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Top 10 Best Online Clothing Stores In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Online Clothing Stores

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

Emphasizing the words of the great Edith Head, you REALLY can have anything you want in life if you simply dress for it. Play the part. To aid you in dressing with elegance to play any part in life, clothes and good style is an undoubted necessity.

The supply of fashion will always be abundant in our lives, but to have true style, we must only extract from the best sources.

Hence, we bring to you the Top 10 Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites In India:


myntra: Online Clothes Shopping

Myntra is one of India’s most trusted fashion e-commerce brands in India. Founded in 2007, Myntra has been delivering high-quality products and services to its consumers ever since. Here are a few reasons Myntra takes up the coveted number one spot on our list:

  • Style Selection- Myntra offers a wide variety of options to choose from in almost every category you can think of. From women’s workwear to kid’s beachwear to men’s loungewear, they truly have it all. Trends are also kept up to provide consumers with the most viral looks and products. Reviews often rave about the very in-style patterns, design and collections.
  • Quality- Myntra promises products made from the best fabrics and materials. Not only is the quality of the clothes exemplary, but so is the packaging. None of the packing materials is flimsy, making the overall quality offered by Myntra beyond commendable.
  • User Interface- The site itself is extremely easy to use, with tabs made for various categories. The Myntra website is also inclusive of Fashion blogs from which you can gather inspiration from. In the light of the recent lockdown as of early 2020, they even have tons of fun and uplifting games for users to indulge in.
  • Pricing Filters on the Myntra website allow you to set a budget while looking for items of your choice. Even without any budget filter, we have found that Myntra products are very often given a reasonable price tag that is never too heavy on your pocket.
  • Trust- Myntra products are assured to always arrive at your doorstep within the estimated time, undamaged. You can always trust Myntra with your fashion needs because it never disappoints!


Shein.in: Online Clothes Shopping

Shein entered the market in October of 2008 and yet managed to have a pretty close finish for the number one spot side by side with Myntra. Shein is yet another super-trendy, fast-fashion e-commerce brand in India that the youth of today flock to.

Teenagers are in love with Shein’s chic and editorial looks and remain faithful to the site. Here is why shein is one of the top sites to look out for when buying clothes:

  • Fast Fashion- Shein is always the very first site to jump on new trends and pump out various versions of one product rapidly. They have truly mastered the art of fast fashion. So, if you ever grow an affinity to the latest fashion trend, a quick search on shein.in will give you everything you need.
  • Inclusivity- Shein is, again, with the times as they have a whole section of the online store dedicated to plus size/curvy men and women. It’s not very often people who require larger clothing can find the trendiest apparel, but shein has now made that possible. They make sure to make a plus-size version of almost every product they make for the general section.
  • Discounts- Shein.in follows a point system to avail slight discounts on purchases. Fortunately for us Indians, those points are counted in terms of dollars. When converted to rupees, points can save you big bucks on Shein. The best part is that earning points is as easy as checking into the app! Points are also awarded after every purchase and even if you leave a review for items purchased. 


Ajio.com: Online Clothes Shopping

Ajio is known to be the digital fashion extension of the reliance family. Launched in 2016, Ajio quickly rose to fame, gaining mass popularity and traction. Here is why it is amongst the top three on our list:

  • Fusion Fashion- Ajio caters to the more ethnic-fusion preferring crowd of India. Denim and other western apparel are extensively popular on the site too but Ajio specialises in the desi fusion division. It is perfect for students in college looking for modest yet chic looks (men and women alike).
  • Interface- The ajio website is terrifically aesthetic. It is a definite treat for pretty website junkies. But it’s not just beauty that the ajio website has to offer, it is also extremely easy to use. One again, fashion blogs make up a large part of the site to enable users to express the looks they created or gather inspiration from others.
  • Variety- Ajio houses several brands like The United Colours of Benetton, Levi’s, Vero Moda and so many more. This gives you a lot of variety to choose from and also gives you a clear cut menu dropdown, separated brand-wise, in case you are looking for a certain brand.


Tatacliq.com: Online Clothes Shopping

TATA CliQ, an offspring of the TATA family has quickly risen to be recognised as one of the most promising new digital fashion platforms. If you are down to explore new brands and collections, TATA CliQ brings them all under one roof, just for you.

  • Fresh Fashion- TATA CliQ houses some very unique and emerging brands with an exemplary collection which is certainly a breath of fresh air amongst most of the sites pumping out the same mundane carbon-copies of the same trend. This website dares to be different, and so do its users.
  • Discounts- Discounts and voucher codes can be easily found on the internet to use on this website. Overall, the pricing of the items is not a concern due to the abundance of online discounts available. This is perfect for a lot of college students or young adults.
  • Quality- The fabric of TATA is made upon the ideals of great quality in every product. Tata CliQ is the same. The qualities of their services are by-far beyond commendable so remember to not forget to check this budding site out when shopping for clothes!



H&M.com: Online Clothing Store

All the cool kids on the block are known for wearing H&M pieces. Not only is this multi-national brand in the fore-front of Fast Fashion, but its products also hold elegance and chic flair that is not achievable by most brands. Here is why H&M hold the fifth position on our list:

  • High Quality- It is a well-known fact that sometimes, fast fashion can be of very low quality because they are mass-produced so rapidly and manufacturers do not always have high-quality fabrics on hand.  However, H&M’s products are always of top quality, remaining one of the best sites to shop from online.
  • Sale- H&M frequently goes in and out of stoking up new-arrivals and collections so much so that there is always a sale on their site. Many customers have admitted that their favourite pieces from the site were scored on the sale section. So, price is never a worry at H&M, every day is a sale day!
  • Sustainability- a new line of H&M clothing has come out to be completely sustainable, making H&M an environmentally-conscious brand, almost, at least. This is great for people looking to leave as little of a carbon-footprint as he/she can while still enjoying great fashion.


Koovs.com: Online Clothing Store

Koovs is yet another clothing site that comes with great reviews from Indian customers. Out of the several digital fashion stores India is home to, Koovs is one of the more recognised and recommended ones. Here is why Koovs.com is amongst our top 10 list:


  • Variety of Brands – Koovs offers you the selection of not only the most popular brands such as Levi’s etc. , but it also enables you to discover smaller-scale fashion houses that produce good quality apparel and much lower costs. The plethora of brands and collections offered on this site makes it implicitly liked by many.
  • Ease of Shopping – Many users talk about how easy it is to access the koovs website, select pieces and place orders. It is hassle-free and quite an enjoyable experience to use the site. If you are a first-time online shopper, koovs.com is without a doubt, the place for you.
  • Offers- Koovs is also ideal as many vouchers, codes and discounts are usually constantly available on the site, despite a lot of their clothing are reasonably priced. This is an added benefit for college students as well as young adults on a budget.


Amazon.in: Online Clothing Store

Amazon, the world’s most well-known e-commerce sales site does not manage to disappoint even in the clothing section. Their usual benchmarks of quality are upheld and style is not compromised upon.  Here is why you should check good-old amazon out the next time you want to buy clothes-

  • Reliable- Amazon is already known for its reliability worldwide and the same goes for their fashion department. Packages are always delivered on time, not tampered with. Payments go smoothly for all types of payment methods and you always get what you see on the site.
  • Quality – amazon clothing may not be the chicest or trendy, but, they are of extremely good quality. All the reviews on almost every clothing item are bombarded with five-star ratings and great compliments. 


Limeroad.com: Online Clothing Store

Limeroad is by-far the one-stop-shop for Indian Traditional and ethnic wear. Several users highly recommend their clothes. Founded in 2012, it has emerged as one of India’s most trusted e-commerce sites.

  • Comfort– limeroad is not only one of the very few digital stores in India that sell exclusive ethnic wear, but it also promises utmost comfort. Traditional Indian apparel can be quoted uncomfortable for most people but pieces from limeroad will change that. Reviews are proof that limeroad’s Indian Traditional clothes deliver the most comfort you can get.
  • Everything in one place – Limeroad isn’t only an Ethnic wear store; they also sell high-quality western wear. Reviews claim that all Limeroad products are of great quality and decent prices. This is a definite pit-stop to make the next time you need wedding outfits or Diwali gifts!


Biba.in: online clothing store

Biba has been a staple for Indian traditional clothing for years together but their online site is far more enjoyable in most users’ experiences. Here is why Biba.in not only took the retail store market by storm but also the digital marketplace for fashion:

  • One of a Kind- BIBA.IN offers one ok a kind ethnic wear that no other online site can offer. This is quite impressive as people prefer shopping for their sarees and kurtas in stores. To divert that audience on to their online site is a skill well demonstrated by Biba.
  • Mix and Match- The online site allows female shoppers to mix and match their kurtas, pants and dupattas. This is highly innovative as we haven’t seen any other ethnic online store does this. We highly recommend BIBA.IN


Flipkart.com: Best online clothing store

Flipkart, much like its competitor Amazon, has ventured from selling a wide range of products and expanding into the fashion industry. Flipkart is most trusted for their punctuality and easy to use interface, but there’s more to them than just that. Here is why Flipkart is one amongst our top 10 best sites to buy clothes in India:

  • Discount Central- The discounts and offers offered on Flipkart’s fashion portal would leave anyone shocked. Large discounts are placed even on items that wouldn’t usually make a dent in one’s pockets. If you are on a budget and are in desperate need for basic tees and jeans, Flipkart is the site for you.
  • Assurance- Flipkart deliveries are always guaranteed to customers. Reviews about the same are filled with positive words. It is not hard to see that Flipkart deserves a spot on this top 10 list, despite not having the trendiest of collections.


With that, we conclude our Top 10 best sites to buy clothes in India. The digital marketplace for fashion in India has expanded at a rapid rate during the last decade. Due to this, Indians enjoy variety and several options to choose from, for every one of their needs.

The sites mentioned above happen to be the best in the game and I’m sure will continue to do so in the future. 

Fashion is a way of expression, and you can create quite the sight to see with the help of those 10 chic sites. Have fun shopping and expressing!


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