

image 5

Caption: Innocence at its peak. 

The cottony soft black printed comfortable shoes for girls are of high quality and made for sophisticated feet. The inner material of this shoe feels like a bed and is spongy that your kid will never feel like removing it. The outer/upper material is also cotton which helps parents is easy washing and drying of shoes in case of any damage.

It comes with a double strap and stars printed all over the shoes. It almost covers until your child’s ankle and there is no chance is unfitting or loose-fitting. It is a musical shoe and the shoes make noise while your kids walk. That adds cuteness to your childish walks and attracts us. The sole is also strong and the shoe has a good life. We suggest that these shoes would be the best looking for kids below 2 to 2.5 years. Buy it when the kids are innocent and little. Let them enjoy that music and have fun. 

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