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5 Best Graphic Design & Logo Creator Apps on Play store (2023)

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Graphic designing is a creative activity. It is the process of visual communication. Graphic designers create visual content. They use pictures to meet users. Graphic designers use typography. They focus on the logic of displaying elements. Graphics designing includes various graphic elements symbols, tools, words, logos, and designs.

A logo is a graphic mark. It is used to identify the specific product and organization. A logo represents the company, product, or brand. Graphic designers create a logo by hand or by using the software. You can create a graphic design logo by using a logo maker.

Many apps are available on the Play store for Graphic designing and logo creator. All apps have relative and specific features. A logo design app allows you to create and design a logo.

Some most common apps for graphic designing and logo maker are:

Logo Maker –  Graphic Design & Logos Creator App by Content Arcade Apps

Logo maker by Content Arcade Apps has thousands of free graphic elements and templates. It is the most popular app on the play store provides you with all those features which you need. Logo designer by Content Arcade Apps provides you with a perfect platform that allows you to create an original logo.

It is a versatile logo designing app. By downloading this Free Logo Maker app you will get above 2000 Templates, 5000 + Logo icons. It gives you ideas to make your own Logo.

You may also design your favorite emblem from this Logo maker app that has unlimited editing options. You don’t need drawing skills to create a logo. This app makes your work easy and fast. You can find free logo designs, thumbnails, and labels. It is most beneficial for people in business, artists, and graphic designers.

How it works:

  • Choose the right dimension for design from the homepage
  • Please choose the right background, and it may be a color or an image.
  • Edit and add your element according to your need.
  • Choose the right font and color
  • Add text and select font style.
  • Add a background and save it.
  • You can also select the Premade Logo designs.
  • Edit the premade design and save it as free.


Canva is the most popular graphic designing app. Canva has various features. It is used to create social graphics. You can make a poster, certificate, invitation card, Logo, and post. Its features include illustration, font variation, background themes, etc. Designs include icons, lines, text, and photos.

Canva has a privacy policy. Canva is a free app for graphic designers. It has a paid subscription for Canva pro features. Canva pro features magically resize your designs. Canva has a variety of templates.

Canva creates professional images. It has transparency tools that create branding images and logos. Canva has a premade logo layout that is used for creating a logo. You can also use your element. You just upload your element on canvas to create your Logo.

Logo maker plus

Logo Maker Plus is the latest version. It is a free logo maker app. It has a great collection of templates. You can create a unique image. It has multiple visual effects. You can choose a texture image for coloring. You can also use custom filters on your Logo. It is easy and fast to use on Androids. It has numerous advantages that make it special. It is the most recommended app for a logo creator.

How it works:

  • Choose a logo as an option and add a new icon option.
  • Choose one of them, and also you can select multiple icons
  • Start editing by selecting the color, shadow, and rotate option.
  • Add text and select font style.
  • Add a background and save it.

The logo maker is the easiest way to create a fantastic logo in seconds.

Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is a free app for both graphic designing and logo creator. Graphic designers mostly use pixel labs to make posters, logos, and editing images. It also includes the feature of cropping, resizing, and 3D text. Its text editing features are remarkable. It gives you multiple text effects. It includes shadow, stroke, reflection, color, and background variation.

How it works:

  • After installing the app, open it.
  • Click the edit sign button.
  • Now start editing by using your desire option.
  • After editing, you can save your creation in this app and categorize it.

It is the best app for beginners because it has a lot of features.

Designer logo maker

The designer logo maker is the free logo maker app. It is straightforward and fast to use. It includes all basic elements like font, icons, color, shape, and background editing. It has simple grid guidelines. Its icons are organized by industry. But Its icon selection is limited. Designer logo makers have a wide range of font styles and unique abstract shapes. The drawbacks of this app are excessive ads, limited features, and icons. This app is useful for business owners and graphic designers.

How it works:

  • Install this application on your android.
  • Choose a category for designing.
  • Start editing by using different features.
  • Apply a suitable font and choose other options.

There are too many apps on the Play store for free logo maker and graphic designing. Logo designers use these applications to enhance their work. You can choose any one of them to grow your creativity. Some of them are only available for Androids. Some are applicable on Windows.


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