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10 Best Horror Sci-fi Movies Like Bird Box in 2023

by Kartik Bhateja
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Movies Like Bird Box

Bird Box was one of the best-performing movies released by Netflix. The movie was able to turn heads from the day it was released on the platform. While sensory horror movies are not something new, Bird Box was able to use the concept of sensory horror innovatively.  They had a brilliant original plot which they used to the full effect.

Being able to boast of such an original concept allowed them to get many viewers. The movie has broken many records since it came out and has become one of the best-received movies by Netflix. If you have just watched the Bird Box and are looking for something similar we have what you need.

Here is the list of the 10 best Movies Like A Bird Box.

 A Quiet Place

 A Quiet Place

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

A Quiet Place had to be one of the first shows on this list. It gets a lot of comparison to The Bird Box due to both of them having very similar themes. Both of these movies portray the struggle for the survival of families in a post-apocalyptic world. A quiet place has been directed by Joh Krasinski who also plays one of the lead characters in the movie.

Emily Blunt who is his wife in the real world co-stars in the movie as his wife. The movie shows the struggle for survival of a family amidst creatures who hunt by sound.While in the Bird Box the characters have had to deprive them of their vision to survive, in the same way, the characters of A Quiet Place have had to deprive them of their ability to talk or make a sound.

Making a large sound or talking attracted the creatures which led to almost a confirmation of death for the character who made the sound. Both of these movies deprive their characters of the use of their senses which they are heavily reliant on. Not being able to talk introduces a new dimension to the movie where the characters have to prevent making noise despite the circumstances.

The entire movie has a stillness of sound it which adds to the viewing experience making it a better watch. The use of lack of sound has helped the movie heighten the emotions being displayed by the characters. If you have loved the Bird Box, this movie should be at the top of your list.



Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Following on the same path as Bird Box, Hush is a movie that has an element of sensory deprivation. The director has used a human disability to bring out the concept of sensory deprivation in this movie. The protagonist who is in the thick of the action in the movie is deaf. As she cannot hear the movie uses the derivation of sound to take the story further.

The movie has been directed by Mike Flanagan who is one of the masters of making a horror movie. He has produced other popular horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House.  The entire movie takes place in the house of the protagonist. She is at home but does not know that there is someone else with him. The intruder is the master of hiding and concealing themselves.

The movie has expert cinematography. Each of the shots manages to put the intruder hovering over the protagonist who is unaware of his presence. The director almost entraps us into the room with the protagonist. This movie is a definite watch if you have been a fan of the movies such as Bird Box.

It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night - Movies Like Bird Box

Available at Amazon Prime

This is another movie set up in a post-apocalyptic world. The directors and the writers of the movie have made a crucial change to the generic storyline that many of these movies follow. Instead of showing all the humans to be loving and caring for each other, they are shown to have grudges against each other.

The idealism of people coming together and putting their differences apart to collaborate and overcome seemingly impossible elements has been thrown away in this movie. They have shown the real human emotions involved and it has helped to make the movie much more realistic. When the apocalypse begins, two very different families are stuck with each other.

These families hold animosity towards one another and they do not exactly get along. These families are stuck together when a plague has started to ravage the earth. The members of the family are loyal to their motives and support members of their own family while opposing the views of the other faulty. This has led to animosity and the situation between the families worsens.

In such a precarious situation the family members have to worry about the threat inside as well as outside. While surviving together would have helped them build the dream squad, they fail to see eye to eye and it makes for a very interesting story.

The Road

The Road - Movies Like Bird Box

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

The Road takes a step away from the regular horror movies. Many of the movies on this list and other horror movies, in general, are based around creatures that arrive on Earth. Bird Box and the other movies on this list have some form of unknown creatures which come to hunt humans.

The Road has been able to use the concept of a post-apocalyptic world and survival without having to introduce creatures that humans do not know about. The movie can show a more realistic look at a post-apocalyptic world. The scenes shown by the movie are something we are most likely to face if the world did come to a point of ending someday.

We follow the journey of a father and his son through a post-apocalyptic world. however, there is a sense of anticipation among the audience as they want to see how the duo manages to survive in a world that is not what it used to be. The survival of the fittest takes precedence in this world.

Though there are no unknown creatures who hunt humans, the people who survived the apocalypse are bad enough. There is no law and order and many humans have become savages who will do whatever is necessary to survive.

It Follows

It Follows - Movies Like Bird Box

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

It Follows is a movie that tries to be as original as you can be in this genre. The movie takes you to a world that is filled with a creature that does not like the presence of humans. Many movies show creatures trying to hunt humans but this movie takes a different approach to the whole genre. Unlike being a scary monster that wants to kill you, these creatures can take the shape of anyone.

The twist they have added by making the creatures capable of shapeshifting has created a completely new dynamic to the movie. Unlike the other movies, people cannot band together and trust each other completely.

The creature could take the shape of anyone you know. This makes the characters always be on the edge which keeps the audience engaged with the movie throughout the entire time. The creatures are always kept close to the main characters.

Not being able to trust the people you are with makes it an exciting watch. There is always a sense of mistrust lingering around in the air. No one can completely trust the other person. This movie is a must-watch if you are looking for movies that can keep you engaged with the plot till the last minute of the movie.


Cargo - Movies Like Bird Box

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Cargo has one of the mos humane tales on this list. The movie is an emotional roller coaster that takes you through the hardships of a world filled with zombies. This movie has decided to do things differently from the norm. They have parted ways with the massive bloodshed and violence that comes with zombie movies.

The story is about how a father must protect his young son against the hardships that this zombie-infested world throws at them. The story is one of overcoming the odds and trying to survive the harsh conditions of a post-apocalyptic world.

He takes it as his prime duty to ensure the safe survival of his son through their journey. Martin Freeman is one of the most suited actors for this role. He is one of the lovable actors in Hollywood and is the perfect fit for such a wholesome role in this movie. While watching this movie you will be entranced by the route they take and how they try to survive a world that is not ideal for a baby.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead - Movies Like Bird Box

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Dawn of the Dead is the only movie on our list which is a bit different from the bird box in terms of the action content in the movies. If you don’t mind a few fighting scenes and action this might be the movie for you. This movie has similarities to the Bird Box and both of these movies focus a lot on group mentality.

There is a group that tries to survive the creatures which roam around on earth. In the case of Dawn of the Dead, these creatures are blood-thirsty zombies that will do anything to infect you.As a Zack Snyder movie, you expect the action sequences to be top-notch and they are.

Since he has tried to create a fast-paced movie that does not allow the viewer to rest or take a breather till the end. In this movie, a group of people has to survive the zombie apocalypse together. The group dynamics are well marked out and the group mentality is evident.

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you haven’t heard of Don’t breathe on other lists we are not surprised. Don’t Breathe is one of the most underrated movies in this genre. People do not talk about the movie but it is high time that they start. Don’t Breathe deserves the spot on our list due to the apt use of sensory horror in the movie.

This movie has been produced on a small budget but the terrific use of sensory horror has allowed them to compete with movies that are much bigger in stature. The movie has a cast of just 4 people with the entire set being comprised of only a single location. The movie does not have a main protagonist around whom the story revolves. There are two sides to the movie.

The movie is about the story of a few teenagers who decide to break into the house of a blind man. Unfortunately for them, the man is not just a regular blind man. He is an ex-military man who knows every inch of his house like the back of his hand.

The invaders become the hunted as every breath they take might give away their location. This movie is a riveting watch. On a small budget, the director has been able to produce a movie that portrays the fear in the movie well.


All of these movies have elements that are similar to the bird box. We have made this an inclusive list so that you can explore more subgenres while sticking to the things you like about the Bird Box. The collection of movies we have presented to your are sure to spark an interest in you about the sensory horror genre.

Depending on what type of movies you like you should be able to find a movie in this list that would be perfect to watch after you have finished Bird Box. If watching Bird Box has left you craving for more, these movies will be able to help.

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