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10 Best Microwave Cart: You Must have in Kitchen (2023)

by Kartik Bhateja
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If you are looking to find the best microwave cart, you have come to the right place. Microwaves have become a staple in every household. You will hardly find houses that do not have a microwave. Microwave carts help you to use the space optimally. You get to save a lot of space in your kitchen when you use a microwave cart with storage. Moreover, you can choose from the tons of options that the industry presents you with.

You will easily find a small microwave cart that fits your requirements. You might get confused with the tons of options to choose from. Therefore, we decided to help you out by listing down the top microwave carts in 2023. This article aims to help you narrow down your search. This list will act as a guide and help you find the microwave cart of your dreams.

Here is the 10 Best Microwave Cart 2023:

Amazon Basics Microwave Cart

Amazon Basics

When buying the perfect microwave cart, you can choose from many options. The Amazon Basics Microvawe cart is one of the best in this segment. It costs you ₹4,499. You can save 200 by using the coupon which Amazon provides. Firstly, it is manufactured by one of the most reliable companies.

They know the exact needs of their customers and make products that provide outstanding durability. Secondly, the build quality of this microwave cart makes it one of our favorites. The frame is made out of chrome-plated steel and has a removable wooden top on which the microwave is placed. Moreover, there are two shelves which give you enough storage space. 

You can easily fit in quite a few things apart from your microwave. Each shelf can hold a maximum of 50 pounds of weight. To make it more convenient, you can adjust the height of the shelves according to your requirements. The product comes with an instruction manual which helps you to assemble the product on your own.

It is not very difficult to assemble the product which makes it a very attractive product to buy. Additionally, there are 4 hooks for hanging towels and more. Most importantly, this microwave cart has wheels at the bottom which makes it very easy to move it to other parts of the house. We feel it is a well thought out product which will meet the requirements you are buying it for.

Indian Decor Microwave Cart

Indian Decor

Multifunction microwave carts do not get much better than the Indian Decor Microwave Cart. it is a standing cart that has 3 layers. The 3 layers provide an ample amount of space for you to store items. Storage space is something that you will never run out of. The cart is made out of stainless steel which allows it to withstand a lot of loads. We are a fan of the pull-out basket.

This basket helps you to store tons of things without taking up much space. It is ideal to store fruits and vegetables. There are hanging storage lots on the side which makes it very easy to store bottles and other small containers. This has to be one of the best products in terms of the storage space that it has. This is a self-assembly product but you will not have much trouble while doing it. 

The company has many positive reviews about its product that have been left by satisfied customers. While there is no doubt about its functionality, it looks amazing as well. The combination of the wooden platforms with the white legs gives it an elegant look. It will elevate the look of your kitchen. However, the product does not have any wheels which make it difficult to move around.

We recommend you find a perfect spot in your house for the product before assembling it. The company claims that the product can be un-assembled with ease in case you plan to shift it to another place. Everything considered this microwave cart with storage provides you with an elegant storage solution for a good price. It costs ₹4,277 on amazon and additional discounts are also available. 

Livzing 3-Tier Metal Microwave

Livzing 3-Tier Metal Microwave

Livzing is a company which is very popular for the home and kitchen accessories which they manufacture. The company has been in the business for a long time and has managed to manufacture well-designed products. Many of the products made by this company aim to help their clients utilize the space in their homes more effectively. You will find them selling some of the smartest storage solutions and their metal microwave cart is no different.

The complete black color scheme of the product makes it look modern and will be a good addition to your house. As the name suggests there are 3 tiers with the microwave being stored in the second one. Moreover, the company promises that the material used by them is rust-proof and durable. 

One of the key features of this product is the adjustable floors. This is a revolutionary technology that allows this microwave cart with storage to remain stable even if you have uneven floors. They also have a rack fence installed which prevents any of your items from dropping while being placed in this small microwave cart. The design of this product makes it very versatile.

You can easily place it in any room of your house and use it for other purposes as well. With the entire product weighing around 7 kg you can easily move it around the house. Above all, the vitality of the product along with the build quality makes it a top microwave cart with storage for any household. The Livzing Microwave cart will cost you ₹3,299 on Amazon.

DECOWORLD Microwave Cart


Decoworld claims to be one of the top decor and furniture houses in India. They have been in this business for 20 years and know the industry inside and out. Over the years they have kept improving their products and delivering high-quality products frequently. The company has used all of its experience to understand the wants of its customers and get the best products for them.

They have a small microwave cart that has only 2 platforms. This is one of the most compact storage solutions for your microwave. The stand can also be used to store a ton of utensils and other kitchen items. It allows you to save a lot of space in your kitchen and smartly organize your tools. The company has focused on making contemporary microwave carts with storage. 

There are hooks on either side of the cart which is ideal for hanging utensils and towels. Further, the company also gives you options when it comes to the color scheme of the microwave cart. You can get it in classic black or you can go for black with gold accents.

Both of these look fashionable and can easily be added to any kitchen. If you feel like the product does not match up to your standards, you can return it for up to 10 days since you purchased it. This company does not make any claims without backing them up. They have done various intensive tests on their products before selling them.

TEKAVO Wooden Microwave Cart

TEKAVO Wooden Microwave Cart

Tekavo has one of the biggest microwave carts with storage. This storage solution is ideal for anyone who does need quite a lot of storage space.  You will love the utility of this product. It helps you to make efficient utilization of your space in more ways than one. Firstly, this microwave cart is among the best-looking ones on this list.

It is hard to find other alternatives which are as attractive as this cart. Secondly, this is a heavy-duty product. In other words, you can store multiple appliances in this microwave cart without worrying about them breaking down. Finally, the open design allows you to access everything with ease. 

This cart has wheels attached to it as well. You can move this cart from one location to another within minutes. The platforms are made out of particle board which is a waterproof material. This ensures you do not have to worry about being delicate when using this cart.

Having so much storage space makes it a one-stop solution for anyone who is trying to keep their kitchen neat and organized. The sheer quality of the cart justifies the price which you will have to pay for it. You can take this microwave cart with storage home for ₹5,799 when you purchase through Amazon.

Plantex Microwave Cart

Plantex stove Cart

If you have been looking for a small microwave cart that will fit in the most compact of spaces, this is the one for you. You will find the product to be very durable as reflected in the materials used to make the cart. They have used top-quality GI metal sheets.

Further, they have done a 7-layer coating for the cart. This coating makes the cart corrosion-proof and scratch-resistant. You can use the cart for both industrial as well as personal use going by what the company says. However, we feel that you should use this product only in your house. 

Microwaves come in different shapes and sizes. The company recognizes this and has provided the solution for this in their product. The second rack has 2 different height settings which can be easily switched between by the users. So, you do not have to worry about your microwave fitting in this product despite its size. The product costs ₹3,499 on amazon. However, you can unlock additional discounts when you purchase multiple carts from them.

DlandHome Microwave Cart

DlandHome stove Cart

DlandHome is a company that truly cares about its customers. They have been making some amazing utility carts over time and have emphasized meeting the demands of their customers. This cart is made with wood panels that have a glossy finish.

The combination of glossy wooden panels and reinforced steel ensure the product has a good balance of sturdiness and beauty. Moreover, the panels are among the widest in this list which gives you ample storage. We feel any microwave that you have will easily fit in this cart. 

The company focuses on customer care in addition to good quality. They have a 24/7 customer service team that is ready to deal with any issues you might face. The price of this microwave cart with storage is ₹4,999 which is a bit steep. However, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in a quality piece of furniture.

Soges Multi-Functional Cart

Soges Multi-Functional Cart

When you buy items from Soges, you know you are getting the best quality product. This microwave cart has one of the most unique designs. Instead of having big shelves, there are separate compartments. These compartments allow you to fully utilize the cart and not have any wasted space.

This is one of the bigger carts on this list with 6 compartments. Moreover, all of these compartments are made of thick wood which makes them sturdy. The material used makes it quite hassle-free to clean this cart.

You can call them for assistance if you face problems with their product. Further, the companies say they will resolve any problem within 24 hours. We feel this is one of the best-looking carts on this list and you should try it out.

McNeil Microwave Cart

McNeil Microwave Cart

This is a movable microwave cart with storage that might be the perfect one for you. It is quite stable and you will not face any trouble while storing your microwave and other utensils on it. The use of good-quality wood will provide you with a sturdy surface.

This product is the perfect blend between smart storage and functionality. While the workmanship is great, there are a few drawbacks. We feel the lack of a fence will result in your utensils falling off the platform. Additionally, the price of this microwave cart with storage is quite high. Apart from these two issues, it is a great product to have.

Fiesta Microwave Oven Rack

Fiesta Microwave Oven Rack

If you are looking for minimalism, you will love this small microwave cart. Based on the design, you should place the cart on the top of a kitchen counter or any other suitable surface. There are only 2 platforms, 1 of which is occupied by your microwave.

You will love the simplicity of this small microwave. It has all of the essentials you require from a microwave cart. Further, you will find the product priced at ₹2,349 which is quite affordable. 


All of the microwave carts we mentioned in this article are among the best. You will get a great build quality and value for money when you choose these options. We have mentioned microwave carts with storage which fir the different demands which you might have from them. Moreover, we feel you will have a great experience when you choose these brands and check out what they have to offer. 

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