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10 Best Oppo A3s Cases & Covers Available In India (2023)

by Akshay Chanana
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Oppo A3s Cases

Phones are one of the most precious commodities that a person can own. Let’s be honest, we all would freak out if our phones fall down.

This makes us realize how important it is to cover our phone with protective layers so we do not have to become paranoid every time while handling or letting someone else handle your phone.

If you have recently purchased Oppo A3s and are unable to choose the perfect cover for your phone, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are various types of phone cases in the market, printed plain, silicon, or Hardcase.

We are presenting you with a variety of designs, and prints. In the end, we have also added a bonus tempered glass for you, because two layers of protection are better than one.

Here below, we are listing our top picks considering all those categories when it comes to choosing the perfect phone case

Transparent case

A transparent clear case is one of the most light-weighted and evergreen must have a case. There are many people who wish to flaunt their phone models, and it’s a perfect fit for those. Moreover, you can simply add a polaroid in between to jazz it up a bit.

Oppo A3s Soft Silicone Back Cover

Oppo A3s Soft Silicone Back Cover: Oppo a3s Case

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We all know that bumper cases are a must-have for every phone. They are transparent, protective, extremely flexible, and versatile for all sorts of occasions.

This transparent bumper has corners with special air cushion technology which helps to make it shockproof against sudden falls or other accidents. It has a 12 HD high-grade transparency so you can have the feeling of holding your phone naturally without a cover.

It provides 360-degree all-around protection against bumps, dents, scratches, cracks, and discoloration for all nooks and corners of your phone. Made-up of silicone, its grip is perfect and there are precise cut-outs for all jacks and buttons.

Flip case

Flip cases are one of the most secure phone cases as they not only provide protection from the back but also keeps the screen safe. If you are looking for a flip case for your Oppo A3s, we have the perfect cover for you.

YES2GOOD Mobile Flip Cover

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This is one of the classiest and most stylish phone cases that you can find anywhere. It can make you look super posh in no time because of its super-luxury vibe! Its shiny plating of the make-up mirror is like the cherry on the cake as it serves multiple other purposes as well.

Unexpectedly, it is made up of PU leather and polycarbonate which helps to offer amazing protection against any kind of damage due to mishandling. Its surface is smooth and it helps to protect your phone against dents, bumps, scratches, and even something as minute as fingerprint and dust.

It offers 360-degree protection from all sides a front protection is one of the best benefits of a flip cover. It is extremely lightweight and has a matte finish, ultra-slim boy built with a deep magnetic blue color.

Its multi-view angle a stand makes it easier for us to watch our favorite shows and catch up on video calls without tiring our hands. Wireless charging is its other distinctive feature which gives you all the more reasons to buy this cover.

Roxel Vintage Leather Flip Cover

Roxel Vintage Leather Flip Cover: Oppo a3s Case

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A flip cover combined with a high-grade PU leather material is an unbeatable combination that guarantees optimum protection for your phone. It is designed in a way that guarantees both convenience and safety.

Even though one would expect this cover to be heavy, but it is light weighted and does not make your phone look bulky. It has a magnetic button that ensures that the flip remains closed and your phone remains safe.

It provides protection to your phone from all sides. Moreover, the edges around the camera have raised lips hence it also provides extra protection to the camera.

It has precise cut-outs for the speakers, jacks, and buttons so users don’t face any problem. It has a built-in stand that makes it convenient for us to perform activities without using our hands. Moreover, it also acts as a wallet with all its card and money slots.

Superior Leather Case

Superior Leather Case: Oppo a3s Case

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This smart cover is definitely something worth investing in. This is a sleek phone cover of only 100 grams and will not add those extra ugly bulk looks to your phone.

Moreover, even though it is leather, it won’t make your phone look rugged as it has a glossy finish. The back cover is made up of TPU and has shock-absorbent properties that will prevent harm to your phone.

The best thing about this cover is that you won’t have to carry your wallet everywhere you go. This wallet cum phone case has slots for cards, emergency cash, and other receipts and papers.

You will also have comfortable access to all the ports and buttons because of its seamless cut-outs designed for the same.

It has a very strong magnetic clasp which will ensure the safety of your valuables and phone screen. You can do anything on landscape mode comfortably as it has a built-in stand on the back.

Printed silicon case

Silicon cases are of the most versatile material that helps to guard the phone to a huge extent. What is even better is a printed silicon case to add style to your strong cover. Here is our recommendation for the same.

Amazon Brand – Printed Back Case

Amazon Brand - Printed Back Case: Oppo a3s Case

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For those who are trendy and like to look their best all the time, marble cases are a go-to option for almost all college or young adults. This case looks beautiful, feels beautiful, and makes sure that your phone stays beautiful as well.

The fact that this a brand of Amazon itself gives an assurance about the quality of this product. It is made up of premium quality with a 3D printed hard case which ensures that the cover won’t peel or tear off.

The case is detail-oriented in terms of the material used, quality, and seamless cut-out for ports and jacks. Moreover, it has raised bezels that ensures that your screen and camera will always have extra protection against scratches, cracks, and dents.

Silicon Case

Phone cases that are made up of silicon are generally light, flexible, and soft to hold. Its elasticity makes it very easy to put it on and off and give it the perfect grip.

If you are looking for a silicon case with amazing looks, check this out.


Accesorios Network Back Cover

Accesorios Network Back Cover: Oppo a3s Case

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Next up, we have this beautiful and stylish cover in a soothing shade of metallic blue. It is very light weighted, sleek, and has just the perfect fit for your Oppo A3S. It is a 360-degree case which means you need not worry about the top and bottom of your phone.

It still has perfectly designed cutouts so you can have access to all the buttons and ports without any fuss. The lips are raised for both the screen and camera for some extra protection against unexpected falls.

This takes care of even the tiniest details, such as its ergonomic designs which ensures that it will not come in between your finger and the fingerprint sensor.

The material is made up of good quality polycarbonate and unlike most other cases, it is free of toxins and perfume. It has 4 unique anti-fade coatings so it can look good as new for a very long time.

Protective case

Rugged looks, rugged protection. Protective cases, as the name suggests, are to give optimum protection to your phone. These are perfect for those who have a touch of irresponsible side to them, or simply for those who travel a lot.

Lucky for you, we have the best quality protective case recommendation for you.


ZAPCASE Back Cover

ZAPCASE Back Cover: Oppo a3s Case

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This is yet another stylish and sleek phone cover, curated meticulously for your Oppo A3s. This is a very thin cover that offers very comfortable and soft touch and feels. It is highly durable with a very unique texture that will give your phone the perfect grip.

It fits like a glove while simultaneously providing sufficient protection to your phone against calked and uncalled dangers. It is composed of carbon fiber of premium quality and works like a rugged armor. As you can read from the reviews, people rave about its dashing and loud expression.

Along with that, you will have very comfortable access to all the ports, jacks, speakers, and buttons. Made up of 130 grams of rubber, it is extremely light weighted and floats like cotton.

Matte Case

Glossy cases are usually slippery but matte cases have an excellent grip with a very smooth surface, despite its rough texture. It also repels stains and marks while offering several other benefits. To avail of these benefits, check this out.

BORSU Back Case

BORSU Back Case: Oppo a3s Case

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This is one of those cases that can catch anyone’s attention and leave them with a feeling of awe. This extremely striking midnight blue is like a dream that offers so many advantages.

This cover has very meticulously tailored cutouts for easy access to all the ports, buttons, and speakers. The grip is next to perfect and it is tailored in a way that it won’t come in between the fingerprint scanner and the finger.

It is made up of hard TPU that does not loosen with time. The quality and durability of this cover will be maintained throughout. To protect the screen from falling on flat surfaces, the edges of this cover are smartly raised.

We can vouch for its quality as it has passed the 8-stage reliability test and has successfully met the industry standards and beyond.

Even though this case has a thin profile, it is tear-resistant, anti-shock, anti-dust, anti-sweat, and anti-finger smudges. But our favorite point is that this cover is extremely environment friendly.

Smoke Case

This case is perfect for those who want full coverage of their phones but at the same time, want their logo to be displayed.

For those of you who are bored of the matte or printed frame and feel that transparent bumpers become yellow too soon, this translucent fit is definitely for you!


Nainika Smoke Case

Nainika Smoke Case: Oppo a3s Case

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This smoke phone cover has a very simple yet stylish appearance. It is made up of a soft TPU frame with a rigid and hard acrylic back- the best of both worlds. Its edges around the frame and the camera are raised to prevent the breakage of the phone against falling on flat surfaces.

Other than that, it has shockproof technology for unexpected dangers. It’s scratch resistant features help to keep it looking fresh and new. You need not be cleaning your cover every now and then and this case has an anti-smudge nature so your fingerprints will not stick.

The touch is comfortable, smooth, and sleek with an anti-slip nature so it does not fall from your hands and cause unnecessary damage.

Glass case

Glass phone covers are beautiful, act as a mirror on emergency situations and most importantly, their toughened texture offers premium protection. If you are looking for a luxurious looking glass case, we have a top pick for you.


Avianna Oppo A3s Glass Case

Avianna Oppo A3s Glass Case: Oppo a3s Case

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Yet another best of both worlds phone case, this strength and style combination case is a catch. This case has got a back of glass that is 9h toughened to protect your phone against all sorts of damage.

This case helps to cover every nook and corner of your phone with its 360-degree protection. You will easily be able to access all your jacks, ports, speakers, volume buttons, home buttons, etc because its cut outs are very precise and on point.

You will also have holes for sound transfer so you can give your phone the ultimate level of protection but also have access to the necessary parts. This cover is dust resistant and will protect your phone against all scrapes and scratches.

Pop Socket Case

Pop socket cases are the most versatile cases offering us so many benefits. From protection to a better grip to a back stand, it is a complete package. Now to add looks to these benefits, we have our top picks for pop socket cases:

Bounceback ® Oppo A3s Back Case

Bounceback ® Oppo A3s Back Case: Oppo a3s Case

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Even though there are various pop socket cases available, this one is our favorite because of the ring stand that comes in handy. This case is made up of high-quality rubber.

This case provides full protection to the phone from every side, including the camera. It has precise cut out holes for all necessary requirements as well.

You need not worry about your phone falling down as you can always insert a finger in its ring. Moreover, you can ever insert its ring in your belt loop for some added protection. It has sleek looks in black color that goes with every look.

Lejaao Version 2.0 Back Cover

Lejaao Version 2.0 Back Cover: Oppo a3s Case

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This is one of the best and most affordable phone cases that you can get for your Oppo A3s. It is a dual case made of two prime components: Hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU.

Its outer layer is of the hard-plastic shell for extra protection and the inner layer is a soft shock-absorbent layer to protect your phone against scratches, cracks, scrapes, and all sorts of damage.

It has a rugged tough look but sits slim-fitting ensures that it doesn’t feel too bulky. For a better grip, it has a ribbed touch. Moreover, it has raised lips for more protection.

Other than that, it is dust resistant, debris resistant, and scratch-resistant. For a more hands-free experience, while watching shows, or recipes while cooking, this case has a built-in back stand for more convenience.

Tempered Glass

Buying a phone and buying a tempered glass go hand in hand. They offer strength, resistance, durability, versatility, UV protection and so much more. We have the perfect recommendation to protect your screen against all odds, check this out.

Pheonix, Tempered Glass

Pheonix, Tempered Glass: Oppo a3s Case

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A phone package is totally incomplete without having a tempered glass. This is one of the best and safest tempered glass with optimum protection against all imaginable damage to the phone.

It has a very smooth and self-adhering surface and it ensures to not leave any debris while its application. It has an oleophobic coating which makes it anti-fingerprint and anti-glare.

Its scratch-proof quality helps to protect the phone against normal signs of wear and tear, nail marks, scratches, scrapes, cracks, and dust.

It has zero impact on the visual display and will not mess up with the phone’s touch quality. If you want a great touchscreen experience in terms of quality and durability, get this before it gets sold out!

Bottom line

We have provided you with so many cool options to choose from. Now you can choose your favorite case as per your aesthetic and requirement. In case you want more options to choose from, you can always drop us a comment as we promise to help you out.

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