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20 Best OnePlus 7T Back Covers Available in India (2023)

by Kartik Bhateja
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Your OnePlus 7T is your best bud. It knows all your secrets and is there for you 24×7. It is only right of you to take care of its needs. Your OnePlus 7T’s most trusted companion would be its phone cover (sorry, you).

But you can’t just buy any random phone cover you see on the internet. You must have given enough thought while purchasing your phone, so it only makes sense for you to research and buy a OnePlus 7T cover that pairs well with your phone.

Now, there are so many covers on the web that it might become an arduous affair to actually settle on one without having second doubts. And we don’t blame you, there’s just so much variety out there.

Fortunately for you we have curated the best OnePlus 7T covers available. To help you reach a more conclusive decision we have also separated them in different categories so you may shop exactly as per your needs and preferences.

The coolest, most hip, and best OnePlus 7T cases & covers are:

OnePlus 7T Silicone

OnePlus 7T Silicone Bumper Case Red

Bumper: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Starting the list of this banger, the red silicone bumper case is as useful as it is becoming. Available in the bright, bold and luxurious colour of red this silicone case hugs your phone so well that it almost feels as if it has been tailor-made for your phone only.

Made of medical-grade silicone. Not only does it cover all the vulnerable corners of your phone, the cover is also drop-resistant and shock-absorbent.

So, no matter how many times your clumsy fingers wind up dropping your phone, rest assured your phone is safe and secure. If you want a durable phone-case that can also turn heads and wow people, this is the one!

Gismo OnePlus 7T Case and Covers

Gismo OnePlus 7T Case and Covers | Printed Soft Silicone Designer Pouch Premium Mobile Back Cover for OnePlus 7T /1+7t | for Boys & Girls: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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A transparent, silicone cover that comes with an aesthetic pastel design? It had our heart from the very first glance. But don’t just go by its good looks, this soft silicone cover made by Gismo, is equally resourceful. The cover is efficiently made to fit seamlessly with your phone.

The cover is fully compatible with your phone letting you access all the ports with flexibility and ease. The phone cover also happens to be scratch resistant and anti-smudge.

This keeps your phone looking stylish and brand new forever. The perfect amalgamation of flexibility and aesthetics, this is the perfect phone case for the artsy ones out there.

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OnePlus 7T printed

Psycho Villan Case for OnePlus 7T

Psycho Villan Case for OnePlus 7T: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Printed phones are the coolest and no one can convince us otherwise. But this particular model QRIOH really does take the cake. For all those fans who saw and loved the Academy Award-winning movie “Joker”, this is a dream come true.

Made of soft silicone this OnePlus 7T printed phone case offers guaranteed protection while making your phone look particularly snazzy. The print quality is vibrant and exquisite and draws your attention in immediately.

The case is also anti-scratch so shard nails or keys can cause it no harm and your design stays intact. In the off-chance you are dismayed by the product, know that QRIOH also has a 100% replacement guarantee.

The perfect printed phone case to adorn your OnePlus 7T in, the cover perfectly encapsulates your love for the most loved psycho villain to exist.

Tip ‘n’ Top Designer Matt Finish Customized Printed

Tip 'n' Top Designer Matt Finish Customized Printed Mobile Back Cover for OnePlus 7T (Slim Fit, Durable)(Multicolor): Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Our love for matte will never die. From cars to makeup, matte has been dominating the aesthetics for quite some time now. So, why not a matte phone case, as well? This specific abstract multicolour matte phone case has been designed from all 3 dimensions and gives off a sort of illusionary feeling.

It is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. This premium designed cover is made from hard Polycarbonate plastic that ensures your phone remains protected at all costs.

With the cover tightly hugging all the right edges of the OnePlus 7T, your phone will be fully equipped to withstand even the highest drops. Its raised lip design also protects the front screen from scuffs, smudges and scratches.

Not only does the case offer your phone maximum protection and a shiny new look, but it’s also very user-friendly. Unlike most plastic cases, Tip ‘n’ Top’s phone case is easy to pull off from your phone, exact cut-outs and open buttons also allow you to use your phone with ease.

OnePlus 7T protective

Spigen Tough Armor Back Cover Case Designed for OnePlus 7T

Spigen Tough Armor Back Cover Case Designed for OnePlus 7T - Black: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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If you are all about the protection then look no further than Spigen’s Tough Armor back cover case. Available in a shade of jet black, the phone case is perfectly compatible with your OnePlus 7T.

The case is slim and is of minimum bulk but its air cushion technology promises guaranteed protection and shock-absorption. Its flexible TPU and Dual PC layer can withstand any impacts from minor bumps to major mishaps.

The cases’ slim but strong ergonomic design provides the perfect finish leaving scope for harsh edges. Spigen’s phone case is so durable that it might just last you longer than your OnePlus 7T itself.

Additionally, the cover is also equipped with an in-built kickstand for comfortable hands-free viewing experiences. However, this one’s a little heavy on the pocket. If you want cheaper alternatives for protective phone cases, read on.

TheGiftKart Rugged Shockproof Carbon Fibre Slim Armour Back Cover

TheGiftKart Rugged Shockproof Carbon Fibre Slim Armour Back Cover Case for OnePlus 7T (Black): Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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TheGiftKart’s phone cover is rugged shockproof carbo fibre case available in a striking shade of black. Despite being fairly rugged and sturdy the phone is quite slim and lightweight.

After all, no one wants their phone case weighing a ton. The case has been meticulously designed to form raised lips around the front screen and camera to ensure overall protection from scratches. A perfect combination of looks and usefulness, TheGiftKart’s phone case is cost-effective too.

COVERS WALE Frosted Oneplus 7T Back Cover

COVERS WALE Frosted Oneplus 7T Back Cover Frosted Case Anti Slip Grip and Camera Protection Back Cover for 1+7T (Blue): Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Covers Wale’s OnePlus 7T phone case is so methodically made that one would believe it took months to manufacture even one.

Made up of superior quality of polycarbon, the phone cover has soft inner sides and raised lips to protect your front screen and camera and accurately placed holes and cut-offs for the sensors and buttons.

What makes this phone case more special is that a lot of thought has been put into making of the phone – the edges are soft TPU, the insides made of high-quality cloth while the outside is constructed of hard PC.

The frosted case is also anti-slip and shock-resistant. It’s washable too even though the cover barely gets dirty or exhibits fingerprint or perspiration marks. And did we mention the case comes in a show-stopping bright blue colour. We couldn’t be more impressed with a phone cover.

Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover Case for OnePlus 7T

Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover Case for OnePlus 7T - Matte Black: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Another one from Spigen, this phone case is for all the matte black lovers out there. Carbon fibre designed and paired with air cushion technology you can rest assured that the case is fully capable of protecting your phone from every foreseeable danger.

The flexible TPU case has an interior spider-web pattern, possesses tactile buttons for easy use and raised lip to protect the screen.

You might across some reviews that suggest this specific cover does not fit the OnePlus 7T with tempered glass. Don’t buy into all of that. If your tempered glass has been fixed correctly, the cover will fit you perfectly.

Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover Case Designed for OnePlus 7T

Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover Case Designed for OnePlus 7T - Matte Black: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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We promise this is the last one from Spigen! But you can really blame us for loving everything that is manufactured by Spigen, the brand is the ultimate stop for protective phone cases. And the Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover is no different.

Available in the luxurious matte black, the cover is MIL-GRADE protection tested, ultra-slim and very lightweight. Thanks to its air cushion technology the case is also shock-absorbent. Moreover, the cover’s grainy texture is also fingerprint-resistant.

For a hassle-free experience trust in this phone cover. It also happens to be one of the most reasonable Spigen phone cases out there. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

OnePlus 7T Protective Case Karbon

OnePlus 7T Protective Case Karbon: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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All the aforementioned OnePlus 7T phone cases are great. But if you wanted to buy cases that were manufactured by the company itself, your best bet is the OnePlus 7T protective Karbon or Sandstone.

Designed in perfect unison with the phone the cases are lightweight yet highly efficient. The Karbon case made of Kevlar and special fibres gives the case a very distinct geometric design while simultaneously providing shock and corrosion resistance.

On the other hand, the sandstone case made of PC has a smoother and a finer finish. No matter which colour you choose for your phone, know that they will become one with your phone.

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OnePlus 7T Flip flops

Excelsior Premium Leather Wallet flip Cover

Excelsior Premium Leather Wallet flip case Cover with | Card and Cash Slot | 360 Full Body Protection | Inner TPU case for Oneplus 7T (Black): Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Flip flop cases are a thing of the past. But if you ask us they never should have gone out of fashion. Using them gives your phone all-round protection.

The back of the phone remains protected in the face of impacts while the front remains covered from sharp objects, scratches, fingerprint and perspiration marks. It’s a winner every which way.

However, Excelsior’s premium leather wallet flip case is more multipurpose than you can imagine. Made of leather on the outside and silicone on the inner side, the flip flop case has a magnetic lock, convenient storage places for your credit cards, receipts, notes etc and may even act as a hands-free kickstand.

The possibilities are endless with this one. And of course, the top-grade leatherwork and smooth finish definitely helps its case. Go vintage, get this OnePlus 7T Flip flop cover.

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OnePlus 7T transparent

ValueActive Case for OnePlus 7T Case

ValueActive Case for OnePlus 7T Case Cover Slim Crystal Clear Soft TPU Back Cover Anti-Dust Plugs Protection Skin Camera Protect Back Case Cover for OnePlus 7T (Transparent): Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Transparent case covers are the newest hit on the block. Why cover up your OnePlus 7T when it was made to flaunt. ValueActive’s slim crystal clear cover is the perfect accessory to your phone.

The design is simple, minimalist and instantly eye-catching. The cover is essentially so weightless that it almost feels like a second skin. The case is made up of TPU material which is non-toxic and does not have that god-awful plastic smell most transparent cases seem to have.

The cover also protects your cases from wear and tear, dirt and pollutants, scruffs and scratches. However, it might be worth mentioning that this case won’t do much to protect your phone against high-impacts.

Ringke Fusion-X Designed for OnePlus 7T Case

Ringke Fusion-X Designed for OnePlus 7T Case Back Cover, [Military Drop Tested] Ergonomic Transparent PC Back TPU Bumper Impact Resistant Protection for OnePlus 7T Back Cover Case (2019) - Black: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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For those of you who are anxious to try out transparent phone cases but are also concerned for the safety of their phone, this for you. Ringke’s ergonomic transparent phone cover is gorgeously designed and very durable.

The case is shielded by an impact-resistant back bumper which effectively protects the phone for drops, falls, bumps and shock. It has also been a military drop tested to further prove its resistance power.

Its rugged exterior also makes sure you have a steel grip on your OnePlus 7T. The case comes with responsive buttons, raised lips for your camera, raised bezel to protect the phone screen and a lanyard hole for enhanced protection.

Ringke Fusion-X comes in 3 different colours – black, camo black and space blue. So, take your pick – we promise you will not regret it.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case Designed for OnePlus 7T - Matte Black: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Yes, we remember what we said about not including another Spigen item in this list but we simply could not leave out Spigen’s ultra-hybrid transparent cover.

This gorgeous transparent phone case offers premium clarity which helps you show off your original phone colour with crystal clear transparency. The cover is bordered by hard PC matte black material to ensure your phone’s safety at all times.

Additionally, it also comes with Air cushion technology and mil-grade protection. We love every Spigen product we have listed, but this is hands-down our favourite one.

OnePlus 7T glass cover

Scarlet Amber Glass Case for OnePlus 7T

Scarlet Amber Glass Case for OnePlus 7T: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Want to try something new and different? Go for Qrioh’s Scarlet Amber Glass Case. Available in a gorgeous emerald green hue the glass case is sure to bring a new level of class to your phone.

It is a preconceived notion that a “glass” is more trouble than help. But we can assure you Qroh’s glass cases are a different ballgame altogether.

The Scarlet Amber glass case is made of tempered gorilla glass and a layer of shockproof TPU material which protects your phone from just about every unfortunate and clumsy accident. They are 10 x stronger than original glass so feel free to add this one to your cart.

Sign of Hope Glass Case for OnePlus 7T

Sign of Hope Glass Case for OnePlus 7T: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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A huge fan of the Avengers? To be fair, who isn’t? Anyone and everyone can be seen wearing Avenger merch these days. But if you want to stand out and really wow people, Qrioh’s sign of hope glass case is an excellent choice.

The case is durable for it is made of tempered glass which is 10 x stronger than ordinary glass. It has raised lips to protect your screen from dirt and pollutants, it is lightweight, and it comes with precise cutouts. The gorgeous sign of hope print is made underneath the glass so it looks even better up and personal. This is a must-have.

Cryptic Smoke Glass Case for OnePlus 7T

Cryptic Smoke Glass Case for OnePlus 7T: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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We didn’t want to be biased but this is our absolute favourite. The cryptic smoke glass is a thing of beauty. There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t purchase it ASAP. The glass is made of enforced Gorilla glass and protects you from just about everything.

The side frame is made from silicone and is shockproof as well, so you can rest assured that your phone will remain protected come what may. If you want your phone case to be the topic of conversation there’s no alternative to Qrioh’s cryptic smoke glass case.

Sunshine Beam Glass Case for OnePlus 7T

Sunshine Beam Glass Case for OnePlus 7T: Best OnePlus 7T Cover

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Ending our OnePlus 7T with a bang, this sunshine beam glass case by Qrioh is a fan favourite. As gorgeous as it is useful, the glass case is sleek, protective and oh-so-cool.

Despite being made of tempered glass and TPU and enclosed by silicone borders the case is light-weight and provides no extra bulk to your phone.

The case also coated with an Anti-Slip spray so that you may never lose grip on your gadget and even if you did, your Sunshine Beam Glass Case will be sure to maintain your phone’s pristine condition.


Your phone cases are your biggest ally. Some people only realize it after they have lost their phone over a great mishap. Don’t be one of them and invest in any one of these amazing OnePlus 7T phone cases. They are sure to keep your phone good company.

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