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10 Best Movies Like Safe Haven to Enjoy On Weekends {2023}

by Aziz Arora
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Movies Like Safe Haven

Movies like Safe Haven are the epitome of the perfect romance. Based on Nicholas Sparks’s novel of the same name, this movie became an enormous hit. It made over three times the production budget in the box office revenue, by touching the lives of millions of people looking for love. The intense love story of Katie and Alex beautifully highlighted the difficulties of maintaining a good relationship.

While Katie tries hard to bury the dark secrets of her past, Alex’s love gives her the strength to fight them all. It is the perfect example of love triumphing overall. If you have watched Safe Haven and are craving some good old romantic movies, then we have just the right thing for you.  Pick the best and come back for more later.

Here is a list of the ten best movies like Safe Haven that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy all over again.

500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer - Movies Like Safe Haven

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One of the first and most romantic movies in the American Cinema is the Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon, starer 500 Days of Summer. Joseph, a greeting card writer, is a hopelessly romantic boy who, to everyone’s surprise, never had a love life. However, his life picks up momentum when he meets a young girl named Summer. It only takes one conversation in the elevator for Joseph to fall in love with her.

After several failed attempts to ask her out. Joseph gets an opportunity to talk to her about his feelings. But Summer does not reciprocate the same and decides to just remain friends with Joseph. But will this friendship turn into potential love again? That’s the mystery behind 500 Days of Summer.

Dear John

Dear John  - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

This masterpiece is one of the greatest romantic movies of all time. It highlights the story of John, a soldier, and Savannah, a young college student. They both meet by accident at the beach where Savannah drops her bag into the water and John jumps in to find it for her. Within two weeks, they find each other attractive and fall hopelessly fall in love with each other.

During this time, John gets re-enlisted as a soldier for the 9/11 attack, which leaves Savannah heartbroken as she doesn’t know when John will be back. However, John reassures her that their love for each other will never fade away. They stay in touch writing letters to each other every week. Their fates are put through many tests, but John and Savannah stay strong and come out of them. But will this love last forever? Watch Dear John find out!

The Vow

The Vow 

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

This list of best movies like Safe Haven would be incomplete without including ‘The Vow’. It is a story of a cute couple, Paige and Leo, who get married and lead a happy life until the night where they face the worst nightmare – a car accident. While Leo manages to save himself from extreme trauma, Paige gets seriously injured and goes into a coma. Sadly, when she wakes up, Leo finds out that she doesn’t remember the last five years of her life including him.

Finding herself in an uncomfortable situation with her husband, Paige insists on calling her parents, who later take her back home. However, Leo refuses this and asks Paige to give him a chance to help get her memory back. He does everything to help her recollect the sweet memories of her married life but all his efforts go in vain as Paige doesn’t remember anything. Despite knowing that Paige has very little chance of remembering and recognizing Leo’s love for her, he keeps trying to get her back.

The best part about this movie is that it is based on a true story of a young couple. So, don’t miss out on The Vow and add it to your favorites list now!



Available at Amazon Prime

The story of Keith is very different from the usual romantic movies. It is a story of a young teenage girl named Natalie, a topper with a college scholarship, an athlete, and an editor of the yearbook. She is perfect in every way, maybe this is why she is envied by many students in her school. However, Natalie’s perfect life changes its dynamics when she meets Keith, a young boy full of life.

Keith helps Natalie to see life beyond high school grades, college, and being popular. His mysterious personality intrigues her. She tries to figure out the reason behind Keith’s philosophy of life, one that will shake her heart and move her in ways that she wouldn’t have ever imagined.

Keith is a movie full of teenage love and drama that’ll bring back the old memories of your high school crush. Do give it a try!

The Lucky One

The Lucky One 

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Released in 2012, this romantic movie is based on one of the greatest romantic novels of Nicholas Sparks. Starring Zac Effron, The Lucky One showcases the life of Logan Thibault, an officer in the U.S. Marine who finds a photograph of a girl during the war. He makes a promise to himself that if he survives the war and comes out alive, he will go back and find the woman in the photograph.

The photograph acts as his lucky charm and keeps him safe till the war ends. Logan goes back to his normal life and gets on the mission of finding the woman of her dreams. And all his efforts become fruitful when he meets Beth in person. He spends quality time with her and her family only to fall in love with her.

The Lucky One has some of the most romantic scenes that’ll bring butterflies to your stomach. It is a very heartwarming love story that you cannot miss watching.

Fault in Our Stars

Fault in Our Stars - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Fault in Our Stars is the most romantic yet emotionally heartbreaking movie on the list of best movies like Safe Haven. The story revolves around the life of a young 17-year-old girl, Hazel Grace who is undergoing long-term treatment for lung cancer. Unable to breathe properly, Hazel carries an oxygen tank wherever she goes to assist her in breathing.

With her critical condition and introverted personality, Hazel struggles to maintain her social life at school. Her mother, Frannie suggests she join a therapy group of people who are suffering from cancer. After giving it a lot of thought, Hazel joins the group, where she meets a charming young boy Gus who is also a cancer survivor. Sharing their life stories, Hazel and Gus become good friends perhaps something more than that. She tells Gus about her wish to meet her favorite author, van Houten. And to her surprise, Gus turns her wish into reality.

From here on, the life of Hazel and Gus goes through many ups and downs. However, they stick with each other till the end. Fault in Our Stars is a perfect replacement for movies like Safe Haven. If you are a hopeless romantic and love watching such movies then do add Fault in Our Stars to your list.

Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime

Stuck in Love showcases the story of the Borgens family who is building a new life, and rewriting their personal stories by experiencing different events in life. William Borgens, an author by profession stopped writing since the time his wife left him. Struggling to raise his two daughters Samantha and Rusty, William turns his life into a mess.

Both Samantha and Rusty are gifted with the talent of writing on their own. As they explore their teenage lives, they make a promise to each other to stay away from love because of their parent’s history. Will Samantha and Rusty put aside their promise and venture into the world of love and romance?

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

When it comes to listing movies like Safe Haven, P.S. I Love You tops the list. Unlike any other romantic love story, this movie comes with an unusual yet heart-melting storyline with many twists. From love and romance to sadness and heartbreak, this movie showcases every emotion in the most beautiful way. It’ll make you laugh, cry and feel empathetic.

The story of P.S. I Love You revolves around a couple, Holly and Gerry, who are madly in love with each other. However, after a tragic incident, Holly’s life turns upside down when she finds out that Gerry is dead. She comes back home and receives a box of letters left behind for her by Gerry. These letters give her the strength to get her life back on track.  Although the plot of the movie may sound very depressing, it is one of the best romantic movies of all time. You will enjoy watching it multiple times.

Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Next on the list is Charlie St. Cloud, an American romantic movie that tells the story of a promising young man named Charlie. His life seems to be going pretty well especially after getting a scholarship from Stanford until he gets into a car accident. This tragic event takes away his brother’s life leaving him devastated and miserable. Not able to recover from this horrific incident, Charlie keeps the scholarship aside and starts working at the cemetery where he buried his brother.

While Charlie tries to cope with his brother’s death, he needs to focus on his studies. One fine evening, he sees a glimpse of his brother Sam and realizes that it is Sam’s spirit. Happy to see his brother, Charlie promises to spend every sunset with his brother.

As days pass by, Charlie gets back to his routine life at high school. He even meets a girl, Tess Carroll, who soon becomes his love interest. But with Tess in his life, will Charlie forget about the promise he made to his brother? Fins out by watching Charlie St. Cloud!

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet - Movies Like Safe Haven

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

The ultimate movie on the list of best movies like Safe Haven is Letter to Juliet. It highlights the story of Sophie Hall, a leading actress, and writer for the magazine, The New Yorker goes on a vacation to Italy in search of some inspiration for her work. While exploring the beautiful city of Italy, Sophie comes across a place where all the heartbroken ladies gather and leave handwritten letters addressed to Juliet. Typically these letters contain the wishes to find their loved one.

Fascinated by this activity, Sophie finds an unanswered letter from the wall which had been lying there since 1957. The letter tells the story of an old woman Claire who lost her partner and was seeking to get help from Juliet in finding him. Mesmerized by this love story, Sophie gets on the mission to find Claire and reunite her with her lost love. While doing so, she falls in love with Claire’s grandson Charlie despite being in a relationship with another man.

Will Sophie be successful in finding Claire’s love? Will she and Charlie get together at the end? You’ll find out when you watch this beautiful masterpiece that’ll melt your heart.


Everyone loves to watch a good old romantic movie with their loved ones. Not only do these stories positively impact your life, but it also provides a sense of warmth and happiness at the end. While most of the romantic movies end on a happy note, some of them leave you in despair. Safe Haven is one perfect example of a romantic movie that showcases friendship, love, and every other element that you would want to see in a love story.

If you haven’t watched Safe Haven yet, then give it a try. And for those who loved this movie, we have some new recommendations for you. Have a look at the above list of movies that are similar to Safe Haven. They’ll make your weekends cozy and comfortable. So, pick the best one and plan a movie night with your partner right away!

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