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10 Best Oneplus 8 Covers Available Online in India 2023

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Oneplus 8 Covers

So you’ve purchased the One+ 8 and have entered the 1+ family? Well, congratulations to you; but since you’re reading this, let me guess, you’re looking for some high-quality One+ 8 covers that can make your already majestic device seem even better and all while providing it complete protection? In this article, we’ve put together the Best One+ 8 covers that can provide your precious phone total protection from accidental falls as well as scratches.

But you must understand that there are various types of smartphone cases like Silicone, Printed, Transparent, Protective, and Flip cover. So in order to make your hunt a tiny bit easier, this article is split into those 5 types of smartphone cases.

Here is the list of 10 Best Oneplus 8 Covers in 2023:

Silicon Cases

REALCASE Oneplus 8 Back Cover

REALCASE Oneplus 8 Back Cover 

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Let’s get started with Silicone cases since they’re affordable, durable, and one of the most sought-after types of smartphone cases. The first silicone case for One+ 8 here is offered by RealCase; RealCase is one of the most renowned smartphones covers brands and offers a wide variety of smartphone covers. This particular One+ 8 cover by them is rather simple yet sexy due to its rich Candy Red tone.

This case is made up of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material that makes this case quite durable while also making it adequately scratch-resistant and comfortable to grip.

This case offers raised edges that can protect your screen and camera from getting scratched. It also has liquid silicone with-in its edges that act as shock absorbers and as a cushion; This case offers precise cut-outs for charging/ headset ports and speakers; but for Volume and Power Keys, this case has got protection buttons that fit snugly above the keys.

This beautiful One+ 8 case has a soft inner lining that can potentially reduce the natural wear and tear of your phone’s back panel. So if you’re crazy about Red, then go for this cover.

Riggear Fortify Pure Liquid TPU Silicone Protective Back Cover

Riggear Fortify Pure Liquid TPU Silicone Protective Back Cover OnePlus 8

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So you aren’t much into that Red One+ 8 case? Then how about something sleek and dark? If you’re game, then check out this sleek Black One+ 8 case from Riggear Fortify. Much like the last case, this One+ 8 case is also made up of soft silicone-like Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material that can make the case feel silky smooth and yet let you have a good grip on it.

This case is also adequately scratch resistant and has a soft microfiber lining on the inner surface that helps in keeping your phone’s back panel from getting scratched; Unlike the last silicone case, this one displays the One+ logo too.

This case offers precise cut-outs for Alert-slider, charging port, and the headset port; for power and volume keys this case offers good quality tactile buttons. It also features raised edges that help in protecting your screen and camera from scratches.

If Black isn’t your color, then you can pick from various colors like Blue and Green.

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Printed Cases

Goku Dragon Back cover

Goku Dragon Back cover designed for Oneplus 8.

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Silicone cases are great but their biggest con is that they can be too plain and sooner or later people get tired of plain things, hence we’ve got these Printed Cases for you. Unlike the soft and flexible Silicone cases, these cases are often Rigid due to being made of high-quality Plastic; although they’re rigid, they depict one of the most stunning quotes and images.

Our first printed case here is presented by Covers Deal and depicts one of the Strongest characters from the Japanese Anime a.k.a Goku and one doesn’t have to be an Otaku to appreciate Goku’s might, but if you are an Otaku, then you’ll definitely want to have this stunning case on your One+ 8.

Even though it doesn’t provide Silicone case-level protection, it can still protect your phone from most accidental falls. It offers raised edges abs and precise cut-outs for various ports and Keys (sadly no tactile buttons). The cover is scratch-resistant so you needn’t worry about it getting scratched in the long run.

Black Spider Back cover

Black Spider Back cover designed for Oneplus 8.

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I can’t understand one thing, how can people be so scared of spiders that they can leave (or burn) their houses– but they absolutely love the superhero who is basically a huge spider? Wondering why I’m talking about spiders? Cuz here we have a cool looking Spiderman case.

I daresay, this case looks better than the Goku case due to its blood-red tones, scratches, and near realistic spider web under the Spider-Man logo (just hope the spider doesn’t jump out on you).

Much like the earlier printed case, this one is also made up of high-quality polycarbonate and offers cutouts for ports and keys, it also features raised edges that can help in protecting the screen from scratches.

If you want something cool asf (pardon the profanity) on your One+ 8, then this is your case.

Colorful Art Back cover

Colorful Art Back cover designed for Oneplus 8.

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Printed covers are supposed to be the epitome of beauty and hence we have our 3rd One+ 8 printed cover that is an incredible splash of hot and cold colors. This case gives you the feeling like you’re staring at the beautiful evening sky or a painter’s masterpiece– which you’ll appreciate.

This case is presented to us by Covers Cart and much like the other printed covers, this cover is made up of premium polycarbonate hence you can’t expect much softness from it.

This case has precise cut-outs for charging and headset port along with volume and power keys. It also offers raised edges that can guard your screen and camera against scratches. The best thing yet? The case is scratch-resistant so it won’t be easily ruined.

Transparent Cases


 KC Liquid Moving Bling Glitter Sparkling Stars  Transparent Back Cover

 KC Liquid Moving Bling Glitter Sparkling Stars  Transparent Back Cover OnePlus 8

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If you aren’t looking for cases that hide the natural beauty of your phone, then we have these transparent cases for you that will let you flaunt your Oneplus 8 original design while offering a complete protection without adding any unnecessary bulk to it.

So here we have this pretty case by KC, whose adorable design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones. The material that has been used for this case is silicone, making it flexible, grippy, and soft. The free-floating of glitters and stars, makes it look even more gorgeous and eye-catching.

This case will protect your phone from shocks and drops through its shockproof properties, as it cushions your phone by absorbing and distributing the impact of the drop. And this case also offers anti-fingerprint properties, keeping the beauty of the case intact.

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Ringke Fusion-X for OnePlus 8

Ringke Fusion-X for OnePlus 8 

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I can tell that it’s going to be hard for you to choose a case for your Oneplus 8, as each case in this article offers awesome features, I hope you find the case that suits your needs. Anyways, This case by Ringke (one of the most known case makers) might be offering everything that you need, it is military drop tested and hence ensures a level of protection to your Oneplus 8.

This sturdy case is tailored in a precise manner, the clear panel is made up of polycarbonate while the rugged bumpers are of high-quality shock absorbing TPU.

It’s TPU bumper offers better control over grip, it also comes with lanyard holes on both sides of the case, you can use a variety of straps to make it more convenient to carry. Apart from that, raised lips to prevent scratches and cracks on the screen or camera.

Ringke also offers this case with camo design but do note that you’ll have to be careful with it, you’ll have to keep the case away from volatile liquids like petrol, ethanol, etc as it will damage the digitally printed surface. And make sure to wipe your hands after using hand sanitizer as it can damage its exterior design

RIGGEAR Fortify XUNDD Transparent Cover

RIGGEAR® Fortify XUNDD Transparent Cover designed for OnePlus 8

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This case by Rigger is a bit similar to Ringke’s case, as it is also military drop-test certified. It was able to withstand 26 drops from 3 meters, without causing any damage to the phone. With this case, you’ll save yourself from getting a heart attack each time you drop your precious phone.

Having transparent plus protective cover is like having the best of both the worlds, but the main issue with transparent cases is their yellowing. Most transparent cases which are made up of low-quality TPU turn yellow or even brown over some time, but that’s not the case with this back cover. As the material that has been used for the back of the case is Acrylic, combined with a high-quality shockproof TPU bumper.

It offers protection through raised lips (2mm raised lip for the screen) and airbag technology on all four corners, they absorb the impact of drops. Other than that, it’s simple and elegant design will make your phone look great.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Designed for Oneplus 8

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I’m sure you must have heard the name of Spigen because just like Ringke, Spigen is also one of the most popular case makers out there. They offer almost all kinds of cases that will fulfill your needs, whether you want a hybrid, thin fit, armor, or any other type. And just like the last two cases, this case is also Mil grade protection tested (as I said we have handpicked only the best cases out there).

This case will protect your phone from shocks, accidental falls, and scratches through its air cushion technology. It’s hard PC back offers dual protection while its flexible TPU offers flexibility and comfortable grip.

And the great thing is that it offers all this protection without adding any bulk, it adds only 0.11 inches of thickness to your phone. It also safeguards the screen and camera through raised edges.

Flip Cases

D-Kandy Diva Series Embossing Elephant Faux Leather Flip Cover

D-Kandy Diva Series Embossing Elephant Faux Leather Flip Cover designed for Oneplus 8 

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Now, I know many of you think that flip covers are outdated or they are annoying, you might be right as flip cover hides the original beauty of the phone, add bulk to it, and make your phone unmanageable at times.

And if you follow the trend you might skip these flip covers but do know that for flip covers there are more pros than cons, they offer a lot of awesome features for which you won’t mind some cons. The first flip cover that we have here is by D-Kandy, which will offer 360-degree protection to your Oneplus 8 while adding a cute look to it. This beautiful flip cover is embossed with an ethnic elephant design.

The materials that have been used for this case are PU leather (exterior) which offers protection from shocks, drops, scratches, and dust while the TPU tray keeps your phone safe and secure. Plus, its folio comes with a fiber interior that acts as a cushion for the screen. And for managing all your stuff, it offers 2 slots for cards and one pocket for money.

With its strong magnetic closure, you won’t lose your cards or money and won’t crack the screen even when dropped face down. And of course, you can use this case as a stand too.

Bounceback Oneplus 8 Case

Bounceback® Oneplus 8 Case

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If you are looking for some simple elegant looking cases then you might like this one, this case by Bounceback is made up of high-quality material giving it a premium look. Its delicate stitching adds a finishing look to it. Other than looks, for protection, it safeguards your phone from top to bottom, through its shockproof properties and raised edges.

The great thing about flip covers is that it doesn’t matter whether you have the screen card on or not, its folio will cushion the screen and prevent it from cracks or scratches. The materials that have been used for this case are PU leather and TPU.

And just like the last case this case also offers 2 slots for cards and 1 pocket for cash. Even though people doubt that flip covers offer easy access to all the buttons, ports, and cameras, it’s not true. The precise cutouts will let you access all the functions, without needing to remove the case.

Protective Cases

Case U Shockproof Tough Armor Cover

Case U OnePlus 8, Shockproof Tough Armor

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Finally, we are here in the last category (my personal favorite), protective cases, if you are a clumsy person or work in a harsh environment you must be looking for something that can protect your phone from multiple falls. And that can be done with these protective cases without making your phone feel like a tank. So this classy and stylish looking case offers complete protection from severe drops through its shockproof technology.

It comes with an anti-slip texture on the sides, which feels comfortable and gives extra control overgrip. The material that has been used for this case is high-quality TPU which makes it flexible, you can bend this case without worrying about breaking or permanent loosening.

This case will fit like a glove with your Oneplus 8 and its raised edges will prevent the screen and the camera from touching the surface if kept face down. Apart from that it also offers lanyard holes you can add a strap according to your convenience.

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Oneplus 8 Armor Back Cover

TheGiftKart Rugged Carbon Fibre Oneplus 8 Armor Back Cover

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And lastly, we have a great case with striking looks and complete protection, this case by TheGiftKart has a rugged construction that ensures that your Oneplus 8 will stay protected.

This stylish case is made up of high-quality TPU that gives it a rubberized texture, enhancing the control over its grip and flexibility. Plus, its carbon fiber texture not just makes it look elegant but it also offers anti-fingerprint properties. its corners are designed to absorb and distribute the maximum impact of any drop or shock.

Other than that its inner design prevents your phone from overheating, as this case allows the heat to pass through the sides. And just like other cases, it also comes with raised edges for the camera and screen protection. It’s really impressive how this thin case can offer high-grade protection with its advanced fusion technology.


Whew! We’ve hit the end and I hope that by the time you read this, you’ve already found your ideal type of 1+ 8 cover. But if you’re still looking, I’ll recommend you checking Case Karo, Covers cart, or Qrioh since they have pretty good looking ‘Made-in-India’ cases.

Also, if you have any recommendations to make, do drop us a comment. We’ll love to hear from you

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