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10 Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in 2023

by Kartik Bhateja
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There is a very small percentage of the population that bothers with details like Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. However, for those of us who do care, precise information becomes necessary. Hence, we’ve put together a simple and concise article for our homemaking audience.

A microfiber cleaning cloth doesn’t come with many variations. However, there are minute details that can make quite a difference in your cleaning process. For instance, there could be a cleaning microfiber cloth that is very absorbent but coarse. Usually, we recommend looking for high absorption and extremely gentle fabric. Similarly, one microfiber cloth for cleaning will come with anti-bacterial properties. However, it might not have the rest.  It is a complex mix out there.

Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning Detailed Polishing

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning

Quite several mentions on this list come directly from Softspun. In our opinion, this is one brand you can rely upon in terms of cleaning supplies. They specialize in micro-fibers. Hence, their products range between cleaning cloths and generic towels. This particular mention also finds use as a microfiber glass cleaning cloth. Naturally, it is an elementary cleaning cloth, with multi-purpose usage.

You’ll get this order in a package of four cloths. Additionally, the dimensions are kept to 40 cm square, for easy application and maintenance. The color will be variable and the material will be thick lint. Resultantly, the cloth becomes a great choice for cleaning, polishing, washing, and detailing.

Furthermore, this material fits glassy surfaces like a perfect pair of gloves. Hence, it has become a very popular Microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Since the material is smooth, there will be zero scratches on the surface. The cloth still retains its quality making, even though it is used rigorously, multiple times. Moreover, it can be used to clean delicate interiors, glossy exteriors, glass surfaces, and more. With high ratings on Amazon, this mention is a favorite of ours.

SOBBY Microfiber Multicolor Cleaning Cloth

SOBBY Microfiber Multicolor Cleaning Cloth

Sobby Microfiber is quite a popular choice among its audience. It has over four and a half stars on Amazon. Moreover, the product has been reviewed by over 10,000 people and bought by thousands more. This only goes to show how reliable Sobby has proven to be. To begin, the pack is given out in sets of four. Although the cloth is not thick, you shouldn’t let that fool you. The material used is highly absorbent and the compact size only makes storage easier.

Also, the cloth has a high GSM of 340. This fiber is also lint-free and streak-free. Thus, it will get rid of difficult stains without leaving unwanted marks. Lint is usually the main perpetrator of polishing stains. Hence, Sobby has taken special care to cater to material with close to zero lint formation. Furthermore, it is a multipurpose cloth.

It can be used in various applications. For instance, cars, glasses, silverware, etc. It is surprising to note that the cloth has a water absorption quality that goes over 80% of its weight. Moreover, the cloth is very soft and plush, making it very easy to clean tricky surfaces as well.

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning Cloth High GSM


Don’t worry, this is our last mention from Softspun. Quite similar to other products listed above, this order will come in sets of 4. Further, the clothes shall be multi-color. That is, purple, yellow, pink, and blue. Similarly, it has multi-purpose applications. For instance, car and glass cleaning, kitchenware, polished wood, etc. The current cost of the product is 261 INR. Customarily, Softspun has kept this set to the size of 40 cms square as well.

Moreover, over 15,000 people have given 4 stars or above to this mention. Needless to say, these cleaning clothes will also stand up to your expectations. It has quite impressive cleaning properties. To begin with, it can clean stains containing grime, mud, or colored material. Secondly, it is easily machine-washable. Moreover, it is very gentle and leaves no scars, scratches, or thick streaks.

Since no chemicals are involved in making this cloth, it leaves off no color. All in all, the product is a must-buy and will improve how well you can maintain your home. Also, you can get a complete refund, if you feel the product has not been up to the mark.

Auto Hub Microfiber Detailing Lint Free Cloth

Auto Hub Microfiber

Truly speaking, this is the most attractive set of cleaning clothes we have come across. For those who aren’t aware, auto-hub mostly deals in auto-maintenance. Hence, quite a good number of their products include vehicular appliances and cleaning essentials. Thus, this clothing set will fall somewhat into that category. Regardless, it is easy to apply the cloth to any article of your choosing.

You will get these towels in sets of 3. Also, the price goes up to 339 INR. However, the material is extremely soft and fibrous. Despite this, it leaves zero lint. Hence, it has high ratings on Amazon. Naturally, the number of total purchases has been less. Mostly, this is because the price of the towels is higher than offered by competitors. Although, if you look into it, the cost seems more than fair.

Firstly, the towels are thicker than offered otherwise. Secondly, both their sides can be used at the same time. However, the most significant factor is the high GSM! It has a GSM of 800. This means that it absorbs unwanted material twice as fast and efficiently as other products. Consequently, the Auto-Hub Microfiber cleaning cloth is also our personal favorite.

Generic Absorbent Microfiber Cloth

Generic Absorbent Microfiber Cloth

These are the underdogs on our list. People usually overlook the ‘generic’ section since it provides little information about the source manufacturers. However, often there are some gems hidden in this section. Luckily for you, we have done the research. This set of cleaning cloths has been on Amazon for quite a while. To begin with, the package comes with a set of 5 cleaning cloths in blue color.

They measure 25×25 cms. Thus, you should remember that their size will be smaller than other products on this list. Furthermore, their cost is quite high and goes up to 826 INR. Despite this, the towels have some good factors to consider. For instance, the material is very soft and perfect for cleaning delicate ornamentations. Also, it can be used in your kitchen, for your vehicles, glasses, etc.

Moreover, the sellers guarantee that there will be no damage to the product in the process of cleaning. Hence, it will be fair to assume that this product is worth a try. But, as a forewarning, let us tell you that there are no reviews or ratings for this product. However, they have received sponsorship from Amazon. Thus, to some extent, they do give a sense of trust.

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 340 GSM

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Quite predictably, we have another mention from Softspun on our list. There is only a very minute difference between this entry and the last one. This softspun microfiber cleaning cloth caters more to kitchenware. However, since it has top-notch quality, people also use it for cleaning cars, windows, etc. The package shall have four pieces of multi-color cloths. That is, yellow, green, blue, and grey. Further, these will measure 40×40 cms. The current cost, as shown on Amazon, is 260 INR. Hence, the offer is a perfect steal!

Now, let us talk about some highly desirable features. First, the material is highly absorbent. It suits kitchen cleaning purposes for this exact reason. Secondly, the cloth produces no lint and no streaks. Therefore, you will not have to worry about unintentional cloth marks on your silverware. Lastly, the cloth is not limited to kitchen cleaning.

It finds great usage in almost all detailed cleaning activities. Conclusively, this product is perfect for dusting, polishing, drying, and quick application. People also use cloth to clean laptops, décor items, wood furniture, etc. It’s almost like a magic wand.

Auto Hub Microfiber Detail Cleaning Cloth

Auto Hub Microfiber Detail Cleaning Cloth

Auto-Hub is back again to show us exactly how good microfiber cloths can be. We mention this product separately because you can buy it at the number you wish. The cloth is sold separately as a single piece at the price of 189 INR. Hence, you do not have to invest in a bigger bunch immediately. Although, we are sure you will want more.

This simple cleaning cloth has a high GSM of 800. Moreover, it is perfect for rigorous cleaning. This includes dusting, polishing, rubbing, and more. Also, the cloth is very thick with sides that are used either way. Over 83% of its users have given the cloth a rating of four stars or above. Although the total purchases are slightly low since it is a single piece.

It offers numerous other features as well. For instance, you get zero lint, zero-grazing, and easy maintenance and washing. A total of 3,797 people have already tried and tested this product. Surprisingly, there is no other single piece of cleaning cloth that has got such sales! It weighs a mere 290 gm. Thus, storage is another problem you will not have to face.

Microfiber Multi-Color Absorbent Stainless Silverware and More

Microfiber Multi-Color Absorbent Stainless

This product is manufactured by the parent company Wolpin. Wolpin specializes in a variety of home and kitchen products. For instance, kitchen wall mounts, shelves, organizers, etc. Altogether, their focus is entirely on smoothening out how you handle things around home. Simplification is the key when it comes to Wolpin.

This mention is a very cheap set of 5 cleaning cloths. They measure 25×25 cm. Moreover, they are not very thick and take minimal storage. Simultaneously, they are very absorbent and perfect for delicate glass textures. If you are dealing with an appliance that needs the smoothest polish, then there could be no better option.

Moreover, these are often put in use as kitchen napkins. We advise not to use them for wiping hands or extremely damp surfaces. The product is meant for polishing and shining. Hence, it is best to limit their application to the same. Also, their design is very delicate and aesthetic. You will love keeping them on your dining table.

Shine X-Pro Microfiber Multipurpose Cloth

Shine X-Pro Microfiber Multipurpose Cloth

This is another classic that you must consider for your homemaking. The clothes are made for absolute perfection. Be it in terms of looks or applicability, this cloth shines through. Although the description puts them as merely car cleaning cloths, we know this is not the truth. There is hardly anything that you cannot apply these clothes to. Polishing furniture, kitchenware, ornaments, etc. this cloth will do anything you need.

The fabric comprises the purest microfibers. Moreover, they ensure zero scratch or cleaning marks. The clothes measure 40×40 cm. Surprisingly, they have also taken care of the GSM number. This goes up to 400 GSM for even better absorption properties. Also, you can hand wash or machine wash this cloth. Only, take care to wash it in warm water that does not exceed 60 degrees.

Godryft Microfiber Cloth Streak Free Polishing 

Godryft Microfiber Cloth Streak Free Polishing

Last, but not least, we gave Godryft’s cleaning cloth. This mention is quite similar to the one above. Firstly, it has a high GSM of 400. Secondly, it has good thickness with a total dimension of 40 cm square. Also, you get the package in sets of two. The cloth is made particularly for washing, polishing, and detailing. Since it caters to delicate auto-parts, it is applicable in various other places too.

To begin with, it has a high GSM that goes up to 400 in the count. Secondly, it has zero scratch and lint properties, to give a detailed finish. Most importantly, the cloth can be used over and over again. Hence, it provides full value for money.


The article above is all you will need when finding the best microfiber cleaning cloth. There is no mention on our list that will not stand up to your expectations. Moreover, all of them have been reviewed by thousands of people already. Hence, you can easily read the reviews, and the questions asked, and make an even more informed decision. Happy cleaning!

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