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10 Best Mosquito Killer Rackets Available In India (2023)

by Aziz Arora
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Mosquito Killer Rackets

Everyone in their life wants to get rid of mosquitoes, so they try tubes, refills, and so on, but nothing works instantly except mosquito killer rackets. It’s the most successful way of killing mosquitoes and achieving immediate results.

In summers and rainy season, the number of mosquitos and flies has generally increased, so it’s better to stay prepared for the danger ahead and buy yourself a mosquito killer bat.

Often they are battery-operated machines that move through the net (when switched on) electrical current to kill the flies/mosquitos. With the electric mosquito racket, you have to reach them and they’re gone forever.

In addition to the basic specifications, some bats often come up with additional features like a torch which can be helpful as an emergency light. We recognize how hard it is to sleep with a mosquito or two buzzing around in the room at night.

To help you choose the right Mosquito killer racket, we’ve picked India’s top rackets that you can use and save yourself from all kinds of issues that come with mosquito spreading.

Here is the list of Best Mosquito Killer Racket Available Online:

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet Killer BatHIT Anti Mosquito Racquet Killer Bat with LED Light: Mosquito Killer Racket

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The Godrej HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet is powered by a 400 mAh rechargeable battery, with a single charge that lasts up to one month. No need for a separate charging adapter, no hanging cables, no daily recharging, and no batteries to replace.

It comes with a super bright LED light helping in the dark to kill mosquitoes. Its unique shape, carefully crafted, ensures better coverage for those unattainable spaces below your sofa or behind your curtains.

It is made of ABS plastic in aircraft-grade for strength and long service life. The 3,500V DC voltage on the net mesh instantly kills the mosquitoes and ensures complete protection from mosquito-causing Dengue, Malaria Zika.

The Godrej HIT anti-mosquito racquet comes with an all-India 6-month warranty. To take advantage of the benefits simply register your product on the HIT website within 10 days of purchase.

Never touch the mesh even if the device is switched off to prevent electrical shocks and device damage. Keep the device away from kids and never use it as a toy.

The device should be kept away from water & excess moisture always in a dry place. Do not use the system at places close to inflammable gases and liquids.

RAREERAM Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket

RAREERAM Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket: Mosquito Killer Racket

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The mosquito killer racket incorporates a unique three-layer design that is capable of killing several types of flying insects by passing relatively higher electrical current-voltage for a short period when contacting the insect.

The rechargeable mosquito killer racket with a LED torch is extremely easy to accommodate thanks to its compact design, making it convenient for you to carry even when you travel outside.

The insect killer racket comes with an activation button fitted on the handle to implement an easy-to-use mechanism that needs to be switched on each time you want to kill an insect.

This racket comes with a strong grip as part of its unique design which makes it easy to hold it comfortably. The insect killer racket is equipped with a rechargeable battery, with an LED torch. Inbuilt 4.5 hrs rechargeable backup, 3 layer net.

Spartan Hunter Mosquito Resistant Bat Racket

Spartan Hunter Mosquito Resistant Bat Racket: Mosquito Killer Racket

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Hunter mosquito killer zapper bat can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes with a proprietary system that allows the mosquito to be killed when it comes into contact with the mesh. It is rechargeable so that you can never run out of juice.

Simply hold the key and start the search! Charge the mosquito bat for the first time 12 hours before use. Start using the mosquito bat by pressing and holding the red button on the side of the handle.

To prevent battery failure, just press the red button when using the bat. Gently swing the bat towards the mosquitoes until the wire mesh comes in contact. Clean the net once a week using the toothbrush. Charge the battery in case of need.

Don’t strain needless mosquito bat battery. Don’t use metals to ignite the mosquito bat net for fun. Keep away from children’s reach. Don’t pour in the conductive things like water etc. Hunter’s mosquito swatter bat is very easy to handle.

It comes with a red button at the handle side when pressing which wire mesh is charged electrically. When mosquitoes come into contact with the wire mesh they die.

The unit can be recharged and so you’ll never run out of power. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and comes in a plastic body and includes 6.3 net protective layers, protecting you from unintentional shocks.

SUPER TOY Mosquito Killer Bat – Multicolor

SUPER TOY Mosquito Killer Bat - Multicolor: Mosquito Killer Racket

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The super toy is one of the best-rated mosquito killer racket brands ever. This racket’s effectiveness is too strong when killing mosquitoes and killing the flies in one go.

The three-layer net ensures that the mosquito does not move through it, and the protective layer keeps your fingers protected from shock maybe its human & pet-safe system that works on low-power shock.

4.5 hours of backup time is more than adequate to use it several times in a season. If not in use, just keep it turned off to conserve battery and increase the free time.

FEOMY Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket with LED Torch

FEOMY Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket with LED Torch: Mosquito Killer Racket

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This FEOMY electric racket is distinct from other rackets on this list. And that is mostly because the handle has an LED flashlight attached to it. Nice good, right? It’s not a trait you’d expect from a mosquito murder bat.

The best feature of that racket is the LED torch. It is really handy because in the middle of the night you will also need to get rid of mosquitoes. Say, if you just sleep.

You can only use this flashlight to locate the mosquito, instead of having to switch on the lights of the bed. That saves a lot of trouble for you. There’s a doubt as to whether a mosquito racket wants an LED torchlight.

Some would argue this is needless and just adds to the product’s weight and cost. Nevertheless, there is some poor feedback on this product from people who say it doesn’t work well or last very long. For more detail, read its Amazon product page and reviews.

Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Rechargeable Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer: Mosquito Killer Racket

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The top pick is the Hunter Brand mosquito racket. If you can’t choose which one to get, then you can choose this one. Instead of all other rackets on this list, it has the best features. What’s more, it comes with a 6-month guarantee.

Check out Amazon’s product page for more detail. This bat is very good on insect killing. It has high voltage and low current, stunning any mosquito though safe to use.

Some people worry about the safety of using those rackets. You needn’t bother about this racket. This racket is eco-friendly and is easy to use. Do not enter the electric field at any time!

The consistency of the label and the product is very good. It’s a trusted brand that’s making enduring electric goods. Another good thing about this racket is it is very tall. That means it can cover more area at once, maybe even destroy several mosquitoes. It can be powered and plugged in too.

No charger needed-inside the bat is installed. Only plug it into a socket. No Cons can be recorded here! This is just as good as an electric mosquito racket can be. It is a product which is highly recommended.

Spartan SPMR-02 rechargeable Bat Mosquito racket

Spartan SPMR-02 rechargeable Bat Mosquito racket: Mosquito Killer Racket

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The prey once, hunter now. An electronic fly swatter promised to kill all forms of flying insects by taking the acrobatics. Only swing the electric mosquito bat in its direction, click the activator, and zip-pop, whenever you find a bug that just needs to move along. Farewell, bug.

Keep the racket handy everywhere you are. If you’ve discovered the ease and versatility of this strong electric handheld bat, you’ll want a fly swatter in the kitchen, driveway, car and everywhere else you go.

With ultra-fast charging through any USB unit, ensuring your bug zapper fly swatter is always ready for the next aggravating plague is super easy. 

The multicolored mosquito repellent bat from Spartan protects you and your family from mosquitoes and flies and gives you a safe environment. It is simple to use and comes with a rechargeable feature and netting that traps the insects quickly.

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Features environment-friendly at 100 percent. Practical for handling. Easy to use and recharge. No side effects or allergies are other than traditional repellents. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

HOME CUBE – LT-3362 Rechargeable Bat

HOME CUBE - LT-3362 Rechargeable Bat: Mosquito Killer Racket

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Home Cube is another known zapper of bugs in the list. And, if you want to save money, energy, and resources, this is perfect. It is much more economical than other rackets on the list. Even if you have pets along with you, the brand is healthy.

Holding a racket these days is important because it avoids the spread of deadly diseases that mosquitoes usually bear including dengue and malaria. This zapper kills bugs with only one swing when it comes in touch, providing you with instant gratification.

Rechargeable with a USB cable, built-in 4.5 hrs backup 3 layers net is fast and convenient to use. It is made of hard plastic, it has an enabling button for safety and it prevents accidental play with the unit.

The fly zapper works on an inbuilt LI-on rechargeable battery. The bug swatter is USB rechargeable and powerful, particularly designed for long-term use at no additional battery cost. It is environmentally friendly at 100 percent.

Akshara-Victory Heavy-Duty Mosquito Trap-Racquet Akshara-Victory Heavy-Duty Mosquito Trap-Racquet: Mosquito Killer Racket

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It is one of the beautifully built mosquito rackets that have brought light on the handle and special shockproof net. It’s made using the new German technologies and the concept is ISO-certified.

The best part about this racket is its battery life which gives the user the freedom to use it for up to 30 hours of running time, which can be considered much better than others. The comfortable nature of grip, lightweight & durable makes this a great option for many buyers. 

This racket made from plastic of an aircraft-quality abs virgin self-light can be used as an emergency light. First turn the switch to off for charging, and then insert your mobile charger directly into the power source socket. The respective indicator glows.

To kill mosquitoes, click the switch on, press and hold the oval-shaped button, the working indicator will shine when the mosquito racket comes into contact with the mosquito racket’s inner net.

The working indicator will go out when the switch is loosened but the electronic network still has voltage, please do not touch it.


These are the best options for home or office buying mosquito bat/racket. We concluded that to use it easily, the best racket should have a lightweight & robust body design with good battery capacity. The additional functions such as a torch or LED light are always welcome to make it a handy tool for home utility.

Along with these, over other chemical-based mosquito repellent options, it also has a major health benefit. As it uses no chemicals or smoke to kill mosquitoes, it is safe for breathing for human health & air quality.

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