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10 Best Movies Like Hunger Games to Watch In 2023

by Aziz Arora
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Best Movies Like Hunger Games

Now, who hasn’t heard of Movies Like “hunger games”? Hunger games are one of the biggest franchises of the world when it comes to entertainment. Be it the book series or the movie series, both are equivocally popular amongst the youth and each has an equal impact.

However, if the quality of the movie lives up to the quality of the books is altogether a different question. But that has been the case with any movie that has originated from a book. With millions of devoted fans all over the world, Movies Like hunger games are one of the best movie series to exist.

However, if you loved watching Movies Like hunger games, then what should you watch next? Something similar in fashion, but not so similar that it feels boring. A movie with the same fluid, action-packed concept, yet interesting in many other ways. If these are the questions that you have been asking yourself, then you may not have to ask any further, because, we are here with a solution.

Today we are going to talk about the 10 best movies like hunger games that will be up your alley. 

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson - Movies Like Hunger Games

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To start, let us take another movie series that has been based out of a book, or furthermore a video game. Percy Jackson, the supposedly a demi-god, and for those of you who don’t know what a demigod is, it is an offspring of a god and a human.

However, moving on, Percy Jackson is an average middle schooler who has trouble reading sentences, as shown in the movie, and also has difficulty focusing. However, after a certain incident, he realizes that he has demigod powers and seeks out a journey that is adventurous and bold.

He joins a camp where other demigods are also present and hence feels comfortable using his power in a safe environment. The movie goes along the lines of Percy and his friends trying to find the next clue on the mission and takes the viewer on a trip to the fantasy world.

Covered in science fiction, mythology and action Percy Jackson is a great series to follow up hunger games with. If you thoroughly enjoyed watching Movies Like hunger games then, we’re sure Percy Jackson will also entertain you in ways.

Also, the comic timing of the co-actors is great, which makes the movie even better. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then we highly recommend you do so.


Stormbreaker - Movies Like Hunger Games

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If you liked the element of vengeance, action, and thrill in hunger games, then you’re going to love this next movie we’re about to mention, Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is a movie set in modern Britain where a young boy named Alex is thrown into the world of spies and espionage.

After the death of his uncle, Alex seeks revenge on the killer. The story revolves around him becoming this intense young man and taking things into his own hands. Stormbreaker has all the elements to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and hence is the perfect movie to watch if you want yourself to be entertained.

This movie is both alike,, and different from hunger games at times, but carries the same niceties in it. If you are looking for another movie to binge on, then Stormbreaker should cut. 

Harry potter

Harry potter - Movies Like Hunger Games

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Like hunger games, harry potter is also one of the biggest franchises in the world. Be it the book series or the movie series, the fans have been crazy for rowling’s work. However, the need to mention harry potter in this list is because harry potter is more alike to hunger games than you’d like to think.

Harry potter, like hunger games is also a story based on a mythical world/school wherein there are a ton of magical things happening. Harry potter makes it to this list because, it has elements of mystery, magic, revenge, war and incredible fight scenes from the entire series.

Also, it has a underlying story about the friendship of the three people in the foreground, which makes it even more similar to hunger games. Except the post apocalyptic setting, you will find harry potter to be really similar to hunger games and we’re sure that youl will thoroughly enjoy it till the end.

However, we can ascertain, despite of minor changes in the cast and plots, harry potter is still our favorite. If you havent wathed any of the movies in the series yet, then we recommend you to get out of the rock you’re living under and enjoy this beautiful piece of storytelling.

Mad max

Mad max - Movies Like Hunger Games

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

There is no other movie franchise that screams “action” the way mad max does. Gore, raw and uncut, mad max is one of the best action series to exist in american cinema. If you are a bit tired of watching just polytics play out a role in the outcome of the hunger games then this movie is the best to watch next.

Based purely on raw power, the people in a post apocalyptic world, fight for their survival and try to achieve their goals. Mad max is a story of two people trying to flee the army of immoirtal joe through the sand dunes of sahara desert or the world, because tha is how the world is supposed to look like in their rendition of the post apocalyptic world.

However, the story has bits of drama, huge chunks of action scenes and a ton of message to send through its insanely popular cast and direction. Mad max is a movie to watch regardless of anything else, and if you have liked the cat and mouse play in the mocking jay then this is the movie you should be watching, no questions asked.

Ender’s game

Ender’s game

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Ender’s Game is also one of the popular movie titles to have the word “game” in it. However, jokes apart, ender’s game’s popularity is not because of its title, but the plot it presents to the people. Here a child is sent into training to fight some alien species that is endangering the lives of people on earth.

However, the kid that is selected, doesnt really want to fight, however is still the best candidate to be put forward. This part of the movie overlaps immensely with katniss in hunger games which makes it a fun movie to watch, if you’ve just completed the hunger games series.

Ender’s game has elements of science fiction, drama, action and strategy built in, which is what makes it a must watch movie. If you havent watched ender’s game yet, then we highly recommend you to do so. 



Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Hanna is a story of a teenager that has been trained by an ex-CIA agent since she was two. This movie goes beyond the fantasy of hunger games and tells you the torment of the world we live in and what we have to do to be able to prevent it.

The mai character is a spitting image of the main character katniss in the hunger games series, which is what makes this movie even more interesting to watch. The entire story unfolds a series of events, that are going to change hanna’s life forever, which is the case with catniss as well.

Overall, hanna is a movie that we highly recommend you to watch, because it carries the element of action, great fighting scenes, instinctively fighting goood and also facing the trouble of real life. If you loved watching the teen struggle in hunger games, then we’re sure you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this movie.

Other than being a skilled assassin hanna is also a very young child that has to face the brutality of life. Overall, we highly recommend watching this movie atleast once, because it is a game changer. 



Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Divergent, as you all may know is one of the most popular series to be really similar to that of hunger games. divergent, like hunger games is also set in a post-apocalyptic world, wherein the groups that have been divided in the society try to survive with whatever they have left.

Just like hunger games, in divergent, there are also several certain groups in the society, which makes it more similar to hunger games than you would have known. Since the entire plot of divergent runs on two people who have trouble fitting or accepting any one particular group.

Since they are unable to select one division for the rest of their lives, they are called the divergents. Also, unlike hunger games, the groups in divergent are not divided based on their location but what they choose to believe in life.

However, we’re sure you will find more similarities in both the movies as you watch the divergent series. Regardless of what it’s like, we’re sure you will love divergent if you liked hunger games and hence we highly recommend watching this movie series yourself. 

The maze runner

The maze runner

Available at Amazon Prime

The maze runner series is yet another popular movie series to exist, that has action, thriller, science fiction, and a post-apocalyptic vision of the world. In this movie, there are a group of people who are stuck outside an everchanging maze that has some mysteries.

What is on the other side of the grave, is what they do not understand or know, but they do know is that whoever has tried going inside has not come out alive. The group of people survives with the food that comes through an underground elevator, which one day presents an entire person.

They then believe that this person is the one that will help them out of that place. Some people, however, argue that not crossing the maze is in the best of their interest and hence stop every possible effort for the same. The movie runs along, similar lines as the protagonist is finally able to cross the maze himself and hence sees what’s on the other side.

The other movies in the series continue the movie from where it left off and hence make an interesting thread of events to watch. If you want to watch something that has action, thrill and drama then the maze runner is going to be a huge recommendation.

The matrix

The matrix

Available at Amazon Prime

Speaking of the post-apocalyptic world, what better movie to talk about than the matrix. The matrix is a movie that is set in this post-apocalyptic world wherein the machines have taken over. They have made humans manufacturable and they are running a constant simulation of perfect lives in their heads.

Everything changes when a few people wake up of this reality and can re-enter into this world they call the matrix and see things as they are. Keanu Reaves, the lead also called the “one” in the movie is supposed to be this all-powerful character in the matrix that can control the matrix from the inside.

The team that has found Keanu Reaves helps him discover his true potential and eventually save the people from annihilation, the entire series takes you through crazy events of close destruction of the human race. This movie series is pretty similar to the Movies Like hunger games franchise in many cases which makes it the perfect movie to watch next. 

Battle royale

Battle royale - Movies Like Hunger Games

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Along the similar lines of hunger games battle, royale takes a group of teenagers and drops them on an island to fight until there’s only one victor left. However, instead of being chosen at random, these kids are described as “unruly” which makes the battle royale more justified in the eyes of the organizer. This movie also has great elements of action, drama, and thrill that we know you will like. 


The ten movies mentioned above are the best movies to watch if you have just completed hunger games. They all have those similar elements of action, mystery, and drama which makes them equally interesting. We’re sure that you will enjoy every single movie on this list if you liked hunger games. 

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