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15 Best Oneplus 6T Cases Available In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Oneplus 6T Cases

So you finally saved enough and purchased a brand new One+ 6T? #Respect to you since One+ phones are rather expensive but worth every penny. So now after buying your hard-earned phone you’re looking for a good quality cover for it, eh?

Or do you already own a One+ 6T and are looking for a back cover upgrade since your old cover doesn’t feel stylish anymore or doesn’t offer adequate protection? Then you’re in the correct place.

If you want to kick back and relax and worry less about your phone slipping from your grip and getting cracked, then reading this article will definitely help you and will provide you some great alternatives that can make your phone a lot safer and stylish.

But before we start, I must state the obvious, since this article’s goal is to give you the best possible One+ 6T cases and as there are numerous types of phone cases available in the market so this article is split into those types to make your hunt easier.

Here below is the list of Best Oneplus 6T Cases

Silicon Cases

Crust Liquid Silicone Case

Crust Liquid Silicone Case: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Crust presents a sleek and slim cover made out of silicone that provides both style and protection. The protection is courtesy of the polycarbonate that lies within the core under the soft silicone.

The silicone makes it smooth and the polycarbonate absorbs the shock. The silicone also makes the case resistant against scratches and fingerprints. There is a soft microfiber lining on the inside to aid the smartphone as well. Bezels are raised around the screen and the camera bump to protect them.


  • Strong and smooth build.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint.
  • Promotes better grip.
  • Soft microfiber lining inside.


  • Only available in one color.
  • Not resistant to water or sweat.

Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor: OnePlus 6T Cover

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This case completely justifies its name. Consisting of a dual protection TPU and Polycarbonate structure, this cover is legitimately tough and works like armor for the smartphone. The result of this combination is the cover having a certified [MIL-STD 810G-516.6] protection rating.

Air cushion technology is incorporated into the cover for further protection. There are raised lips around the screen and the camera bump for exclusive protection. The whole surface of the case is also safe from scratches. As a bonus, there is a kickstand that can help you while watching movies or video calling.


  • Strong and durable combination of TPU and Polycarbonate.
  • Raised lips for extra protection.
  • Air cushion technology.
  • Reinforced kickstand.


  • Not waterproof or dustproof.
  • No official warranty.


CROSSVOLT Case: Oneplus 6T Case

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Let’s begin with Silicone fine looking cases since they’re the most affordable, durable, and one of the most widely bought types of smartphone cases. The first silicone that we have here is presented to us by Crossvolt, and the case is pretty plain in looks with its matte-like black color.  I got to say that it’s have looked great if it just had the One+ logo on it, but sadly none available.

This case is made up of liquid silicone that can give you a soft feel while having a firm grip on it. Since the case is made up of liquid silicone, it can provide top-tier protection to your precious phone from any accidental falls.

It also has a soft microfiber lining from the inner side that can prevent scratches on the back panel of your phone. This case is adequately smudge-resistant and scratch-resistant. If you want something plain and for the long term, I recommend this case.

REALCASE Liquid Silicone Back Cover

REALCASE Liquid Silicone Back Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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The second case we have here is yet again a single tone One+ 6T case but this cover instead of being simple, this case looks kind of sexy due to its rich Red tone.

This case much like the earlier silicone case is made up of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) silicone material that makes this case quite durable while making it scratch-resistant, smudge resistant, and comfortable in the hands.  This case has raised edges that can protect your screen and camera from gaining scratches.

This silicone case also has liquid silicone inside its edges that act as a shock-absorbing cushion that can absorb shocks from accidental bumps. It also offers precise cutouts for charging/ headset ports and speakers; but for Volume and Power Keys, this case has got protection buttons that fit perfectly above the keys.

This One+ 6T case has a soft inner lining that can reduce the natural wear and tear (a.k.a Gain scratches) of your phone’s back panel. So if you’re crazy about Red and protection, then go for this case. You won’t regret it.

Aafiya Trending Stylish Cat Cover

Aafiya Trending Stylish Cat Cover: Oneplus 6T Silicon Case

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Here we have the final silicone case from Aafiya and this silicone case might be the best-looking silicone case in this list as it makes it look like your phone has a cute pair of cat ears.

Apart from its cute shape, the case doesn’t depict much design on it except a few dark whiskers on the back. As usual, this case is made up of soft silicone and is Non-slip, scratch-resistant, and smudge resistant. It offers precise cut-outs for all the ports and keys.

This case is highly recommended for girls who can’t resist collecting cute stuff.

Printed Cases

Qrioh Purple Diamond

Qrioh Purple Diamond: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Another entry from Qrioh on this list and looks are a major reason for this one too. The design on this cover is of a purple diamond featuring various shades of purple. They combine to make for a beautiful visual that looks like it is 3D at a glance.

Unlike the previous Qrioh cases, this one is not made of glass but the design is instead printed on a hard polycarbonate surface. The material is strong and durable as well as resistant to scratches that could otherwise spoil its exquisite looks.


  • Beautiful design with a 3D effect.
  • Anti-scratch surface.
  • Slim fit and lightweight structure.


  • Polycarbonate is not as good as TPU.
  • Damage to the surface can spoil the look.

Qrioh Peacock Feathers

Qrioh Peacock Feathers: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Qrioh covers are especially known for their stunning looks and designs. This specific cover here features a design of peacock feathers on its glass back. It’s the color palette of yellow, cyan and black makes for a stunning display.

The case is strong and sturdy as well thanks to it being created with the globally renowned Gorilla Glass. On the sides, exists a silicone frame for protection of all the sides. Furthermore, it is coated with anti-slip material that will reduce the chances of accidental falls.


  • Strong and stylish.
  • Gorilla glass construction.
  • Resists scratches and dirt.
  • Anti-slip coating.


  • No official warranty.
  • Not resistant to water and sweat.

Qrioh Psycho Villain

Qrioh Psycho Villain: OnePlus 6T Cover

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We have already featured a case for the Marvel fans and it wouldn’t be fair to leave the DC fans disappointed. Rest assured, this amazing glass case featuring Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker won’t disappoint a single soul.

The case is strong and sturdy as well thanks to it being created with the globally renowned Gorilla Glass. Furthermore, it is coated with anti-slip material that will reduce the chances of accidental falls.


  • Strong and stylish.
  • Gorilla glass construction.
  • Resists scratches and dirt.
  • Anti-slip coating.


  • The design might not be of liking for non-DC fans
  • Prone to fingerprints.

Qrioh Avengers Sign Of Hope

Qrioh Avengers Sign Of Hope: OnePlus 6T Cover

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This glass case is a favorite among the fans of Avengers and the Marvel universe. One of the reasons for which is a big Avengers logo that lies on the back on a black and white backdrop. And a bigger reason is it is one of the few cases that can be as much strong as they are stylish.

All thanks to its back are made out of Gorilla glass which is way stronger than acrylic or polycarbonate. It is resistant to scratches and dirt as well.


  • Strong and stylish.
  • Gorilla glass construction.
  • Resists scratches and dirt.


  • Design might not be of liking for non-Marvel fans

Cartoon Bus Case for OnePlus 6T

Cartoon Bus Case for OnePlus 6T: Oneplus 6T Printed Case

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Up next we have printed covers, these types of covers are the second best selling types of covers due to the brilliant graphics that come on them. While Silicone covers are flexible and often single toned, Printed covers are colorful and usually made up of hard polycarbonate. If you’re someone who can’t stand plain boring smartphone cases, then Printed covers are just for you.

Anyways, the first printed cover here is brought to us by Qrioh. And it depicts characters from one of the most popular kids shows of the good old times namely Mickey Mouse and co. I loved watching Mickey Mouse’s black and white version.

Those were more fun, while the Mickey mouse clubhouse, that’s was a bit dumb even tho I woke up at 8:00 am to watch it (I often mentally cussed while watching it; don’t tell my mom!). If you want a case that’ll make you feel nostalgic then this case would suit you.

Other than its beautiful design it offers all-round protection to your phone from the majority of accidental falls. It also has precise cut-outs for various ports and keys.

[Normies would call you a kid for flaunting this case, but we all know that they watched Dora the Explorer (Ew, dumb) most of their childhood]

Deadpool Oneplus 6T Back Cover

Deadpool Oneplus 6T Back Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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After some Mickey Mouse, we have got a merc with a mouth and I’m pretty sure you’ll absolutely love this case. When Deadpool came out, everyone was quite excited since the comic version was quite sarcastic and brutal; and they weren’t disappointed. Gotta hand it to Ryan Reynolds for giving us an incredible performance with Deadpool tier sarcasm and action.


If you adore Deadpool and are looking for something that depicts him, then this case would suit your taste perfectly. Much like the earlier printed case, this one is also made up of hard polycarbonate that offers full access to its ports and keys via precise cutouts. The case is scratch-resistant and has raised edges to provide better to your camera and screen.

DASM United Printed Hard Back Case

DASM United Printed Hard Back Case: Oneplus 6T Printed Back Case

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The final printed cover we have here is quite different from the above ones and you’ll probably like this One+ 6T case if you didn’t particularly like the earlier covers. This case looks kinda simple yet cool, due to its dark camouflage pattern. Much like the other printed cases, this one is also made up of hard polycarbonate that is water-resistant, smudge resistant, and scratch-resistant with a matte finish.

It has precise cut-outs of various buttons, speakers, and the charging port; it also offers raised edges that provide protection to your camera and screen. This case also depicts the official One+ logo but I think it’s a slight turn off on this case.

Transparent Cases

Plus Bumper Case

Plus Bumper Case: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Plus’ the bumper case is a great mix of looks and capabilities. First of all, it is completely transparent which lets you rightfully show off your beautiful OnePlus 6T.

The transparent back is made of polycarbonate which is a stronger material than acrylic which is usually used for transparent covers. For protection on the sides, the top, and the bottom, there is an extra layer of thick TPU surrounding the transparent back. It not only protects the smartphone but boosts the style value as well.


  • Stylish and strong.
  • TPU layer for protection of the vulnerable areas.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Features air cushion technology.


  • Not smudge or dust resistant.
  • Not waterproof.

Easybizz Transparent Cover

Easybizz Transparent Cover: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Easybizz has put forward a completely transparent cover made out of TPU. It looks good and the TPU provides it strength and flexibility. The TPU absorbs all the shock and provides an improved grip as well.

It has all the cutouts and buttons you need to use. For added protection, the corners of the cover are reinforced. The surface of the cover is dustproof as well which is a good bonus. However, there is no protection against scratches and the case might be prone to scratches.


  • Strong and flexible.
  • Shockproof and improves grip.
  • Dustproof surface.


  • Prone to scratches.
  • Warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

Tarkan Shock Proof Cover

Tarkan Shock Proof Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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The next category we have for you is transparent cases which will not just let you protect your Oneplus 6T but they will also let you flaunt the natural beauty of your phone and that’s too without adding any unnecessary bulk.

The only negative point of transparent cases is that they turn yellowish or brownish over some time which of course you won’t want, hence all these transparent cases that we have in this article are made up of anti-yellowing material.

Anyways, this case by Tarkan protects your device through its Air cushion technology and shockproof properties, its corners are designed to absorb and distribute the impact of drop or shock. The material that has been used for this case is high-quality TPU which offers flexibility and keeps it lightweight.

It’s thin enough that it allows wireless charging and its precise cuts allow full access to all buttons, ports, and cameras. Plus, its front lip of 0.76 mm (0.03 inch) offers extra protection to the screen.

KC Liquid Back Cover

KC Liquid Back Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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Next, we have this pretty case by KC whose glossy 3D glitter design will make your phone look more eye-catching and personalized. The material that has been used for this case is silicone, hence the case is flexible, grippy, and soft.

Its adorable design makes it an amazing gift for your loved one. This case will protect your phone through its shockproof properties and raised edges. Plus, it’s increased bottom protection will make sure that your phone won’t get any impact during shocks or drops.

The free-floating blue stars and glitter will make your phone look gorgeous but if you don’t prefer blue color then they offer 2 different colors from which you can choose.

Apart from that this case also offers anti-fingerprint properties, keeping the shine of the case intact. Its perfect cutouts will let you access all the functionality of your device with ease. But make sure you keep sharp objects from its electroplated sides, as they might make scratches on it.

Mobistyle Ultra Thin Back Cover

Mobistyle Ultra Thin Back Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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If you are looking for a case that will make you forget that you have something on and won’t add any bulk to your phone, then you might like this case by Mobistyle. This case is transparent, lightweight, slim, and has a perfect fitting.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t provide enough protection to your Oneplus 6T as it provides dual protection with its TPU frame and hard backplate. Its shockproof air cushions absorb the maximum impact of drops and shocks, keeping your device safe. Other than that its raised edges safeguard the screen and the camera.

Its thin frameless design makes it feel great in hand, plus, its ring will prevent it from slipping. And its matte texture adds a classy look to your phone, if you don’t prefer the color blue, they have 2 more colors to offer.

SUPCASE Hybrid Protective Case

SUPCASE Hybrid Protective Case: Oneplus 6T Cover

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So the last transparent case we have for you is this Hybrid case by Supcase, Hybrid cases are the most preferred cases as they provide dual-layer protection and a slim structure together which is like having the best of both worlds. Anyway, this case comes with the shock-absorbing TPU bumper combined with the clear back panel.

The clear back panel is Scratch resistant while its thin design and smooth texture make it easier to slip it into pockets and bags. This case exceeds military shock standards, ensuring a level of protection to your Oneplus 6T.

And of course, it also comes with raised edges for the protection of the screen and the camera. With the exact cutouts, you’ll be able to access all the functions, features, and ports. The only negative point is that its bumper sides add a little bulk to your phone, So if you are okay with some bulk you should definitely go for this sturdy transparent case.

Flip Cases

Pirum Magnetic Leather Case

Pirum Magnetic Leather Case: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Flip covers are popular amongst the elderly and people who want a professional look for their smartphones. This cover might look like it but it is not made out of real leather. Instead, it is made of polyurethane dyed to resemble authentic leather.

It does have its own benefits as it is completely synthetic and no animals were harmed in making it. The material also makes the cover durable and stain-resistant.
As an extra benefit, the cover can be used a wallet. It can also be used as a kickstand to enjoy handsfree video calls and movie-watching experience.


  • Made of totally synthetic leather.
  • Durable build and professional look.
  • Resistant to stains.
  • Can be used as a wallet and a kickstand.


  • Doesn’t provide much protection against bigger impacts.
  • Looks fit only for formal usage.

Pikkme Oneplus 6T Leather Flip Cover

Pikkme Oneplus 6T Leather Flip Cover: Oneplus 6T Flip Case

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I know most probably you are going to skip these flip covers, well you’ll have your reasons as flip covers make the phone bulky, hides the natural beauty of the device, have some boring designs, and can be hard to manage at times. But let me tell you that you won’t mind all these cons as we have 2 best-handpicked flip covers for you that offer a lot of features and yes they aren’t boring at all.

So this case by Pikkme appears to be of pure leather but it is actually made up of PU leather, one of the best ethical friendly alternatives. It offers complete protection that includes the screen of your Oneplus 6T, doesn’t matter if you have a screen protector or not. And with its strong magnetic closure, your device will stay protected. Plus, it’s raised edges offer extra protection for the screen.

And yes it will hide the original design of your phone but add an elegant look to it. This case is delicately lined, which enhances its looks. And that’s not it, it also offers 3 card slots plus a pocket for money. Flip covers can also transform into a hands-free stand so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movie or video call.

Kapa Protective Flip Cover

Kapa Protective Flip Cover: Oneplus 6T Flip Case

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If you think that the last case might be a bit bulky for you then check this one out, this case by Kapa offers 360-degree protection without making your phone feel like a tank. The materials that have been used for this case are premium fabric and soft TPU, its soft fabric makes your phone look classy and enhances the control on its grip while the soft TPU fits perfectly to hold your device and offers shockproof cushions.

It offers camera protection through its raised edges. And its folio too transforms into a kickstand but sadly they don’t offer card slots or pockets. If you don’t prefer the color brown, they have 2 more colors for you to choose from.

Protective Cases

Aarnik Luxury Armor

Aarnik Luxury Armor: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Being termed a luxury armor means you don’t just have to protect but also look good while doing it. This case by Aarnik does exactly that. Created with an outside layer of polycarbonate and an inside layer of TPU, this armor is strong, flexible, and smooth.

For improved shock-resistance, the case has reinforced shockproof corners. Also raised edges around the screen and the camera bumps especially to protect them from damage. As two cherries on the top, the cover has a magnetic plate and a ring holder.


  • Strong and flexible.
  • Reinforced corners.
  • Raised edges around the screen and camera bump.
  • The ring can be used for grip and as a kickstand.


  • Weighs 200 grams, making the phone heavier.

A rtistque Smoke

A rtistque Smoke: OnePlus 6T Cover

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This slim cover by A rtistique is nothing but artistic. First of all, it is built with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate; two of the best materials used in cases and covers. The polycarbonate makes it hard and sturdy while TPU increases its flexibility and durability. Neither would the cover break on impacts nor will it let that impact reach the smartphone.

The cover had something unique in the form of its buttons for volume and power. The buttons are removable which is not seen in many covers. The back has a matte finish that feels good and is anti-fingerprint. It is available in four colors; blue, green, black, and white.


  • Strong, shockproof, and flexible.
  • Four color options.
  • Enhances grip.
  • Anti-slip and Anti-fingerprint surface.


  • No protection against scratches.
  • No official warranty.

Lejaao Silicone Iron Man Case

Lejaao Silicone Iron Man Case: OnePlus 6T Cover

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Another case on here that would cater to Marvel fans and especially the fans of the popular character Iron Man. It is only suitable to feature Iron Man’s face on such an armor of a case.

Created with TPU, this guard is not only strong but also flexible and smooth to hold. It also enhances the overall grip on the smartphone. There is a bumper around the camera and the screen for more protection as well. The case is however thick and weighs a bit too much too. Its weight is 220 grams.


  • Strong and flexible.
  • Attractive emboss graphic.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Improves grip.


  • No warranty.
  • The design caters only to the fans of the Iron Man character.

FancyArt Case

FancyArt Case: Oneplus 6T Protective Case

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Protective cases are my personal favorite, as they offer almost everything that one can ask for. This sleek case by FancyArt can be a great choice if you are a clumsy person or just work in a harsh environment, as it is drop tested hence it will be able to protect your Oneplus 6T from multiple accidental drops.

It is made up of polycarbonate hard plastic and high-quality shock absorbing TPU, with added corner protection. And just like other cases this case also provides protection to the camera through its raised edges.

Other than its anti-slip design this case comes with a ring holder which will prevent accidental drops or falls. Plus it can rotate in 360 degrees making it feasible for you, that same ring holder can also be used as a hands-free kickstand and the metal plate can work on the magnetic car mount, in case you need to pick calls or need direction.

KAPAVER® Rugged Back Cover

KAPAVER® Rugged Back Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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This case and the last one are pretty much similar, hence you can decide as per your requirements. This slim yet sturdy case offers protection to your Oneplus 6T through its anti-shock cushion pattern on the backside of this case, bumper with anti-shock technology, and raised edges for the screen and the camera.

The best thing about this case is its slim yet rugged design and just like the last case this one too is drop tested. Its shockproof and air cushion technology will make this case take the maximum impact of any drop or shock while ensuring a level of protection to your device.

Plus, its anti-slip design will prevent it from slipping, Paper texture offers better control over its grip. And its carbon fiber texture with matte finish gives a premium look to your phone. Apart from that even after multiple drops, this case will look as good as new because of its anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch properties.

Glass Cases

Qrioh Jet Black

Qrioh Jet Black: OnePlus 6T Cover

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This Qrioh glass cover does not have any design or any logos on the back. Instead, it is completely soaked in the layers of beautiful jet black. It looks simple and elegant, giving off a serious look while staying stylish.

The case is strong and sturdy as well thanks to it being created with the globally renowned Gorilla Glass. Furthermore, it is coated with anti-slip material that will reduce the chances of accidental falls.


  • Gorilla glass construction.
  • Resists scratches and dirt.
  • Anti-slip coating.


  • Does not feature any graphic or design.
  • Prone to fingerprints.

TheGiftKart Luxurious Toughened Glass Cover

TheGiftKart Luxurious Toughened Glass Cover: Oneplus 6T Glass Case

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So finally we have reached the last category of this article that is glass cases, that will make your phone look premium while providing protection. So this case by TheGiftKart will not just provide 360-degree protection but also give a stunning look to your Oneplus 6T.

A glass cover with this thin structure is hard to find and if you are doubting it’s protection do know that the reason for its thin structure is its hybrid technology, which makes the case protective yet slim.

It offers protection through the toughened glass and TPU bumper to ensure no damage to your phone during accidental drops or shocks. Plus, the toughened glass will give your Oneplus 6T a sleek and elegant look without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Unlike many other glass covers out there, which often result in a discolored back, The high-quality tempered glass of this case will prevent the back of your phone from discoloration. While the TPU in the sides prevents your phone from slipping and makes it easier to install and remove the case.

Mystic Aurora Glass Cover

Mystic Aurora Glass Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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If the last case is too simple for you and if you’re looking for something interesting, shiny, and colorful, then check out this particular case brought to us by Qrioh. Other than printed cases, they have some awesome glass covers which you should definitely check out.

This Qrioh Mystic Aurora glass case is stunning and oddly satisfying as it was hard for me to take my eyes away from it and I nearly brought it even though I don’t own Oneplus 6T. The sharp multiple colors swirl makes it almost look like an aurora and it will definitely add beautiful color to your phone.

Other than its awesome design, it offers complete protection through its Gorilla glass and flexible TPU, this case will stay as good as new as the glass panel is scratch resistant and has been coated with anti-slip spray so that it won’t slip from your hand. Plus, you can charge your phone without removing the case, this case is compatible with wireless charging.

Dark Superhero Glass Cover

Dark Superhero Glass Cover: Oneplus 6T Case

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This last case for the OnePlus 6T makes me kinda sad because it depicts a beautiful design of the Black Panther (The Movie one). And you must already know, the actor Chadwick Boseman died due to cancer earlier this year (I hope he got a proper Wakandan burial).

When the movie first came out, it had created a massive buzz on social media. This is pretty obvious since everyone likes high-tech stuff and action. The movie was so good that we couldn’t even hate the Antagonist since he made complete sense.

Anyways, if you’re a Black Panther fan like myself or are just looking for something dark and durable, then I recommend this particular case. This case is offered by Qrioh and is made up of tough gorilla glass along with soft and flexible TPU material.

Since it uses Gorilla Glass, the case won’t get cracked easily, while the TPU material can absorb shocks from accidental falls and also provide a good grip over the phone.

[Do note: This case ain’t for boring people.]


So we’ve finally reached the end of our journey huh? Well, I sincerely hope you’ve found a good back cover for your precious One+ 6T. But if you’re still stuck, then I apologize and recommend you 2 particular sites, namely Qrioh, and Case Karo since they offer great covers of all types for the majority of the smartphone brands at a low rate.

And unlike other cheap things, the cases offered by them are durable since they’re made in India.

Or if you don’t like to work too hard, drop us your preferences and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Also if you have any questions or want to suggest corrections, do drop us a comment, we’ll love to hear from you.


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