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10 Best Thrilling Horror Movies Like Saw to Watch in 2023

by Aziz Arora
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best Movies Like Saw

Released in 2004, the very first part of the ‘Saw’ series opened up new opportunities for movies with sadistic and grueling storylines. This movie took a spin on the horror/thriller genre and brought the most entertaining yet terrifying masterpieces that are still enjoyed by horror lovers. With some heart-stopping twists and shocking character developments, ‘Saw’ demonstrated the story of a serial killer named Jigsaw who loves to trap his victims and leave them estranged in deadly situations.

Showcasing the dark side of human existence, this movie is full of uncensored violence, blood-spattering scenes, and gore plotlines. The suspense-driven plot takes your breath away and leaves you with nightmares that’ll haunt you even after the movie ends. But that’s exactly what we love about the ‘Saw’ series. It is certainly not for the feeble-hearted.  If you are one of those who enjoy watching thrilling torture movies like Saw, then you will love watching our new recommendations.

We’ve compiled a list of ten best movies like Saw that are just as gruesome and questionable. Have a look!

The Escape Room

The Escape Room - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you think that The Escape Room is merely a movie about the house of traps, then you’re mistaken. This American psychological thriller follows a group of six people who are invited to navigate a series of escape rooms. But little do they know the escape rooms are a death trap for each member. Surviving each disastrous room, the players have to move ahead to save their life and win the $10,000 prize. Will everyone survive the deadly escape room? That’s a mystery you need to unfold.

The Escape Room doesn’t end with the first part. Its sequel Tournament of Champions takes the movie to another level of survival games. Both the series are briskly entertaining, especially for horror lovers. It resembles the concept of the movie ‘Saw’, conveying human emotions during a life vs death situation but without the self-help angle. So, for all the ‘Saw’ lovers, this movie is a must-watch!

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Just like its name, the movie Wrong Turn showcases how a single wrong step can cost you your life. It is a legendary horror/thriller that revolves around the life of three cannibals who brutally hunt and kill every single person who enters their territory. The story begins with a bunch of college students going on a road trip. However, they take a wrong turn and end up estranged into the remote forest of West Virginia.

Unaware of the deadly history of the forest, the students set their foot into the dark territory of the cannibals. The three disfigured creatures await their new prey by keeping a close eye on them. For all, we know that this death trap is going to be one gnarly, merciless act. If you enjoyed watching ‘Saw’, then this movie is right up your alley. The best part is that it has six sequels that take the game of cannibalism and death to the next level.

Till Death

Till Death

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Till Death is a horror-tinged marital drama starring Megan Fox playing the role of Emma, who is unhappily married to a very controlling man. As they both try to sort things out and start their relationship afresh, Emma finds herself trapped in a much bigger problem. She winds up in a remote lake house handcuffed to her dead husband. Seeking help, she tries calling the police but the landlines have been cut leaving her miserable. But she doesn’t know that this is just the beginning of her never-ending misery.

The vengeful ex-husband, limited location, and terrifying survival sequences provide similar vibes to the ‘Saw’. Megan Fox has done a phenomenal job depicting the emotions of a woman who is trapped in a depressing shallow relationship with her husband. And to top it all, her unthinkable attempts to escape and detangle the impossible burden of her husband’s death makes this movie one of the top choices on this list.



Available at Amazon Prime

Next on the list of best movies like ‘Saw’, we have Vacancy, an American thriller/horror that was released the same year as Saw IV. The vacancy is a standard horror movie about a married couple who bicker around all day every day. They get trapped in an isolated motel rigged with murderers and surveillance cameras that captures every move they make. Navigating their way through the traps, they realize that they don’t have much time to escape their death.

The limited location and time-bound escape ordeal make your heart skip a beat. And in such a tight situation, the marital tension adds another level of stress on the viewers making them wonder if the couple will survive or not. The vacancy is full of chaos, running, hiding, and screaming that’ll satisfy your craving for some good horror movie. So, do watch it together with your friends and family.


Cube - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Taking you back to the classic 1997 era of science fiction horror, we have Cube, a movie that became one of the best sellers of its time with a massive cult following for its surreal storyline. Much like its name, the concept of this movie revolves around cube-shaped trap rooms. Five strangers wake up estranged in cube-shaped identical rooms. However, they have no recollection of how they got in there. While exploring the space, they find out that some rooms have traps that are triggered by motion sensors that could potentially kill them.

Though the movie Cube is more of a scientific horror as compared to the gruesome, spine-chilling theme of ‘Saw’, it still creates an eerie tension and nightmarish horror that you cannot resist. It is a mastermind movie with a conceivable idea that’ll keep you glued to your seats right till the end. If you are a horror fanatic, then Cube is one movie that you cannot miss.

The Platform

The Platform - Movies like Saw

Available at Netflix

Bringing a Spanish flavor to the horror genre, we have The Platform, a social sci-fi thriller. The story takes place in a large vertical self-management center where the residents are switched every 30 days between different floors. They are fed by a descending platform that starts with a full-blown meal spread from the top floor and slowly lowers down to allow people at different levels to take whatever they like. However, this hierarchical bias leaves the people on the bottom floor hungry and miserable.

This life under capitalism concept of the movie may give you glimpses of ‘Saw’. However, it has a more provocative sci-fi outlook shown through human experiments. It is a movie that cannot be overlooked especially if you are into the horror/thriller genre. So, do give it a try, you will not be disappointed at all.

The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime

This movie justifies the proverb that says ‘Don’t go looking out for trouble because you’ll most definitely find it. The movie follows the life of a young filmmaker Tyler who wants to gain immense fame and popularity for his work. While he concentrates on making his professional life a success, his girlfriend, Serena, finds her way to decide whether she is happy with Tyler or his friend Lalo who equally cares for her.

Unaware of this situation, Tyler continues to work on his filmmaking skills. Gushing over the acting skills of the villain, Tyler decides to find the real actor and meet him in person. However, what he doesn’t know is that the movie is not a work of fiction, it is rather real. He gets in touch with the director’s daughter Alexa who takes them to the artistic destination which later becomes their death bed. This movie showcases some bone-chilling, disturbing scenes that’ll keep you hooked till the end. So, don’t miss out on this!

Wild Tales

Wild Tales - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Blending the intricate plotlines of six different people, Wild Tales takes you onto a roller coaster ride of horror and terror. The story demonstrates how different people, who may function normally in their mundane life, behave in extreme situations. The six horrific stories bring out their true personality depicting the deadly side of the human soul.

Though it is not your typical slasher thriller like ‘Saw’, it is worth watching. From the story of a vengeful man who crashes a plane full of people he hates to the life of a woman who poisons the man who killed her father, these stories are unconventional. So what are you waiting for? Grab this movie and watch it with your friends. You’ll have the best time unfolding each mysterious story one after the other.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

When it comes to listing movies like ‘Saw’, one movie that you cannot resist is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Whether it is the acting, screenplay, or the thrilling storyline, this movie beautifully covers each element making it one of the best horror movies of all time. The story of this slasher thriller follows the life of Erin and her friends who are having the best time of their life at the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Texas.

On their way into the deserted area, they pick up a hitchhiker who blatantly shoots herself after mumbling vague statements. Shocked by the incident, the group of friends goes to the nearest police station to report it.

However, things start going the wrong way from here onwards. First Erin’s boyfriend disappears and while searching for him, they end up facing the terrors of their life – a disfigured chainsaw monster known as the Leatherface. If you love watching old-fashioned chase-off stories with bone-shattering, and blood-spluttering scenes, then do watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Hostel - Movies like Saw

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Ending the list with one of the most popular slasher thrillers, we have ‘Hostel’. If you are looking for a movie that has some gruesome graphics and extremely violent scenes then ‘Hostel’ will be a treat to your eyes. It is one of the best movies like saw to consider. The movie takes a dark take on the backpacking hostels in Slovakia and the nearby European countries.

These hostels are popular for alluring young teenagers, college students, and innocent tourists by providing them with cute partners that’ll make their vacation memorable. However, behind this beauty and glitter lies mass massacres fulfilling the deadly hobbies of wealthy men.

From burning, smoldering, and sawing of the bodies to frying, baking, and a lot more, this movie showcases some of the most painful death scenes fulfilling the sick dreams of the wealthy. If you thought ‘Saw’ was unbeatable, then this movie will blow your mind.


There is no doubt that the movies like Saw revolutionized the thriller genre. From gritty graphics, and terrifying setups, to deadly flashbacks and limited location settings, this movie provided a new outlook on horror.

However, it is not the only slasher thriller movie that you can watch. The above list of ten horror movies will keep you occupied for a long time. Their grueling stories and intense plotlines will fulfill your cravings for a good horror/ thriller. So, quickly check out the list and pick the next best film for your horror movie night.

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