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15 Best Oppo A1k Back Covers & Cases Available In India (2023)

by Ashish Bansal
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Phones are one of the most precious commodities that a person can own. We laugh when our friends fall down but we would freak out if our phones slip out of our hands.

This makes us realize that how important it is to cover our phone with protective layers so we do not have to become paranoid every time we lend your phone to someone else, or let’s be honest, if we have an irresponsible nature.

If you have recently purchased Oppo A1K and are unable to choose the perfect cover that can look classy and provide sufficient protection to your phone, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are various types of phone cases in the market, printed plain, silicon or hardcase.

Here, we are listing our top picks considering all those categories when it comes to choosing the perfect phone case. We are presenting you with a variety of designs, and prints. In the end, we have also added a bonus tempered glass for you, because two layers of protection is better than one.

Here is the list of Best Oppo A1k Cases & Covers Available Online:

Transparent Case

Jkobi Silicon Flexible Shockproof Corner TPU Back Case Cover


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Transparent or clear phone cases are definitely a must-have. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a phone case. They are usually made up of clear hard plastic and have a number of benefits such as shockproof, keeps the original look of the phone, etc.

There are a lot of transparent phone cases available online and in-store, however very few cases have the durability that can last a lifetime. After trying and testing, and several reviews later, we believe that if you are looking for a transparent phone case for your Oppo A1k, we have the right pick for you.

The Jkobi Silicon Flexible Shockproof Corner TPU Back Case Cover. This made in India case is made up of rubber and has an excellent fit and grip. It is easy to install, and one can access all the buttons and ports very easily.

Unlike most transparent cases, this one is slim and does not bulk up the sleek look of the phone. It provides adequate protection to the phone because of its raised lips that prevent scratches. It takes care of itself by having anti-scratch property.

Flip Cases

LINASO Mobile Flip Cover for Oppo A1k


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It is very rare that we are able to find a cover whose looks are equally good as the quality it offers. Lucky for you, we have the perfect beauty with strength phone case for you.

The Linaso mobile flip cover has the classiest look that is hard to resist. This Luxury slim flip cover can also be used as a mirror because of the shiny plating of makeup mirror over it. It is not just all about looks, as it also offers extra protection to the phone and keeps it safe as it is made up of hard PU leather.

This case will fit you like a glove, while also protect it from bumps, scratches, fingerprints, dust, and dents. However, it is not just your basic cover. It has exceptional features such as wireless charging. Another good news for movie fanatics, its multi-angle viewing stand can let you watch movies at ease without tiring your hands.

SESS XUSIVE Leather Case with Card Slots Magnetic Flip Cover for Oppo A11K

SESS XUSIVE Leather Case

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Phone and wallet, the two essentials no one leaves their home without. We have the best two in one flip cover for your Oppo A1K. This phone cover is like your wallet with slots for cards, cash and ID.

Moreover, it is also a great protection for your phone against damage. Made up of synthetic leather and faux leather, this will protect your phone from getting all kinds of damage. It has precise cut-outs for all of your important buttons and surprisingly, it is not extremely thick and heavy. You can play your favorite songs without having to open the flip case. This magnetic brown wallet phone case will not burn a hole in your pocket because it is cost-effective.

Printed Silicon Case

Gismo Oppo A1k Case


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The only thing better than a silicone phone case is a colorful silicon case. This piece with beautiful pastel shades can immediately catch anyone’s attention, while simultaneously proving to be useful. This soft TPU case has properties that are anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch.

You need not worry about finger smudging, your phone breaking, or pollution when you go out as this case dust-resistant and water-resistant. This phone cover will make your phone look stylish and as good as new as it provides 360-degree protection.

Even falling from a certain height will not cause any damage due to its shock-resistant properties and layer.  The case is cut out in a way that you can have access to all the buttons and jacks for charging and microphones.

Gismo Oppo A1k Case

Gismo Oppo A1k Case

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This case is perfect for those who want a printed silicon cover but with a more formal design that goes with all outfits. This cover is made up of soft silicone TPU and it fits like a glove on your Oppo A1K.

This item is not only all about its classic and premium looks but also offers a lot of protection to your device. This cover is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch. You do not have to worry about smudging your phone with oily fingers or scratching the case with nails.

You will access to all the ports and buttons very conveniently and is 100% compatible with the phone model. You can also find unlimited designs in this range and choose the one your vibe matches the most!

Gismo Oppo A1k Case

Gismo Oppo A1k

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The best time to wear stripes is all the time! This classic design can instantly hype up your basic outfits and enhance their looks. It is perfect for young girls and boys and can help you nail your college look.

It is printed on the backside of the case and provides adequate protection to the body of your phone. This case will prevent any dents, bumps, scratches, fingerprint smudges, dust, and even eater from damaging your phone.

You do not need to worry about accidental damage as this cover will take all the load. There are proper cut-outs for all your ports, jacks, and buttons and the grip is next to perfect.

Gismo Oppo A1k CaseGismo Oppo A1k Case and Cover

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This super-affordable printed silicon case is a combination of two of the prettiest trends: marble print and pastels. It’s supreme quality and design makes your phone smooth to hold and carefree to use.

With easy access to all the buttons, jacks, and ports, this cover is 100% compatible with this model and the grip is perfect. This wear and tear phone case are not only scratch-free but also has a water repellent and dust repellent properties.

You can be carefree while using your phone now as this cover is shock-free and it will prevent damage even if your phone falls down. It comes in a variety of designs and prints, so you can choose your favorite design as per your aesthetic.

Gismo Oppo A1k CaseGismo

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This super classy transparent cover with 3 white horizontal stripes is perfect for those who like minimalistic prints. This remarkable design can suit everyone’s style and also offer benefits to your phone. It is made up of high-grade TPU material which only adds extra life to its cycle.

It will not only protect your phone from scratches and bumps but its own body as well. It is totally shockproof which means even if you accidentally let your phone slip, it will remain as good as new.

The level of protection provided is too high along with space left for its ports and buttons. This item only weighs 28 grams, which makes it super lightweight and it will not make your phone look too bulky.

UnboxJoy Oppo A1K Mobile Case


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‘The work of art is already within the block of marble.’ Get this pretty artsy cover for your Oppo A1K at a very affordable price. The design is high resolution and looks beautiful in both daytime and night-time.

This also ensures that the print will not peel off or wear off. This item is very lightweight as it is made up of a thin and durable polycarbonate. It is very easy to install and remove this case, yet the grip is very firm.

The cover is strong and will provide protection against any accidental shock, damages, dents, or scratches. The armor case cover protects all its sides. The edges are sharp hence it won’t hurt your hand at any cost.

Pop Socket Case

Power Shockproof Kickstand Back Case

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This is one of the best possible phone covers for your Oppo A1K that you can find online or in stores, and at an amazing price. The phone case provides unbeatable protection against all kinds of possible damage to your phone.

If your phone is faced down, it will ensure that the screen does not touch any surface as the lips of this phone cover are raised. This will also prevent any scratches or cracks on the phone screen. If you want to watch shows, movies, look for recipes while having a self-care cooking Sunday, take self-timer selfies or simply video call to catch up with some old pals, you can do with ease as it has a built-in stand attached to it on the back.

You can keep your phone on any surface without the risk of it falling down. You need not worry about your phone slipping as this case has an excellent anti-slip grip surface and won’t leave the hold of your phone or slip from your hands.

It also comes with a shockproof technology as the inner layer of the cover is designed to protect your device against shocks and damages. This cover comes in the forever classy and elegant black case and you can carry it around anywhere to flaunt your cool style. Look dope, feel dope.

Glass Case

Clickfleek Luxurious Glass Back Case

Clickfleek Luxurious Glass Back Case

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Next, we have our personal favorite phone cover that can put any other cover to shame. This super chic and stunning case is a combination of sleek and safe! The phone case looks stylish and provides your phone with extra protection. This bumper can also be used as a mirror for emergency touch-ups. But most importantly, this case has a hybrid makeover.

The prime components of this phone cover are a TPU bumper along with a 9h toughened glass so your phone can look as good as its cover. This advanced hybrid technology comes in a very slim and luxurious profile with a strong grip.

All the cut-outs for the jacks and buttons are seamless and precise so you can have easy access to all the features (volume buttons, charging jack, microphones, etc). Its Thermoplastic Polyurethane ensures that your phone or the cover is not ruined with scratches and grazes.

Tempered Glass

Plus 3D Edge Full Glue Front Body Cover

Tempered Glass

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Tempered glass is one essential without which we cannot trust ourselves with our phones. The main screen of the phone is the most essential external part of the phone that must be protected at all costs.

There are a number of tempered glass available in the market, however, it is important to ensure that the glass should be durable and should not ruin the touch of the phone. After some experimentation, we can vouch for this tempered glass due to the number of benefits that it provides. This glass is very precisely cut and offers a 2.5D edge for your phone.

The base material is strong and has been imported from Nippa Glue and Japan Asahi Glass Factory. The glass offers extra protection for the screen with its 9h hardiness. The glue is only applied in the corners so the resolution of the screen remains intact.

The exceptional features of this tempered glass are that it is bubble proof, scratch-resistant, and has a classy gloss finish. It comes with an installation kit: wet wipe, dry wipe, microfibre cloth, and the screen protector. It only weighs 65g so it does not make your phone look bulky.


We have provided you with a plethora of options to choose from; from prints to plain, from silicon to glass, we have recommended it all. Now you can choose your favorite case as per your aesthetic and requirement and thank us later! We have presented a range for both working professionals and quirky teenagers and we sincerely hope you like them. 

In case you want more options to choose from, you can always drop us a comment as we promise to help you out.

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