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10 Best Lockers for Home to Keep Your Money Safe in 2023

by Aziz Arora
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Best lockers for home

Lockers for home are a great way to keep your items as secure and protected as possible. Usually, we keep a lot of valuable items in our houses. Most of us have a lot of money or important items like legal documents and even jewellery in the house. There is always a fear of these items being stolen.

Therefore, to keep them safe and protected, you should get security safe. lockers for home are usually small boxes which will help you to store valuable items carefully. These safes are very difficult to open, therefore, your items will be in the best place possible.

If you keep valuable items out in the open in your house, there is always a fear of them getting damaged. In addition, you can also misplace them or accidentally ruin them. This is one of the main reasons why having security is a very important thing.

For example, if there is a fire, the safe will keep your valuable items protected from it. In this way, you do not have to worry about going into major losses. If you are planning to get a locker for home, but do not know which one to choose, keep reading the article.

Best Lockers for Home

AmazonBasics Security Safe – 0.5

AmazonBasics Security Safe - 0.5

The Amazon basic security sales 0.5 is one of the best lockers for home that you can get to store your items. This is a great safe which will keep all of your items highly protected and secure at all times. The Amazon basics lockers for home are great safe if you wish to have something strong yet convenient. It is made of heavy-duty cannon steel which makes it highly difficult to break.

Therefore, even if you see if it does get in the hands of someone else, they will not be able to break into it by any chance. It has a 1.80 cubic feet capacity which makes it quite spacious. Therefore, you can store a large number of items in one safe. In addition, it also has a stackable shape. In this way, you will be able to store it easily anywhere in your house.

The safe is amazing as it will not take up much space and will also be great to keep items in it. This is amazing if you have items that aren’t too valuable. However, if you have highly expensive items, Then you should be a little careful while buying the safe. The only reason for this is because the same is not fireproof or waterproof. Therefore, items like money or important documents may get damaged if there is a case of a fire or a water leakage in your safe.

Godrej Security Solutions

Godrej Security Solutions - lockers for home

Godrej security solutions are great Lockers for home that you can get. It is grey and looks amazing. This is a great case if you wish to keep it out in the open and not ruin the look of your house. It also has a vibration alarm so that when someone opens the case, you will always know. It comes with a warranty of one year which is great as you can assure the security of your safe. With the help of a warranty, you can always recover any damages to your safe.

Within a year if you find some problems with your safe, you can always get a new one. In addition, the safe also has a six-digit numeric password. In this way, you can set a password of your own choice which no one else can get access to. The safe will only open when you put in your password.

A great thing about the safe is that if you get the password wrong more than four times, the safe will automatically freeze. This means that if anyone else tries to break into your account by entering the wrong passwords, the safe will not open. This makes it even more secure. This safe also comes with hardware for floor and wall mounting.

Agaro salvo AG16 security case

Agaro salvo AG16 - lockers for home

The Agaro salvo AG16 security case is another great security safe that you can use for keeping your items. It is black with a great sleek exterior. The lock type of this case is electronic which is highly tough to open. The weight of this safe is 8500 g. This makes it highly of great quality. It also has a 16 L capacity which allows you to store quite a lot of items without any trouble.

It is highly strong with a very thick body. Therefore, this makes it very hard to break in. This is one of the best Lockers for home to get if you wish to have a very strong password. This is mainly because it allows you to keep passwords with more than 10,000  combinations.  Along with that it also has a 3-8 digit master lock up.

Moreover, if you get into any kind of an emergency you can always open this safe with a key. It also provides assistant hinges which can allow you to prevent any forced break-ins. In this way, you can store your items in the safe without any worries.

It also has a live locking bolt which will give you double protection against any sort of forced entry. Most of the customers who have bought this case have left some great reviews about it in the past. It is also very easy to use so you should buy it.

Valencia Crux electronic security case

Valencia Crux electronic security case

The Valencia crux electronic security case is a great security safe box. This case too has an electronic lock type. This lock type makes it highly safe and secure to use it. It can store up to 60 litres of items. This makes it highly spacious and convenient to use.

You can open this safe with a password of 3 to 8 digits. You can also choose any combination of choices for this pin code. This allows you to set up a very strong security system. Along with that, it also has a manual override key. Therefore, if you get into any kind of emergency which doesn’t allow you to open the safe, you can do so with the key. 

A great thing about this safe is that if you enter the wrong password three times or more, it will set off an alarm. In this way, you can be notified someone is trying to break into yours. In addition, after three failed attempts at the password, it will freeze the keypad for some time. This will help you to prevent any break-ins.

Maxwell Safe (30 litres) Digital Electronic Lock Box

Maxwell Safe

The Maxwell safe is great American security safe that you can use to keep your valuable items. It has an amazing electronic lock type along with 2 override keys for emergencies. Therefore, it is great for backup or emergencies. This is also great if you somehow forget your security code.

The safe is made of alloy steel which makes it highly difficult to break. It is very tough and sturdy with a strong lock. It is strongly welded and highly compact. The chamber is spacious and also has enough space to store all valuable items such as jewellery, cash, documents and anything else.

Along with that, it also has a touchscreen electronic keypad. The electronic keypad also allows you to enter six-digit personal codes. It has solid steel bolts along with private assistant hinges for its doors. These hinges are highly strong and reliable. It is also very convenient and easy to use.

Honeywell safes

Honeywell safes

Honeywell is one of the most popular safe home security cases that you get. Comes in black colour. Just like every other case, this one too has an electronic lock type. This is great as electronic lock types are one the strongest and toughest ones out there.

These locks can help you assure the complete safety of your items. The safe is made up of alloy steel which is very hard to break in as well. The chamber is 8.9 inches wide which makes it great to store almost anything. It has a 7-year warranty which makes it great for the reparation of any kind of damages. This makes them safe and highly stress-free to work with.

You can use this case anywhere as it is very flexible. Hence, you can keep it at your house along with your office without any problem. The safe is also scratch-resistant and has a powder coating finish. It also comes with two override keys to help you out in emergencies. You can set up a 3 to 8-digit lock to assure the maximum safety of your case.

Gobbler digital electronic safe

Gobbler digital electronic safe - lockers for home

Gobbler digital electronic safe is a highly renowned security safe that you can use. It has some great storage space along with a highly sturdy build. It is made up of alloy steel and weighs 2.4 kgs. The size of this case is perfect for smaller items such as jewellery, Wallets, money, credit cards, and many more such items.

The shape of this case is highly convenient to keep anywhere in your house. It does not take up much space but is also very strong. This safe also has a carpeted floor to prevent any damage. It comes with a digital lock which has double bolt security. You can also replace your safe within 7 to 10 days after buying it. It also has an override key so that you can use it as a backup and open your safe. You can set a PIN which is up to 3-8 digits.

AmazonBasics Desk Drawer Safe

AmazonBasics Desk Drawer - lockers for home

Amazon basics desk drawer safe is a great safe that you should get for your valuable items. It is made up of alloy steel which makes it highly strong and tough. It also is of the perfect size to fit anywhere in your house. You can also keep it inside of your drawer as it is slim.

It comes with 2 live-door bolts which will help you to prevent any break-ins. In addition, it also has some amazing pry-resistant hinges which will give it more security. It is even more convenient as you can assemble it by yourself. Therefore, you can do so according to your own needs. This safe has some great reviews from past customers so you can buy it.

Yale electronic YSEB safe

Yale electronic YSEB safe - lockers for home

The yale electronic YSEB safe is a great safe that you can get. It is a great safe with more than ten thousand code combinations. You can use an automatic keypad to open the door. It also has a laser-cut door for extra protection. The safe is also highly flexible and convenient. It is black, in colour and great for keeping anywhere in your house. You can put codes which are from 4-8 digits long. This is a very modern and great safe which has maximum security.

Stok small electronic safe

Stok small electronic - lockers for home

Stok small electronic safe is a great safe to get. It has a cold-rolled steel sheet body which is highly tough. You can secure it with a 3-8 digit pin. If someone enters a pin wrong more than three times, then the safe will freeze. This makes it highly safe and secure.

It also comes with 2 override keys to help in emergencies. The safe is protected from scratches with the help of a carpet. If you are looking for a safe which looks great, is affordable and is also of great quality, then this safe is perfect for you. 


These were the 10 best safes for the money. Lockers for homes are of all different kinds. Depending upon the items that you are going to store in it, you should get different safes. If you are storing something less valuable, then you can get a safe that is not as tough to break.

On the other hand, if you are storing something of great value, you should get a safe that is highly difficult to open. Most safes are made up of alloy steel. This makes them very difficult to open or break into. This steel is highly tough and has a great exterior.

Safes are also amazing if you just want to keep your valuable items in great condition. Lockers for home are very useful as if anything goes wrong in your house, at least your valuable items will be safe. We hope that this article could help you find the perfect case for all your needs. 

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